Brown Gernath

Gernath is a huge brown easily the size of some bronzes. He is a light tawny brown with a blurry pattern of darker spots down his back.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

The brown finally managed to stumble along, right into Bytran.

Impression Message

Your Gernath is here! Im am hurnry now you must feed me, you were slow geting here, I itch, where is food


Gernath is demanding and jealous. He keeps guards that which he treasures fiercely, be it weyrmate or sunning ledge though he might wrap his possessiveness it in velvet dont let it fool you he is not a nice dragon. Gernath demands what he want when he wants it and will raise a fuss until he has it the way he wants it.

the dragon's demanding and stubborn attitude helps keep his rider in check, who knows how much more trouble B'tran would cause if it weren't for the constant demands of his brown.


Gernath voice ranges from a soft purr for his weyrmate to a loud roar when he doesn't get his way.


The Lion, Gernath demand his share of all things.


Name Gernath
Dam Ronalth
Sire Creenth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee B'tran (Bytran)
Hatched 28 Jan 2007
Size Class W5
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

played by Bluecrowlaughing

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