Plotting and Planning Blue Henrith

Plotting and Planning Blue Henrith

This blue is decidedly average. Average height, average wingspan, average shade of blue. He's so normal it belies understanding. Normal, normal, normal. At least he blends in.

Egg Name and Description

Cards and Runners Egg
This egg is a mish-mash of mingled, blurred shapes: a runner here, a diamond there. After some contemplation the scene resolves itself. Runners race around the egg in all the colors runners come in. Beyond that scene no matter which side it is viewed from is a simple wooden table. Four men in odd dress sit at the table, hats pulled low, cigarettes lit in mouths, staring at the playing cards they hold before them.

Hatching Message

The stampede of the race seems to shake the egg for all it still isn't actually moving until the egg suddenly shakes itself apart, bit by bit until there's nothing left but it's distinctively normal occupant.

Impression Message

Plotting and Planning Blue Hatchling takes one shudering step, then another. Then he trips over his wing, rolling across the sands and knocking over candidates like bowling pins until Gopan, a strong apprentice miner, steps forward and firmly stops the blue's unstable advancement, "It's okay Henrith, G'pan is here."



Rumbling of Hooves vibrates slightly beyond your hearing, a vaguely subliminal stampede awakening in your mind, distantly thundering but growing closer. You sense a hidden motive in the approach, but are unsure as to what it is.

Rumbling of Hooves invades your mind fully with the effortless gait of a runner carefully selected and bred for speed, racing through your thoughts and feelings with a somewhat callous disregard for your desires, searching for..weakness?

Rumbling of Hooves races away but a dusty veil remains behind, floating gently in the air to conceal its retreat. A feeling of smug satisfaction reaches you, triggering faint alarm as quietly mocking laughter floats back on the breeze. You are left with a vague sense of loss as the last echo of sound fades to silence.


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. This egg was based on probably one of the most fancifal that I could still manage to define as historical, The Sting ( ), the story of two con-men out for money in a very accurate 1920s setting.


Name Henrith
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By Sees-the-TruthIsta Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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