Green Iath

Age 3 turns

Iath is a small, dainty, and perfectly proportioned green from Ioreth's first clutch. While she possibly the smallest green in her clutch, if not all of Ista, she makes up for it in her perpetual grace. A beauty to watch on the ground and in flight, Iath has never had an 'awkward' moment as a weyrling. Her confidence in action does not always make for her lack of confidence in mind, always believe she is too small to carry her rider well.

Her hide is a uniform shad of deep green, like the deep seas around Ista, that has never seen a flaw mar it. Iath's rider takes pride in her ability to maintain her dragon's hide near perfection no matter what may be going on during the day.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

Ioreth starts as one of the eggs sends shared flying when the bronze occupant burst his head through the top of the egg, the egg slows tilts sideways as the hefty bronze struggle the rest of the way free he stands panting and alone on the sands for only a moment when two other eggs begin cracking releasing their green and blue occupant.

The tiny green is the first to recover, form her sudden emurance into the world. She briefly regaurds her siblings before turning her attention to the canidate, she looks over eachy briefly then with grace surpizing in one so newly hatched she makes her way to Asilinn.

The tiny green sits down in front of Asilinn and CREELS.

Impression Message

Hungry. So hungry mine. Please feed me!


Dainty, but determined, Iath is always worried she is not good enough or that she is too small. While her rider constantly reminds her that she is just perfect the way she is, she does her best to be perfect in all her drills to make up for her small stature.


Soft, well mannered, and dainty, as if wind were gently rustling around you. This little green as an exquisite voice that just makes one want to listen.



Name Iath
Dam Ioreth
Sire Wenrath
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Asilinn
Hatched 16 September 2007
Size Class G2
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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