Gold Iliath

Age ~ 1 month

Iliath's hide has more bronze highlights, or rather lowlights, streaked form snout to tail than the standard gold, giving her a somewhat darker color. She is still the awkwardness of weyrlinghood, where her wings appear too big one day, only followed by her tail being too long the next. While her final lines have not yet taken shape, she is appearing to be a bit of a lanky queen, though she still very much has a weyrling's belly.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

The queen egg cracks loudly, and the golden head of its occupant emerges, wearing a bit of shell as if it were a hat. She gives a call, loud and imperious, as befits her rank, and shakes, and interesting feat while still mostly contained in her egg. Her "hat" flies off and her forelegs manage to break through the egg. She pushes again and the egg parts around her, revealing the rest of her form. She stands there, surveying the candidates.

Impression Message

There you are! I've been looking for you! I thought the other girl was the one, but she is Lintath's. I am Iliath, Serah.


Iliath has the proper amount of imperiousness, as befits a queen, and will use it to her benefit, but only if she has to. At hatching she had a fierce possessiveness of her rider, something that hasn't tempered much into weyrlinghood and has been set off again by the move to Ista Weyr. Perhaps with age and some quality stress free time with her rider this golden dragon will temper out, though thankfully most of her possessiveness has not been expressed to her fellow weyrlings and dragons.


Iliath has an warm, if not occasionally demanding, mindvoice, like warm sunshine on a spring day. Pleasant if everything is calm, like sunrise over the mountains, but bright and sharp like sun glinting off of water if something needs to be done.



Name Iliath
Dam Blith
Sire Sabieth
Created By firelizardkimi
Impressee Serah
Hatched 24 December 2008
Size Class D4
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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