Come and Get Them! Green Leonith

This is an average size green though she she caries herself with all the pride and self assurance of a bronze. She is more heavily muscled then most greens and has the stamina to go with it, she might last as long as some of the smaller blues in Thread-fall. Her hide is a bright verdigris green with a wavy pattern of bronzie-brown stripes along her sides. Her wing sails are a shade lighter the her body and most striking for the two bold bronze stripes on her outer most wing panel on each side.

Egg Name and Description

Subtle Blade Egg
This egg's surface ripples like a piece of cloth. Red, nearly burgundy cloth. It is wrapped loosely and falls into oddly shaded puddles along the bottom of the egg. In one smooth line along the back of the egg, there is a glint of silver and brass. The subtle edge of a blade peeking through the egg's soft, red shroud.

Hatching Message

The Subtle Blade Egg's surface seems to ripple as the hatching inside wages a final assault on the walls of the egg. With a final shove a green head emerges eyes glittering red and yellow. The membrane of the egg holds the shell together for a moment, draped over the hatching like a stiff cape before she shoves it off. She surveys the candidates looking for weakness.

Impression Message

The rumbled of marching feet enter your mind, search for weakness, for streagth, a place she came stand firm and take on the world. The rumble settles into the contented murmur of a resting troop.// I am your Leonith, You are the bravest! together we will not be defeated!//

Come and Get Them! Green Hatchling strides purposefully towards her troops. Surveying the line, she examines each top to bottom until at last she finds her general, Merle, the young Nabolese girl, who murmurs softly, "Leonith… We'll defeat thread together."


Leonith is brave and proud but not arrogant. She'll always want to be the first into threadfall and the one last out and she'll risk herself and her rider to save her wingmates.

Leonith will be driven to prove herself when she's young, she will want to do everything first best and biggest. Only time and a patient rider will teach her the wisdom of tactics.

Mating flights with her will be a challenge for the males chasing, she won't pick favorites and she won't be won by crooning and pretty words and she won't surrender. Expect Leonith and the one who finally manages to grab her out of the sky exhausted.

She may settle down one day, but its going to be a special dragon that domesticates this warrior.


Leonith's mind voice ranges from the pounding of marching feet to the contented murmur of an encampment settling down for the might. At her most angry she is the relentless pounding of hundreds in lockstep ready to trample all before it, at her happiest and most calm she's the soothing whisper of a sleeping camp.

Marching Feet enters strong, proud, and capable. With a gentle but persistent probe it explores your mind, stomping here and there, seeking to find your center: your purpose.

Marching Feet pushes in further. Are you strong? Can you defend our people? Can you lead the march to victory? Without strength you are nothing. Are you strong?

Marching Feet marches away. Off to battle, it says. Will you come? Can you face that part of yourself? Only time will tell.


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. The Subtle Blade Egg was based on the movie 300. 300 is a 2007 American action film adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Frank Miller, and is a fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae.( ).

The inspiration for the original touch messages and Leonith's mindvoice came from the character of King Leonides as he's represented in the film. A brave warrior leading troops to certain death to convince the Greeks to unite against the threat to their lands.

The inspiration for her external features comes from the bronze weapons and armor used by the Spartans. Vergris is the green to blue patina brass bronze and copper develop over time when exposed to the elements. the waves brass stripes represent the swords of the army (if one were to count she has 150 stripes on each side). The Brass stripes on the wing suggest the greek letter Lamda. "Come and get them!" was what Leonidas said when asked by the Persian ruler to put down there weapons.( )


Name Leonith
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Merle
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class G4
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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