Bronze Marth


Average size for a bronze with a very bold hue to his hide. His muscle is more tapered than his brothers, almost like a green and seems reminiscent of his rider, L'wen's own slender form.

Hatching Message

Two eggs, at once, popped open. A green, and a bronze. That left three dragons left on the field…the four remaining eggs were still.

The bronze and the green split off. The bronze towards the girls, and the green to the boys. Wait, what? Both dragons stopped, looked at each other quizzically, then trudged back the way they came. This time the bronze went to the boys, and the green to the girls.

Impression Message

The bronze snorted at something, and approached Leonwen.

Stupid girls. They should know I can't be with any of them. But I can be with you. Your Marth is here to be with you so please please feed me, L'wen.


He's possessed of all the usual instincts of a bronze, including the one that compels him to care for his fellow dragon. No matter the cost to himself, he will always try to help his ailing kin. He is very mellow, like his rider, and also possesses a jovial sense of humor.




Name Marth
Dam Blith
Sire Brimneth
Created By vampkitty13
Impressee L'wen (Leonwen)
Hatched 13 Oct 2007
Size Class Z4
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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