To Explore the New Blue Maturth

This blue is a little smaller than average and he's scrawny to boot. His neck, tail, and legs are all abnormally skinny, his wingsails so thin they're nearly see-through and just a bit too big, as if they could get caught on something at any moment. His hide, however, is bright blue and gloriously vibrant, criss-crossed here and there with thin silver strands that seem to flow across his entire form.

Egg Name and Description

Seas of Adventure Egg
Stark blue-green waters envelop this egg in their watery depths. Wave crashes on wave, the occassional white cap frothing across the surface of this egg. Far in the distance a single green-brown island can be seen, white seagulls circling above it against the clear blue skies.

Hatching Message

The seas on the Seas of Adventure egg seem to slosh back and forth with its wobbling until finally it shakes off layer after layer of thin flakes until the top half is simply gone, leaving a thin, almost malnourished blue in its wake.

Impression Message



Seabird's Call produces a long cry which echos, vast space on all side it circles your mind. Do want to fly?

Seabird's Call grows fierce. Can you fly through the storm, can you hold the course when light is lost, can you brave the wide open spaces and most of all will you find joy in the flight?

Seabird's Call fades, passing on to open skies, but still the lingering question remains, will you fly with me?


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. This hatchling was based on Master and Commander ( ), which is actually fiction (whoops ;) ) but it's based in historical times and its depictions of them are quite accurate.

This hatchling, mindvoice, and desc were based on the character of Dr. Stephen Maturin who is intelligent, knowledge seeking, and plays the cello.


Name Maturth
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee O'man (Owiman)
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class L2
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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