Bronze Murth

The only bronze from Ioreth's first clutch, Murth is rather small for a bronze, only slightly larger than a big brown, if that. He is a mottled light bronze color on his forelegs and withers shading to a progressively darker bronze over his wings and body back to his haunches. Subtle shadings of deep amber blend into the more intense color of his wings.

Due his small size, he has great agility in the air, attempting and exceeding stunts that his larger kindred can't hope to complete.

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At maturity Murth is only slightly larger than a very large brown, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up in force of personality. He has a typical bronze personality and feels himself superior to the chromatics, though his friendship with green Bainth has put some pause to those ideas.

At his age of two and a half turns, he has won quite a few greenflights but had yet to win the affections of a Gold, which was his driving ambition. This ambition was in opposition to his rider's wishes as the young man felt himself too young for the lasting attachment that many Golds and their riders prefer. Of course, V'din was well aware that he would have little choice in the matter. As the old axiom goes, "The dragon decides, the rider complies."


Murth's mindvoice is a brassy tenor, mixing with the brighter notes of woodwinds.


+++Current events:

When Ronalth rose to mate shortly after the consolidation of Fort and High Reaches back to Ista, Murth eagerly joined the other males who sought to gain the golden beauty's attention. In a surprise maneuver, the young bronze outflew his larger competition and managed to catch the prize, making his rider the very young and inexperienced new Weyrleader for Ista.


Name Murth
Dam Ioreth
Sire Wenrath
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee V'din (Vondin)
Hatched 16 Sep 2007
Size Class Z1
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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