Slightly Wobbly Brown Noreth

This very undersized brown is unsteady on his feet, perhaps even slightly malformed. The toes of his feet splay a tad further apart than normal, his knees are knobby, as are his wing-joints, and his neck hangs at an odd angle, as if his head is perhaps a tad too large for it. Further, he looks as if he's only half colored. His base coat is so light that it's almost tan, but it is splattered with splotches and streaks of many different shades of brown and perhaps a few of bronze, as if the artist had to finish him too quickly and with little care.

Egg Name and Description

The Hardboiled Egg
This little egg looks completely normal… perhaps too normal. There are a few splotches of brown and beige here or there, but overall the surface is smooth. The shell feels soft to the touch, as if too great a pressure would cause it to shatter, and if tapped the echoes hollowly.

Hatching Message

With a sudden heave, the hardboiled egg splits like tissue paper, leaving its oddly shaped occupant creeling on the sands.

Impression Message


This little dragon may be undersized and weak, but he doesn't know it or want to hear it. He's determined to keep up with the others near his age, even moreso than most because he has no siblings. But underneath his bravado is a soft ache for his unhatched siblings. To be the only of a clutch has been hard on him and he will likely make efforts to prevent it from ever happening again.


Noreth's mindvoice is smoothe and slippery, like oil bubbling up from beneath the ground. The speed of the gush ebbs and flows with his mood. When calm it is a mere trickle, when enraged, a sky-high gusher, raining down on all who oppose him. It is the black fountain flowing


Noreth was partially inspired by the youngest son of Nicholas and Alexandria, the last Czar and Czaress of Russia before the communist revolution. Alexis (prn. Ah-lex-ee-eh) was born ill with a disease that made it hard for his blood to coagulate, leaving him susceptible to death from even a slight bruise. However, this didn't stop him from wanting to be active and healthy just like his siblings.

From the film Nicholas and Alexandria:
Alexis, Alexis
musn't jump and musn't play
musn't run and musn't fall
Alexis, you'll scare us all.


Name Noreth
Dam Ioreth
Sire Mithnath
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee T'reln (Toreln)
Hatched 28 May 2009
Size Class W1
Hatch Loc High Reaches Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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