Pretty Ambitious Bronze Riketh

Pretty Ambitious Bronze Riketh


This bronze's hide is a bright bronze with shading variations that range from a pale tan to a very dark obsidian, nearly but not quite black, but with an unmistakable metallic sheen. If one were to squint, one could almost see a pattern to the color variations, strangely reminiscent of a stone wall. Riketh isn't the largest bronze around but his impressive bulk makes him seem much larger than he actually is. His head is a blunt wedge set on a thick neck which leads to a squat body and well muscled legs. His wings are suitably large to support his heft.

Egg Name and Description

Kilroy Egg

This smooth, white egg appears vandalized. Thick, black lines marr its surface, forming the subtle outline of a face and two hands peeking over a wall. Beneath it is scrawled in messy letters: "Kilroy was here!"

Hatching Message

The Kilroy egg began rocking back and forth, slowly at first, almost tentatively, but with more vigor as the movements continued. Finally after several long moments, a hairline crack appeared towards the top of the egg. The rocking motion stopped and a loud thud giving way to a sharp SNAP was heard through almost the entire hatching grounds. As the sound settled, a small hole became apparent at the center of the crack where a chip of shell had fallen away, a whirling eye pressed to the opening, peeking out and weighing the gain to be had from hatching. Suddenly the entire shell shattered and in its ruins stood a bulky, strongly built bronze hatchling.

The bulky bronze took first one step, then another towards the huddle of candidates. He moved slowly, but resolutely forward until he was near enough to touch. Then he paused, looking over the choices but not with a deciding air. No, it was almost as if he had already decided and was just sizing up the other candidates to see how they compared to his choice. With a slightly dismissive snort, the bronze moved away at an angle to the candidate of his choice.

Impression Message

Suddenly, your mind is filled with another presence, rifling through your thoughts and hopes and finding them to his liking. He announces, the crisp notes of his voice merging with a sense of satisfaction, There, I've found you. I am Riketh and together we will have all that we desire; power and fame will be ours. Now you must feed me C'doc, then we will discuss the best way to gain what should be ours.


Even in the shell, Riketh was weighing the odds and making plans. Every candidate that touched his shell was measured and found lacking in some way until Cadoc made his way to the egg. Riketh knew that this candidate's goals and desires matched his and they would be the perfect team. Now that they are together, Riketh will continue making plans, calculating the best way to obtain power and fame, only now he will plan with C'doc and together they will be closer to success than each alone.

Riketh will strive to gain precedence over all in his clutch during weyrling training by whatever methods work best. At first his efforts may be bumbling and lack finesse but eventually he will learn to be suave and complementary to get what he wants. Once he is grown, he will seek a path to power and will not deviate from it, unless another, more profitable way is revealed to achieve his goals.

Like everything else he does, mating flights will be viewed as a way to increase his standing in the Weyr, especially gold flights. While this bronze will participate in greenflights as a way to slake his lust, he will not be one of those bronzes who remain true to anything other than a gold. Only as the mate of a Queen can he get the recognition he deserves.


Riketh's mindvoice is crisp and clean, but with a slightly hard edge, as if filled with the clink and clank of metal. If he is angry, the hard notes take over and sharpen, cutting like a knife. When he is calm the hardness lessens but still it is present in the background, always waiting for an opportunity.

Shimmering Golden Clank echoes through your mind, filling it with the glitter of golds and yellows. With a subtle hand it flips through your mind like so many cards, what do you seek and how much will you pay to get it?

Shimmering Golden Clank digs deeper, exploring every nook and cranny of your schemes and plans and goals. Comparing them beside its own. Power, fame, wealth, these are what it seeks, not within you, but within your desires.

Shimmering Golden Clank retreats, tired now. But it is still watching… waiting… for a time when it can claim all of its desires and become one with someone who will lead it there.


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. The Kilroy Egg was based on the movie Kelly's Heroes ( ). Kelly's Heroes is an irreverent World War II comedy about a platoon of soldiers that finds out about 16 million in gold behind enemy lines and decides to steal it.

Riketh's personality and touch messages are based on Sgt. Crapgame, a hustler who is always on the look out for a get-rich-quick scheme.

His physical description is based on the Sherman tanks used in the movie and his name is based on the actor Don Rickles and the following scene from the movie:

Sgt Crapgame: So where is this gold?
Kelly: In a bank
Crapgame: You're getting pretty ambitious, aren't you? I mean, if you think you can blow a bank and get away with it.
Kelly: It's behind enemy lines.
Crapgame: [after some thought] That could be the perfect crime.


Name Riketh
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By jacdobe
Impressee C'doc (Cadoc)
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class Z2
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited
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