Blue Rogeth


A handsome blue dragon of medium size he is near perfectly proportioned body and carries himself proudly. His wings are just a bit long and narrow giving him and edge speed and aerobatics . He loves to fly and dose so with a reckless abandon that leaves his rider white knuckled and sweaty, but he is good at it and is slowly winning his rider over. His hide is velvety midnight blue, possible the darkest is the weyr. He moves with grace a poise and if you are lucky you may catch him practicing using his rider's eye to see just how to stand in the morning sun for best effect.

He's noisy for a dragon often backing up his though-word with croons, humms and surprisingly deep rumbles.

Hatching Message

All at once, it seemed, a bunch of the eggs split open. Two blues came first, and they looked around quite confusedly. One moved towards the boys, but the other stayed put for the moment.

One of the blues, the one who had been moving towards the boys, stopped by the green who had hatched. The blue looked at her, then made a remarkably suave crooning noise at her. She blinked at him, then turned and waddled away, her tail up in the air like a feline.

The blue watched her go, then made another remarkably human shrug, continuing to wander towards the boys.

The suave blue finally made his way to the boys, passing an egg that suddenly hatched beside him. The blue paused, looking at the egg's inhabitant. Alas, it wasn't anyone he was interested in; another blue. The suave one continued, shoving one young man ruthlessly out of the way before continuing. Finally he stopped, in front of Benjour.

Impression Message

<blue><i>where are the girls?</i></blue>

Bejour looks down at the blue shocked and points rather stupidly and the girls gathered around the gold egg<blue> their over there</blue>

Rogeth tilts his head to one side<blue><i> I mean the greens, and when do I eat, I'm hungry</i> </blue>

Benjour gets down on his knees to look the blue in the eyes <blue>you choose me?</blue>

<i><blue>Yes, are you okay?</i></blue>


Bold and Dashing, he wants to be everyone's hero and every green's love (though he does have favorites). He throws himself at life with the same carelessness that he tosses himself through the sky's with, no failure keeps him down, no rejection dampens his spirits.


Berry White.




Name Rogeth
Dam Blith
Sire Brimneth
Created By vampkitty13
Impressee B'jour (Benjour)
Hatched 13 Oct 2007
Size Class L3
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

played by bluecrowlaughing

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