Shining Jewel of Dawn Gold Ronalth

Rukbat herself seems to have blessed this beautiful gold. The bright light of Pern's mother star radiates from her neckridges, getting dimmer and dimmer until she is nearly beige at her wingtips, nose, feet, and tailfork. Her neckridges are smoother than most, trickling down her back like a gentle flowing river of droplets, nearly bronze they're so dark. Her wingsails are lighter, nearly silver, but dotted here and there with designs that look like little suns, staring out from her wings to anyone looking on.

Egg Name and Description

Flowing River's Run Egg

This egg swirls with deep blues and greens, dotted here and there with little brown, silver, and gold boats. The swirls not swallowing the boats, merely carrying them on their paths to some unseen port. When viewed from above, the egg looks like a gentle ocean, boats floating upon it from horizon to horizon.

Hatching Message

Flowing River's Run Egg rattles, its occupant much less calm than the waters it betrays as it tries to free itself from its watery tomb.

Flowing River's Run Egg begins to crack, pieces of the river flowing off it like drops of water upon the sands.

Flowing River's Run Egg splits suddenly, spilling Shining Jewel of Dawn Gold Hatchling messily onto the sands, the shards of her egg scattering around her like so many drops of rain.

Impression Message

The Gentle Rush of River caresses your mind, keeping you safe and bearing you home, My Tolira, your Ronalth has found you and now we shall sail the skies together!


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The Gentle Rush of River fills Ronalth's mindvoice with the patter of a gentle stream, flowing slowly along the forest floor. Depending on her mood it can range everywhere from a trickling brook to a rushing, flooding river. Beware if you ever end up on the rushing side.


Name Ronalth
Dam Miranath
Sire Gortath
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee Tolira
Size Class D4
Hatched pre-game
Hatch Loc Benden Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

Dragon lineart by Arazia

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