Green Ryth

Age 2 turns

Ryth is a rich emerald green, uniform in her nearly silky hide that she makes sure it is meticulously cared for at all times. She is fairly large as greens go, with delicate wings and sleek lines.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

A green broke shell, tumbling to the sands. She was big for a green, and made her way towards… the boys. But she stopped for a second, nosing with the very first blue that had hatched (but had still not Impressed) and making a chirruping sound like Benjour's blue had. He didn't respond, and so the green moved along. She stopped at an egg, which had also cracked and was showing just an eye and a sliver of bronze. Again, she nosed it, and the egg shook and split. Another crooning noise from her. The bronze responded, and they nuzzled for a brief minute before wandering in the same direction…towards the boys.

Both stopped in front of Dominic

The bronze moved on, leaving the green in front of Dominic.

Impression Message

D'nic, your Ryth has arrived! I'm very very hungry…ooh, look at him, he looks nice. So does that other one there.


Ryth has a possessive jealous streak when it involves her rider or a male dragon she has taken a particular liking too. Flirty and outgoing, Ryth is never one to back down from a good show for the boys, much like her rider. She thinks there is no dragon greater than her and finds it hard to believe when others do not understand this.

As high maintinance as she can be, she is a good match for D’nic, caring greatly about his own taste in men as she can see he is struggling with how to deal with his feelings instead of just flirting them away. However, she has a tendency to overreact when her rider takes a liking to anything other than her without explanation first.


Ryth has a chattering mindvoice, much like a flock of song birds in the early morning hours. Soothing and lilting when she wishes, but almost loud an annoying when she does not get her way.



Name Ryth
Dam Blith
Sire Brimneth
Created By vampkitty13
Impressee D'nic
Hatched 13 October 2007
Size Class G5
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

Played by Aleandril

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