Bronze Seminth

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

Almost as if the timing was planned, the minute the last candidate slid into place the eggs began to rock, several of them violently. As G'tor found his place in the stands along with the other riders the first egg split, spilling its bronze occupant onto the sands with a raucous hiss. Two others split in short order, a brown and a green. The first little bronze righted himself quickly and hobbled straight for Rylon without even glancing at the other candidates. He pushed him over and nudged at his side.

Impression Message

Rylon turns and grins impishly up at Haley. "Din't I tell you the dragons pick who they want to stand? Doesn't matter what rank y'are." Almost as soon as he spoke these words, the boy was surprised to find himself knocked over backwards. Looking up, he was surprised to see a bronze hatchling looming over him.

What are you doing down there? Why aren't you feeding me? "Wh..what?" I am Seminth, and you are mine. The voice turned pleading. Please feed me?

Rylon, now R'lon, turned his face up towards the other Candidates, scratching a soft eyeridge as he told the others, "He's Seminth!"


Seminth's personality is overwhelmingly positive. It is rare for him to be depressed by anything for an extended period of time, and some of that has bled over into his rider.


At first, his voice was nothing like R'lon's, though as his rider developed the similarities became more pronounced. His voice is rather velvety and rich, moreso than his rider's, something R'lon has yet to come to terms with.



Name Seminth
Dam Ronalth
Sire Creenth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee R'lon (Rylon)
Hatched 28 Jan 2007
Size Class Z3
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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