Green Silmeth

Age 3 turns

Silmeth is a bright spring green in color, like sun streaming through the tree tops, though her belly is just a bit darker than the rest of her build. She was one of the largest green's from her clutch, though that makes her just a bit larger than average at best, but her bubbly personality makes up for it. She is rather bulky for a green but still agile in the air, letting her well built wings make up for any amount of muscle mass she has.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

Ioreth starts as one of the eggs sends shared flying when the bronze occupant burst his head through the top of the egg, the egg slows tilts sideways as the hefty bronze struggle the rest of the way free he stands panting and alone on the sands for only a moment when two other eggs begin cracking releasing their green and blue occupant.

As the largish green heads towards the girls a third green is spilled onto the sand creeling and screeching in protest it rights itself quickly and with hatch ling awkwardness tries to race to the girls. The largish green regards her sibling with a look of mild affront as she galumps past and hurries her own steps to reach the girls

The largish green seems to come to a dicision after a long and thoughtful look at the entire group of canidate between creels moves off towards the girls. she mover proposes fully towards Faelen and head buts her to get her attention.

Impression Message

Oh! You fell! Oh, I didn't mean too! You weren't listening when I called and tried to tell you my name, after I had found you. Oh I'm so hungry you see, and you were being all silly and humming and worrying…


Knowing, brash, outgoing, bubbly, and caring all rolled into a bundle of energy that only a green can have. Ever concerned about her riders health but not one to back down from a challenge. Being a bit of a flirt doesn't help either, as this dragon is the excited and outgoing yang to her quiet and reserved rider's yin.


Extraordinarily talkative for any dragon, Silmeth seems to be able to carry on a conversation almost by herself, as her mindvoice flutters through like a breeze through the leaves of the trees.



Name Silmeth
Dam Ioreth
Sire Wenrath
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Faelen
Hatched 16 September 2007
Size Class G4
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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