Hunting the End Brown Tsavoth

This large brown's hide is a light golden-brown, it doesn't shimmer, per se, but it seems to ripple. A darker patch graces the back of his head adn the tip of his tail, giving him a decidedly leonine appearance.

Egg Name and Description

Tawny Egg
This egg looks… almost… furry? It's smooth surface is a brownish gold of undulating shades of light and dark giving it the aforementioned furry appearance. A glint of darker brown rings the top of the egg and several slashes of pure white reside around its bottom.

Hatching Message

With a loud roaring bugle, the tawny egg is pushed apart, leaving its nearly identical occupant alone on the sands.

Impression Message



Dripping Blood drops on your mind, spattering shades of red and brown across it. It fills every crack and crevassed, pushing, exploring, finding your motives, your fears, and your joys.

Dripping Blood continues to fall around your mind. You can sense its desire to know your weaknesses and your strengths, as if judging you and your worthiness.

Dripping Blood flows from your mind, taking the reds and browns with it until all is darkness. One last thought filters back. What are you afraid of?


This clutch was themed on historical movies. Tsavoth's theme was the movie The Ghost and the Darkness ( ), which recounts and dramatizes the story of the man eaters of Tsavo ( )

The egg and hatchling were themed on the lions themselves. They were both maneless males and were most likely brothers as it is otherwise quite rare for two males to tolerate eachother's company.

The mind touch messages were themed on the idea of a hunter and what they would seek in a life partner.

Tsavoth's name comes from the region in which the lions hunted, Tsavo.


Name Tsavoth
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee D'nak (Donnak)
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class W4
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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