Consideration of the Knight Bronze Waith

This overlarge bronze seems cut from solid stone. His neck arches high, more like a runner's than a dragon's, and his tail, though long and whiplike, spends as much time wrapped up around his body as anything else.

Egg Name and Description

Spread of Strategy Egg
From the side, this egg seems to have black and white statues of varying shapes and sizes against a green background. However, when viewed from above, a series of black and white squares splay themselves out , the statues turning quickly to shaded motes against them. The pattern is difficult to see, but it appears black will have checkmate in two moves.

Hatching Message

Pieces of shell are shed like so many unwanted cards until only a single, unhappy bronze remains.

Impression Message

Consideration of the Knight Bronze Hatchling looks suitably surprised by this series of events. Giving a startled cheep he practically stampedes the candidates, brushing one aside before fairly climbing Joransh, who jumps back, startled, "Calm down Waith! I'll be your J'osh, just calm down!"



Gently Clicking Piece enters your mind like felt on stone, soft, but hard at the same time. The imagery is neat and orderly, gentle squares of black and white dance an ordered dance. The mind behind the squares is calm, cool, calculating.

Gently Clicking Piece takes a move. What next? How will you counter. Lead with a runner or retreat the castle? It doesn't matter, and yet it does. Is winning everything or nothing? There's a pause, then it answers it's own question: winning is nothing if you don't enjoy the game.

Gently Clicking Piece surrenders, Lord Holder laying on its side. You've won. Now what? Lead the world or hide from it. Choose.


The theme for this clutch was historical movies. This egg/hatchling pair were based on the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer ( ) the story of a young boy (Josh Waitzkin) with a special talent for Chess. The main plot actually has next to nothing to do with Bobby Fischer, world renowned chess champion from the US.

The mindvoice was based on Waitzkin's strategic if young mind, the hatchling's name off of his name, and the form of the hatchling off of the chess piece, the knight.


Name Waith
Dam Gold Ronalth
Sire Bronze Murth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee J'osh (Joransh)
Hatched 3 October 2009
Size Class Z5
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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