Brown Zarth

Serious and driven Zarth knows every drill and every maneuver by the book. Zarth is a warm rich brown with tan dappling and cream wing sails.

Egg Name and Description

A average mottled egg

Hatching Message

One of the little browns, creeling piteously, picked his way through he crowd and went to walk between Arnit's legs, but got his wings stuck.

Impression Message

Owwww… it hurts, mine… I'm Zarth… free me?


Zarth is serious and driven to perfection, from flight to the condition of his dragon couch everything must be right. He know his place in every formation, and can run every maneuver with cool precision. If you ever need to see a left stall turn exactly Zarth is the perfect demo dragon.

His drive to perfection can leave him inflexible and can cause his flight to lack the spontaneity of other dragons. Zarth get irritated by other dragon messing up 'his' formation. As Zarth balances A'nit's lackadaisical tendencies A'nit reminds Zarth that its okay to have fun.


Zarth sounds like A'nit as his most serious.



Name Zarth
Dam Ronalth
Sire Creenth
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee A'nit (Arnit)
Hatched 28 Jan 2007
Size Class W3
Hatch Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

played by bluecrowlaughing

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