Bronze Zimarth

Age 2 turns

Zimarth is currently a lean, well toned bronze whose wings are ever so short, giving him the appearance of being both fast, but also slightly out of proportion. The dragon, while nearly full grown, could easily put on more muscle if needed. Fast in the air, the bronze uses his interesting build to his advantage, but has yet to learn the stamina that a bronze needs in flight. This has lead to Zimarth napping more than a usual dragon, much to his rider’s worry.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

Two more popped open. One contained a bronze, and the other a green.

The bronze paused at the boys, then rushed one of them, Fithreal, headbutting him to the ground and standing right on top of him, staring.

Impression Message


(Best. Hatching. Message. Ever.)


The green tinted bronze is the calm that his rider needs to overcome his fears of people. Always ready with an encouraging word to pick the boy up, it is Zimarth’s mission to get F’rel to open up in time. When not sleeping, Zimarth is more than ready to play with his fellow dragons, reveling is flying and chasing whomever may come into his path.

Zimarth has a soft spot for the little green fire lizard his F'rel impressed, put up with her antics but also gently keeping her in line. This perchance for green fire lizards has ebbed over into Zimarth's taste of dragons, as the bronze will chase anything female, green or gold, in the air.


Zimarth's mind voice is rather laid back for a bronze, thoughtful and resolute in his speaking. While he still has the commanding boom of a bronze, it is tempered with a silky caress, a tone he typically uses with his lifemate. Overall, this bronze has a mindvoice similar to a richly colored silk that gets its notice for its beauty, not its boldness.



Name Zimarth
Dam Blith
Sire Brimneth
Created By vampkitty13
Impressee F'rel
Hatched 13 October 2007
Size Class Z3
Hatch Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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