Ista Weyr Sr. Queen Flight Oct 23, 2006

Ista Weyr - Feeding Grounds

Ronalth descended upon a screaming bull and cracked its neck cleanly, then clamped her jaws around the beast's neck and began to blood it.

Mithnath lands on the edge of the feeding grounds shortly after Ronalth has finished her fist buck. He knows not to disturb her right now so he waits. P'val comes running up behind him within a few moments and watches the gruesome spectacle before him. Mithnaths feelings growing stronger in his mind every second.

Creenth flew down from his own weyr ledge, watching Ronalth lustily. He had eyes only for her, though was vaguely aware of the far younger bronze of his own clutch.

C'pan had made his way down to Tolira's weyr, not that it was a long walk from his own.

Once satisfied that Mithnath wasnt going to get himself killed, P'val moves away from the feeding ground and heads for the weyrwomans weyr.

Ronalth took down another herdbeast and sucked it dry as well, screaming her challenge the the bronzes present.

Creenth roared back, bellowing his lust to her and his strength to the young challenger.

Not one to keep his mouth shut Mithnath returns Creenths roar. He may be smaller, but hes not going to let that bring him down.

Ca'dis watches from the barrack as a new bronze suddenly pops out from between and lands in the bowl, the new dragons hide is the dark brown of old bronze and makes the red and orange whirling in his eyes even more vivid.

A rider swings down and raun towards the queens wyer while his dragon makes the short hope to join the circle of bronzes.

The rider striding toward the queens wyer has the look of a solder, brown hair with fleks or gray is shaved close to his head and his brown eyes constantly scan the area.

Ca'dis asks Durpth Who is that

Durpth peers over his head N'hon and Groth

Shortly after the arrival of Groth two more bronzes appear, One just behind and to the right of the other. Glancing down to see the Queen blooding a kill and nearly glowing from the brightness of her hide, P'tar throws back his head in a peal of laughter. Trust P'on to not bother warning him where they are headed when he had Garth tell Wenrath to follow from wing practice. As the sight of the queen fills Wenrath with lust, P'tar's laugh ends abruptly.

Hearing P'tar's laugh, P'on smiles grimely. Will he never take anything seriously? Gliding down, he leads him to land near the bottom of the stairs to the Senior Queens weyr. The landing is made with the precision he expects from those in his command. They dismount and remove the ridding straps with the same precision. Straps thrown over his shoulder, P'on heads up the stairs, removing his helmet and gloves, while Garth rises to find a place near the other bronzes.

Groth keeps his attenion forcus on the queen he ignores the arivale of the two yonger bronzes, of corse all the bronzes so far were younger then him. A though drift from his rider difts across his they were older, but wiser to the tricks of a queen.

Landing with his wingleader, P'tar is serious but he has always meet surprises with laughter. It would surprise P'on if he were to know just how serious Ptar's thoughts are. Wenrath has always had an eye for Ronalth and when Creenth caught her on her last mating flight he was upset for days. P'tar is not looking forward to the emotional backlash should he fail to catch her again. With great effort he holds back the lust of his dragon as he dismounts, removes the ridding straps and follows P'on, Wenrath bellowing his challenge as he leaps eagerly into the air to join the other bronzes.

Ronalth roars again, diving on another buck and begining to blood him as well. Her hide is glowing brightly and the pinpoints of whirling red that are her eyes are wild. It is clear she is going to rise after this feast.

The sight of Ronalth's hide growing so bright causes Wenrath to tense in anticipation. As close to one as two can be, that which was P'tar reacts. No, no we must not tense or we will tire too soon She nears flight, we must be ready Ready, yes but not tense, we can do this. Heeding that part of self, Wenrath makes the effort to keep from tensing.

Ronalth raises her bloody maw from the throat of the third heardbeast, glowing almost blindingly now, and bugles her challenge to the bronzes around her. She pushes off, beating her wings in a sold downstroke.

She gains height quickly, the cool air rushing over her bulk. She beats her wings again, and then again, gaining altitude until she catches a thermal into the higher air.

Warned by her bugle that she is about to rise,Wenrath haunches down and leaps into the air only seconds later. Aware of the others rising around him he puts effort into his wing strokes, attempting to be first behind her.

Instinct aiding him, Garth is quick to launch but with his riders influence his nature is that of patience. He will bide his time, not rushing to be first now but ready to take advantage of any openings that may present themselves. He does not intend to tire himself so soon in the flight when it is the end which may need a final burst of speed or exacting manouver.

A bronze appeared suddenly in the air of the weyr's bowl, around him the air rippled as the cool air from between mingled with the warm air of the weyr. He bellowed in rage which was heard through out the weyr as he saw his queen already in flight high above, he dove for the floor of the cavern, slowing but not stopping as something fell..rolled..or jumped free from the dragon's back. The bronze's wings curved savagely as he started to recover lost ground and become part of the case.

Mithnath is up with all the rest of them and puts every ounce of effort into his wingstrokes as he can. He gains rapidly and keeps his eyes set on the queen above him. Nothing but catching her matters.

Creenth was off to a bad start, having risen last of the gathered bronzes. More had shown up, heightening the bronze's jealousy to a pique even before the flight had really gotten underway. Creenth gained more height, playing a game of catch-up.

Then he was closer to the pack of bronzes and he could use smarts instead of brute force. It was how he had won the last one, after all; he wasn't exactly the biggest bronze out there. Creenth fell to the side of one of the leaders, taking advantage of his slipstream, which made it easier for Creenth to fly. With less energy expended on flight, the bronze began crooning to his queen, reminding her that he had been her choice last time.

Ronalth twisted her neck under her wing and eyed the bronzes behind her. She knew them all and perhaps, just perhaps, one was worthy of her. She beat her wings strongly, they were far behind her and she was on top of the sky.

Suddenly she tucked her wings in and dropped like a stone, spreading them again just before she reached the height of the Weyrbowl-edge and, catching another thermal, rose up above them once more.

His crafty queen. Creenth twisted, losing a bit of his gained altitude to follow her into her thermal.

When Ronalth dropped it was that part that is P'tar that kept him from attempting to dive after her, reminding him that this was one of her tricks that caused him to fall behind the last flight. It does not please Wenrath when Creenth manages to find the thermal she uses so now it is he who follows the other.

Garth does not consider joining the other two in the thermal but rises higher, looking for a different thermal updraft, a wind, anything that may help him get closer and perhaps rise above her. He is unfamiliar with the atmospheric conditions here but there must be something.

Mithnath follows Ronalths every move. He is being guided purely by instinct. The inexperienced bronze doesnt have any tricks, so he just flew after her, knicking hte lip of the Weyr bowl with his toes as he zips past in pursuit of the crafty queen.

Ronalth spotted a particularly thick cloud bank and angled into it, then dropped straight out of the center and angling down towards the ground to gain speed.

Close behind, Wenrath is soon within the cloudbank and dismayed to realize he can no longer sense her before him. It is not until he breaks through the other side that he sees her far below and gaining speed. Determined not to fail he begins a shallower dive to gain just a little more speed but retain most of his height, thinking she would lose some of her speed when she again rises. He hopes to retain enough height while adding enough speed that he can intercept her.

Having worked to rise higher, Garth was above the cloudbank and was not aware of the queen's dive any earlier than Wenrath but he does not use his added altitude now to add speed. He continues to follow from above until the queen's next direction can be determined. Then will he decide how best to use his altitude.

Rolgath dived towards the ground as soon as he saw Ronalth clear the cloud, he angled himself towards where he believed the queen would be at the end of her dive. His eyes gleamed redly as the wind hissed across his hide and tore past the thin membrane of his wings as he tried to close the distance between himself and his hoped for mate.

Mithnath's strategy being based totally on sight of his target, he shoots straight after her but quickly loses sight. He bursts above the cloud bank and lets out a roar of frustration as he realizes hes been fooled. He angles in on a dive and begins speeding towards the now distant queen.

Ronalth turned suddenly as she pulled upward out of her dive, flapping her wings furiously to regain speed and altitude. Yes, one of these bronzes would make a good mate, but which one? She had favored Creenth before but the others were also keeping up.

When the queen turns and begins to rise, Wenrath banks sharply and levels off aiming for an area ahead of her present position.

Creenth hadn't risen nor dove. Waste of energy, really. He merely waited, knowing that Ronalth would make her way up again. The bronze folded his wings slightly, diving to gain speed and catch up once again to his queen.

A brown suddenly entered the chase, wheezing as his old wings strained to catch up to the chase. HIs eyes whirled red and yellow with the strain, and orange with lust.

Continuing above, following the queen as she turns, waiting for his opportunity, Garth is first to sight the older brown. Confused, he bellows but does not cease his efforts in the race.

Creenth roared towards Rolgath, in anger. How dare that insolent one, touching his queen. The bronze didn't notice the new challenger, or didn't care enough to get irritated.

Ronalth roared at the impudent bronze who'd dared touch her. She caught another thermal and was soon above the clouds once more, soaring gracefully and unaware of the brown also on her tail.

She's here, above the clouds where Garth has continued to follow and excitment disperses all thought, even his earlier confusion. With a singlemindedness of purpose he manages to speed up and slowly comes closer.

Wenrath is desperate, the thermal helped her rise earlier and higher than she could have otherwise and he reaches where he hoped to intercept while she soars above him.

Caroth forced himself upward, pumping his wings as fast as they could, as hard as they could. The brown was working himself too hard, though…

Creenth took another thermal, pushing himself with great sweeps of his greeny-gold wings. The sun shining over the clouds suddenly inspired him, and he crooned to Ronalth.

Mithnath opens his wings wide to stop his decent as he sees his golden target begin to rise. He angles back up ward and continues the chase.

Ronalth could feel the wind over her hide as she broke through another thin whispy cloud. She looked back and was surprised to see that all of them were still following. She hadn't tired a single one out? she'd simply have to try harder. She looped mid air and dove down straight through the crowd of bronzes before spreading her wings and turning the flight in the other direction.

Rolnath diving just before him causes Wenrath to backwing furiously to avoid flying head on into her. The spicy scent and golden sheen of her passing so close, yet inaccessible, rips a roar of frustration from him. Backwinging has caused him to lose acceleration so he will not have that to aid in his banking to follow as she turns about. With the desire for the queen filling him he exerts himself to his limit to turn and regain that lost acceleration.

A mournful bellow escapes from Garth when the queen suddenly drops from before him. The morning was spent drilling his wing and when she rose so near he expended a great deal trying to reach her. Until she came so near he has conserved his energy as much as possible because he knows his stamina does not match ones such as Creenth, Wenrath or Rolgath. He will be hard pressed to keep up now but instinct and the sight of the queen will not let him quit trying. Sweeping wide across the sky he seeks out an air current going in the general direction of the queen and rides it.

Mithnath lets out a bellow of anger as the queeen begins playing with them. He keeps after her but is struggling now.

Creenth apparently was the only one to go for the tricky backwing manuever, and turned himself around with some strain. But it was the quickest way and the bronze was once again on Ronalth's tail. However any experienced bronze would notice Creenth's minor fatigue.

Ronalth was so far away, but Caroth gave a few halfhearted wingbeats. Suddenly he roared, stiffened and began to fall limply. This descent lasted only a few seconds before instinct took over and Caroth disappeared between.

Rolgath started falling behind, the affect of spending a good part of the day flying straight around the borders of the Weyr's responsibilities starting to tell on the enormous reserves of strength of the valiant bronze. In spite of that he battled on, with the help of a strong thermal that quickened his rise upwards, he had the stamina for perhaps one more effort, if he did not catch the elusive queen momentarily he would be out of the running. Knowing that he continued to rise ever higher.

Ronalth was begining to feel the strain of a prolonged and acrobatic flight. She looked back and was glad to see that some of the bronzes were showing the strain of the flight. Creenth was still closest and had been for most of the flight. She had found him worthy before and now she did again. She dipped her wings to slow her speed until he came even with her and twined her tail with his.

Rolnath slowing and twinning her tail with Creenth tears a keen from him as he veers to one side and ceases to follow. She has chosen. Weary, frustrated and yet resigned he turns back towards the weyr and his rider. Already the connection becomes less intense and individuality returns, the better to console one another, for his riders turmoil seems to grow as the mating frenzy eases within Wenrath

Still not having caught up, Garth need only bank slightly to leave the chase. A rumble, much like a groan, is all the expression of his disappointment. As the joining of minds eases, his rider, uncharacteristically, begins to seem aggitated. Slightly confused buy this he turns to follow Wenrath back to Ista Weyr.

His rider's thoughts making events clear for him, even through the lingering frenzy, Wenrath belatedly begins to keen for the lose. As he keens he sends out his thoughts to any open to them. Garth too begins to keen so they arrive above the bowl with their grief filling the air around them.

Mithnath lets out a roar of frustration but accepts defeat and turns tail home. He joins Wenrath in his cry of mourning as he glides back to the weyr.

Rolgath's wings faltered for a long moment when he saw that the queen had made her choice and that she and Creenth were climbing ever heigher twined together. He gave a great flap of his wings turning on his tail and gliding to the floor of the Bowl slowly, little by little the lust that had been clouding his mind was clearing and he knew that Caroth was no more. As he touched down he gave voice to he grief and paid tribute to the brown dragon who had taught so many of their kind.

Creenth ignored the bronzes that had dropped, and while he was aware that Caroth had gone forever between he didn't really care. He had his queen again.

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