killdeer Blue Albastru

Egg Name and Description

Cry Wolf Egg

Oh no! Its cracked, this egg has cracked! Doom, gloom, destruction and sorrow! All eyes over here pay attention to the tragedy of this egg! The attractive blue green shell is almost totally bisected be a large crack oddly it doesn't seem to be oozing and for a shell cracked so completely its holding together surprisingly well but maybe you should keep checking on this egg just in case.

Hatching Message

The blue flit from the cry wolf egg manages to back up a full circle before if gets a purchase on the shell and backs out. The blue flit sits down hard and stares around in confusion for a moment before its eyes lock onto Elle and her lets out a creel that makes it very clear he is starving and need food NOW.

The blue flit stared imploringly, the dark mask over its eye accentuates the bright colors of hungar that flash from his eye facets. His belly is neutral cloudy blue while his dorsal side is a darker stormy blue but what really makes him stand out is the set of dark marking along his sides and on the edges of his wings, His wing marking share the same scallop pattern as his clutch mates.

At first the little blue occasionally sneaks a glace at the other people feeding their flits but since Elle keeps the food coming he soon stops and focuses only on her. He takes the last pieces slowly, flicking his tongue out to taste each before eating them and gazing at Elle between bites.

His mind reaches out contented and hopeful full of the feeling of wanting to be yours.]The blue flit gives a sweet if somewhat piercing trill and rears up unsteadily on his hind legs begging to be picked up.


This flit loves his person and loves everything and everyone she loves and will hate to be separated from her. He will learn some amazing trick to please his person and will be the perfect fetch and carry flit as long as there is praise at the end. He's also a drama queen and will sulk dramatically if he doesn't get the praise or create a scene if he wants attention. Expect books you are reading to be sat on, quills to be stolen and a pair of bright glittery eye to be watching you every morning.


Killdeer bird which will fake injury to draw predators away from their clutch.


Name Albastru
Dam melody
Sire wild bronze
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Elle
Impression Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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