Two Ladies Brown Chirp


This deeply colored brown's sides are much lighter, displaying the outline of a smaller flit pressed against each side and he seems to try to show them off. Be-deedle-deet, two ladies!

Chirp is stockily built and a talented flyer with disproportionately large wings for his size. His wings also serve as a backdrop when he rears to show off his unusual markings.


Very flighty and flirtatious, Chirp enjoys engaging in displays of arial prowess while his handler L'wen and the bronze Marth relax in the bowl. Rather than riding on L'wen's shoulder, the brown often clings to the bronze rider's upper arm and will toy with the rank knots there.

Given his excitable and flighty nature, Chirp is not very reliable in delivering messages since he is very easily distracted, particularly by any pretty green.


The theme for this clutch was songs and your flirtatious brown was based on the song 'Two Ladies' from the musical Cabaret by Fredd Ebb.

Two ladies!
two ladies!
two ladies
and I'm the only man, JA!

YouTube video NSFW


Name Chirp
Dam Wild Gold
Sire Wild Bronze
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee L'wen
Hatched 27 August 2009
Impression Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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