I'm Coming Up Bronze Edge

This bronze is so pale he seems nearly gold at first. This impression might be accentuated by the fact that he seems perpetually to walk en pointe, his head and toes of a dainty cut, narrow and well formed.


Rather arrogant, this little bronze is forever causing trouble. From purloining items that catch his eye to knocking things of shelves. He draws groans from any of the lower cavern workers who notice him as they can only hope he doesn't wreck too much.


The theme for this clutch was songs and this pale bronze was based on I'm Coming Up by Dianna Ross.

I'm comin up
so you better get this party started.

YouTube video


Name Edge
Dam Wild Gold
Sire Wild Bronze
Created By Sees-the-Truth
Impressee D'nal
Hatched 28 August 2009
Impression Loc Ista Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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