Bronze Loki

Loki is mischievous, well built though small, and a typical shade for a bronze fire lizard. While always seeming to get into anything he can, the bronze has been well trained by Serah, obedient when asked to be but a trickster on his own free time.

Egg Name and Description

Hatching Message

The small green stubles thuogh the clutch knocking onto the other eggs one of them spins off and knocks one egg into another, the slightly large egg cracks and a bronze begins tring to back out of his shell.

The second bronze seems to have gotten himself stuck half out of the egg, his back end hangs out and he scables backwards, not getting any further out of the egg just scooting himself backwards around the circle.

The bronze Serah had frees gazes on her looking slightly confused and then creels demandings as he hops towords her.


If ever there was a trickster for a fire lizard, this is it. Loki has to ability to be constantly in trouble but never caught as he is always sticking his nose where it should not be. He is loyal, almost to a fault, to Serah and easily picks up on her moods. However, despite the fact that he causes Serah more head aches than good on some days, he is amazingly well trained, willing to listen and do anything she asks of him, even if it means not having her attention when gold Iliath gets up at him.



Name Loki
Dam Gold Melody
Sire Wild Bronze
Created By cell-content
Impressee Serah
Hatched 31 January 2008
Impression Loc Fort Weyr
Pern Re-Visited

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