The Squishy Egg

Egg Name and Description

The Squishy Egg

At first glance it's a little girls dream, all soft swirly pinks and reds but look a little longer and there just something not quiet right with that initial cutesy image. The shell looks just slightly … moist and there something about the pink swirls that's disturbing unpleasantly familiar.

Hatching Message

The tiny claw pushes out and is followed by a tiny light green foot and then a tiny much darker green head. The new hatched green flit rests there for a moment taking its first real breathes and panting before its eye seem to focus on the much larger shapes around it. She flinches like she might just head back into the shell but her ex-home is quickly falling part around her and she is left flopped over in the pot on a pill of shells that look disturbingly like the pile left from gutting a beastie.  


Alert and just a little timid she like to inspect new things but is shy around new people and creatures. She also quite bloody minded and after her first meal will rarely accept more then a polite nibble of anything that isn't alive and wiggling. She is a very athletic climber and seems to feel the gravity is something that happens to other flits, her favorite perching position is hanging upside down.


Titmouse, a small finch which is ridiculously cute and occationally spotted warming their little cute widdle feetsies in the gut piles from deer.


Name cell-content
Dam melody
Sire wild bronze
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Autumn
Hatched March 2012
Impression Loc Ista
Game Pern Re-Visited

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