Aquila Chrysaetos Bronze Treb

Avery large and heavily built flit, His hide is the deep dark color of an old bronze statue bronze, his neck has a proud arch to it accented further by his neck ridges with are a bright nearly gold color. Broad wings are patrially the same color as his body but have a tan scalloped bar on the membrane that parallels to the wing arm.

Egg Name and Description

Inner Glow Egg

This egg looks almost like a warm ember from a dying fire. While the color may only be shell deep the feeling it extrudes is equally warm and soothing, just gather around take a load off and doze for a bit. This egg is here for you when the world gets cold, but don't take it for granted or you might get burned.

Hatching Message

The bronze hatchling from the Inner Glow egg wiggled as was is righted, tiny claws raked the air as he tried to get to the food smell.

His hide is a deep dark brownish bronze, his neck already has a proud arch to it accented further by his neck ridges with are a bright nearly gold color. Broad wings flapped slowly as blood worked into them flashing a white scallops bar on the membrane that paralleled to the wing arm.

He took the piece of meat roll eagerly and swallowed it without chewing and then looked at the hand trying too pet him and loudly shrieked at it for more.

The bronze flit quickly devours half the second meat roll. He regards the last bite almost contemptuously sniffing it twice before taking it.

Finally full he lets out a deep contented sigh and looks up at Romir. The flit's mind reaches out to the person who may be his. Though he is new hatched his thoughts are still proud and fierce there is a tense moment were it is unclear whether he will attack and make a run for freedom or consent to be yours.

The bronze flit arches his neck and meeps meekly for a neck scratch from his person Romir.


Proud and fierce this flit would face down a wherry for his chosen. He does not like to be coddled, snuggled or cooed over and is a bit standoffish to anyone but his person.


Photo shoot were a golden eagle attacks the camera man.


Name Treb
Dam melody
Sire wild bronze
Created By bluecrowlaughing
Impressee Romir
Hatched march 2012
Impression Loc Ista
Pern Re-Visited

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