Fort Weyr Hatching 2

Fort Weyr: Hatching Grounds

A large cavern, its floor covered with warm sand and its walls ringed with seating for guests. This is where the queens lay their clutches and Impression occurs.

The eggs lay scattered about in the warm sands, the queen egg separated and raised slightly above the rest, near the queen herself. From one of the smaller eggs, a tapping sound can be heard. Soon, it starts to rock back and forth… A hum starts to emanate from Blith.

Braxith drops Cr'lan off at the entrance to the Hatching Grounds and the springs up to claim a spot on the heights. The brown's humming hasn't abated, Cr'lan is now in an even better mood than at the end of the weyrling lesson.

Alline passes Cr'lan without seeming to really notice him and climbs to the highest point in the stands she can find. Pareth wings in and drapes herself on a ledge nearby. The green's eyes whirl with excitement as she hums and chants, Hatching, Hatching, Hatching! constantly in Alline's mind.

B'den didn't waste any time looking around to see who was there. Isith took his place, his voice joining the other dragons'. He took a seat near Alline, glancing over at the younger woman and giving her a quick smile and nod of greeting. Leaning forward, he peered at the eggs. It looked like a fine clutch. His eyes rested on the queen egg but soon shifted to the one that was rocking.

Alline gives a polite nod in return to B'den's, but most of her attention is focused on the imminent Hatching.

As she watches the rocking egg, her kit, now larger, climbs into her lap and settles there, purring softly. She (and Pareth) had finally decided on the name Kaia, though for a long time the kit had remained nameless. Alline absentmindedly strokes the fur as she awaits the Candidates and the soon-to-be-Hatched dragonets.

Ten of the eggs are rocking now, and the tapping sounds emanating from within all of the eggs are becoming more frantic. The queen egg has not begun to shake yet, but the rhythm of the little queen's attempts to emerge are coming more quickly now.

Alshith soared in and landed in front of the stands, and T'boll slid off. The large brown took off to a ledge with a decent view, and joined in the ever growing humming. T'boll climbed up into the stands, looking around for Keahi.

D'nic was picking an easily accessible spot in the stands, hoping that B'jour would be up soon. His Ryth was happily on a high ledge, humming to her sisters and brothers to hatch, as her rider made his way to a good seat.

We hatch soon!

D'nic simply nodded, a pang of happiness and contentment that he could not describe finding his heart. He nearly glowed as Ryth hummed, smiling as he remembered his first time on these sands.

Candidates have started to arrive, dropped off by green riders. They cluster nervously near the entrance, shifting as the heat from the sands penetrates the thin soles of their sandals. Their simple white robes reflect the sunlight, making them shine so brightly that it is hard to look directly at them.

Meanwhile, relatives of the Candidates are arriving, borne on the backs of dragons of all colors. More prestigious guests, such as the Lords Holder of Fort, Ruatha, and South Boll, are winged in on bronze backs. The stands start to fill with excitedly chattering people.

Dragons ring themselves on ledges around the Grounds, their hum echoing off the walls and filling the air.

Sabieth soared in through the upper opening to the Hatching Grounds and landed neatly next to his weyrmate. The bronze extended his nose to gently nuzzle the Golden Queen as he took his place next to her to welcome the arrival of their hatchlings into the world. His throat had already swelled with his welcoming hum but now intensified as he arched his neck proudly, surveying the rocking eggs and in particular the gleaming Golden egg which would hatch out his first Queen offspring. Our children are strong. He noted to Blith as one egg gave a particularly violent twitch.

R'han quickly dismounted his dragon and stepped over next to Okima, giving Blith a deeply respectful bow as he addressed the Weyrwoman. "My duty to Blith, Okima. The eggs look about ready to hatch at any moment." His voice was even and friendly. As he stood looking at the eggs, he filled with pride at the knowledge that his Sabieth had sired a Queen egg. Although Sabieth had flown a Queen dragon before, that particular flight had not resulted in a Golden egg like this one had.

Sabella chirped brightly from R'han's shoulder, chattering happily to the great Golden Queen and the bronze she regarded as her toy. Her tiny voice joined their in the hum, its high soprano adding a melodic counterpoint to their deeper tones.

Aronth soared in next to Alshith, taking a spot next to the much larger brown. She hummed happily, her eyes whirling quickly as she looked at the rocking eggs, Our brothers and sisters will soon hatch, Alshith!

Keahi, Zane humming as he swooped around her, helped her sister to the enter the hatching grounds. She inclined her head towards, Cr'lan, "Weyrling master.. can my sister be allowed to stand? My Aronth thinks she would make a good rider.. although I know she's not been tested as a Search Dragon yet."

Cr'lan blinks in slight surprise at the question and inclines his head thoughtfully. "Your Aronth approves of her?" He pauses a moment to think. Greens were often good as Search dragons. If Aronth had approved, the girl might be chosen. He gives a slight nod. "She may stand. Under the same understanding as the rest of the Candidates. If she doesn't Impress, she'll have to wait for the next time." It couldn't hurt the hatchlings to have more choice.

Stjeth flew in through the upper entrance to the hatching grounds and took a spot above and slightly to the side of Weyrleader and Weyrwoman's dragons. He scanned the stands for a glimpse of green Hielth but did not see her. A'den, come join me up here, there is a good view.

The boy hurried in the lower entrance, slipping past the crowd of white robed candidates and climbed the stands towards his dragon. A chirp startled him and he glanced up to see Terra pop in from between and land on his shoulder. He raised a hand to stroke the tiny brown head as he sat himself next to his blue dragon. Ah doan think tonight'll end up like las' hatchin' huh Stjeth? He gently teased his dragon for climbing the stands to get to him.

The blue regarded him with gently whirling eyes but did not reply as he added his welcoming hum to the other dragons'. His eyes continued to scan those dragons coming in for a sight of the familiar green hide.

Serah quietly entered the stands, nodding to dragon, rider, weyrfolk, and craftfolk alike. For a brief moment her eyes caught Braxith and then Cr'lan, both looking quite happy as the Weylingmaster. Despite all her previous emotions, the roll suited the man and his dragon as both seemed to be happiest when teaching. A faint smile caught Serah's lips before Loki caught her attention.

The bronze had found a seat on the lowest level that had direct access to the sands and the stands in case anything happened. He was swooping at anyone who came to close to his lady's seat. Serah couldn't help but giggle as she sat down, lifting the bronze to the railing in front of her and scratching his head.

She smiled a the candidates all in white. She remembered her whites well, and the poor fate that they had with her as a healer, covered in blood and salve.

Zimarth soared in, humming as he lazily banked in a circle before settling next to several other bronzes. He gave his congratulations to Blith as he settled in, sitting up strait to watch the little ones below him.

Oh! They a'e a'ready rockin'! An' aye feel so unde'dressed!

The bronze chuckled as his made his way quickly and nimbly through the crowds up towards where the other riders where sitting. Of course they are rocking, they are to hatch. And you look fine to me.

F'rel sat down near others of his weryling class. But aye don' look anythin' like the holde's in their clothes. I still look like a gather brat. The rider tried not to hang his head, feeling like hiding at the moment.

That is because you wear something more than clothes. The knot on your shoulder has bronze in it, that is something that they could never have nor dress to achieve. I picked you not because of your clothes, but because you were meant to be mine, a bronze rider.

F'rel had never thought of everything that had happened to him in that sense. With the speech he sat up a little straiter, a glow in his eyes as Etain hummed happily in his ear as Zimarth hummed happily in his mind.

With a loud noise, the egg that first began to rock develops a large crack in it. Its rocking becomes more pronounced and chips of the shell begin to flake off along the crack. A few moments later, the shell parts and a brown hatchling, pieces of egg sticking to his still damp hide, steps from the shards, swaying unsteadily on his legs. He extends his wings slightly and shakes his whole body, canine-like. Some of the shards sticking to him fly off in various directions, hitting nearby eggs and causing them to develop cracks as well. He takes a few steps farther, towards the Candidates, crying piteously.

Three more eggs have begun to rock.

Keahi nodded in acceptance, but grinned happily, "Thank you, weyrling master!" She hugged her sister and then gasped, "Oh shards.. you need a robe, Kari.." Keahi looked around and spotted a nearby chest which held spare robes for late arriving candidates. She yanked out one and quickly tossed over Kari's head, "Good luck!" She gave her sister a tight hug and a gentle shove towards the hatching ground. Before turning to walk off, "Oh, you should probably send Flynn with me.. I don't think Blith will want him on the sands to." Zane had claimed a perch on Keahi's shoulder and was focused on the sands and rocking eggs.

Serah nearly shouted out in joy at the first hatchling. It wasn't a bronze, but it seemed to be a very healthy brown. While a bronze was a good omen, a brown hatching first surely was not a bad one. Serah smiled from ear to ear, nearly on the edge of her seat now as she waited to see who this little one impressed.

Leyan followed the other candidates. He didn't glance up to see if his family was there. The eggs had his full attention. His eyes gleamed with anticipation and thoughtfulness. One of the eggs was rocking intensely. Shards started to fall off around the cracks that had appeared. He leaned forward, eager to get a close look at the first Hatchling he would ever see as a Candidate. It was a brown! Not bad. Pieces of his egg had struck some of the other eggs around. He noted which ones before turning to watch the brown. Once again, he had fight back nervousness. Nothing he could do would make him Impress and he had plenty of time…

Cr'lan chivvies the candidates on. "Come on. Stand further out on the sands so the Hatchlings can reach you without hurting themselves to much." He ushers them forward. "And spread out!"

The candidates, obeying unconsciously, move forward and spread out in a ragged line some of the girls, working up their courage, head for the queen egg.

D'nic smirked as the candidates stood on the sand in awe. He could understand their respect, but he couldn't help but chuckle as they all seemed like wide-eyes fools who had just been caught snitching food from the kitchens when they shouldn't have been.

Ahhhh, such young ones indeed. Hopefully the brown would find his rider soon.

The brown gives what seems to be a cry of relief and heads straight for the nearest boy, tripping and burying his muzzle in the sand at the boy's feet. Kneeling, the boy rights the dragonet, and cries out, "His name is Pakath!" before the newly-Impressed pair head for the exit to get Pakath his first meal.

The three cracked eggs have now broken completely to reveal a bronze and two greens, who make their way towards the Candidates in search of their riders.

Another three eggs have begun to rock, and hairline fractures are now visible on the queen egg.

R'han grinned in joy, tears unabashedly running down his face as the first hatchling found his lifemate. He turned his head to look at Sabieth and felt the mental touch of his bronze reaffirming their own bond. It never failed for a hatching to cause these feelings in the man and he was unafraid to show his emotion.

He glanced up and around, noting the golden form of Kiarith in the stands but not seeing her rider anywhere. Sabi, can you ask Kiarith to tell Halyn to hurry? The Queen egg is about to hatch and I would hate for the little ones to miss out on seeing that, not to mention Halyn as well.

The bronze swiveled his head around and passed on the message to the junior Gold. Kiarith, R'han asks me to ask you to please tell your rider that the Queen egg is about to hatch and she must hurry back with my little wherry egg. He then added another contact that R'han did not ask for and spoke directly to Emalyna. Little wherry egg, you and the other child and your mother must hurry to the Sands to see my offspring hatch. The little Queen is about to make her way into the world. He then told R'han that he had passed along the message to Kiarith as well as Emalyna.

Three seconds of searing cold that cut through even the thickest of leathers that she’d gotten from Fort, It left Selera breathless as Blue Reneath emerged over Fort Weyr from Fort Hold. Though she’d sang a thousand ballads about Between and the mighty beasts, The songs paled compared to the truth of flight on dragonback and the cold of Between. It was both frightening and exhilarating as the Blue lazily circled downwards in a spiral. There was a knot in Selera’ stomach as the dragon came down, and her heart pumped rapidly with fear and excitement. Yet a wild grin lit up the girl’s features as they came closer to the Weyr. Excitement was overwhelming fear as she came closer and closer to the Weyr.

Reneath soared over the Hatching grounds with wings in a glide as the Blue came over the entrance. As K’zick glanced downwards and saw the gathered. He grinned and laughed with that same loud and boisterous tone. “Hatching time. Nothing like it!”

Selera just stared in stunned amazement at the spectacle. She'd been Searched for Fort Weyr, but to come to the Weyr in the middle of a hatching?. It was something she'd never forget.

“Get going girl! Hatching don't wait for anyone” The man’s booming voice brought her out from her stunned reverie and the Apprentice Harper dropped to the hot sands. She was dressed in hide clothing and boots. A small roll of clothes and the gitar from her mother was slung over her back. Shoulder length dark red hair was tangled in a knot as Selera tentatively moved forward past the crowd and into the hatching. She shot once last glance back to the big blue rider who shot her a fierce and confident grin. Then K’zick and Reneath were gone…

Now she was on her own, For once in her life, Selera felt her normally optimistic cheer and confidence drain away as she stood in the back of the line of other Candidates. The girl from Fort had felt her stomach clench in both fear and hope as she witnessed the birth of the newest clutch of dragons. Chocolate brown eyes were wider than ever as Selera moved to the side to gain a better view and join in the hatching. She gritted her teeth suddenly and steeled herself as she warily moved to take her place in the ragged line of Candidates. Her breathing was steadier, and she felt the old cheer returning as the eggs rocked and broke.

Now she watched, and hoped.

Cr'lan's heart leaps as the first hatchling Impresses, and he feels Braxith's approval of the match through their bond. His attention is diverted by Reneath, and he watches the blue deposit a new candidate on the grounds. She was a Harper, judging by the gitar slung over her shoulder. He finds himself hoping that she is not another of D'nic's mold, but is shaken out of that by his brown.

FF996600|Hatchings are happy times. And Ryth's rider is not so bad.##

Cr'lan chuckles at his brown's logic and returns his attention to the Hatching.

One of the greens gives an excited squeak and makes a beeline for the Harper girl, butting imperiously at the backs of her legs, perhaps more strongly than she intended.My name is Alorth, and you are Selera-mine!

The other green had started towards Selera only to pause when her sister dashed past her. She weaves her head from side to side, her cries taking on a desperate note.

The bronze has found his match among the boys in their loose ring, and the pair are making their way off the sands.

Meanwhile, another two eggs have cracked and opened, revealing another bronze and another brown, and the remaining four eggs have begun rocking in earnest. All of the intact eggs are now showing signs of cracking. The cracks on the queen egg are becoming more pronounced, bits of shell flaking away one piece at a time.

Serah's heart swelled as each dragon made its impression, a joy that could only leave a smile on her face as she watched the bronze and the green pair themselves to their new riders. Even her own fears could not take away the magic that a hatching had. It was like human births, the gift that a new life could bring always won out over any sadness that was present at the moment of birth. A healthy, vibrant, lively young one, be they human or dragon, was a thing of beauty.

"Thank you!" she called back to her sister. After scrambling to get the robe on properly, Kari stumbled out onto the sands, limping into place. It wasn't that bad of a limp, but the hot sands were making it worse, and it was going to be hard if she had to stand there very long. She slowly made her way forward to the rest of the candidates, looking around at all the hatchlings, having never seen any up so close before.

Flynn chirped at her from her shoulder, and remembering her sister's advice, she shooed him off to the stands. "Go on, Flynn, go stay with Keahi and Zane for now." He squaked in protest, but she overruled him. "Go. Big Blith might not like you near her children." He gave a last chirp, but took off into the stands to find his brother.

Kari turned her attention back on the hatching, actually surprised at how many more eggs were rocking now, and how many more hatchlings were on the sands. And she had missed the first Impression! She sighed. Well, there was plenty more to see, and if she was lucky, she'd get her own, too.

Seeing the hesitation of most of the other candidates, she decided to be a bit more adventurous, and took a few steps forward. She didn't want to stand out in front of the crowd, but she didn't want to be blocking any dragons from getting to their riders, either. Finding a compromise, she shuffled her way over to the side of the group, almost as an excuse to get closer to the Queen egg. She really wanted to see it when it hatched, the closer the better.

Excitement ate at Keahi as she hustled up to the stands and spotted T'boll. Zane hummed loudly as she wove her way through the already seated people and took a seat next to T'boll, "Kari's going to stand!" She offered her other shoulder, the one Zane was not occupying to Flynn when the little blue found her.

Aronth hummed from her perch, her eyes whirling worriedly for the green still Looking on the sands, I hope our sister finds hers..

The queen egg cracks loudly, and the golden head of its occupant emerges, wearing a bit of shell as if it were a hat. She gives a call, loud and imperious, as befits her rank, and shakes, and interesting feat while still mostly contained in her egg. Her "hat" flies off and her forelegs manage to break through the egg. She pushes again and the egg parts around her, revealing the rest of her form. She stands there, surveying the candidates.

The bronze has found his mate, but two more have broken their shells. The green is still searching, going carefully from person to person, though with growing urgency.

Three blues break their shells and tumble onto the sands to begin their search.

The brown makes his way over to Leyan. He stands on his haunches, wings spread for extra frontal lift, in an attempt to see eye to eye with the boy. L'yan, I am Torth.

T'boll wrapped an arm around her, avoiding the shoulders that were currently serving as flit perches. "She is, really? That's great!" He looked out over the sands, looking over the candidates. "Where is… There she is!" he said, having spotted her limp moving off to the side. "You sure she's alright with that leg? Hatchings can be rough occasions." He squeezed Keahi tightly, concerned for her sister. "We don't want her to hurt her leg again. After all, remember what happened at the last Hatching?"

Alshith hummed back, reassuringly. I'm sure she will, it is very rarely that any do not.

Suddenly, the gold egg cracked, and T'boll squeezed Keahi again. "Look, the queen!" There was a light tone in his voice, and he smiled, a feeling of reassurance washing over from Alshith, perhaps.

Keahi looked a bit unsure, "She can get around and its nearly healed. I don't think we'll have a repeat of last time. I'm sure Kari will be extra careful this time." Looking over the hatched dragonets she drew a breath, "Oh, look! The queen hatched.. I wonder who she'll choose. Wow, she's really pretty.." She felt Aronth's hurt sniff in her mind, Of course, you're prettier Aronth! Don't be like that. I'm just admiring, you're mine, remember?

And I am yours, Keahi-mine. Her green tossed her head, nuzzling Alshith's shoulder briefly before looking back down at the hatching clutch, Greetings, little queen. Welcome.

Marth spiraled down to land on one of the ledges, conveniently near Pareth, Our younger siblings are arriving.. have most found theirs yet? The bronze was careful to not actually touch the green, but focused his gaze on the clutch below, humming a welcome as well. At the queen's call, he bugled back a welcome.

L'wen took a seat on the stands and got comfortable. He smiled when the bronze impressed, remembering his own joy at being chosen by Marth, I hope you find the same joy I did… He glanced around, looking for any of his fellow weyrlings.

Pareth glances over at Marth with happily whirling blue-green eyes, her hum never ceasing as she responds. They are still Hatching, but they seem to be doing as well as we did. She focuses again on the sands, her joy at each new pairing overflowing into her rider.

Alline, feeding off her green's happiness, is reliving her moment of Impression with each new pair, and tears of joy are streaming down her cheeks, though she doesn't make a sound.

Zimarth's hum rose several notched as the new queen broke her shell. He was please with her hatching, waiting to see who this future queen would choose. It would be important for she could be his future mate when the time came.

F'rel watched the hatching with a grin, comforted by his bronze's choice in him as a rider. It was a thought that he sometimes took for granite when he thought of where he had come from. As he watched the new queen look for her mate, he saw L'wen take a seat slightly in front of and to his right. With deft movements, the bronze rider made his to L'wen's side, grin plastered on his face.

"Ha'chen' is amazin' isn' it?"

Leyan watched as the dragonets Hatched and made their way to the candidates. He applauded dutifully after each Impression. Though he was curious to see how his fellow candidates were doing, his eyes never left the eggs and dragonets. The brown was heading in his direction. Shifting, the boy prepared to move out of the way. Until he stopped in front of him, sitting back on his haunches and spreading his wings.

Their eyes met. And he knew. The other dragonets and eggs were forgotten. I am Torth, he said simply. Reaching out, he began to scratch his dragon's eyeridges, a wondering smile breaking across his face. And you are Mine. Will you please feed me? I am hungry. It was hard work to get out of that shell, he added. He could only nod mutely, his expression shifting and becoming rather dreamy as he led his lifemate to join the rest of the new Weyrlings…

When the queen hatched, Kari gave an intake of breath. She had eyes only for her glowing golden majesty, the rest of the world seemed to fade away, and without thinking she took a step forward. A thought suddenly entered her head, and however much she tried, she couldn't get it out. What if…the queen chose her? She shook her head, trying to shake the idea out.

L'wen grinned wryly at F'rel, "Yes, it is.. I still remember being the one standing out there and having my Marth find me." He faked scratching his nose to wipe suddenly moist eyes. "Who do you think the queen will choose?"

Marth hummed as well, his gaze focused on the golden queen to see who her choice would be. The large bronze shifted in his spot, his head dipping back and forth occasionally.

Serah's eyes couldn't help but dart from dragon to candidate and back again, her green eyes a glow with delight as she watched the pairings. When Kari took the stands, the healer inside of her couldn't help but worry. What if she injured her leg again? What is she managed to get a new injury? And would the poor girl be able to stand the hot sands when she couldn't really shift from foot to foot?

A soft nip to her ear brought her out of her worry as Loki appeared on her shoulder. He was still humming but worried about where her thought where going. Hatching were to be happy, something the fire lizard knew instinctually and refused to have his lady as anything but happy. He quickly placed a claw on her ear and extended his neck in a happy sign of humming welcome, encouraging Serah to do the same.

She couldn't help but laugh as a smile brightened her face. She turned back to the sands, mentally humming with her fire lizard, bright eyes darting across the sands, first to the poor green that had not found her weyrmate, and next to the brilliant queen who she just realized had hatched.

Sabieth crooned a welcome to the little Queen who began her entrance into the world, immeasurably proud of this, his first Golden progeny. He bespoke her, his mind touch gentle as befitted an as yet, unImpressed dragonet. Welcome my golden daughter. You are a precious gift and will be a blessing to she who is meant to be yours. That said, he turned his head again and nuzzled Blith, his eyes whirling quickly with happy green and blue tones.

R'han grinned as each newly hatched dragon Impressed, giving a cheer as each young candidate became new weyrlings. As Selera Impressed the little green he noted to Okima, "Another successful green bonding. We will need all when Thread comes. I do hope there are more." When the brown hatchling walked up to Leyan and sat before him, R'han held his breath, hoping that Impression had occurred for Halyn's brother as well. His eyes flicked to the newly hatched Queen as she sat among the shards of her shell. She was very vigorous, which boded quite well. His eyes scanned the girls, wondering who she would choose.

F'rel shrugged, watching the hatching closely as he spoke. "Aye don' know. I didn' meet many of the girls be'ore ha'chen. Aye am not good at the ma'ch dragon to rider either." He was in fact still too wary of those new to the weyr, particular the females, to do more than help them to their barracks and show them their chores.

She will impress who she is meant to impress. It is the way is has always been and will always be.

F'rel chuckled slightly. "Zimarth adds tha' she will impress who she is mean' ta impress an' no one else."

The Impression of the brown was burned into her mind as the girl watched the hatching with a mixture of awe and excitement. She applauded in excitement at the brown, her attention was taken up by the hatching however as she continued to watch.

Selera heard an excited chirp just before she was sent stumbling as a green bumped against her legs, It caused her to stumble forwards. But Selera managed to catch herself before falling. Nothing in the world mattered though as she stared into the orbs of the green hatchling and knew. She was the most beautiful dragon in the world…

I am Alorth and you are mine!.

The widest of smiles lit up her face even as she straighten herself up and stared in wonder. The rush of feeling and emotion was nearly overwhelming as the young woman reached for Alorth. Her lifemate and companion.. There was nothing like the feeling of Impression. Nothing. It was almost as if something that was missing had become whole. They were the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen as the girl stared into the green orbs of Alorth. The dragonet’s stomach rumbled and Selera could sense her hunger, and she had an itch that wouldn't go away. The new rider reflexively scratched Alorth's eye ridge and heard the happy croon..

I am hungry. It was hard work getting out of the egg..

It was a statement of fact and nothing more.

"Hello beautiful. We’ll get you something to eat right away"

Staring deep into the dragonet's eyes, Selera couldn't help but notice how striking the pale orbs were. Her dragonets wings were overly large compared to her body..

The Harper Apprentice was all smiles as she lead her lifemate to join the other Weyrlings.

The queen takes a few steps out of her shell, looking around at the girls presented to her, but none seem to fit what she is looking for. She moves farther, towards Kari, her head tilted inquisitively.

Before she can reach Kari her green sister is between them, teeth bared and hissing, mantling in a most threatening way. She shall not have you! I am Lintath, and we are -us-! And I am hungry. The queen shies off and heads away from Kari, but towards the stands instead of the sands. She pauses for a moment, and strikes what appears to be a listening pose before making her way directly towards Serah and doing her very best to climb the steps to reach her. There you are! I've been looking for you! I thought the other girl was the one, but she is Lintath's. I am Iliath, Serah. The green, meanwhile, has turned to Kari for reassurances.

The three blues have paired off, as have the two bronzes.

Five more eggs have Hatched, spilling a bronze, two browns and two greens onto the hot sands.

Time slow as the green and the queen looked for theirs. She was about to cheer as the queen moved towards Kari, only to be confused as the green nearly attacked the queen. She blinked, wondering who the poor queen was to impress as it seemed she had not found her mate in the girls before her.

As the queen moved towards the stands, her eyes widened in wonder. Queens rarely impressed from the stands. Dragon were good at knowing who was to stand. Then a sly thought nudged its way into her head. She had stood on the stands and in fact had been allowed to stand on the sands again. It was she who had decided that she should sit as Weyrhealer rather than Candidate. By some chance of fate was Cr'lan correct in saying that dragons never make a mistake when they search? Had her dragon simply not been on the sands last time?

The gold was on the steps before she knew it, as if time had unfrozen and sped up all at once, struggling to get into the stands. Serah hadn't noticed that Loki had leapt from her shoulder and into the air, flitting about as something between a twitter and a hum came out of his mouth, clearly both excited and faintly jealous at the same time.

There you are! I've been looking for you! I thought the other girl was the one, but she is Lintath's. I am Iliath, Serah.

"Iliath?" She managed to squeak out as she less than gracefully worked her way to her feet, something suddenly filling a part of her that she had long ago learned to ignore.

Yes, I am your Iliath and I have been looking for you. You were not on the sands you know.

Serah smiled brighter than she even knew how, quickly moving to the gold as she tried to make her way up another stair. Serah wrapped her arms around her Iliath's neck, ignoring the wet, egg slicked hide that was threatening to stick to her sleeves. "Oh, Iliath I am so sorry I wasn't standing where you could find me! I am silly and I was scared from last time. Oh but that doesn't matter! Are you hungry? You haven't managed to injure yourself getting up her have you?" Serah pulled herself back from the dragon to quickly try and inspect the neck and legs before her.

Iliath's eyes whirled in hunger and mirth, nudging her Serah with her head. I am very hungry from trying hatching and trying to find you, Serah, but I did not hurt myself getting her. Can we eat now? Serah stopped her search and giggled at herself, nodding before helping the new queen down the stairs.

Braxith had bugled a welcome to the queen as she emerged from her shell, and now bugled again as she Impressed. Iliath chose Serah. He informs his rider.

Cr'lan can tell by the brown's tone that Braxith is pleased with the match. Cr'lan himself is not sure how he feels about it, but he hides it well, smiling at the newly-Impressed pairs that walk past him as he directs them to the bowls of meat that will provide the fledglings with their first meal.

D'nic watches with interest, but his attention seems to be not fully on the hatching. He knew he was safe in the weyr, but having been in training for so long he had forgotten the outside world a bit. He was not sure whether he likes that world or not. There where many a pretty face, but now they seemed more like simple games rather than the fun it had used to be.

Flirting is quiet fine if you ask me.

Well yes, you flirt with everything.

So do you.

I do not!

Well you do in your head. And besides, it makes those you like on their toes.

Ryth gave a snort from the stands, preening as she watched the dragnets pair. Oh look the queen impressed to the healer! Oh and there may be some very cute blues and browns from this clutch.

D'nic just rolled his eyes, curious at the gold's choice. It was not he would have expected.

Dureth landed on the ledge, near Ryth, crooning a greeting to the hatched and Impressed dragonets, Are there many cute blues and browns yet? Her own hide was still slightly damp and seemed to shimmer in the sun.

Aronth crooned happily when the first green impressed, and then bugled happily when Kari impressed, Mine's sister was chosen! I knew she would be! Oh, Keahimine will be so happy!

Keahi drew a breath, when the queen approached Kari, but blinked when the green chased her off. The older girl wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed that the queen hadn't chosen Kari, but then chose to be excited that her sister was a green rider like her now, "I think that green just Impressed Kari!" She leaned against T'boll, squeezing his hand with joy, since the firelizards on her shoulders prevented her from being able to turn to hug him, "I think I should go help her.. you know, because of her leg." She looked at T'boll to see what he thought.

The final four eggs have hatched, revealing one brown, one green, and two blue bodies. The previous five have already found their mates, and these four seem to have no trouble choosing from the remaining candidates.

Iliath took careful steps down the stairs, each one placed neatly before the other as her Serah walked with her at her neck. As the pair approached the meat buckets, a pang ran through Serah's stomach as Iliath surged forward, bolting down half a bucket that she had dislodged before Serah could pulled her muzzle out of it. The eyes Serah looked into where hungry, upset, determined, and confused all at once.

Serah, I am hungry! If I am hungry I should eat!

Serah nearly melted at those words, ringing pleadingly in her mind. It was like trying to tell a child why it had to hurt before she could heal the little one's wounds. "Yes, you should eat, but not gobble it down. If you gobble it down you could hurt yourself."

The little hatchling looked at her confused. But I hurt now because I am hungry.

Serah took a handful of meat and held it out to a very eager mouth. "Yes, which is why I am feeding you. But unless you eat slowly you will hurt again."

Iliath tilted her head, considering what her's had said. I do not want to be in pain again so I will eat slowly like you say. But that means you must feed me!

Serah chuckled as Iliath nuzzled her hand, quickly giving handful after handful to the open mouth that kept waiting to be filled.

Ryth rumbled to Dureth, bobbing her head in greeting to her fellow green. She liked Dureth, they both seemed to find flirting with the males quiet fun. And as long as Dureth stayed away from her Rogeth, Ryth was sure she would like the dragon for as long as she lived.

Oh yes, there are several that seemed to be quiet fine, like that little blue over on the side. Seemed as if he will grow up into a fine dragon. And that brown seemed to be very healthy and fit. I am sure it would be great to have him chase when we flew.

The bronzes do not look bad either. Dureth had high expectations, and had kept her "options" open. She hadn't spent too much time with any one male.. although several had caught her attention. We will have to practice.. or they will catch us far too easy. The green's eyes whirled, her wings spreading slightly as she watched the last hatchlings choose, They all found theirs.. but its over now.. What shall we do now?

Ryth rumbled in agreement, the bronzes did look good. Fly now? Why then we would be the first dragons to leave. Wouldn't it be better to wait until more were paying attention to us flying instead of the new hatchlings?

D'nic was getting moody, he knew the feeling well. He needed something to take his mind off of things, perhaps the feast would help.

Dureth's tail swayed behind her, she looked at the rest of the dragons that were gathered. She fanned her wings, stretching them briefly before furling them again, You are right, sister. The sky is just so enticing to me. She sat back on her haunches, regarding her slightly larger sister, You have been spending alot of time with blue Rogeth.

L'wen sat up straighter when the queen seemed to be making her choice, "Well.. she chose the healer. That's interesting.. have you spent any time with her, F'rel?" The bronzerider rose from his seat and stretched, "We'd better get ready for the feast."

Mine likes Rogeth's and Rogeth himself is a very find blue. He was the first of us to fly with his you know. The green let her gaze drift over the dragons present. Yes, soon she would have them all flying to follow her, high into the sky because she was what they all wanted.

The healer is an interesting choice, but that was who was meant to be her rider. We will have to see how they grow. Marth, what do you think about the little queen?

F'rel shrugged. "Aye ha'en' been hurt really, only Zimarth, but she took ca'e o' him well when he hurt. Don' know much 'bout her though. Who da ya think will be at the feast?" While F'rel was feeling better, that didn't mean he was not worried about how others saw him.

Dureth sniffed, being reminded that she hadn't been the first into the air with hers, but otherwise said nothing about it, I like the bronzes.. and I think they'll be more of a challenge to outfly than the blues. Her jeweled eyes seem to swirl faster with anticipation.

Marth gazed down at the hatchling queen, his head tilting slightly to the side, |She seems very well formed and should grow beautifully. Marth rumbled as he moved back to a sitting position and stood, his wings half furled, As well as we have grown. He opened his mouth in a draconic grin at his sibling bronze.

L'wen looked thoughtful when F'rel questioned him about the feast, he shrugged and started heading down the stairs, "No one turns down the food offered, so I would wager almost everyone in the weyr will be there. We'd better get changed for it." Marth, what are you doing? I will remain here a while longer with Zimarth. I am comfortable and need nothing at the moment except the warm sun.

Alshith was actually pleased. You did well in choosing her, Aronth. I'm sure they will be happy together.

T'boll just stared, speechless. "The gold… you saw that, right? The gold almost chose her… Is she really that good?" He turned toward Keahi, smiling, and squeezing her hand in both of his. "That's amazing! It's a bit disappointing that she didn't actually choose her, though. Go on, get down there. I'll go get us some seats at the feast, alright?" He sprang to his feet, and waved beckoning to Alshith. Come on, you big lazy lump. Let's go greet the new riders. The brown dipped his head in acknowledgment, and the two of them took off to go shake the hands of all the new riders, and offer them luck. That is, if they were allowed near. Otherwise, they'd do so from a distance. Once that was taken care of, Alshith departed to the barracks, and T'boll to the feast.

When the queen didn't seem to find her match among any of the others, and actually turned towards her, Kari breathed in sharply, almost unable to believe her eyes. The gold…turning to me? However, before she could do a thing, the green stepped in, scolding off the queen. Kari immediately turned to the green without thinking. "Shame on you, Lintath, that's a queen!" Kari scolded, then her eyes went wide as she realized what she just said. I did it… I really did it… Yes, and you're mine, not hers. Kari leaned down and wrapped her arm around the little dragonet, putting their faces next to each other. "Yes, my pretty little green, you're mine." The green seemed to preen herself proudly, having achieved her goal, and Kari stared into space, absorbed in her own little world. A hard nudge on her shoulder snapped her back into the real world, and she realized that the green had been trying to get her attention. I'm hungry. It wasn't so much a statement as a demand to be fed. Kari giggled. "Come on, let's get you some food." She looked around, taking the rest of the world in. The Hatching was over, the gold… where was the gold? Up in the stands? And Impressed by the healer girl… Kari sighed. It would have been something to get the gold, but that was just a dream. I doubt I'd do very well with all the responsibility, anyway. Lintath butted in on her thoughts. Hungry. Food. Now. Kari couldn't help herself, and giggled again. "You sure are persistent, aren't you?" I'm hungry, feed me, was the only response she got. Giggling, she led the little green over to the meat bowls, the two of them sort of helping each other get there.

Aronth preened under Alshith's compliment, Thank you.. I am just happy that my Keahi is even happier now. The green shook out her wings and took off, swooping over the hatching grounds and flying up into the sky.

"I'll see you soon, T'boll!" Keahi sighed wistfully, watching T'boll move off and then looked up with a big smile on her face, Thank you, Aronth. You helped get her onto the Sands. She felt her green's love through their bond, You are welcome, Keahimine.. I am going back to the barracks with Alshith. You are going to the feast? Keahi nodded as she headed down the stairs to the sands, stopping briefly to congratulate each new rider on her way to her sister, After I help Kari get her new dragon settled. I'll see you later, Aronth.

Keahi gave a happy cry when she saw her sister, "Kari! You did it! She's beautiful! What's her name?" Quick to be helpful, Keahi picked up the bowl and held it for her sister, so that Kari could dole out the bloody chunks easier. Zane chirped inquiringly at the small green dragonet, his eyes swirling with blues and greens.

Somehow it all seemed like a dream as the Harper girl lead her lifemate to the bowls of meat. She offered a piece of meat to the green from the bowl. Her world was focused on the dragon before her, The rest of the riders and hatchlings and their conversation were a mere murmur in her ear.

Alorth gulped down the meat at an alarming rate. The pale dragonet ripped into it as if she had survived a seven turn famine. Selera frowned as she reached for a piece of meat and tore it into a smaller chunk than before. Chocolate brown eyes flashed as she talked with her lifemate. Like a persistent mother with her child

You’ll make yourself sick. Slow down and chew!

I’ll be fine. Feed me.

Alorth’s stomach gurgled as she hungrily snapped the meat out of her riders hand and gulped it down like before.

The terse and stubborn reply only made Selera smile faintly as she studied Alorth and reached for another piece of meat. She tore it into a smaller chunk, but didn't give it to her dragon.

Only if you slow down. You'll be sick if you don't.

I'm fine

Selera stared at the obstinate green with both amusement and concern as she fed Alorth the chunk. Her thoughts echoed concern to the headstrong Alorth who refused to listen.

For me then? I just don't want you hurting

As you wish

Alorth slowed her consumption down slightly and managed to chew for a few seconds before gulping down the chunk like a little green whirlwind.

It was something at least. By the Egg the dragon was stubborn..

F'rel reddened, tugging at his sleeves. "Aaaah, well, this es wha' aye am wearin' ta the feast. Its the best I got." He sure didn't look half as good as any of the holders here, but he really couldn't help it. It was all he had.

Zimarth had let his eyes slip half closed by now, perfectly content to take a nap. Marth, the other greens are going to start rising soon. Aronth already has. Or are you going to wait for Kiarith, as she is growing very lovely as of late.

Ryth eyed the bronzes in ringing the sands, contemplating them for a moment. Bronzes are easy I think. They fly longer than we can, but we can out maneuver them easily. Blues are closer to our speed and agility, more of a challenge in that aspect. But browns, I worry about the browns catching us too soon. They can fly long and hard like the bronzes, but are more maneuverable like the blues are.

The green was worried for her rider, watching carefully as he moved down the stands. Do you like any of the bronzes in particular?

Marth didn't looked hurried or worried as he stretched his neck to its fullest extent, I will try for Kiarith.. but I would like to practice with the greens first. Likely the older ones will be trying too, and we both need experience. Marth gazed out towards the other dragons, contemplating, Many of the greens have been growing well and beautifully. I have confidence, Marth.. You will catch one.. we only tried for Blith for the experience.. and you did learn alot.

L'wen eyed F'rel's clothes and shook his head, "Clothes give their wearer confidence. Come on, I think I might have something that will fit you with some minor adjustments and make you feel equal to the Lord Holders.. you're a bronzerider, like me, we have rank too." He looked up to where their dragons were sitting, "It doesn't look like Marth and Zimarth are going anywhere.." Going to watch the greens, Marth? Yes, L'wen.. one of them might rise soon. They all are very beautiful as well. He waved his hand to get F'rel to follow him, chuckling at his bronze.

Aronth was caught by a brown.. mused Dureth, her eyes half-lidding with thought, she fully opened them again when Ryth asked for her preference, Not particularly.. I think I will wait until I rise to decide which one I think is best. Dureth trilled and preened, Although Dalth did compliment me earlier.

Torth's hunger was making his own stomach ache. He clenched his teeth and took one of the buckets of meat. The brown positioned himself in front of L'yan, sitting back on his haunches rather like a canine. It made the boy smile. "All right, you have to chew first, then swallow. And don't worry, I'll feed you plenty but you can't gorge yourself," he urged.

The brown's eyes whirled. What harm could it do? I am SO hungry! Torth said. It'll make you hurt worse, he said. Oh! Well, please feed me! he asked. With that, L'yan began to carefully feed him pieces of meat, doing his best to make sure that that he stayed as neat as possible. After the brown's hunger had been sated, Torth stood on all fours. What now? he asked.

L'yan, who had been observing his fellow Weyrlings, reached out to scratch his dragon's eyeridges, shifting his hands to find exactly the right spot. I am not sure. We have to wait for the others, though, he said. Both of them turned to observe the others. Though he was among the youngest, he didn't care. He had Impressed!

Hatchings were very bittersweet for him. Though it brought back the memory of his Impression and he was very happy for the new Weyrlings, he couldn't forget his sister. Or the fact that his parents hadn't showed up to even wish him well. Isith, who had been humming with the other dragons and watching with brightly whirling eyes, looked up at him and crooned. I need to go get ready for the feast, he said. And I would like to rest some more. I am tired.

They had received Sabieth's message but Kiarith was too occupied in welcoming the Hatchlings and Halyn too wanted to see if L'yan would impress. Their seats weren't the greatest but they could see well enough. It brought back such happy memories. She applauded for each new pair. It looked like a fine clutch.

She hoped that Kiarith's children would be as strong and lovely. Fortunately she had some time before she had to think about that. She saw L'yan and smiled but didn't wave. He was too focused on the dragonets. A brown, a very big one, paused in front of him. Her heart pounded. Then he reached out to stroke his eyeridges.

Oh, he'd Impressed! She was so thrilled. Her applause for him was particularly intense. Halyn's face glowed and the radiance didn't fade. When the queen Hatched, she watched with curiosity to see who she would choose. She was lovely, in a different way from Kiarith. A fine addition.

She gasped when the green hissed at her and her eyes grew even wider when she headed towards the stands. Towards Serah. Halyn couldn't have been happier for her friend and the Weyr. Serah would make a fine queenrider, though she was sure many of the others would have too. She watched the rest of the Hatching, which went very well, with a wide smile and eyes gleaming with happiness and memory.

"Wasn't that wonderful?" she breathed as she turned to the girls. "Did you enjoy it? Do you want to be a dragonrider one day?" she asked.

Kiarith is looking very beautiful. And several of the greens do look like they will rise soon. I like chasing the greens, as much as I would like to chase Kiarith and Blith, they fly with different talents than the queen did and keep me on my wingtips. We should introduce ourselves to the new dragons, the queen particularly.

F'rel bit his lip, he really would like better clothing so he would feel less self conscious. Zimarth had done much to make him feel his rank, but he guessed a different tunic couldn't hurt.

Go, you already are a bronze rider, a little clothing couldn't hurt.

F'rel grinned, quickly following L'wen as he went.

Dalth is a fine dragon, though I know little of his rider. Mine thinks he is pretty but nothing more. Ryth carefully preened a wing, watching as her D'nic headed to the hatching feast.

Kari smiled with barely contained joy as she saw her sister coming. "I know, it's amazing, isn't it? Her name is Lintath." She started grabbing fistfuls of meat and handing them to the green, who ate them hungrily, but kept a part of her mind focused on not giving her too much at once. "We're both green riders now, isn't that great? Well, not riders yet, but we will be!"

Keahi grinned broadly as the bowl she held was rapidly being emptied. Zane attempted to crawl down her arm to steal a piece of food, but a sharp mental reprimand had him scurrying back up to her shoulder, "We will be riders once we both finish our training." Keahi then chuckled, "But I guess this means you won't really need rides on Aronth anymore.. you have your own dragon now." As soon as the bowl was empty she set it down and gave Kari a tight hug, heedless of her sister's bloody hands.

Kari hugged back, trying to keep her hands off her sister's clothes. However, she was shortly brought back to her job by the incessant nudges of Lintath.

Two buckets later and Iliath still wasn't full, as handful after handful of meat disappeared down the golden gullet. Serah was rather shocked at home much the dragonet was eating, though Iliath seemed to think it was simply her right to eat as much as she needed. And she clearly had not eaten what she needed yet.

With a familiar call, Loki streaked out of the sky, dive bombing the bucket that Serah was feeding Iliath with, coming up with a chunk of meat in his claws that was much to heavy for him. Faster than Serah had thought possible, Iliath was nipping at Loki's tail, hissing as she mantled her wings protectively and shoved her bulk between her Serah and the offending bronze fire lizard.

Loki gave a shrill screech, taken by surprise at the action of the queen that he dropped the meat and quickly flew to head level of Serah looking at her across the dragon with a confused look.

Serah quickly placed a comforting hand on Iliath's head as she recovered her footing, very thankful for the boot that were now keeping her feet mostly free from the heat of the sands, as she gave Loki a quick signal to hover, much to the little bronze's dismay. She kept her voice as calm as possible as she sent soothing thoughts to the new half of her soul. "Shhhhh, Iliath, its alright. Its just Loki."

Loki? He is yours? Like I am yours? Iliath refused to back her stance down, shocked that Serah had someone before her.

Serah quickly gathered the thoughts in her head, hoping that by remembering Loki's hatching and his antics that she could get the message across. "He is mine, but not like you are mine. He is a fire lizard, a small cousin to you. But I have to train him, where you know what I need. He is part of my family, but you are part of me."

Iliath finally folded her wings, settling down as she craned her neck back towards Serah. Good, because I am yours. I waited for you and would have been very upset if another had you first. But if he is family… The little queen seemed proud with herself as she promptly snatched up the piece of meat on the ground. Serah carefully got Loki to circle around and land on her arm from behind.

"Would you like to meet him Iliath?" She could still feel jealous tinges from her bronze, knowing that this may be a long process to get the two to be friendly, but she also felt Iliath's curiosity. Iliath turned herself around, eyeing the Loki as she sat on Serah's forearm. Carefully, she extended her neck up to the little bronze. Serah carefully lowered her arm until the pair were nearly nose to nose, one small bronze snout sniffing another much larger and nearly the same shade golden-bronze snout. Hello Loki. The bronze sat up strait, twittering as he looked from Serah to the gold and back. Serah nudged him closer to Iliath. He chattered again before climbing down her arm to her wrist, his favorite position even though he was too large for it, and chirped a pleasant greeting to Iliath.

Iliath tilted her head to the side, eyes whirling before looking back up at Serah. He is small for a bronze, but he does look good. Serah grinned, knowing that her dragon at least would accept the little bronze. Her dragon. She truly couldn't believe it. Iliath rubbed her head against Serah's hip, nearly knocking the woman over. I am still hungry, Serah, please keep feeding me!

Serah smiled, quickly transferring Loki to her shoulder, as she grabbed the bucket. It had not escaped her notice, as she feed Iliath to satiation and Loki the small snippets, that the gold was much darker than either Blith or Kiarith. Indeed, her little Iliath was streaked with highlights, or rather low lights, from snout to tail, giving her golden hide shades much closer to a bronze than the pale golden sister. Serah rather liked the coloring, promptly rubbing the eye ridge of her beauty when the little queen's stomach was full and the head was presented to her.

Keahi grinned and released her sister, "It looks like Lintath's still hungry. Don't let her gorge, even if she wants too." She claimed a second bowl and held it again for Kari, "There are some cloths in the barracks that you can use to clean her up before she goes to sleep." While her sister fed the small green, Keahi thought about how different Lintath looked from Aronth.

Alline is worn emotionally out by the end of the Hatching, watching the new dragons hatch and pair up with their life mates before heading out for their first meal. She makes her way down the stands, Kaia trailing behind her, only now beginning to feel her stomach craving food. She looks back up at her green, still on her ledge, glistening eyes watching her rider's progress.

You hungry?

No, but you are. Go and eat. I will be in the Bowl when you are done. Talk to people! The last is an order at which Alline cringes slightly.

If you say so.

She makes it to the bottom and heads off to the feast, and Pareth lifts her wings and ghosts after her to find a comfortable place in the Bowl to lay.

<Alline to Lower Caverns, Pareth to Bowl>

Kari grabbed another fistful of meat, despite the fact that Lintath was trying to get her snout directly into the bowl. "Right. Take it easy, now," she said to the green. I need food. You're getting food.

Rogeth takes his place with the other dragons.

B'jour was trying to sit by D'nic but can't find him in the crowd, and by the time he thinks to ask Rogeth he finds the Harper turned dragon rider has already left. Well I don't think I can slip out yet with his luck he'd mange to take a tumble down the stands and with his ankle finally healed he really didn't want to risk it.

Dureth tossed her head and eyed the hatching ground and the gathered dragons again, I see Rogeth over there.. he has grown well. Is that his down on the sands? I think he fell. The green's eyes whirled worriedly with a few streaks of yellow.

Ryth's head swings when Rogeth his mentioned, a trill escaping her throat as she eyes him. But soon her attention is turned back to the stands and his rider. She eyed him closely before responding to Dureth. No, thats one of those who watch in the stands. Rogeth's higher up, taking it slowly down the stairs. The comment was a simple statement, nothing more, nothing less.

Serah was still giddy with the emotions of impression as Iliath's satiation washed over her. With the hatchling fed, she was able to easily keep both her dragon and her fire lizard at bay, having reached a calm that was rather pleasant. For the first time since Iliath had found her, she looked up to see the other newly impressed.

Many she had seen in the weyr during her work while others she knew a bit better. There was the brother of Hayln and the sister of Keahi to start with. Her curiosity had piqued Iliath's mind as the hatchling kept herself close by hers side, always within eye ridge scratching distance. I can introduce you to them if you would like. They are my siblings you know.

I would like that. She grinned as the thought flowed freely from her mind. it was an odd feeling to say the least of speaking to someone mind to mind. However, it did not seemed to bother her in the least as Iliath promptly led her little party of three towards her siblings.

Her mind speech was open to both Serah and the dragons she was addressing, a curious feeling as she beamed at the two riders. Lintath! Alorth! We have hatched! Yours seem very well. Did you have trouble finding them like I did with mine? The green Lintath hissing at her seemed a forgotten memory as she spoke happily with her siblings.

Not at all, came the response. I am just glad I got to her in time, Lintath thought to the queen. She had finally stopped eating, and turned to move closer to the queen and her new rider, pulling Kari with her. She moved reluctantly, calling after Keahi, "Lintath wants me to meet someone…" She limped over to the pair, recognizing the healer who had helped care for her leg, and smiled at her. "It's amazing, isn't it? What's her name?"

The dragonet wolfed down the last of the meat. Alorth chewed slower this time as Selera looked on with a mixture of awe and wonder. She was still giddy from the rush of Impression and the shock of it all. In truth, The Harper girl had never expected to be Searched, Much less Impress the beauty of a green before her. A wry grin crossed her features as she simply watched.

No. I found her.. and she is mine. The logic seemed simple enough Alorth as she dragged Selera forward and spoke tersely to the Queen. Simple and blunt..

The Harper Girl offered a smile to the other two gathered and spoke softly as she did so. Brown eyes gleamed in amusement.

"I'm Selera of Harper Hall"

Serah simply couldn't help but smile. "Its beyond anything that I could even dream to imagine Kari. And her name is Iliath. You Lintath looks like she has had no trouble finding the food." She chuckled softly, she didn't think any of the hatchlings seemed to have any problems find food for that matter. The little hungry stomachs could think of nothing else.

I am not just a hungry stomach, I was just starving after hatching. Serah's eyes twinkled with mirth. I didn't mean to have been in your way. I was just so confused! There were so many girls it was difficult to locate mine.

Serah extended a hand to Selera. "Serah, weyrheal… oh wait… I guess that isn't really my title anymore." She shrugged, making a note to figure that one out later. "Anyways, it is very nice to meet you and Alorth. And what a welcome to the weyr, first day here an you impress!" Loki chirped from her shoulder, pitching himself slightly forward with claw rested on her ear so as to stick his head out further to investigate the Harper Girl.

Iliath made sure that she was between Alorth and hers, not particularly liking the tone the green had, but decided it was not worth fighting over since food was not involved currently. Good! And of course she is yours, you impressed her did you not?

Selera's smile was bright and cheery as she smiled at Serah and took her hand. The girl's fingers were calloused likely from years of instrument practice, and her grip was strong.

"I never expected to be Searched.. Much less Impress! I thought I'd wind up on the road and follow my mother across Pern. "

You are mine, and I am yours. I found you. All is well.

Of course it is…

Headstrong and terse Alorth bumped her head against Selera's legs playfully and contentedly spoke to the Queen. There was a mixture of grim satisfaction and contentment in her voice.

She wonders why I found her and why it is so. When it simply is..

Cr'lan's supply of meat has begun to dwindle, but most of the dragonets seem to be slacking off on their feeding frenzy. We always were good at estimating just how much fits in a dragon belly at Hatching, eh, Braxith? He "hears" Braxith's snort of agreement and can sense that the brown is pleased with this Hatching. As the young dragons' eyelids begin to droop, Cr'lan raises his voice to be heard by all. "When you're dragons stop eating, the Barracks are just this way." He indicates the way appropriately. "Bring them in and find them an empty platform before you join the Weyr at the feast." He smiles broadly at the nearest weyrling, a boy whose blue is falling asleep leaning against him and speaks kindly to the youngster. "Come, now, let's get him off to bed." He guides the pair out towards the Weyrling Barracks.

Braxith remains behind, watching over the scene and making sure the stragglers find their way to the Barracks in one piece.

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