Ista Weyr Clutch, Ronalth, winter 2006

Ista Weyr – Hatching Caverns

Ista's hatching cavern is large and spacious. The sands are burning hot through the soles of your feet. The seating risers run along the wall to the right of the entrance and the upper portion of the cavern is dotted with ledges and crags.

Ronalth bugled a welcome to Flarth as he entered, then returned to her chosen task of re-arranging the eggs for the fifth or sixth time that morning.

Tolira raised her arm in welcome, then shook her head at her queen's outrageous behavior.

Creenth let out a bugle of hello to his Weyrmate as he landed on a spectator's ledge beside her. He and C'pan both helped the Masterharper and Lord Holder off. "Tolira! I found another Candidate at the Harper Hall!" Well I did, but I'll let him take the credit. And I was just told by Zonth that he has three more for us. One was dropped off earlier, and he has two now. "Well, that's grand! I'll come back soon, and probably with the Queen Candidates, but first I must drop Morlanol off with F'tum" Again, Creenth took off and sailed out to the bowl.

Lirith's golden bulk winged easily into the grounds and landed neatly on the low ledge that Tolira also occupied. Siria slid down to greet her young friend. Lirith survey'd Ronalth's cluth, A healthy clutch, she should be proud.
Tolira greeted her old friend warmly and chuckled, "Is this brooding normal?

One of the smaller eggs twitched, tipping its neighbor. Ronalth let out a bugle of announcement and welcome, and then began to humm deep in her throat.

First to enter the Grounds was Creenth, followed by Zonth. Both dragons landed regally and discharged the girls near the queen egg. Then they both flew to a ledge, humming.

F'tum gestured grandly to the Grounds, watching the boys spread out before taking a spot with the other spectators.

Several of the eggs were rocking now, though the queen egg remained curiously still. One of the eggs rocked so violently that it rolled over, cracking at the bottom, and spilling its bronze occupant onto the sands and sending him rolling towards the candidates.

Angela drags Lawna with her and tries to hustle all the girls into a semicircle. “C'mon, none of us wants to miss this chance”. As soon as everyone's in place, she goes and stands next to Lawna, rocking back and forth from foot to foot. As the queen egg isn't rocking, she turns to watch the bronze dragonet's progress, trying to figure out who the little dragon will pick. I hope it's Paval. He's been through a lot since I got here. She's quite obviously nervous now that everyone is set up.

The first little bronze waved his head from right to left, surveying the collection of candidates, and creeled piteously. He looked around again, then stumbled towards the eagerly waiting candidates. He bumps past Paval the skirts past Candis and Trellen before tripping over his own wing and sprawling on the ground near Drognan. Help! The little bronze's legs flailed weakly in the air.

Drognan stood there, for once speechless. "Amazing." he said softly watching the little dragons chirp and stumble about.

Four more eggs suddenly cracked their shells, spilling a brown, two blues, and a green onto the sands.

Lonaren looks around the grounds as he enters, getting his first sight of the place that may change his life forever. His gaze is arrested by the gold dragon crouched over her clutch, but his eyes are quickly torn away by the fall and subsequent hatching of the bronze. The young Tanner's apprentice looks curiously at the dragonet, it's whirling eyes looking frantically about, and listens to it's creeling. He can't help but think about how frightened, cold, and likely, ravenous it must be, though part of his mind is detached, seeing things as if he were riding in some other person's body, the whole experience not quite real to him as of yet.

Kella's eyes widened at the sight of the bronze. That was always good luck. She gasped when the small thing tripped. Would he be okay? But those thoughts were stemmed when the four more eggs hatched. She looked at the queen egg, though it showed no signs of cracking.

Jeret watched the first egg….of course it would be a bronze. First Hatchling for this Weyr should be a bronze. His eyes glided towards the dragonet, resisting the urge to go help. Jeret might have certain feelings, but it was certainly suggested against in Benden (and so he assumed Ista though it was not necessarily that way) to help a dragonet. Though, as Jeret had seen before, people didn't always listen.

The first brown stands, creelling piteously and clearly unsure of where to go as the two blues bump into eachother. The first Green, on the other hand, makes a b-line for Lonaren and bumps into him, knocking him over. I'm hungry, feed me!

Lonaren looks at the green on his chest, his face glowing, and a smile creeping across his face, as he says softly, "Well, now, little one, we'll just have to get you something to eat, won't we? If you'll let me up, that is." He gently scoots out from under the green, then stands, walking slowly, that the green may follow, toward the edge of the sands. He looks back, making sure the green is managing all right, then asks, "And what is your name, my friend? Ah, nice to meet you, Jackth. I think we'd better go find something to eat, don't you?"
His grin seems to be ready to crack his head in half, and he stays in that half-turned position, waiting for his dragon to catch up to him. He thinks to himself in wonder, I still can't believe it; I've managed to Impress in the first few minutes of the hatching, and I think it's going to be a beautiful pairing, if I may say so.

I want food! comes Jackth's voice as she trundles slowly behind him, finally catching up and bumping his leg with her head, not gently. When are we going to be allowed to eat? Why do we have to stay while all the others are busy coming out, when we can be eating?

Those are the rules, Jackth. I'm hungry, too; I haven't eaten since this morning, and not much then, but we have to wait until all the others are done. It shouldn't take too long, though; at least, I think it won't take too long.

He reaches down and gently rubs Jackth carefully, just along the part of the jaw where the neck meets the head, then stops, watching the others, wondering if they'll turn out as happily as he has.

The poor first brown begins to nuz his way around the sands, trying to figure out where he's supposed to be going. He looks first at the candidates, then at the stands, then at the queen candidates, then creels again and starts bumping his way around. The two blues manage to disentangle themselves from eachother and start stumbling towards the candidates. The first blue stumbles up to Candis and looks at him, then headbutts him and walks away, finally stopping in front of [[character:v’lit|Viorlit]].

The second blue bumps his way past Tonar and Tomar before walking his way up Candis and poking the side of his face with his beak. Your Durpth is hungry!

That poor little brown! Kella hoped that he would find his soon. She looked at the Queen egg again…no, still no movement. Until that time, Kella contented herself with watching the fighting dragons hatch and Impress.

The queen egg started rocking slowly and regularly as four more eggs spilled their startled occupents onto the hot sands: a second bronze, two more browns, and a third blue. One of the new browns approaches the confused one standing on his own and nudges him slightly, then the two of them make straight for Tomar and Tonar. The slightly older brown looks up at Tomar and creels his hungar while the younger does the same to Tonar. Your Hodgeth is here, will you feed me now? the note of patheticness in his mind-voice is almost laughable. To Tomar: Feed me, feed your Podgeth! his voice is calm and assertive

Kella smiled, almost giggling. The two browns were so…Kella was distracted from the pair by the golden egg's movement. Her full attention went onto the queen egg. Would she hatch next?

Catching the movement of the queen egg out of the corner of her eye, Angela whirls around to watch it intently. She is grinning at the Impressions of the other dragons and hoping desperately for her own dragon.

Jeret smirked at the paired. The two humans looked to be brothers….fitting, really. Jeret glanced at the queen, though she wasn't going to Impress him, not unless he was secretly a girl and didn't know it. Instead Jeret looked at one of the bigger eggs, willing one of them to hatch for him.

The little third blue tried to walk towards the candidates, but stumbled and caught his right wing under his foot and cried out in pain.

The little second bronze paid no heed to his brother's pain and instead made his way safely to the candidates. He bumped first into Paval, then into Portell, then backed off, looking them all over.

The first brown creeled his hunger so loudly it caused many of the spectators to cover their ears, then ran up to Trellen, knocking him head over heels to Trellen: Feed your Vorth, now!

Jeret's black eyes widened when he saw the blue dragonet, and threw out all of his preconcieved notions about what should and should not be done at a Hatching as he went to untangle the blue's wing from his foot. When he looked into the whirling eyes, he knew… He'd never be alone again.

The little blue looked up into Jeret's eyes and cheeped calmly.

A huge crack echoes around the cavern as the queen egg splits open, spilling its golden occupant unceremoniously onto the sands at the feet of the girls.

Kella's eyes nearly popped out of her head. The queen…she was so….beautiful….and so big. Kella didn't, couldn't move as she watched the golden dragonet.

The new queen preened her claws as her mother glowered at the hopefuls.

The second little bronze was still stumbling around, bumping into candidates and creeling piteously
Four more eggs cracked, releasing a forth blue and three greens to join the poor, lost bronze. One of the greens' shells cracked with such force that it sent its poor occupant rolling across the sands until she was stopped by Amaran's feet. She looked up at him with a cheep, then began to preen herself.

Angela gasps as the queen cracks its shell. Oh wow… she's so beautiful. She watches the dragon preen herself, unwilling to go any closer to the glowering mother.

The little queen began to pace up and down the row of girls, examining each one, occasionally making positive or dismissive sounds, but not settling on one among the group.

The second little bronze finally stumbled his way to Tegeth's feet and nudged him gently Tegeth your Horinth is here.

The two greens start cheeping at eachother, as though debating about the candidates as the forth little blue stumbles up to Morlanol and butts him to the ground.

The little harper looked down at the blue, his eyes wide as dinner plates as he announced, "He says his name's Centralth!"

Aelisa stood on the sands in her bare feet, shifting slightly from one to the other to keep the soles off the hot sand. She was concentrating so hard on not making a fool of herself that she almost jumped three feet in the air when the first boy Impressed. At the same time, something in the pit of her stomach unknotted. Everything will be okay… the little queen, she's so beautiful, and she knows it… she thought, watching the golden dragonet pacing back and forth in front of the Queen candidates… herself included. She knew that her eyes were wide and her skin was probably a shade of white never before seen by mankind. Carefully she made her hands grip the white Candidate's robe to keep them from shaking. Who would the queen hatchling pick?

Kilanbaros stood still, watching the little dragons in wonder. Incredible… but which will come to me?

When the queen dragon paces past her, Angela smiles at her. She shifts back and forth still to keep her feet from burning. She's so pretty. I wonder who she's going to pick?

Lawna stands on the sand smiling at the other girls, She squeezes Angela’s hand in excitement. When Candis impresses she cheers loudly for him, happy tears in her eyes. "A blue, Angela he got a blue!"
When the queen spills out of the egg Lawna gasps and watches her pace by she speaks unthinking "She so…..oh she’s….” the normally loquacious Lawna seems to run out of words and stands quietly waiting of the queens pleasure to choose.

Candis stares at the blue in shock for a monemt "Durpth?"

Durpth creels in hunger Yes, food Now!

Candis stumbles off the sands leading Durpth he keeps looking at the little blue in amazement just before he’s out of ear shot of Lawna he yells " Durpth, HIS NAMES DURPTH!!"

Durpth nudges him a bit harder HUNGRY

Tonar smiles, hugely (almost to the point of laughter), and starts to lead the brown Hodgeth off the sands. "Yes Hodgeth, we'll get you some food strait away."

At that, Hodgeth Cheeps Good

Tomar seems stunned, and stares blankly at the brown Podgeth for a moment, but he soon shakes that off and starts to lead Podgeth off the sands. "Ok, let’s go get some food."

Podgeth follows with a chirp.

Tegeth stoops down, and pats Horinth’s head. "Yes, you are." he stands, and motions for the bronze to follow. "Come on, let’s get you something to eat."

The bronze perks up, and follows as quickly as he can. Yes, food! I am very hungry!

Trellen look at the Brown in wonder

The brown knocks Trellen over creeling in hunger I’m Vorth, we are together always, I’m hungry

Trellen throws his arms around the damp scrawny neck and begins to cry.

Vorth's eyes whirl I will not leave

Trellen cries harder and stumbles to his feet his arms still around the brown, he keeps one hand on the brown as he stumbles out of the hatching grounds mostly blinded by tears and steered by the persistent prodding of Vorth and his occasional cry of Food!

The little queen paces the line again, then cocks her head up at Lawna with a cheep of assertion. Ioreth is here and she is hungry! her voice is imperative and demands attention.

Lawna goes pale and her mouth drops "Ioreth her names is Ioreth" she looks around at the other candidate her face shining with joy she reaches down to touch the queen and laughs happily.

I want food, I'm hungry. You must feed me

"Then let’s get you food beautiful" She begins to lead the Queen off the sand. Pauses, Ioreth nudges her impatient for food, and looks back at the girls left on the sands and the hatchings still looking for riders.

That was… Kella's face fell a little bit, but then she grinned at Lawna. "Congratulations!" She mouthed, turning towards the rest of the eggs. Well, can't hurt to watch the rest of the Hatching. Kella laced her fingers. Now what? She wondered. She'd stay in the Weyr, but for how much longer?

The two greens continue to cheep at eachother as four more eggs crack, releasing a fifth blue and three more greens. Two of the newly-hatched greens seem to start arguing with eachother. The two older greens finally halt their conference and split up, one heading for the boys and the other, surprisingly, for the women. The one heading towards the boys bowls over the blue heading in the same direction and they both go rolling across the sands, the fifth blue landing at Kilanbaros' feet I'm Synth, will you feed me? and the third green at Portell's. H'lo, your Sloth is here. I don't suppose you have meat? even her voice has a slight drawl to it.

The last of the older greens stumbles up to the women and looks at them for a second before walking up to Kella and butting her knees gently.

Almost as if that was a signal the three greens currently on the sands turn towards the women as well.

Aelisa sighed when the queen chose Lawna. She had hoped that she would Impress the beautiful golden dragonet, but deep inside she had known that her chances were slim. Hearing a cheeping nearby, she turned her head, startled, to see several of the green hatchlings heading for the remaining Queen candidates. She was even more startled to see one of them bump against Kella. What's going on? she wondered. I thought only Queens Impressed girls…

Lawna watches the green headed for the women for a moment more feeling that everything is going to work out she heads after the other chosen. Even the brief delay has Ioreth creeling with increasing demand // food NOW!//

The three greens made their way towards the girls, the two who had been fighting still hissing at eachother every couple of paces.

Three more eggs split, spilling a third bronze, a fourth brown and a eighth green onto the sands. The remaining five eggs are still.

Kella looked down at the green, eyes widening once again. "Kaneth…? Of-of course… Let's go." Kella seemed as stunned as everyone else that she had Impressed a green. The dragonet was the perfect shade, too, like the tops of the hardwoods of Lemos. They've gotten the best meat already, of course. Kaneth snorted, waddling towards the food. Kella followed her, still in shock. Weren't women only supposed to Impress queens?

The four remaining greens (fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth) all reached the girls at about the same time and seemed to hiss at eachother, fighting over the selection, before the two who had been fighting earlier dive at eachother and, bouncing off, one rolls into Sarana, // Your Bobth is hungry!, and the other into Angela, Food! Food now for your Lisith!//

The third bronze and fourth brown seem to be intently studying the remaining candidates, unsure of who to chose.

Aelisa watched Kella and her new partner leave the sands for a moment before turning back to watch the other dragonets. The greens were beautiful of course, but if a green could Impress a girl… could a blue? Or a bronze? And what of the eggs which hadn't hatched yet? Aelisa's gaze flicked to the other remaining candidates. There weren't many.

The girl had stopped shifting on the sands after the Queen dragonet had made her choice. The area under her Candidate's robe seemed to have cooled slightly with the lack of direct light, although the sands were still quite warm. Aelisa looked back at the quarreling greens. They certainly did look like siblings. It reminded her of her older brothers back home, always arguing, but they still cared for each other. All of them had been so happy for Aelisa when she had been Searched. What would they think if she didn't Impress? The girl shook her head slightly to clear the thought. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. she chanted in her head.

One of the remaining greens separates itself and steps up to Aelisa and cheeps sternly at the remaining as if saying 'mine!', then looks up at Aelisa Your vinceth is hungry, mine

The little fourth brown seems to finally make up his mind and, bumping past Paval, walks up to Horlin with a soft cheep, then creels in hunger.

Aelisa almost laughed when the little green stepped up to her so possessively. "Yours, am I, Vinceth?" she asked softly when the dragonet spoke in her head, hardly daring to believe it. "Then I suppose we'd best get you something to eat before you starve. What do you say?" She turned to move off the sands, helping the dragonet to make her way over to where the bowls of meat were being kept. Yes. I want food. Where is it? Aelisa grinned. "It's just over here. You won't even have to hunt it down."

Angela looks down at Lisith in shock, privately amazed at the sensation of wholeness. The thought crosses her mind that greens are supposed to Impress men, but the dragonets presence is so reassuring that the thought vanishes almost as soon as she thinks it. She leads Lisith over to the group of the new dragonriders, smiling at Lawna. “I'm glad you got the queen, Lawna.” Lisith pipes up I'm hungry! When are you going to feed me? Soon. We have to wait for your brothers and sisters to find theirs, too, you know.

Sarana bent down with a happy cry as the green greeted her, "She says her name is Bobth!" It seemed that it had taken years to get from the edge of the cavern and out into the hatching grounds - and she had been shocked by the sounds and sights of the hatching. But when Bobth imperiously demanded her attention, Sarana lost her heart. "Okay, my love, we'll find you some food." Happy tears were running down her cheeks, when the young queen had dismissed her, Sarana thought it only fitting - she wasn't the right person to be here.

You are MY person, she didn't want you because you are MINE. Now can't I eat? The plaintive tone in Bobth's mental voice was only too clear, but her assertion that Sarana was the person she wanted and no other - would have brought Sarana to her knees if the sands weren't so hot.

"Yes my darling, we'll go and find you something to eat," she spoke soothingly, knowing that she had found the only true love she would need in her life. With one hand dropped on the hatchlings slender neck, she lead Bobth off the hot sands and toward the waiting meat that had been cut for the hatchlings.

The last little green stumbled up to Xania and cheeped happily. Your Ratith is here

The third little bronze turns at his little sister's impression, then sneezes so hard that he rolls across the sands and up to Paval's feet. Hello, sorry I took so long, but you're hard to find. Your Mithnath is here now, though

Paval is quite nervous during the whole hatching. This was his last chance, and he couldnt help but frown every time the dragons passed him up, first by a bronze, then by countless others. It all happened so fast. He was turning his head around when he felt something rub up against his legs. Paval feels a little part of his mind open up, and he feels hunger. A wide smile crosses his face as he realizes what has just happened. Crying, he bends down to help the little bronze back up. Can you feed me now? It asks rather intently. "I sure can little one, what is your name?" He responds in his mind. I am Mithnath, now can we please eat? Paval smiles widely "Yes Friend, we can" He then leads Mithnath to the edge of the bowel.

Deep down he couldn’t believe it. Two times he had been passed up by 14 or more dragons, and now…. he was walking away from the sands with a newly hatched bronze dragon! Tears are streaming down his face. He knows his father and mother would be proud of him. Absently he wondered if they were here.

As Aelisa and Vinceth reached the other riders and their dragons, the girl realized that her dragon, though not a Queen, had the attitude of one. She could hear Vinceth's smugness in getting 'her' human as she strutted around, almost tripping over her wings more often than not. Approaching Lawna, Aelisa smiled. "I'm glad you Impressed the Queen." she said. "You definitely deserved the honor." What about me? -I- chose -you-. You're mine, not my sister's! Vinceth's tone could only be described as indignant. I know, love, and I wouldn't give you up for the world, but be nice. Aelisa responded. Well at least you have your priorities right!

Ronalth let out a soft keen for her un-hatched children and turned to her rider for comfort.

Tolira was just as shocked, all the eggs had grown to size and yet some still hadn't hatched. It wasn't normal, but then again, neither was her giant mate.

Tolira gently caressed Ronalth's eyeridges until she hummed contendly and closed her inner eyelids. After a few moments of that gentle tableau, she stopped and Ronalth blinked at her, I'll wait to feed until tomorrow, now I rest.

She gathered herself to take to the air when Tolira called her sharply to order, "Okay, my pet, but first would you be kind enough to drop me at the caverns for the feast?"

With a minimum of grumbling Ronalth lets her rider mount and leaves the cavern, with Lirith and Siria just a few wingstrokes behind.

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