Ronalth's Second Ista Clutch

The correct amount of time had passed according to the old song that now ran through Tolira's head:

<ul>Rise in glory,
Bronze and Gold.
Dive intwined,
Enhance the hold.

Count three months and more,
And five heated weeks,
A day of glory,
In a month, who seeks?

A strand of silver
In the sky…
With heat, all quickens,
And all times fly.</ul>

Yes, they would hatch soon. She'd checked yesterday and they were more than hard enough and the sands burnt holes in the soles of her shoes when she walked across them.

She swallowed a small bite of redfruit, yes, they would hatch soon, hopefully all of them would hatch this time.

Ronalth made an odd grumbling sound in her throat, then began to humm deeply, the vibrations travelling through the whole Weyr. Tolira hurried to the stand she would share with C'pan during the hatching, hoping her gold's clutch would be more plentiful this time.

Flarth landed on the ledge and let G'tor dismount, his own humming deepening.

Haley waits by the entrance of the Hatching Grounds, shifting from foot to foot on the hot sands.

Angela sits in the stands, watching for the tell-tale signs that will follow the humming of the dragons.

Teakel hurries up to where Haley is waiting and asked. "Are you as nervious as much as I am?" He looks around to see if he could spot any of the others. He hoped none of them will be late getting to the grounds.

"Yeah, I'm nervous. But I'm also excited. Even if I don't Impress, this is going to be a wonderful experience."

Seeming to appear from out of nowhere, slightly out of breath, Rylon stumbles to a halt beside Teakel and Haley.

After a little pointing, and following the crowd of people, Gregori found the elusive cave he was seeking. He moved inside, his eyes taking a moment to adjust as he moved out of the direct sun. The sandy floor was very warm, and reflected the sunlight, so it wasn't too dim inside. He looked for and found Teakel and Rylon, though he didn't exactly know them yet, and moved over to take what he hoped was his place beside them.

"Heyla," he said quietly to the gathered white-robed Candidates as he came over. His eyes weren't on them however, but on the giant golden mother dragon that protected her eggs. His eyes were the size of saucers as he wondered if this was the same golden one he'd seen several months prior on the Igen plains, his only other sighting of a gold Queen. "Phew.." he sighed out, his eyes roving over the gathered eggs, and back up to the queen.

"How we gonna get 'em away fr'm her?" he whispered to the others.

She'll let us Impress if we're meant to. Otherwise there wouldn't be any riders.

Ronalth hissed loudly at these children who were trying to take her own children away.

Gregori glanced at Haley. "I sure do 'ope so. Else its gonna be a quick Hatchin'.." He grins at her, irrepressible even now in his absolute awe of being here. In this place. As one of the chosen few. "E'en if one o' 'em isn't fer me…it's good t' be here."

Or not… Haley's face turns pale.

Rylon casts a rather scathing glance at Gregori. "You don't take the eggs away from her, the hatchlings choose you. Don't you know anythin' about Hatchings?" His pre-Impression jitters are still there, but talking makes him feel better about them.

Having taken a moment to calm, Wylla manages to walk to the grounds and join the cluster of white robed candidates, appearing as if she goes through such events every day. Smiling, she nods in greeting to each in turn and wonders where Bandin is, seeing Gregori among the rest.

Gregori looked sideways at Rylon. "Only wot I 'ear from 'arper tales, lad. Ye be knowin' I jes arrived yester eve." He put a reassuring hand on Haley's shoulder for a moment, squeezing it gently. "She's jes bein' a mum. Dinna fear her. Jes be wary an' dun gettin' reach, is all." He smiled shyly at the woman, before returning his attention to the others. He nodded to Wylla as she came up. "Good t' see ya, lass."

Haley relaxes a little. Thank you… I don't seem to know your name, I'm sorry.

Segim slowed at the entrance to the Hatching Grounds, taking another deep breath before walking out as calmly as he could. It didn't help much. He was still shaking, and his stomach was twitching uncomfortably. "I shouldn'ta eaten that last meatroll." he thought as he went over to join the others on the sands. For the moment the intense heat coming up from the sand distracted him from his nerves. It was incredible that the heat didn't crack the eggs or fry them on the spot. "They must be real thick." he murmured as he reached the group. He was interested to note that the Harper girl was there as well. "Who'da thought she'd be a Candidate as well?" Segim thought with a slight grin. The others he had seen in the Lower Caverns earlier were there as well, save for the girl (the Rider, he corrected himself) who was probably somewhere amongst the watchers gathering high above the stands. He wondered which of the dragons settling themselves on the ledges above the sands was hers.

Rylon gives Gregori a sullen glance and looks away. He's only twelve, after all. The boy starts fidgeting in his nervousness, shifting from side to side to relieve some of the heat building up under his feet. "How're we s'posed to Impress if'n she won't let us near? Don't we have to be nearer the eggs?" he mutters darkly to himself. He barely glances up at Wylla and Segim as they enter, his eyes fixated on the rocking clutch as butterflies dance in his stomach.

With a face still devoid of emotion, Bandin heads towards the group and oddly enough doesn't try to ease himself next to Wylla, in fact he barely notices that she is there as his eyes seem able to see only the beautiful gold dragon and the eggs she hovers over.

We are still supposed to be waiting for G'tor. The Hatching must not be happening immediately, as we are still waiting.

Gregori turned back to Haley. He bowed slightly, and said, "I be Gregori, miss. Jes in from t' Igen plains." He smiles at her. Looking up, he sees Bandin joining them. "Heyla Bandin."

Nice to meet you Gregori. I am Haley, journeywoman Harper, and candidate, apparently.

Almost as if the timing was planned, the minute the last candidate slid into place the eggs began to rock, several of them violently. As G'tor found his place in the stands along with the other riders the first egg split, spilling its bronze occupant onto the sands with a raucous hiss. Two others split in short order, the first brown and the first green. The first little bronze righted himslef quickly and hobbled straight for Rylon without even glancing at the other candidates. He pushed him over and nudged at his side.

to Rylon: Why aren't you feeding your Seminth?

The first green and the first brown seemed less certain though, and began to wander towards the candidates with uncertainty, occassionally stumbling into eachother. Another egg cracks, spilling the first blue onto the sands just as the queen egg begins to rock ominously.

Rylon turns and grins impishly up at Haley. "Din't I tell you the dragons pick who they want to stand? Doesn't matter what rank y'are." Almost as soon as he spoke these words, the boy was surprised to find himself knocked over backwards. Looking up, he was surprised to see a bronze hatchling looming over him.

What are you doing down there? Why aren't you feeding me? "Wh..what?" I am Seminth, and you are mine. The voice turned pleading. Please feed me?

Rylon, now R'lon, turned his face up towards the other Candidates, scratching a soft eyeridge as he told the others, "He's Seminth!"

Segim spoke up for the first time since joining the others. "I din't know they made Harpers into Candidates, 'specially not journeymen or women." he said. "En't you supposed to get assigned to a Hold or sommat when you walk the tables?"

Go tend your dragon rider… R'lon? Haley glances at Segim quickly. I was at a hold. I'd rather be here.

Gregori grinned as the first of the eggs cracked, a wet bronze heading straight for the youngest of them. "Grats, Rylon." he said. Happy for the boy. He turned back to watched as a green and brown and then a blue tumble out unceremoniously, and begin the search.

Under his breath, he said, "Yep..gonna be a quick Hatchin'…" he looked at Haley, then at Rylon.." Oh yeah, R'lon!" he grinned at the boy, now rider of bronze Seminth.

Having taken the time to clean up after seeing to the mess and removing Wenrath's hunting harness, P'tar and Wenrath land upon a ledge just as the eggs begin to hatch. It isn't long before both are immersed in the event.

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Aelisa ran onto the sands a little bit, looking around frantically for G'tor. After a second she looked embarrassed. Vinceth? Bespeak Flarth and ask him where I should be right now, would you? she heard her dragon's amusement echo in her mind.// I -know- I should've thought of it earlier. she told Vinceth as she retreated into the relative coolness of the passageway beyond the sands. //What would you do without me? Vinceth asked in a tone that suggested that she thought Aelisa would not be able to survive without Vinceth.

Segim took in breath quickly as the first hatching, a bronze, went straight up to the smaller boy, Rylon… R'lon now. "'grats." he muttered to the smaller boy. "I just hope my luck is as good as his."

G'tor grinned, watching the impression and remembering his own.

Flarth snorted mentally, She should gather cubed meat for the hatchlings, just like they had when you hatched, and then help those who impress off the sands to the lake to bathe and feed their dragons

"Congrats R'lon. What's his name, Seminth? That's a great name." Teakel said as the bronze butted up against Rylon. He wondered which one would choose him, if any at all did.

Aelisa looked around as Vinceth relayed Flarth's message back to her. One of the boys, the smallest one, Ryon or something, had just Impressed the first hatchling, a bronze. Signalling to one of the women holding bowls of meat, Aelisa stepped forward to greet the new rider.

R'lon looks up as Aelisa approaches, tailed by a Lower Cavern woman. Seminth, smelling the meat in the bowl, creels his hunger, pushing at his rider in an attempt to get to the meat faster. The boy could feel his dragon's hunger pulsing inside him, just as if he himself were hungry. Grabbing a handful of gobbets from the bowl, he places them straight into the bronze's open mouth. Seminth practically inhales the handful and opens his maw again, telepathically demanding more. As R'lon shovels food into the bronze's mouth, seeing as he can't grab more than will comfortably slide down his dragon's throat, he questions Aelisa. "How'd you get drafted into doing this kind of work? Shouldn't the new Weyrlingmaster be doin' that?"

Segim shifted nervously as R'lon and Seminth bonded. None of the other eggs showed signs of cracking yet. Had one just moved? No, maybe it was just a shadow. The boy eyed the enormous gold dragon hovering over her clutch and eyeing each Candidate. The other watchers, dragon and human, were doing the same. It was like being in a bowl of water.

"One down, " Gregori said, with a grin. He looked at the ladies present. "I wonder which of you pretty lasses will be chosen by the li'l gold one?" he pondered, eyes twinkling merrily."

Just as a second brown spilled onto the sands, the queen egg rocked again and the first green, seeming to have made up her mind thudded her head into Wylla's knee.

to Wylla: Feed me, feed your Oninth

Haley starts walking towards the wandering hatchlings and the rocking eggs. Come on everyone. We need to be closer.

Watching as the newly hatched dragon found the young boy and hearing the joy in the boys voice, Bandin finds he must again lick dry lips. He watches as the dragonet is fed slowly losing control of his emotions so his mouth soon holds a soft smile.

Aelisa blushed slightly as the boy addressed her. "I, er, that is… I am the new weyrling master. I'm Aelisa, rider of green Vinceth. Don't let him eat so quickly!" she added the last part as a warning. "If he eats too much at a time he'll choke on the food." She squatted down to be more on a level with boy and hatchling. "Now, what are your names?"

Gregori watched at the little green moved closer. He was torn between two thoughts, any dragon would be a gift…but he was distinctly fer the ladies…he breathed a sigh of relief as Wylla got the little green dragon.

"Grats Wylla, she's beautiful." he said quietly. He moved up next to Haley. "You sure, lass? she be lookin' a tech jealous.." he said of the great golden one that still loomed over the eggs protectively.

Segim watched as the green made her way over to one of the girls. He had heard that the first hatching here had produced an unusual number of greens, all Impressed to girls, but he hadn't quite believed it himself. Now, seeing that, he was rather unsurprised. Turning his attention back to the eggs he watched the newly hatched brown. Even the browns were respectable, commonly ranked just below bronzes. Sometimes a brown could even fly a queen… if he was fast enough and strong enough.

Zander is dressed as candidate but not sure really why he is here just likes seeing all the pretty rocks on the sandy area and just stars oh awwwwwwww looks around see other people scratches head and says Hi yall

The boy's hand slows down at Aelisa's warning, half-ignoring the bronze's still-insistent hungry creelings. "I'm Rylo…R'lon," he catches himself and uses the honorific. "This is Seminth." He gestures towards the bronze, an expression of happiness and wonder crossing his features. Seminth is too interested in food to worry about his rider speaking with another, although his furious demands do seem to be slowing down. "Are you really the new Weyrlingmaster? I thought you only just Impressed right before I came?"

Haley gestures Zander closer. You're late. I'm Haley. Come join the group.

With the call to be fed filling her mind, Wylla's resolve to stay calm dissolves and her eyes cloud with tears as her knees bend so she can stare into the little dragons eyes as she gently carresses her eye ridges "Me? you want me?"

Teakel straightens up and gets ready to move closer. As he gets ready to move he notices the green butting Wylla. "Congrats Wylla." He gives her a smile as he moves closer to the rest of the eggs.

"It's very nice to meet you R'lon and Seminth." she said, inclining her head respectfully towards the hatchling as she addressed him. "Yes, it's true that I only just Impressed at the last hatching, however the old weyrlingmaster… had an accident… I was his choice of the weyrlings to take his place, and so I will." she said with a slight uneasy grin.

Looking at the new arrival, Gregori hails him. "Heyla Zander, welcome. I be Gregori. Yer jes in time fer t' fun, lad." he grinned.

At Zander's entrance the first little blue perked up and darted through the gathered candidates, knocking a couple over, to get to him and nudged him gently.

to Zander: You came! You came! I was afraid you wouldn't but now I am your Fornth!

Two more eggs split, spilling a second bronze and a third brown onto the sands. The first brown finally got up his courage to examine the candidates closely. He looked at Nivek, then knocked him over to get to the next boy, but he passed up Teakel as well and accidentally stumbled into Segim.

Segim: I found you! Your Rolanth found you!

The queen egg rocked twice more, then split along its axis spilling the little queen onto her back.

"Gregori thanks so what fun would that be i love fun are we going to play a game?"

Haley's head is whirling as she tries to keep track of all the dragons pairing off.

looks around "who said that Fornth thats a cool name "

Making a mental not to stay out of the way of the other Hatchlings, Gregori kneeled down to give Nivek a hand up. "Best t' be quick on yer feet, these li'l ones dun seem t' mind knockin' ye over, be ye gettin' tween them and theirs, it looks like." he said aloud. "Ye 'ave t' luck S'gim!"

At Zander's being chosen by the gorgeous blue, he congratulated him as well. By his count, two browns and a second bronze were now out there, along with the li'l queen, who might need help. He nudged Haley, and nodded with his head, quirking an eyebrow at her.

Teakel watched as the brown came at him and then frowned a little as it went by him to Segim. He couldn't be anything but happy for the two new riders. "Great looking dragnets Segim, Zander. Hope to get together with yal later and get to know ya. Just take care of your dragons now."

Hearing Wylla's voice, Bandin's attention finally turns towards her and he stares in wonder. His voice barely comes out in a whisper. "You've been chosen Wylla you really have been chosen"

Sees Fornth "wow are you my new freind? how did u know Blue was my favoirte color?" wraps arms around Fornth in a protective hug

As Haley reorients with a little help from Gregori, she sees the little queen on her back. She rushes forward to help the little dragon to her feet and then steps away, wanting the dragon to be able to find her match.

sits there hugging his new freind with a great big smile on his face "so my new freind your hungry lets go get you some chow."

When Haley tries to back off, the little queen stretches out her neck and tries to bite her clothing.

to Haley: Where are you going? Don't you want your Yoluseth?

The second brown stumbled around on the sand, nearly tripping over his wing and trapping his other wing beneathe him. He began to cry piteously.

Teakel grinned at Haley and gave her a good luck sign. It would be nice for her to get the Queen. They would make a good pair. Teakel thought to himself. He hoped she would impress a dragnet at least.

looks around seeing the others take their new freinds of to feeding grounds joins them

Haley gasps and rushes back to the queen, crying. Of course I want you. I just didn't know you wanted me. Yoluseth is such a gorgeous name! Haley helps her little gold to the food and begins to feed her, tears of joy still rolling down her face.

I'm hungry With this prompting, Wylla is quick to rise. " Oh at once Oninth, we will find you something to eat at once" Intent upon the first little green, she takes little or no notice of what goes on around her as she leads her to the woman with the tray filled with bowls of meat. Taking one, she leads Oninth to one side and carefully begins to feed her, refusing to give her more than one piece at a time or another before the first is swallowed.

Seeing Haley go back to the Queen, Teakel yelled at her. "Way to go Haley. I knew you could do it. I told you not to dout yourself." He was so happy for her. He couldn't wait to tell her. He was so excited, but as more and more impressed there were less dragnets choosing.

A second blue and fourth brown respectively burst their shells as the second bronze finally made up his mind and trundled up to Gregori.

to Gregori: Your Porinath is hungry

The second brown is still creeling piteously, clearly in pain.

Seeing Haley impress the little queen, Gregori is happy for her. "She'll be a beautiful Weyrwoman, someday." he said quietly. Louder, he congratulated her and her new gold. "That a girl, Haley!"

He turned back to the sands as the girl led the dragon to the feeding area. He saw a dark little brown take a tumble, as he stepped on his wing. He moved over carefully, righting the fellow with a sure hand. "Easy one there, li'l one." he said calmingly to the brown, and backed up as he regained his feet, to make sure he was okay. His attention on the brown, he didn't see the second bronze that butted into his hand. He turned, and suddenly looked bemused as Impression took hold.

In his head, the dark golden bronze says, in a voice eerily like his own, but deeper, G'gor, you're Jornath is hungry, in a patient, but urgent tone. Not sure how that happens, Gregori blinked, the brown he'd helped up utterly forgotten.

"J..Jornath? Your name is Jornath?" He said, incredulously. Yes, can we eat now, please? the little bronze replied, as if his chosen was getting denser by the mark. Gregori let out a whoopin' holler, that echoed about the cavern. Catching himself, he looked a little embarrassed, but his face radiated happiness. He stumbled over his own feet, uncharacteristically klutzy in his eagerness to get his new companion to the feeding tables.

Segim stared at the first brown dragon before him for a moment before kneeling down to examine him. "Rolanth, huh? That's a great name. I'm sure we'll get along just fine." he said with a grin. "Come on, it looks like they've got some food over there. Let's go meet your brothers and sisters, 'kay?" I am -very- hungry. Rolanth agreed as S'gim led him off the sands.

As Seminth's furious rate of feeding subsides, R'lon has a chance to look about him at the other newly-Impressed dragonpairs. He gave a slight smile at noting Haley's Impression of the new queen dragon. I told her anyone could Impress. A newcomer he didn't recognize had Impressed a blue, the girl Wylla a green, the tall boy (ooc: Segim) a brown, and Gregori a bronze. Seminth gave a small burp, blinked sleepily, and intruded on his rider's thoughts. I am full now. Time to sleep. The boy smiled fondly down at his new lifemate. "Of course. Come on, just through here, we'll find a nice place for you to sleep." With a nod to Aelisa and a final glance around the sands, R'lon encourages his rapidly fading bronze towards the Weyrling Barracks.

Aelisa found herself busy, passing bowls of meat to each newly Impressed pair, as well as telling most to slow down so they didn't choke their new partners.

As first impressions went, Aelisa had a fairly favorable impression of the group. The harper girl, Haley, had been the lucky one to impress the queen. Her harper training was undoubtedly helping her now as she fed and bonded with her dragon. The other girl, Wylla, had, like most of Aelisa's fellow female weyrlings, Impressed a green, although she was feeding the young green a little too carefully. However it seemed that she at least had a grasp on how things should be done.

As for the boys, the two bronze weyrlings couldn't have been more opposite. R'lon's dragon was quite large for a hatchling, while R'lon himself was still rather small. The boy would probably grow, in time, so that wouldn't be a problem. Aelisa recalled hearing around the Lower Caverns that the boy had asked intelligent questions about dragons and the hatching, so she wasn't worried about how well he would care for his dragon. G'gor on the other hand, seemed to be quite compassionate, having gone to help the brown who had tripped over his own wing and fallen before attending to his own bronze. That worried Aelisa a little, however now G'gor was paying close attention to his dragon, and that was what was important.

That left the brown and his partner, S'gim. They seemed well matched right now, the boy chatting away to the dragon as he accepted meat from one of the women and began to feed the hatchling carefully. Aelisa smile a little. That one would be okay. The boy the blue had Impressed, however, did not impress Aelisa in the slightest. He seemed to think that this was a game, which it was not, and had probably not even realized that he had Impressed one of Pern's fighting dragons. She would keep an eye on him. No matter what, she would not let what had happened to F'tum, happen to any of her weyrlings, and if anyone was going to make an error, it would be this Zander boy. "But he -did- Impress." she told herself. "I just hope his dragon saw something in him that I can't."

With a sigh she turned to face the sands and the remaining Candidates and hatchlings. Two browns and a blue remained, and she didn't want to see what would happen if they couldn't find the partners they were looking for amongst the assembled Candidates.

G'gor approached the feeding tables, and sat down as he was passed a bowl of gibblets. Almost automatically, he gave the little bronze mouth that was wide open before him now, one piece, just to see it slide down the throat of his new bronze, Jornath.

"Try to chew, tis better fer ye, li'l one." he said in a gentle voice, as he gave another piece to the hungry maw. He watched that one slide down, as well, the throat working to get it down. He just shook his head, and fed him as slowly as the dragon would allow. It wasn't long before he was slowing down, and getting a sleepy look on his face, eyes going half mast. Even G'gor was feeling sleepy now. He rose, to follow the others back to the new barracks.

Wossa, he thought to himself, one night in one barracks…now one to another for tonight…I'm so sleepy… he thought. His thoughts were echoed by a slightly deeper voice, the sleepy dragonet beside him.

—>Weyrling Barracks

She dragged her feet in coming, so that by the time she pushed her way through the packed crowd to where the other Candidates stood, many had already Impressed. Wylla, with a beautiful little green. The newly-met Gregori- how would he shorten his name, now? she wondered- with what seemed to be a bronze. And the Harper from earlier, the quiet one, had a queen. She felt her eyes well with tears, all thoughts of herself forgotten in the incredible expressions of the new dragonriders. Even the heat of the sand radiating through her too-thin sandals failed to break her attention.

The second little brown looked at G'gor, who'd righted him, and hissed before stalking off right into Bandin.

to Bandin: B'din, your Vortath is here

Two more greens split their shells (second and third), creeling with hunger, and the second blue, wobbling horribly, picked his way across the sands before tripping and rolling head over tail into Teakel's legs.

to Teakel: owww… hey! I found you! Your Borth is here!

Aliria stumbled at the entrance to the hatching grounds, having been unceremoniously dumped off by one of the horrible Benden riders. For some reason they wouldn't let her stand. It didn't matter, though, she could stand here. When she saw that the queen had already impressed she nearly turned and left again, but decided she could watch anyway. She strode stately across the sands, ignoring the burning in her feet, and joined the circle.

Bandin was relieved when Gregori, no he would be G'gor now, helped the little brown, tempted to do so himself but still a bit slow with wonder. When the brown seems to run into him next, a voice fills his mind B'din,your Vortath is here. Eyes widening, he is quick to stoop down and study the face before him. "Mine? You are mine?" Yes, I am yours and you are mine, we are together. Now will you feed me? As he stares and recieves reassurance, he fills with wonder as the loneliness, the feeling of something missing,the emotional hunger, he sought to have Wylla fill seems to fade away. As this other hunger fades, he begins to feel another hunger, a ravenous physical hunger that he knows is not his. "Yes, yes you must be fed. Come, they have food for you and I will see that you get some." Rising he turns towards where the others were recieving bowls of meat from several women and slowly leads Vortath to one. Smiling broadly, he takes the one handed to him and leads Vortath out of the way of any others. Filling a hand with chunks, he slowly feeds them one at a time, watching carefully to ensure that the little brown does not choke.

Teakel watched as they others found their mates and smiled his happiness for them. He was so busy watching them that he wasn't paying attention to anything else until he felt something hit his legs. He looked down and saw the second blue dragnet laying at his feet. owww… hey! I found you! Your Borth is here! He reached down to help the little thing up and was alittle surprised to hear a voice in his head.

"Welcome Borth and yes you have found me." Teakel said kneeling down by the blue. "You are the most beautiful dragon on all of Pern. Would you like to go get you something to eat?" He remembered someone saying that once the dragnets were hatched, that they would be very hungry. He could already feel the hunger coming from Borth as if it were his own.

Borth looked up at Teakel, his eyes swirling with hunger. Yes I am very hungry. Could we hurry please. He began to headbutt and push Teakel towards the food.

Teakel laughed at Borth's eagerness to get some food in him. "Alright, alright. Come on and we'll get you some food. Your starting to make me hungry too." As they neared the side Teakel was handed a bowl of meat. Borth butted him to hurry. Teakel laughed as he reach down with some food. "Here you go. Now don't try swallowing it whole or you might choke on it. You will chew it first before you get anymore."

Before long Borth had ate all the food that Teakel had and looked up at him, happy that he was full, but he was starting to get tired now. Can we go somewhere so I can lay down? I am getting tired. Teakel just nodded and led him away.

She looked for Bandin, not seeing him right away, and finally found him just as he met the eyes of a wobbly brown. A bright smile came over her face. Roinata had always loved browns, and it definitely matched Bandin's personality, or what she'd seen of it. Her gaze followed him, watching as the hungry one was fed. Impression. What an incredible thing.

Seavel watched as all the impressions were made. He saw Teakel impress a blue and Bandin a brown. He grinned at them. "Way to go T'kel, Bandin." He hoped he would do as good as them. It would be nice to have a lifetime companion and to go and do anything with them. Seavel sighed and went back to watching the last of the eggs, hoping one would choose him.

the second greens, taking a swipe at the other as she went, waddled akwardly up to Roinata and headbutted her.

to Roinata: Your Nivth is here.

Aelisa greeted each of the new weyrling pairs as they came over, continuing to make mental notes on each of them.

There were was another brown pair now, the brown that G'gor had helped seemed to have chosen one of the boys who looked to be about the same age as Aelisa herself, perhaps a bit younger. She didn't know much about the boy, but he was caring for his hatchling as well as any of the others. The second blue to hatch had chosen the boy who looked like a smith. "An interesting pairing." she thought. It was almost the opposite of the boy R'lon's pairing with Seminth.

As Aelisa watched, one of the other hatchlings, a green, walked up to the one of the remaining girls. And here I thought that our weyrling group was the only one where so many greens Impressed on girls. she half thought, half said to Vinceth. They are good choices. Vinceth responded. None of these hatchlings should be alone.

Faster, faster others are eating faster and I am so hungry. Feeling her dragon's hunger, Wylla can not ignore her plea, despite once being told newborns should be fed with such care. Glancing at those near, she takes her bottom lip between her teeth. Turning back to Oninth, she dares to feed her a little faster, giving two peices when they are small and not always pausing when she first swallows. It seems as if no time passes before the bowl is empty but she can actually feel that her dragon is not quite full. Staring at the empty bowl for a bit, Wylla suddenly rises. "Wait here just a bit Oninth, I will return soon with a little more." Turning, she is quick to arrive back before the woman she recieved the first bowl from but when she holds out another bowl, Wylla hesitates in taking it. Smiling suddenly, she uses a hand to scoop about a third of the meat from the bowl to deposit in her empty one. "Thank you but I don't need another full bowl, she isn't that hungry still. Perhaps another's dragon can also use just a little more too." With this she returns to Oninth and by the time she feeds her the last piece, she knows her estimate was right. Having noticed others leaving she too prepares to follow. Returning the bowl, she returns to find Oninth lying upon the ground instead of sitting as she left her. Yawning, many of the things she heard and was told come to mind and she reaches down to gently nudge her dragon. Come on Oninth, this is no place to sleep, they have a place for us waiting. The moment Oninth rises to her feet, Wylla slowly heads out of the hatching grounds, yawning intermitently with the young dragon trotting behind her.

Seavel wondered if he did impress, which color would his dragon be. He looked over at the eggs still left to hatch and wondered which color might come out of which egg. He eased over closer to the eggs and bowed to Ronalth before turning back towards the eggs.

He had been in here along with the other candidates and looked at and touched the eggs, but he hadn't chosen a paticular egg as a favorite. He didn't want to take the chance of picking one and once it hatched, it choosing someone else and him not being chosen at all. He wanted to take his chances at not having a favorite and seeing if one would choose him.

He watched as a green impressed a girl he hadn't had the chance to meet yet. He watched as the green headbutted the girl to get her attention. He smiled at the pair. So far all the pairs he's watched so far, the dragnets have been been impatient to be fed and loved on. He shook his he at all the dragnets' antics to get what they wanted and turned back to wait on the last eggs.

Haley finishes feeding Yoluseth and then, feeling her dragon's tiredness, begins to walk her toward their new home.

A third blue burst his shell and hobbled up to Nivek and creeled out his hunger.

to Nivek: I'm your Walth

The third brown cast around piteously, trying to sense his mate as a second bronze hatched, rolling into the little brown. The third green seems intent only on watching the other hatchlings instead of making a choice herself.

Seavel moved over to the bronze and brown to help them up. After he helped them up, he moved back and watched the two. Making sure he moved slow so as not to startal them. They looked so beautiful it made him want to cry.

Before he knows it, the bowl is empty and when he does not refill his hand, as he continued to do while feeding Vortath, the little dragon stretches his neck out to peer into the empty bowl. I am still hungry. We need more, will you get more or should I? Not waiting for a reply, the little brown rises to stand and moves to head back towards the women with the meat. Until now, B'din has been squating but startled by the little dragons actions, he loses his balance and ends up landing upon his rear. Half dazed, he barely manages to reach a hand out in front of Vortath to stop him. "I think not you little one, I will see to getting more and you can wait here for me, I'm not about to take a chance on losing you." Turning his head to look into B'din's face Vortath's eyes seem to swirl a little faster as blue and green seem to overlay the yellow and orange of his hunger. We are together, we will always be togetherr. With this the little brown moves a little closer to lay his head gently on his companions shoulder. The pure power of the emotions B'din feels is overwhelming and as several tears slide from the corners of his eyes, he reachs up to lightly embrace him. Pulling himself together, he slowly releases his embrace and moves to rise, being careful not to jerk out from under Vortath's head as he does so. Feeling no words are needed after what they just shared, B'din heads over to the meat, arriving just as Wylla walks away. The woman holds a bowl not quite full and reaching a hand out he smiles as he takes it. "Thank you, that looks about right for my Vortath." Bringing it back he again feeds him as he did before and is just a little leary about feeding him the last handful when the dragon releases a huge belch. With this his growing concern, one caused by what he could feel, dissolve and he chuckles as Vortath finishes the last of the meat. With the last piece, Vortath yawns, and B'din finds himself joining him. Not about to chance falling asleep on the hot sand, he rises and heads towards the entry, Vortath following without needing to be told. Reaching the entry, he sights the harper girl with the little gold dragon just entering what must be where they are to go next and he heads out across the bowl.

The second bronze hissed and ran at Seavel, jumping onto his chest and knocking him to the ground. He then stood there creeling.

Private to Seavel: You came! Your Pomthh is here!

Seavel was surprised when the bronze started hissing and lunged at him, hitting his chest. Seavel fell over backwards with the bronze landing beside him. You came! Your Pomth is here! Seavel looked up at the bronze and rubbed his chest while laughing. "Yes I came. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else Pomth." Seavel sat up as Pomth stand there and started creeling. "Are you all right? Your not hurt are you?

Pomth started looking around at himself.// I am fine, though I am very hungry. Will you take me so that I can eat//? Pomth started butting Seavel to get up, crooning when he thought Seavel wasn't moving fast enough to suit him.

Seavel laughed and petted Pomth on top of the head and led him off the sands. "Come on and I'll get you some food. Then we'll find you a place to sleep. I'm going to let you know now that you're not going to gourge yourself to fast. I'll give you some food and once you have finished that, them I'll give you some more."

Pomth just looked up at him. Why not? It shouldn't matter how fast I eat. I'm so hungry I want to eat fast. When Seavel would have stopped to explain, Pomth butted him to keep going.

Seavel smiled down at the bronze. "Well for one thing, if you eat the meat to fast you could choke on it and I don't want that to happen. And another is if you eat it to fast and don't choke on it, your stomach will get upset and hurt. Trust me, you wouldn't want that." Seavel took a bowl of meat from a woman and pointed to where he wanted Pomth to go."Move over there and we'll get you fed now. Remember not to eat it to fast ok." With that Seavel sat down and began feeding Pomth.

She felt something bump into her leg, but, with her attention on the other candidates, she thought that someone wanted her to move. So move she did, but the pressure followed. Instinctively she looked down and into a pair of whirling eyes. "I'm Nivth. Do you have food?" The suddenness of a voice in her mind, of someone else with her where she had only ever been alone, sent Roinata to her knees on the hot sands, on a level with the beautiful tiny green creature. Nivth came even closer, and the young woman's eyes widened in disbelief and started to again fill with tears as she embraced her dragon. She could even feel the other's tolerant patience, but she couldn't make her legs move in her utter shock. She wasn't worthy of a dragon, not worthy to fly. This simply couldn't be real. Why- why would anyone choose her?

"I chose you," she was gently reprimanded. "And I did it because I felt you. It was meant to be." With that simple, trusting logic and the support of the weak legs of a newborn dragon, she was able to stand and blink back the tears that had begun to steam on the sand. "I'm going, I'm going. I'll get you food… Nivth." The name felt right on her tongue, and Roinata felt more stable even as she said it.

That is plenty. Rolanth informed S'gim as the boy attempted to feed another piece of meat into the hatchling's mouth. Now it is time to sleep. "Ah, right…" S'gim muttered, putting down the bowl and its remaining meat chunks. "It's this way, where we sleep." In spite of everything, he was a bit apprehensive, even though Rolanth had chosen him. S'gim had been too stunned to do anything but accept the hatchling when it approached him, but now that things had settled down slightly… I itch. Rolanth's thought interrupted S'gim's own. "Itch? Where?" Here. Rolanth attempted to show S'gim exactly where by twisting his head over his back… while still walking. The result was that Rolanth ended up on the ground, a tangle of wings and limbs, keening piteously for someone to pick him up and help him. S'gim obeyed quickly. "How about you wait until we're to the Weyrling Barracks, and I'll scratch your itch for you there?" Rolanth seemed to think this proposition over for a moment before agreeing. That is a good plan. I knew I chose well when I chose you.

[[character:A’nit|Arnit]] runs onto the sand, he had been in the lower cavern going over inventory and when the humm echoing through the stone made him go to see what was wrong, a LCW had scolded him and hurried him into his Candide rodes and onto the sand. He looked around at the others already moving off the sands with there dragons.

He saws Haley wandering dazedly off the sand with the queen, a brown and a green were making their way off the sands with there new riders. Surely he hadn't missed it…he felt his stomach drop, he might feign indifference but didn't everyone secretly want a dragon?

Lawna lets out a loud chere for Rylon when the bronze choses the boy. He was going to be a living terror on the dragon and she looked forward to it.

She watched the gold egg rock and held her breath while the little gold beast wobbled on the sand, looking up to her own gold sitting proudly on the ledge hard to belive she was ever that small, of coarse she was still that demanding.

Ioreth answers he though with a simple mine that brings tears to her riders eyes

She made her way over to the tables with meat, took a bowl from an offering hand, and turned back to her dragon. Her dragon. My human, replied Nivth with equal affection, and stretched out her neck to the bowl Roinata held. Food! Taking a chunk in her hand, she transferred it to the green dragonling's open mouth. "All right, here you go," she replied with a chuckle. Nivth's eyes whirled in happiness as the meat vanished in a single gulp. Willingly the young woman proceeded to stuff her new partner until her belly bulged with sustenance.

Finally, when the dragon's fullness and contentedness began spilling over into Roinata's mind and the bowl was almost emptied, Nivth at last turned away from an offered piece of meat. "And I was starting to think you'd never stop," she chided Nivth gently. I shall eat more later, the dragon replied with mock gravity, but I want to sleep now. They both rose to their feet and, leaning heavily on each other, began to walk. Then Roinata realized, feeling somewhat foolish, that she didn't know where the weyrling barracks were. She looked around and, seeing a boy with a new-hatched brown leaving, decided to follow him. Remember the path we take thought Nivth sleepily, so we don't have to follow anyone again. I don't like following. The young woman agreed willingly.

Bytran had just seen the Lord and Lady of Crom and there first Son settled and he had been sent off to wait. With a few well placed elbows he had worked his way to the front of the group of lower cavern folk and found himself at the edge of the the sands. He leaned forward as each new dragonet emurged. If only He could get one, that would show them.

Seavel watched as Pomth ate the last of the meat. He started begining to worry that if Pomth ate any more he wouldn't be able to move. The bronze's stomach already had lumps poking out from the meat. "I think that's enough food for now. We should go get you settled down so you can sleep that food off. I knew you would be hungry, but not that hungry. I was starting to worry."

Pomth looked up at Seavel with his eyes drooping a little. I think I am very full. Sleep sounds good, but we might want to hurry. I am starting to feel very sleepy and I would like to be oiled before I do.

Seavel smiled down at the bronze. "Alright let's go. I wouldn't want you to fall asleep here. And I promise to rub some oil on you even if you fall asleep before or while I'm doing it. He put his arm on the bronze's neck as they walked out and headed for the weyerling barreck.

T'len scaned the hatching grounds cheering inside for all the eggs to hatch, even if it did mean people like Nivek would get a dragon.

As each egg cracked and spilled its creeling dragonet his heart rose. He watched the few canidates and Dragonets left on the sands, Surly they would chose soon. He bit his lip worried they hatched they HAD to chose.

P'val walks in the hatching ground almost too late to catch any of the hatching. He quickly finds an open spot nest to P'tar and sets himself down. "Sorry i wasnt on the hunt, the instant i set foot in the lower caverns Pina threw an apron at me and my fate for the day was sealed." He looks down and with a look of horror realizes he is still wearing the nasty apron. He rips it off and sets it on the ground beside him and watches over the scene unfolding before him. His eye quickly catches the smallest boy tottering off with a bronze. A wide smile creeps across his face.

Aelisa watched the handful of weyrling pairs make their way out into the darkness of the corridor beyond as they headed for the weyrling barracks, the place where she had stayed until just recently, in fact. Now she had her own weyr to share with Vinceth.

Shaking off the memories, Aelisa turned back to watch the paired weyrlings as the few of them who remained continued to feed their dragons. The hatching would be over soon, probably, and then her real work would begin. She would have to teach each and every one of these weyrlings proper care of their dragons, as well as how to make their own gear, and to fly them when they got old enough. Thinking back to R'lon and his oversized hatchling, she grinned. If the boy didn't get bigger, he would be able to ride around on his dragon's back sooner than the rest. The hatchling looked like it would be at least half again as large as any normal bronze when fully grown.

But that would come later. For now, hopefully, every hatchling would find a partner to their liking amongst the assembled Candidates today.

Lawna moves over by P'val and looks down at the apron and just grins Did you see ? Rylon got the first bronze out of the first egg to crack and Haley got the little gold

P'val smiles at Lawnas aproach. "Yes i did see. Hes gonna make one hell of a rider. I cant wait to see what else he can get into while airborn."

T'len found a relatively quiet corner from with to watch the hatching, Vorth was more then happy to keep him informed on who was chosen by whom and a few meat roll snuck from the lower cavern (where the sight of P'val in a flour covered apron had made him snort kalk up his nose) his arms ached from skinning the wyerie they had caught earlier the appreciative oohing of Amicia one of the lower cavern women had made up for it.

Intent upon the scene below, P'tar doesn't turn to look at P'val. "It's a shame you didn't manage to avoid her, we came across a veritable flock of werry. Seldom see so many gathered in one place. They…" He stops before finishing as the little bronze selects Rylon, now R'lon. He fights back a threat of tears as he recalls how he was nearly that small when Wenrath chose him his first time on the sands. Clearing his throat, he manages to continue. "It seems there was a dead herdbeast and they were all attempting to eat. Don't know what a herdbeast would have been doing out there but it did afford us a good hunt." Lawna joins them about the time the little harper impresses the gold and this time he does turn to glance at her. "Sorry about leaving you when I came back, I needed to take care of the live ones and they were in need of the meat of the others."

Lawna smiles back “with the size of that Bronze it may be sooner then any of us want” she scans the grounds again only a few more left

No problem, and thanks for the help, I'll have to learn the bola the net didnt wrk so well she smile ruefully not that I think Ioteth is ever going to let me get on her with a net again

P'tar fights to keep from laughing, a chuckle being as far as he can supress the urge. "Had a similar problem when I tried to throw a net the first time, only it ended up entangled on one Wenrath caught in his mouth. I stick with the bola after that, Wenrath still reminds me of that every time I start thinking about using a net again, That's why I tried the net drop from his harnness."

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"I havnt gotten the chance to meet the new queen rider yet, but im sure she must be great, seldom do queens chose poorly." He too returns his gaze to the hatching taking place and watching as the last couple of dragons make their final choices.

Ioreth listening through Lawna up on the leadge arches her neck proudly.

Lawna shoots a hole in her queens swelling ego that means more well choosen competion for you my lovely

Ioreth choooses to ignore the teasing and shoots back her own comment to Mithnath and her rider Bronzes alaways choose well to

P'val smiles as he hears the queens compliment in his mind. At that moment, the last of his hidden doubts of not being a good rider disapeared from his mind. The memories of his two rejections on the grounds at Benden now insignificant.
We will make great dragon and rider Comes Mithnaths reply. He continues smiling as tears begin to flow.

Lawna puts an arm around P'val and on the lenge Ioreth scoots closser to Mithnath

Vytol really doesn't know what he is doing here. When he helped the journeyman carry out the white robes to the Green dragon and his rider, he certainly didn't expect him to sudden straighten up, tell him to don one of the robes and mount. He had yet to gain his breath after being rushed when they went between. Once here, wherever here is, he was almost shoved from the dragon and told to enter a huge opening and ended up here. It didn't take him long to realize he is in the middle of a hatching but he still isn't sure which weyr or why he was brought. As his attention is drawn by the little dragons and other white robed people, he soon dismisses his questioning and watches in awe.

Bytran jumps as a rough hand lands on his shoulder and spins him around, a white robe is shoved over his head and another firm turn and a push send him out onto the sand.

He turns around freeing his arms from the rode ready to raising a fist and start throwing punches when what just happened suddenly dawns on him, he turns back to the hatchling geedly this would show them all for sure.

Arnit shifts from foot to foot as the heat of the sands burns through his boots.

He hears his name called from the stands in a familiar voice and turns breifly to see his mother waving. His Father and Brother sit to either side of her. As he turns back to the dragonets his father leans over behind his mother and whisper something to his brother.

A blue dragon lands just outside of the Hatching Grounds. Two young boys are unceremoniously dumped off, wearing white robes. The blue rider yells after them, "Get on out there you little weyrbrats. Go Impress a dragon." Grumbling the rider urges his dragon into the air. Peritan runs out on to the sand, pulling Relitan, giving Ronalth a half bow and a lot of space. Rushing up to the others he gasps out of breath, I can't believe we made it on time. Relitan just looks happy not to be running anymore.

Ca'dis scans the crowd, if there were just a few more canidates Is there anyone else comeing?

Durpth cocks his head as if listening.

When two boys, also dressed in white dash past him, Vytol is drawn further onto the sands and finds himself copying the one, only giving the queen a full bow. Again he stares, this time studying the whole scene before him What a tapistry this would make. Why have I not seen one in the hall? Surely the master would have assigned someone to make something of such beauty.

Bytran moves up with the other boys casting the sidelong glances and sizing them up. He squats down to look less threatning to the dragonnets and make the little tch tch noises with his tounge to attract their attention.

Peritan breathes a sign of relief. And to think we almost missed this! What could be the most important moment of our lives! Breathing hard, his eyes quickly take in the scene, his mind racing at warp speed as he notes the number and color of still unpaired hatchlings, as well as the number of unhatched eggs. The other candidates' faces are also noticed, as well as their actions. He leans towards Relitan and murmurs in his ear. D'you think we'll Impress this time?

Relitan gives a half smile at his older brother. I'm sure you will Peri. You would make a great rider.

((currently on the sands are two browns and a green))

the third little brown, creeling piteously, picked his way throught he crowd and went to walk between Arnit's legs, but got his wings stuck.

to Arnit: Owwww… it hurts, mine… I'mZarth… free me?

The little green began preening herself, seemingly disinterested in the candidates. Two more eggs hatched, spilling twin blues onto the sands and a third dropped out a fourth hissing green. The new little blues seemd to walk almost in unison, weaving towards the candidates, seeking their own. The fourth little green didn't have any such troubles, she walked right up to Kellana.

Private to Kellana: Your Avth is here

Arnit Grasps a wing in each hand to hold the flailing members still Easy hold still he disentagles him self from the dragon and freezes you….Zarth he looks exprenly flustered and grins like an idoit

The brown flexes damp wing Food now he head butts his stunned rider HUNGRY NOW

A pitous creel draws Vytol to turn and stare at the other boy and the dragon he works to untangle from between his legs. Here too is something that should be caught on a tapestry, the look of wonder on the other's face when he and the dragonette must impress. Oh, oh such wonder is here, if only he were not simply an apprentice and could be the one to make a tapestry of such a scene.

Arnit is hearded most of the way off the sands by his brown Food come on hurry untill the brown once again tangles in his legs and near sends them both tumbling. the near trip seems to have woken Arnit out of his dreamy stupor and he takes the lead in getting his dragon to the food.

Peritan grasps Relitan's upper arm encouragingly. "Come on, little bro, you know you'll make a great rider too." His attention is drawn towards Arnit's Impression of what appears to be a very imperious brown. He points towards the pair, murmuring, "See? The dragon always knows, right?" Peritan does not sound so sure of himself at this last statement, though he hides it well from his brother.

From watching Arnit and his little dragon, Vytol's gaze drifts up to the surrounding ledge where large adult dragons watch. Having never seen so many dragons, he sighs. They're wonderful. What must it be like to have one choose you as that one just did? He continues to look all about this great cavernous place, only half of his attention on the hatching as he tries to see everything there is since he has somehow ended up here. With all there is to see, he never stops to think and realize the reason he is there.

P'val snaps back too it as more eggs start cracking. He watches as the fresh dragons fall out onto the hatching grounds. Mithnath croons encouragement to the new hatchlings as they take their first stumbles out towards the candidates. "Looks like all the eggs should hatch this time, if the candidates keep showing up like that" He indicates the two boys hopping off Durpth.

Arnit picks up a bucket of bits and begins shoving them into the greedy mouth of his charge. Zarth takes most of them eagrly bit quite litterally turns his nose up at some of the bigger pieces to big
the little beast waits with ill grace and much creeling at arnit cuts them into smaller pieces(and cuts his hand in the prosses)

He makes sure the next bucket contains much smaller peices for his little prefectionist.

bytran watched Arnit leave huh figures that boy could only manage a brown more intrested in chasing shirts and he can get away with is since hes Gerets son. layabout. I wouldnt settle for a brown Ill have a bronze and we'll out fly them all, wingleaders that will be us. Bytran continues to build his castles in the sky while he watches the unhatched eggs egerly sure that that was where His dragon was.

Aelisa shook her head at the late arrival of so many Candidates. Being late to a hatching was a bad sign, although not necessarily on the part of the Candidate. Sometimes it was the Search rider's fault, and it certainly seemed that way in the matter of the two boys who seemed to be brothers. The other boys she was not so sure about.

If all went well, all of the eggs would hatch, and every Candidate would Impress. In larger Weyrs it was possible for Candidates to be left standing, and all the shells to still crack, however Ista was small now. Until it grew more either no Candidate would be left standing, or not all of the eggs would hatch. "But sometimes a Candidate -needs- to be left standing." she thought to herself.

The two blues were creeling piteously, poking and prodding their way through the crowd. The leftmost one stumbled into the other and they both went rolling across the sands like pinballs before coming to rest, spread-eagled, near Peritan and Relitan.

to Peritan: Hey, look, it's a person… I'm your Chenth.

to Relitan : H'lo, I'm your Denth… would you mind flipping me back over]

The rest of the eggs are still rocking, but none have hatched.

Relitan gives a little shake and then moves to the blue that landed on his back. Denth? You mean… Yes, I am yours. Will you please flip me back over now? Relitan gives a huge smile and then carefully rolls Denth back to his feet. He walks with Denth to get a bowl of food and begins to feed his dragon, toying with how to shorten his name. What do you think of R'tan? Perfect.

The predicament with the blues pulls his full attention back to his immediate surroundings and he smiles as he watches the one boy right one of the little blue dragons. Realizing he was one of the two he followed the rest of the way in, his thoughts again turn to how he got here. His smile fades, eyes widen and his adams apple bobs several times as he nervously swallows. I'VE BEEN SEARCHED His stare goes from the blue, to the boys face, to the robe the boy wears, then to his own robe before he turns to again look at the queen and the few remaining eggs. Even now, as realization strikes, he has difficulty believing.

Angela, watching in the stands, has tears in her eyes at the memory of her Impression of Lisith. She is quite amused by the green that is more interested in grooming than finding her partner, though she's worried by it as well.

Another egg finally spilled its protesting green occupant onto the sands. She righted herself daintily and cast around for her intended. She started to wander towards Aliria, but the other green, still preening, hissed louldy, and she moved further down the dwindling line. She tripped over Vytol's boots and cried out in pain.

to Vytol: Ow! Your Elth is hurt!

Two more eggs split, spilling a bronze and a brown onto the sands, leaving the last egg rocking alone. The original brown finally managed to stumble along, right into Bytran.

Private to Bytran: Your Gernath is here

Bytran blinks down at the brown stunted all thoughs of his imaginary bronze chased away by the reality of a very real brown demanding his atttention with all the athority of a Lord Holder Im am hurnry now you must feed me, you were slow geting here, I itch, where is food

Bytran leads the little dragon twords the row of food bowls and careful selects the one that he feels is best, (and incedently snatching a bowl the Arnit was reaching for) only the best for his Gernarth

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A'nit glares at the other boy for a moment before grabing a differnt bowl, a few bites later Zarth declares himself done and is lead the the wyrling barracks.

Angela cringes at the boy who just Impressed a brown's manners. I don't envy Aelisa with that one darling. Me neither.

Bytran selects what he feels are the best bits of meat for his proud brown and picks the bowl down half empty before grabing athour and repeating the prosses. obviuosly Browns were better, sure bronzes were flashy but they were probly like the lord holders; look pretty and not a day worth of real work in them. Now browns all the streagth of a bronze but more manuverable he wasnt settleing, he was lucky he hadnt been saddled with a bronze.

Ow! Your Elth is hurt! the moment the cry of pain fills Vytol's ears and mind, he looks down at the little green and drops to his knees beside her. I'm sorry I.. I didn't mean to get in your way. Are you hurt bad I…. He stops talking as he looks into the dragon's whirling eyes and reassurance seems to fill him. It's not that bad and I found you, will you feed me now? Feeling Dazed, he rises from his knees and checks to make sure Elth is steady on her feet before slowly heading towards the ladies, with bowls of meat, where the others he watched went. Taking one he is soon sitting along the wall right next to the entry, and begins to feed Elth with an expression of awe and not another word spoken.

Aliria was getting fed-up. She wanted a dragon and she wanted it now. That one stupid little green wasn't even looking for a partner. Well, if Aliria had her way she wouldn't have a choice after this anyway. Ignoring the ire of the queen she strode up to the green, grabbed her wedge-shaped head, and forced her eyes to meet her own.

The little green squawked in surprise, then hissed at the girl. Then, with a sudden change, she creeled hungrily.

Hrmph, well if you must know, I'm Halfth

And the last egg cracked, spilling it's bronze occupant onto the sands.

((I'll give one day for people to bring in candidates for the last 3 hatchlings…))

The same blue rider that dropped off the brothers lands once more. "Lad, you are lucky I found you when I did. Get out on those sands."

Farnin, already in a white robe, rushes out on the sands, his face alight at the thought of Impressing. It falls again when he sees how few hatchlings remain.

Lawna smiles down at the girl and the green remebering her own plan before the green had decided to pick girls. Three more and at this rate we may have enough canidates for all the dragons she peer down to Alisea making sure she was still holding up okay.

As V'tol feeds Elth, he makes an effort to remember all he has been told or heard about dragons and their riders. He shudders upon recalling some of the things said in whispers about green riders. Could, could it be true? He didn't think he was but then he has never thought about it, there never was a reason before. He begins to worry and Elth croons lightly even as she swallows the meat he keeps steadily feeding her. As her hunger subsides, his turmoil, and perhaps some of his unsettling thoughts, get through. Eyes whirling faster and with reds and yellows returning to overshadow the beginnings of blues and greens, she refuses the next bite. You are mine. You belong with me. Don't you like me? Don't you want me? The pure sorrow accompanying the thought brings tears to V'tol's eyes and he drops the bowl to reach out and hug the little green. "No, no I want you, how could I not want you? It's.. it's just that, that others will say things about me, that there is something wrong about me and I don't even know if it's true." Elth seems to sigh as air blows down his back I chose you, there is nothing wrong with you. if others say things, do not listen. With a newly hatch dragon giving him advice he should have thought himself, he sheepishly releases the little dragon. Reaching for the bowl, he is chagrined to find the remaining pieces lie strewn in the dirt. Again swallowing, causing his adams apple to bob, he rises, returns the bowl while acquiring another and asking the woman where he is to go once Elth has eaten enough. Tears continue to trickle intermitantly down his cheek as Elth continues to eat and still do when she comes to a point where she ignores the piece he holds. With this, he rises and she follows as he heads out the entry, following the directions he was given.

Aelisa gritted her teeth as one of the newly arrived, having just Impressed a brown, snatched a bowl of meat away just as one of the other boys reached for it. Watching as the boy fed his dragon, the young weyrlingmaster bit her lip. That one will be trouble for sure. she thought, half to herself, half to Vinceth. His dragon may keep him too busy to make trouble for you. the dragon replied, shifting on her rocky perch high above. So help me, if he pulls stunts like that while he learns from me, I will do everything in my power to see that he never flies with a Wing. the girl shot back. He reminds me of my second-oldest brother.

As his brother helped the flipped blue, Peritan moved toward the other, whose cries he could hear echoing in his mind. There, there. You're all right now. As the dragonet turned rainbow-hued many-faceted eyes on him, he heard its voice in his mind. I found you! I am Chenth. A piteous note crept into the croon in the dragonet's voice. I am very hungry. Will you feed me? P'tan smiled down at the blue, scratching the eyeridges gently. Of course you're hungry. I'll see what I can do about getting you some food right away. Helping Chenth on his unsteady legs, he assisted the staggering blue. Food's just this way, Chenth. Don't worry. Reaching the dwindling group of weyrlings feeding their dragons, he managed to find a mostly full bowl of meat. With a smile, he brought it over to Chenth. Handing the blue a few pieces, he popped them into the open maw. Chew those and swallow, and you'll get more. Controlling the blue's eating rate in this way, P'tan managed to keep the little blue from overeating.

One of the little bronzes waddled up to Farnin and creeled his hunger.

to Farnin: Please feed your Inornth.

The bronze and brown waddle up to the last two boys on the sands.

Farnin grins with pleasure and surprise at the little bronze and hugs him. His name is Inornth! Reminded by his dragons creeling that he must feed his Inornth, he goes up to the table and grabs one of the last bowls of meat. He feeds the dragon at a careful rate, surprised at how quickly the food vanishes down his gullet.

Ca'dis sighs happily as the lost of the dragons impress, on the wall his blue mirrors his relief. He weaves his way out of the throng to Alisa ya need 'nay help?

Angala gives a happy sigh now that the Impression is over. A few of them may cause problems, and I'm sure they'll need me to heal them at some point. How am I ever going to know all the things I should, being the only Healer here? Lisith stops her from the depressing line of thought, and they fly back to their weyr so that Lisith may rest while Angela attends the feast.

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