A Missing Ysa 30 June 2009 Chaton, Shorynia
Minding Screaming Babies 5 July 2009 Chaton, kadan, Moyrel, Shorynia, Ysa
Breaking Down Barriers 6 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia, T'burk, Xhaine
Setting the Boundaries 7 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia
Preparations and Plotting 7 July 2009 Shorynia, Ysa
Weyr Sale pt. 1 7 July 2009 Chaton, K'nan, Kadan, Shorynia, X'hil, Ysa
Risque Ribbons 8 July 2009 Chaton, K'nan, Shorynia
Call now for our Bonus Flitters! 8 July 2009 B'ky, Ch'en, Chaton, Odisyn, R'ik, Shorynia, X'hil, Zsadis
Long Days and Disasters 9 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia
Weyr Sale pt. 2 9 July 2009 Aoriya, Chaton, Kadan, Moyrel, Shorynia, Valkin, Veski, Xhaine
Zsadis Returns... sort of 10 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia
Tunnel Snakes and Renegades 10 July 2009 Chaton, Kadan, Shorynia, Xhaine, Ysa
A Vexing Valkin Visitation 12 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia, Valkin, Ysa
K'nan and Renegades? 13 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia, T'burk
A Search in the Caverns 13 July 2009 Ae'gus, Chaton, Izarra, Kadan, Kyldar, Shorynia, Tellus
A Harper for a Dollar 14 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia, Valkin
Painting Presents 15 July 2009 Chaton, Izarra, Shorynia
Raiding the Renegades 18 July 2009 A'dar, Chaton, Merrick, Shorynia, Valkin, Veski, Ysa
Later that Night 18 July 2009 A'dar, Chaton, Shorynia, Veski, Ysa
Urination? Food? Whine whine whine 19 July 2009 A'dar, A'di, Chaton, Shorynia, Veski, Ysa
The Final Confrontation... Maybe... 20 July 2009 Shorynia, Veski
Territorial Invasion 21 July 2009 Chaton, Shorynia
Valkin Visits Veski 21 July 2009 Shorynia, Valkin, Veski
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