Later that Night

Ista Weyr - Infirmary

Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

After the bloody mess back at the camp was settled and the battle was actually over, Ysa made her way back to the Weyr on Ellamariseth. She left behind the Weyrsecond in charge of cleanup and tracking down those that still managed to escape. The camp was getting a look over for stragglers, but more than likely many will be visiting it again over time. The more seriously wounded renegades were brought to the infirmary for immediate treatment, while the others were being piled into the cells by the guards. "Shells. We're going to need Fort's help again here," she growls as she stomps over to a young Healer apprentice that was running back and forth with supplies. She turns to watch as bluerider R'aul is helping bring in his weyrmate, Ph'lip, with the gash and closely followed by another rider hauling Veski in. He got special treatment before he died, sadly.

Veski is hauled along. He doesn't look particularly happy..but then again, he's leaking blood all over the place along with a good number of other renegades. He can be a bit irritable about things. Still, there isn't much he can gripe about, considering he /did/ need healer treatment. He takes a quick look around though, still, eyeing the infirmary.

A'dar isn't in much better shape himself…but at least he's alive and will probably recover completely, which is more than can be said of a lot of people. He's bleeding pretty badly, but he's managed to make makeshift bandages of his shirt and bound one around his gashed leg. Another piece of cloth he's pressed to the wound in his shoulder. Though he uses it to wipe blood out of his face every so often. He seems like he's ready to stand by against the wall, out of the way, and wait for people in worse shape than he to get treated first.

Shorynia had been settled into a cot near the door, but was now arguing brusquely with an apprentice healer who didn't look much older than 14 or 15. He was quite insistent, "We can't put him here, he needs to be near the desk so he's under constant watch by the on-duty healer." Shory shoots back, "The put me up there, too!" "We can't, you're not severely wounded enough." "Then put us somewhere in the middle." "He needs to be under constant surveillance, those aren't exactly flesh wounds, woman." Shory pulls herself into a sitting position, wincing at the pain in her collarbone that even numbweed couldn't completely slake, and points at the healer, fire in her eyes, "We both have broken collar bones and you're not separating me from him. I. Won't. Let. You." The poor boy is stuttering now under Shory's harsh gaze and it isn't long before she's been resettled a few cots from the on-duty desk, Chaton's still comatose form settled next to her.

Ysa passes by Shorynia's cot first, shaking her head at the young woman but looking sympathetic. "We'll get more Healers from the Hall again, those who can be spared. They're going to hate us but… they're doing all they can here, Shorynia. Many are wounded, not just Chaton." She aims to put a comforting hand on the young woman's shoulder though, giving her a squeeze before turning to glare at a passing Healer who is just bringing gauze for a small wound on a greenrider. "Get over there where you're needed!" she yells at him, pointing towards A'dar. Then Veski's got her green eyes locked him, following as they lead him to a cot, heavy brutes of guards behind her now, not one scratch on them and fresh to guard the Renegade Leader.

Veski hisses slightly as he moves onto the cot. His hand still grips that wound when he's able, although that does change as his wrists are moved to be shackled to the cot. Precaution, after all! There's a faint glare given for it, even if he doesn't tug against them at all. "Aw. You brought me /company/."

"…I'm all right," A'dar replies softly to the Healer Ysa directed towards him. "There are people that are injured more severely than me…." His voice is breathy, though, and his skin pale. Really, he can't put up too much of a fight, since he's too weak. So eventually he's coaxed onto a free cot where his wounds can be taken care of. Once he's there, he closes his eyes, relaxing. But not falling asleep. Not yet. That might be dangerous now.

Shorynia winces when Ysa squeezes her shoulder, but nods, her injuries were in the moderate to mild range and she knew it. At least the physical ones. She glances over at Chaton, wincing as the only journeyman healer still on duty begins to peel back her hasty numbweed applications, then to Veski, "Your people brought you company. You could have just surrendered to the due process of Pern."

"Oh shells, 'm sorry Shorynia," murmurs Ysa as she realizes she probably did more hurt than good to the girl. She better not touch anyone else, or she'll end up killing them… "Bullshit!" comes out Ysa's voice as she picks up A'dar's words, giving him a pointed look and a jerk of her head towards a cot. She looks quite worried about the young bluerider, eyeing all his wounds, but she can't stay focused on him for long. Not when the Renegade Leader was still awake. "Oh yes, company that won't leave ya alone from now on. You're lucky I haven't just left ya to your wounds." She makes sure to position each of the brutes to either side of Veski, but still giving room for a Healer to get in there and prod at the wound. "Don't be gentle," she tells the Healer.

Veski simply looks over at Shorynia, watching her, before he tilts his head to the side just slightly. "The due..process.. Do you even /listen/ to yourself? You sound like a fool." There's a faint grunt though when he shifts to actually lay back, chuckling lowly. "I don't /like/ gentle." There's a grin that slowly appears on his face then, turning his gaze onto the healer that will be poking at him.

A'dar by the time Ysa inclines her head towards the cot, he's already settled into one, and is being looked at. He's not fighting. He doesn't really care to exchange words with Veski right now. He knows there's no reasoning with his ilk. Besides, he's worried about Zeituth, with the DragonHealers, and is more concerned with keeping that mental connection up so he can check in.

By the time Ysa inclines her head towards the cot, he's already settled into one, and is being looked at. He's not fighting. He doesn't really care to exchange words with Veski right now. He knows there's no reasoning with his ilk. Besides, he's worried about Zeituth, with the DragonHealers, and is more concerned with keeping that mental connection up so he can check in.

Shorynia smiles at Ysa, "It's okay, really… that side's just bruised." Another glance at Chaton as they start to set his arm and she shudders before settling a glare on Veski, "Do you? You kill people and use them for your own ends. You even brainwashed that poor boy into believing you're a good person when you've killed people, even riders without remorse. Now you have the- the *nerve* to insult me while the man I love lays half dead beside me because he tried to bring your person back to you. And don't even try to tell me it's only because we attacked, you were already intending to kill him."

Ysa scowls down at Veski at his comment. The Healer gives the man a bewildered look, glancing back to the Weyrwoman who just waves her hand for him to continue the treatment, gentle or not he's just getting the job done as fast as possible. "He'll be fine. Zeituth as well," she says, first to Shorynia and then to A'dar over on there on his own cot. "We'll bring in some Dragonhealers too from Ierne to help." She drags a chair over, taking a seat. One of the few unscratched people while she was in the middle of the battle. "Veski, you're a mad man… 'm sure everyone will be screaming for your head. But I think ya can be useful… ya know your way around Pern and ya know more renegades, don't ya?" Her eyes glitter as she watches the Healer prodding into the wound strongly, right before starting with stitches. No numbweed involved.

Veski hisses slightly as that healer does in fact get to work. Indeed, it's not exactly /comfortable/ to get cleaned up and stitched without the use of numbweed. But for the moment, his attention is on Shory. "Don't presume to know what I would or wouldn't do, woman, and besides, nothing today is on my hands. I'm not stupid, although perhaps /you/ are if you think your /lover/ had only the best of intentions at heart, wanting to bring back the little lost boy." His tone turns rather patronizing toward the end, and he sneers at the woman. "All he, and you /all/ did, as far as I can see, was /use/ him for your own purpose. How is that different, I wonder, than what you're accusing me of?" Ysa's comment gets his attention though, after a brief wince as the needle goes into his flesh again. "And it just keeps getting /better/. You want to use me now too, mm, Weyrwoman? /My/ what devious weyrfolk you are."

A'dar opens his eyes long enough to give a grateful smile to Ysa. Even if, y'know, it /was/ tinged with pain from the wounds. "Thank you," he offers quietly, and then closes his eyes again. It wouldn't be long before he ended up numbweeded, though…might as well 'enjoy' the remaining moments of pain before it. He refuses to be drawn by Veski's comments, however. People like him strive to do just that. Best thing to do is deprive them of an audience.

Shorynia nearly growling, and clearly enjoying the pain Veski was experiencing, "Chaton would have brought Valkin back either way. *I* insisted he allow us to follow him so that we could protect him from you. And you've killed more people than just who died today. Your… your *mercenary* nearly killed the only healer who can clear you for release currently assigned here. Maybe I should just let T'burk kill you."

"Oh, 'm sure that most of Pern can agree with us that it's good intentions to try to get rid of renegades. Even if it was to sacrifice a boy's trust, it's still for the better of Ista and Pern." Ysa's opinion seems to make sense to her, afterall. "We don't go murdering and stealing from people without good reason. You're all criminals, and those that died today didn't have to if ya just surrended." Her voice drops down low, serious, as she levels her eyes onto the renegade leader. "I don't /enjoy/ the pain of others. Can ya say the same thing yourself, Veski? Ya and your knives and the way ya question people?" She looks back towards Shorynia, a concerned flicker over to Chaton as well before she looks back towards Veski. "We need him alive. He's valuable. Yes, 'm trying to use ya… get some use out of ya instead of all the harm you've done."

Veski lowers his lashes just a little bit. "You say that as if I /ordered/ him to do it. I assure you, my dear, that's not the case." But hey, the 'mercenary' is dead now anyway. He can't be asked! "If he would have done it either way, then it's his own fault, really. Somehow, I thought that strange healer oath of doing no harm, or some such thing, actually meant something to those people. How odd." He shifts just a bit, and gives a little growl as he tries to move and arm, only to recall that it's chained. "Ysa, dear, what do you /possibly/ think I'd actually give yo—- Oh. Hah..oh..that's great…" He laughs, even though it seems to hurt a bit..and definitely makes stitching slightly awkward. "She thinks that I can be /cleared for release/. Release to /where/? Going to send me on my merry way, are you? /Well/, if I'd known /that/ I would've just accepted an /invitation/ here!" There's another twitch out of the renegade then, and he tilts his head back to look at one of his guards. "My nose itches."

The mention of another rider has A'dar opening his eyes again. T'burk. Is that name familiar to A'dar? Perhaps. He /had/ spent a little time in Western. He frowns…and hisses as it disturbs the gash on the bridge of his nose, one that a Healer's starting to work on. He relaxes, however, the slight twinge distracting him from his thoughts. "…Careful…don't goad him. It's pointless…" he murmurs, not really sure whether Shorynia and the Weyrwoman can hear him or not. Everything sounds…kinda hollow at this point. And he's cold. But he doesn't complain. He's trying to blissfully ignore what just happened, just for a few moments, before the reality of what he just did comes crashing down around him.

Shorynia glowers, "You can be cleared for release to the cells where you belong. Away from law abiding Pernese." She nods to Ysa, "T'burk wouldn't anyway, for all he wants to and I wouldn't blame him after everything I've heard." She turns back to Veski, and amused smile on her face, "I thought you *liked* pain, Veski. Certainly an itchy nose should be a treat." She swallows, knowing A'dar is right but unwilling to stop, needing to take her anger and fear out on someone, "You should never have come to the Weyr, then none of this would have happened and we'd all be happier!"

Ysa's brows go lifting high high up on her forehead. "Cleared for release? Where did you get that idea from?" says Ysa, almost in a soft playful voice and then she chuckles. Actually chuckles at the chained man, shaking her head. "Oh no, we've got ya and ya aren't going anywhere, Veski. I can promise ya that. It just depends how comfortable your stay will be." A drudge enters the infirmary with a bottle and a few glasses of whine, probably having been ordered outside earlier. It's all for Ysa apparently, who looks grateful and then fills up a glass, taking a long sip before sighing heavily. "Too bad," she says about his itch, and then turns to bob her head back at A'dar, either because she heard him or because she needed to check in on him.

Veski sends a quiet, but completely exasperated look at Shory. "There's a difference between painful and irritating." Still, there's a small shrug, and he turns his head as far as he can, rubbing his face against the flattish pillow. It's not great, but it'll work. "I'm hardly going to give you any information that'll lead to further harm to you put it." His eyes roll then, before giving a faint growl of irritation. "Both you, and your little T'burk, I'm sure, can find the appropriate place to shove all that crap you keep spewing."

A'dar gives a little sigh as his warning goes unheeded by Shorynia. Ah well…her psyche, not his. Not that he really didn't care…but he did have his own set of problems. The pain had been dulled quite well by numbweed, so A'dar could really only feel the shifting of his skin as the Healers finish sewing him up, his leg last. They'd been more concerned about his shoulder and head wounds, since the leg wound was well away from any arteries or major muscle groups. He really doesn't have the energy to verbally spar with Veski. He can see well from both points of view…but he's not going to tell anyone that!

Shorynia glares at Veski. If looks could kill, his wounds would certainly be complicated, "Like you stuck your dagger in his son's kidney!?!" She's nearly panting now, her rage reaching a dangerous boiling point, "You've broken more families in the last turn than all the Weyrs combined in the whole duration of Pern's colonization. You wherry-brained, lily-livered, self-righteous prick!" She takes a deep breath, seemingly contemplating spewing even more bile on the man, then stops short as a healer interrupts her by ripping the numbweed off of her arm to apply stitches.

Chaton ughs, and his eyes very slowly lift open, then squeeze back shut against the lights of the infirmary. He groans at the loud voices, too. His head hurt. Shells, it hurt. "Shutup, Chen, and go back to sleep. I have a headache again." he mumbles, barely audiable. He frowns as the voice keeps getting louder. "I swear, Chien, if you don't stop I'll put one of mum's sewing needles in your matress."

Ysa leans forward on her seat, studing the wounded renegade leader on the cot for a moment in silence. "Alright," she finally says with a nod. "I can understand that. Protecting your people like 'm protecting mine. Ya might not have actually been targetting Ista, but think of this as a future precaution." She even has the nerve to pat the man on the arm, if a little sharply. "We'll make ya niice an' comfy here for a very long time." And then she gets up, but doesn't go far, as she makes her way towards A'dar, giving Chaton a quick glance as he starts mumbling. She'll leave that to Shorynia, giving the young woman a sharp look at her louder words at the renegade. "How are ya feeling?" she asks the bluerider a little softer as she approaches his cot.

Veski lifts a brow at Ysa for a moment, and then just sighs, shaking his head. "Really now.." He finally speaks up once Shory ends her tirade. "You shouldn't yell in an infirmary. People are /injured/." There's a bit of a snicker though, thinking it over. "His son, mm? Well you'd have to be more specific than that. People just together after a while. Though I don't recall stabbing anyone in the kidney.. Hm. Who exactly is the self-righteous one? I think you're confusing me with someone else." There's a quiet noise that comes out of the renegade then at that, and he looks again at one of the guards. "Got anything to eat?"

A'dar opens his eyes again, and tilts his head back to look at Shorynia as the woman makes her spiel to Veski. "…Deaf ears…" he murmurs, shutting his eyes again. Though whether he means his words on Shorynia's ears of Shorynia's words on Veski's ears is unclear. It takes him a moment to realize he's been spoken to, but when he does, he opens his eyes. Though likely he's had to have at least one of his eyes hidden by the bandage that went across the bridge of his nose, so it's probably a one-eyed glance that he fixes on Ysa. "Oh…hello there." He gives a smile. "I'm doing all right…" he replies. "At least I don't hurt so much…." He gives a half-smile. He's trying not to move around a lot.

Shorynia glowers at Veski, but Chaton's mumbling catches her attention, which is probably just as well as her throat was starting to get hoarse from yelling. Her knee twitches impatiently as the arrow wound is stitched up and as soon as the healer daubs on the final touch of numbweed she's on her knees at Chaton's side, hands cradling one of his own, "Ch'en's still at Ierne, Chaton. But I'm here." Her anger is gone now, replaced with a much more appropriate , healthy fear for her partner's life.

Chaton opens his eys against the glare of the light. He looks confused. "Sorry, I was having a dream about my old brother… he's dead, not at any Ierne." he shakes his head. "Sorry, I've a headache… think I switched shifts with another healer…" he makes a very futile attempt at sitting up and yelps in pain, and looks down. "Ah… this is new…" he says through gritted teeth. "So, ah, what's all this then, madam…?" he follows down the legnth of his good arm, across her hand (which his brows wrinkle at), and up her arm , looking for her knot… somewhere. Ah. Not a healer. Who then? He shakes his head, which makes him wince in pain. "My head really does hurt something awful…"

"Don't speak to him," Ysa snaps to the guards, catching his question, which she doesn't answer at all. The man could just wait to see when or if they'll ever feed him. She sighs heavily and looks down on A'dar, head nodding slowly. "I was watching and… got worried 'bout ya over there. Ya really put up a fight, and were very brave, A'dar." She gives the young bluerider a smile. "I should go do some… Weyrwomanly duties. But I'll be coming by to check on ya soon, alright? Do what the Healers say." Motherly? Just a little. She gives the young man a concerned look over, not quite for his physical wounds, before nodding and heading over towards Chaton now since he was on the way out. "Glad to see you're still with us, Mindhealer," she says, smiling to the man. "'m glad to see you're awake… and thank you. For your help." She looks between the pair, bobs her head, and starts heading out. Not without one last look over her shoulder at Veski.

Veski sighs a little bit. "Well that's not very nice. Making the poor guys stand here in silence. Must be terribly boring for them." He looks up again then, and just smiles at his guards. "Well. If you aren't going to feed me, I think I'll take a nap. If you're going to the trouble of patching me up, I hardly think I'll be stabbed in my sleep." At least not in the infirmary. He does close his eyes…even though he does speak up again. "Oh, do tell him that he's succeeded in earning Valkin's utter hatred and loathing! He'll want to know he did a /very/ good job." And then…silence from the renegade. Maybe he really /is/ going to go to sleep.

A'dar chuckles a little at Ysa's words. "Brave? Stupid…was more like it," he replies quietly. "There's a fine line, you know…." A smirk. Very small one, because he doesn't want to aggravate that head wound. Not that it's bad…it's just in a really, REALLY difficult place to keep still. Chaton's statement makes him worry a bit…but he's sure the man will straighten out with time. Veski, too is considered…though with little worry. "I will," he assures Ysa as she instructs him to do what the Healers say. He gives a bit of a smile, and then as she heads out, he closes his eyes. Looks like he's planning on getting some sleep, too.

Shorynia's eyes widen, glancing at a passing healer, then back at Chaton, trying to hide the pain in her eyes behind a smile, "Chaton you're at Ista Weyr. You've been posted here for a few months now. You're a Journeyman Mindhealer and primary healer here at the Weyr. And… I… I love you…" Tears well up in her eyes, "Please remember me." It takes all her willpower to resist shooting a glare at Veski. Instead focusing on Chaton, "And Chien impressed a blue dragon. He currently lives at Ierne Weyrhold." She strokes his hand gently, "Remember?"

Chaton blinks, and clenches his eyes shut. "My head hurts." he repeats. He rubs his head gingerly as he thinks about it. It takes a few minuets and he Ohs, his eyes snapping with recognition. "Shory!" he grins and relaxes against his pillow. "You okay?" he looks her over. "You better be. I'll have any apprentices who butcher you with their poor sewing skills." he shakes his head. "And Shells, my head *hurts*. What'd they put me out with, fellis or a ball peen hammer?" he shakes his head again. "So, ah… how did I end up in here? I…. fell off a runner, right?"

Shorynia grins hugely, squeezing his hand, "I'm fine, though they still need to sew up my shoulder." She's at least smart enough to be gripping the hand on the non-broken arm and she leans in against him gently, "You didn't fall off a runner, you got yanked off by a lasoo… then stabbed and beaten a few time and nearly run over by a runner. Your arm's broken in two places and your collarbone is broken as well, so for at least a little while you're going to have to trust the apprentices. At least Until Ysa can send away to the healer hall for a few more. A lot of people were wounded."

Chaton winces at the thought of being at the mercy of *apprrentices*. He shudders lightly. "Please hand me my bag?" he shakes his head. "I don't remember being lasooed. Last thing I remember is turning around from the boy…" he starts a little. "The boy, is the boy alright?" nevermind his own broken bits and pieces.

Shorynia chuckles softly and squeezes his hand again, "I… I don't think your bag made it back… I'm sorry." An actual grin splits her face, "Only you would be more worried about Valkin than yourself… I think he's back in a cell… Veski's chained up over yonder," she motions towards him with her head.

Chaton bahs. "The boy is more important than that man… than me." he shakes his head. "Pern's future is in the children." he nods. "At least the boy is ok." that put out of his mind… "My bag didn't make it back?" he frowns. "Well bring me *a* bag. Or a cart with supplies on it, pretty please? And help me up?"

Shorynia shakes her head slowly at Chaton, only he could be so… chivalrous. She waves down one of the bustling healers and it takes a few moments of whispered conversation for her to convince him that she doesn't really care what the apprentice *thinks* is right, the journeyman wants basic supplies. The apprentice bustles off and she returns to Chaton's side, "I'll only help you up if it doesn't hurt you." She places a hand gently behind his head, knowing that his casts haven't fully set yet, and prepares to help him.

Chaton looks impatient. He is convinced now that the apprentices are enjoying this situation way too much. He is releived when he spies the apprentice bustle off for said cart. He nods, and grimaces. "It'll hurt, but I need to sit up. Perhaps on some pillows…" he shakes his head, and nods. "On three then. One… two… three." he uses his good arm and the muscles in his stomach to sit up, hopefully with some help from Shory.

Shorynia pushes up against his back with her good arm, carefully helping him slide back even as the apprentice returns with the bag of supplies and shifts a few pillows be hind him. Shory casts him a pleading glance and the poor boy returns a few moments later with a chair for her, which she gratefully slides into, "What can I do?"

Chaton grins at the bag infront of him, and digs through it. He looks at some things, and puts other things back. He pulls out sterile gause, and three pouches marked "Willow" "Sage" and "Wintergreen" he pours some of the herbs from each pouch into the gause and wraps it up into a tea-bag shape, and ties it off with suture. "You can relax. That'd ease my worrying about you being hurt." he scooches over in the bed, wincing as he does, to make room for another person. "Or you could join me. I could use company." he looks at the tea-bag in his hands. "And a glass of water!" he calls out to one of the apprentices. "Hot water!"

Shorynia chuckles, "I have to worry about you, don't I?" She stands, shifting the chair out from between the cots, then does one up of trying to slide her own injured body in next to his. She slides her own cot across the floor until it touches his, then slides onto that cot, resting one hand on his thigh as the apprentice appears with the mug of hot water, "Willow's for pain… what are the other two for?"

Chaton smiles. "Nah. Don't have to worry about me." he says, watching her. "I'm perfectly fine. In fact, after you go to sleep, I'm going to go run a marathon and see how any pull-ups I can do." he grins mischeviously, and plunks the tea-bag down into the hot water, and then slides his hand into Shory's. "The other two? Pain." he snorts, and winces. "Actually, all three are for my headache… tea made of sage, willow, and wintergreen is good for headahces."

Shorynia chuckles, leaning gently against him, "Of course I have to worry about you, you're obviously delusional," there's a pause, then she adds, "and I love you too much not to." She nods slowly, "Good to know." She sighs softly, leaning against him, "Do something stupid like that again and I'll tie ya to the bed."

Chaton gently pets down her hair with his good hand and mmms against her. "I am delusional." he murmurs. "And I love you too. More than I ever thought I could." he chuckles lightly. "You always say that. I protected the boy, didn't I? I lead Ysa and the Riders to the Re negade Camp, didn't I? Isn't that worth something?"

Shorynia leans into his chest, tears returning to her eyes, "I don't mean helping the boy. I'd expect no less of you. I mean staying too long and nearly getting yourself killed." She murrs softly, "I can't lose you. Especially not now."

Chaton holds her tighter against him, and gently wipes her tears away. He takes a quick sip of the hot tea and sighs a little, but goes back to hugging her. "I'm alright. You're not going to get rid of me that easily…"

Shorynia smiles even as she sighs, "That's what you always say, then you go on and do things like this." She wraps her arms around him as best as she can, "You'd better still be here in the morning… and for at least the next sevenday. If that amnesia's any indication you got a pretty nasty bump."

Chaton sips a little more at the tea and sits it back down, and replaces his arm around her. "Oh, I'll be here." he grins, but then puts on his best blank face. "What amnesia?"

Shorynia coughs, nearly gagging on the klah she had recently drank, "What amnesia? When you first woke up you thought you were still at the healer hall and insisted that Ch'en was dead!" She manages to avoid yelling, but it's a hard-fought battle.

Chaton frowns. "Oh." he shakes his head, and hmphs. "At any rate, I'll still be here… wait… you're going to be here with me right? You're not going to leave me in here with… them…" he eyes the apprentices paranoidly.

Shorynia chuckles, "I'll be here at least a sevenday, too, silly. I took a sword to the shoulder for you. They won't let me out until they're sure it's not broken."

Chaton awws. "For me? You shouldn't have." he gives her hand a squeeze, and goes back to take a large gulp of tea. He turns his head to the side, so he can see his love, and smiles. "I'mma nap…" he murmurs. "And I'll dream of you…" he nods. "You should get rest too. I hear it helps with the healing process."

Shorynia hmmmms softly, "Good, I'll dream of you, too. And they'll be happy dreams since I know you're okay now." She smiles softly, slipping into her own gentle sleep, still curled against his chest.

Chaton leaves his arm draped around her shoulders, and dozes off.

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