Urination? Food? Whine Whine Whine...

Ista Weyr - Infirmary

Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

Morning has finally come to the Weyr, even as many of its members lay injured. Among them is a certain MindHealer, well-fellised at the moment, and Shorynia. Somehow, she's managed to have paperwork delivered to her even in the infirmary and she's up early, as usual, skimming forms and checking boxes while she waits for Chaton to wake.

Veski is in fact, awake. Awake and..slightly irritated. He's been given food! Of course, given that he had complained of being hungry the night before, he's most certainly happy to be fed /now/. Although the manner of it seems to be something of a question. After all, the man's hands are chained to his cot, and it seems the guards are a bit loathe to put their hands anywhere near his mouth. The whole thing is resulting in something that seems rather messy, and Veski growls every once in a while. "You could give me /a/ hand to work with. This is red—you try and choke me with that one more time and I'll shove that plate right up your ass."

Shorynia eyes Veski, continuing through her paperwork, "You could learn to eat with your toes, Veski. At least that'd be a marketable skill."

Ysa should be doing her daily Weyrwomanly work in the caverns or somewhere else, but instead it's the infirmary that finds her. She's trudging her way, looking quite haggard and tired. Probably the earliest a lot of people have seen her awake, really. "That klah or poison?" she growls to a passing drudge with food, stealing the mug off the tray. Yes, she just stole a patient's klah, most likely. Sipping at it she moves on, giving those injured a glance here and there and then stopping by Chaton's cot, within sight of Veski of course. "How's he doing?" she asks all groggily with a nod to the Mindhealer. Veski gets a glance, really, and a snort. "Just keep tipping it in. Some is bound to get in his mouth."

Veski does not have monkey feet! There's a faint glare given at Shorynia, and then at Ysa as she enters as well. "Oh ha, ha. I can feed myself /just/ fine." Well, when he has a hand available, anyway. Which he doesn't right now. Hence why he's practically getting choked upon occasion. "Tsk..you're makin' a /mess/." Yes, he'll accuse the guards of being messy. It's their fault!

Shorynia can't help chuckling at Ysa, her own mug of klah half-drunk on the floor beside her cot, "He's fine, but they had to put him under to set his collarbone properly… he keeps worrying that the apprentices will kill him in his sleep or something." She takes another couple of notes on her papers before chuckling again, this time at Veski though she continues to talk to Ysa, "The request to the hall for more healers is an Emergency assistance request, right?"

Veski pulls a bit at his chained wrists as he's fed..if incredibly slowly. There's even food on his tunic! Ick. There's a glower given toward a nearby healer. "Tell me you aren't going to force me to lay here like /this/." He's dirty! He groans a bit, and just flops his head back. …At least there's food in his stomach?

Shorynia chuckles more, clearly enjoying Veski's discomforture. A healer apprentice, a younger girl, walks up to Veski and tsks, "We could just remove your shirt. Then at least you'd be easier to clean." She cocks an eyebrow at the renegade, but waits for his response.

Veski does tilt his head a little, and then simply smiles at the apprentice, nodding. "I don't mind that at all." He's not shy! Plus, that sounded like an inferred sponge bath, to him! Can't go wrong with those either. "Please /do/ go right ahead."

Shorynia chuckles again, signing off on one piece of paperwork and moving on to the next, all while watching the banter between Veski and the apprentice girl. The girl smiles, then grabs a scalpel, waving off the guards as she approaches. She leans over him, pauses a minute, then slices his shirt cleanly open from bottom to top, twisting the scalpel at the end so it would dig a ragged hole in the flesh of his chest. Grimacing as she slices the arms of his shirt before yanking the tattered remains off of him, she whispers softly, "That was for my father," and stalks away… the identity of her father still a mystery.

Veski is quiet, although there's a faint lift of a brow as a scalpel is brought into the mix. And while he might complain about the idea of cutting off his tunic usually..well. He's been stabbed in this one anyway, and it's filthy. Might as well be rid of it. The intensely sharp blade digging into him, however, earns a jerk from the renegade, both arms yanking hard against the cuffs that bind him to the bed. There's a low hiss, and he glares at the apprentice as she stalks off. Ah well..yet another scar to add to the rather large collection he seems to have on his torso. Quite a few on his arms might even appear self-inflicted.

"Emergency assistance request, yes," says Ysa as soon as she wakes up a bit with the klah and after discussing something with a nearby Healer. Her eyes constantly went back and forth to Veski during that conversation, but only now does she get the chance to answer. "And I already sent word along to Kessa to let her know we'll be sending riders to pick people up in the Hall, or if she knew anyone to help right away." And then she nods her head to Shorynia, smiling slightly at the girl before moving to cross the small distance towards Veski, not quite minding the removal of his shirt. "You'll lay there until Healers give the okay— Hey, girl!" she calls out after the apprentice, suddenly awake and angry as she realizes what she did. "Do your job or you'll be out of one," she growls at the guards before jerking her chin after the girl. "There'll be no killing or torturing of the prisoner. Ya got that?" she shouts to the remaining guard, raising her voice for those nearby to hear her.

Shorynia shuffles her papers then hands one to Ysa, "This'll be it then. Cites the injury of our head healer along with many other weyrfolk as a reasonable need for emergency healer assitance." The young apprentice scoots quickly out of the Weyrwoman's view, knowing full well that she could get in a lot of trouble for that. A different healer wanders through, spots Veski's fresh wound, and rolls his eyes before quickly cleaning and dressing it without a word before moving on to the next patient on his list.

Veski grunts just a little, throwing a faint look at Ysa. "What's with all the healers around here tryin' to hurt people? First that mindhealer idiot, and now that little bitch." It's not a very healer-like bunch! Hmph. He squirms though, looking at least a bit appeased as another healer comes to take care of the fresh wound. "See? I like him."

Ysa takes the paper without really glancing at it from Shorynia, bobbing her head. "It'll go out first thing today, as soon as I get the extent of the damage from the Healers." She's still glaring in the direction the apprentice went and the way Veski's guard went. He'll come back soon, though, empty-handed which will only make Ysa more annoyed. "/Most/ Healers are very good at their job. But we're all only human, and you're not really everyone's friend here, renegade," she says in a cold voice down to Veski. He made her wake up early, so she's grumpy. "Are ya hungry still or can these people stop shoving food down your throat?"

Shorynia sneers at Veski, biting back a scathing comment. Instead laying back and closing her eyes, feigning sleep for the moment even as her hand grips Chaton's tightly.

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"Fine, fine, yes I keep hearing that and then ya say ya don't want to get an infection. Make up your mind already." She takes a seat in the chair she was in last night, perching on the edge of it as she watches Veski. "Some of them, hm? So ya do keep some prisoners around. Does it matter whether they really get an infection or not?" At his question she raises her brow and glances around the infirmary. "My bluerider? Which one?"

"Of course it matters!" It's a rather immediate snap in response to Ysa, eyes narrowed at the goldrider. "That's disgusting." Of course, his thoughts on 'disgusting' are obviously a bit warped. His shoulders shrug, however, giving a faint snort as the chains connecting his wrists to the cot rattle ever so slightly. "Your bluerider. The one who managed to kill Merrick. How is he?"

Shorynia's eyes twitch back open, then she glances over at A'dar, then back at Veski, her mouth tightly shut. She was worried enough about how that particular event might have affect A'dar without having to discuss it with the vile renegade.

Ysa raises her brows up high at the answer but she only 'hmms' for a moment as she ponders that response. "Disgusting?" She leans forward in her seat a little, frowning at the man. "Somehow I can't believe that you'd think 'bout showing mercy to your prisoners like that. Forgive me if all the rumors 'bout ya aren't true." And then she sits back, face going over in the direction of A'dar before turning a narrow-eyed look back on the renegade. "That's none of your business."

Veski lowers his lashes a little bit, and just tilts his head. "That's fine then. I'll just ask him when he wakes up." After all, he can just..yell or something over there wherever the rider's bed might be. There's a faint tsk under his breath though, smiling slowly at Ysa. "There are many versions of the truth, my dear."

Shorynia blinks and sighs, "Yeah, but when it comes to guilt, truth is decided by comittee."

"It didn't really look to me like he was willing to talk at all to ya last night, so I think it'll be a waste of breath." There's something more like a threat to the tone of Ysa's voice, but she leaves it at that. "You're not really helping your side of the story by sharing what's true or not. Not that I'd actually believe ya, of course." She tosses back the rest of her mug of klah, finishing it off.

Veski laughs softly, and then simply shrugs. "So what exactly would be the point of telling you anything, if all you're going to do is not believe me? Mm? Doesn't seem very productive." He does look at Ysa though. "Hardly a convincing argument. I'll talk to him when he's available, all the same."

Shorynia chuckles softly, "Let him talk, Ysa, he'll let more slip if he thinks we believe him than if he doesn't." She covers her mouth suddenly. Did she say that outloud? shells!

"Because it'd at least be a start in giving me a better picture, wouldn't it? Or maybe convince me otherwise… What 'm not going to believe is that ya were a man just trying to make a living," Ysa says as she lifts her shoulder up in a shrug. "Couldn't hurt." She tilts her head over at Shorynia and smirks a little at her slip up. "It probably wouldn't do any good to lie to the man. I have a feeling he's very experienced in knowing if we're lying or not."

Veski can't help laughing, shaking his head slowly back and forth. "Let../what/ slip, exactly? You keep spouting off about your /laws/ and your /justice/. Heh. Are you going to sit there and try and tell me honestly that you plan on having some sort of /trial/? I think it's already been proven that that isn't going to happen." Especially not with people stabbing him with scalpels whenever they get the chance. "Nothing said by me is going to make me more or less guilty, the result is the same."

Shorynia lowers an unpleasant glare on Veski, "In the long run, I fully intend to see you brought to trial for your crimes. Then, at least, you'll be saved more vengeful wounds." she eyes his chest, knowing where the healer had stabbed him.

"I haven't quite decided if there is going to be a trial," says Ysa as she looks from Veski to Shorynia. "Though 'm sure all the Holders and the rest of Pern have started sending requests for one." She has yet to actually check her mail and incoming visitors, of course. "I doubt they really care if ya wind up dead accidently or not, so I'd rather keep ya 'round alive for at least a little while longer."

Veski just shakes his head ever so slightly. "I don't quite see the point of a trial in the first place. Considering that you have no doubt of my guilt, what exactly /is/ the point?"

Shorynia chuckles and holds up two different envelopes, "This one's requests for trial… this one's three separate requests for his mummified head to be displayed across pern." She smiles sweetly at Veski, "What we think matters less than what the council thinks. A trial makes any punishment you receive fair."

"To satisfy the bloodthirsty people, of course," Ysa answers Veski as if it were the most obvious answer in the world. Shorynia gets a surprised look and then a groan. "Already? See? Shells… I want ya to make a generic reply. Say that Veski is Ista Weyr's prisoner and no one else's, and /we'll/ decide what happens to him. Thank you very much. Council can go shove a foot up their ass if they say anything otherwise." Ysa was happy for her prized trophy, it seemed, and didn't want to share.

Veski just shakes his head slowly. "Heh. You people make no sense at all." But then again, 'the bloodthirsty masses' don't have to make much sense. He jerks the chains against his cot slightly, frowning at them. "..I don't belong to you, Ysa." That, however, is not said nicely. No, his tone darkens, gaze lifted slightly to glare at the weyrwoman.

Shorynia chuckles, scribbling a note on the envelopes, "Of course, Weyrwoman." She doesn't look necessarily pleased about Ysa's decision, but in front of the prisoner is no place to discuss it. The glare she lowers on Veski would kill a lesser man, "Valkin seems to think he belongs to you. We just think you're our prisoner." she cocks an eyebrow, "The shackles agree with us."

Ysa doesn't seem affected at all by the renegade's tone, or even his glare. She just smirks right back at him like she's been doing the entire time. "I think you're the one putting those words in my mouth." She nods her head once towards the young woman. "What she said. Ya know, Valkin was very much convinced he had to return to ya cause he belongs to ya. Don't get me wrong, he definitely is convinced there's true affection there, whether it's real or not. But ya seem to have put this sense of possession into him rather strongly." She leans forward a little more, eyes glittering. "People don't own other people. But you're definitely not a free man here in Ista Weyr."

Veski twitches sligthly, looking a touch angrier at that. He jerks against the chains fastening him to the cot again. "You leave /him/ out of it. You don't know /anything/ about him, or how I feel. Nothing." Though, with him brought up again, the renegade twitches, growling. "Where /is/ he?!"

Shorynia can't help smiling and even feeling a slight touch of joy at Veski's outburst, "He's fine. He's just a kid, we wouldn't hurt him. 'Sides, Chaton and I think he's cute." She smiles, perhaps badgering the man, "What you are to eachother, though, is of some interest to me."

[[character:Chaton]] groans again at the yelling and wakes up from his own self-induced sleep. "I swear, if you people can't keep it down in the infirmary I'll drug everyone in here with fellis juice." he presses on his temples with his useable hand to try and press out the pain. "or a ball peen hammer if I can't find anything else handy." he blinks his eyes open. "Which is what I feel like I've been hit in the head with."

There's a quiet shuffling of feet as a rather small rider stumbles into the infirmary, looking half-asleep. [[character:A'di]] pauses, confusion flickerin on his face momentarily before he offers a wary smile. "Sorry." He mumrurs, quickly moving over to a corner and slipping into a chair, sighing quietly.

Ysa's smirk finally falters a little as she watches Veski's reaction. "No, I suppose I don't know that much outside of what the kid told me." And then she just waves her hand in a dismissive manner. "Not here, cause he's not hurt. And again, none of your business. I'd be worrying 'bout yourself, Veski." She leans back in her chair then, turning her attention over at the wakening Mindhealer. "Sorry, Chaton," she says to him with a little chuckle. "But I don't think you're in any condition to make threats, either."

Veski growls at Ysa lowly. "Don't tell me who I should worry about, Ysa. Don't you /dare/." Shorynia gets another look then, and the man smirks, narrowing his eyes at her. "What is he, to me? There's nothing that you could /possibly/ understand." Chaton's awakening does get a glance from the renegade though, and a faint smirk. "May as well have been."

Chaton frowns at Ysa. "No, I'm not, but one of these apprintices could slip some into Veski's juice or something. Maby then everyone would stop shouting. I have a headache Thisa." That's her name, right? Thisa? Anyway…

Shorynia shifts her focus to Chaton, slipping her hand into his and squeezign gently, "I was trying to keep it down, sorry love." She glances back at Veski, "You might be surprised what we can understand, Veski. And explaining might at least get you a visit from the boy."

"'m daring," Ysa says, baring her teeth a little in a grin at the renegade leader. "And I'll keep to that opinion." She glances again from Shorynia to him, shaking her head a little. "I don't think that's one thing that we'll be able to grant. At least not yet. The boy's distraught 'nough as it is anyway, and we don't want to make things any worse." The bluerider is glanced at as she's giving the infirmary a look around, smiling politely and then returning to those around her.

A'di offers a quick nod in reeting Ysa's eyes meet his, but, for the most part, he keeps his silence. His eyes worridly glancing at a particular cot.

Veski growls a little bit to himself. "Seeing /me/ won't make him distraught. You're the ones that are doing that just fine on your own." There's a faint laugh though, head shaking. "Nothing I can tell you, will bring him to me. Besides. I have no reason to believe you'll give me /anything/ you may claim. You did a fine job of deceiving Valkin. You won't do the same again."

Shorynia sighs softly, just shaking her head at Veski, "Valkin's a cute kid. We took care of him and treated him as best we could. You're a confirmed murderer. The treatment you get is going to be different." She glances sidelong at Ysa, "If you gave me a good reason, I'd try my best to let him visit."

Chaton snorts, and feels around for his bag. "Okay, who moved the bag?" he searches a bit more, then ahs and pulls it out from behind his pillow. He digs in the bag and pulls out a piece of sweet candy and pops it into his mouth. "Want one?" he asks, offering it to Shorynia.

Ysa shrugs at Veski's accusation. "Perhaps we are. Kid doesn't really deserve it, but it was one lie or let all of ya keep roaming free." She sets the mug down on the ground, completely empty now. "Ya want to be in charge of the renegade brat as well, Shorynia?" she asks, honest curiosity as she tilts her head at her and then turns back to Veski. Nothing more exhanged with him about it, though.

Veski narrows his eyes again slowly. "Obviously not, considering your /Weyrwoman/ just said otherwise." No, he's not about to believe any promises made. "Confirmed murderer, mm? Have you seen me doing this, I wonder? Wouldn't it be /funny/ if you got to this /trial/ of yours, and had…absolutely no proof of anything? Other than hearsay, of course. Rumors." There's a grin…well, until Valkin is mentioned again by Ysa, and the man jerks. "In /charge/ of? He won't listen to you. Any of you! Not after what /you've/ done to him. Hah! Never…"

Shorynia sighs, shaking her head softly, "In charge of him? I don't know… in charge of making sure he gets what he needs to stay in good mental and physical health? well, at least as good as we can, yeah. I did it last time and I'll do it again this time. He's an amazing kid and if talking briefly with Veski would help him feel better, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I think it's horrible that we used him like we did, even if there wasn't another alternative." She smiles at Chaton, somewhat surprised in herself that she'd kept her voice level through the whole thing, "Yes, I'd love something to suck on."

Chaton fights down an urge to say something akin to 'pull the curtian closed' and instead hands her one of the sweets out of the bag. "Can I interest you in one Thesa?" he asks, extending one to Ysa. "Offer one to loudmouth over there too. Maby if he puts something in his face he'll stop shouting."

"Someones got to take care of him," Ysa says with an actual glare down to Veski before she nods in confirmation to Shorynia. "Yeah, all that is fine. Do what ya must, really. 'm not good with kids anyway. So long as he's being cared for in some way." She sighs heavily and finally gets up from her seat, glancing in surprise at Chaton and his offer. "You're calling me? 'm Ysa, Chaton," she says with a faint and sad smile. "I think you're just mixing up my name a little."

Veski growls a little bit under his breath. He remains sitting up for the time being though, just watching what's going on. Though still, he looks a tad irritable. "Oh yes, I love how you infer there that I /don't/ take care of him. I assure you, Ysa, the boy has been /nothing/ but taken care of." He slants a look at Shorynia then, however, he says nothing, simply looking contemptuous instead.

Shorynia leans over a little, gently stroking Chaton's hair from his face as he sleeps, looking for a moment remarkably serene, as if she hadn't a care in the world but him. She looks up, still smiling, at Ysa, "I'll do my best to take care of him… though it's true that he was in fine health before he got here the first time. I think Veski's at least telling the truth about that." She sighs softly, her eyes somewhere else for a moment.

Ysa sighs heavily, turning a glare back down on Veski. "I never said that, either," she says in a barely controlled tone. "You're just not in any condition to be taking care of him, are ya, Veski? Or will be anytime soon." She frowns over the man chained to the bed for a little longer before she turns to the others with a bob of her head. "I should be going to get what paperwork I do have sorted already. If Veski really does start giving people a headache, force fellis down his throat to knock him out." This is said to the guards and a nearby Healer as she turns to head out the door.

There are probably several people resting in the infirmary whose sleep isn't peaceful. One of those is a certain bluerider who has a bandaged face. Said bluerider also has two firelizards near him. One is curlced up next to his head, th eother is pacing the length of his bedside as if guarding him. He frowns slightly in his sleep, twitching slightly. He doesn't move around very much, peaceful dreams or not. It only takes him a moment to wake; perhaps his frown hurt him enough to wake him. He's tense for a moment, just a moment…until he realizes where he is. Then he relaxes, with a quiet wince of pain. Then he looks around. Noticing A'di, he smiles slightly. "…I see you got the letter I sent via Aloysius…." Whether he's heard or not is another matter, since his voice is so quiet.

There's a quick jerk from the bluerider, causing A'di to immidiately fuss over the other bluerider, "Of course I got it, wherryhead." He mumbles quietly, his eyes sweeping over the bluerider's form. "I ought to smack you for getting yourself hurt, but you're hurt enough." He shakes his head a little. "You're not hurt too bad, are you? I've been worried."

Veski blinks just a bit at the mention of fellis, tensing..and then just whips his head to the side to glare at one of the guards. "Try it…" He's not about to down /that/ crap willingly. Dealing with healers and awkward feedings is one thing. He's not about to consent to having drugs forced into him.

A'dar smirks a little to A'di's threat. "Wasn't exactly anything I could do about it," he notes. Slowly, he shakes his head to the question. "No…not too badly." At least not physically. But he doesn't say that. "It's more that my injuries are more in awkward places than anything else." He raises his uninjured right hand and points to his forehead. "Every time I smile, frown…or pretty much move my face at all, it pulls at the stitches."

Shorynia watches Ysa go, then glances over at A'dar, but lets A'di take care of him. For once the look she casts Veski has some care in it, "I'll treat Valkin as I do my brother."

Veski does look over at the two riders for a moment. After all, he'd had some things he wanted to /say/ to A'dar when he finally woke up. But he does tilt his head a bit, remaining quiet before glancing at Shorynia. "Trying to make me /feel/ better?" There is perhaps discomfort there. Why? "So. Gotta pee." That would be why.

A'di snorts quietly and wraps his arms over his waist, shaking his head. "Sure, sure, 'there's nothing you could do about'. Except maybe drag your butt back to Westerm where I can keep a better eye on you." He arches a brow ever so slightly, "Least then I wouldn't be worrying about what sort of trouble you're getting into." He shakes his head a little, "So don't smile, or frown, it's just that simple. It'll heal though, won't it? What exactly did you get yourself into this time anyway? I got your note but…"

A'dar can't help but chuckle a bit, and reaches to try and pat A'di's hand. "I'm in search and rescue; things like this are to be expected," he says quietly. "We got sent to raid the Renegade camp. There was a really big fight." Just from the vague words he uses, one can probably tell there's a lot more to it than that. But he doesn't want to go into it. But at least he's not the only one that got injured; the infirmary is almost filled with riders that are injured, and many worse than he.

Shorynia smiles and shrugs, "Guess you'll have to wait and find out about that." She chuckles outright when he whines of his bodily needs, "I'm sure there's a bedpan."

Veski snorts faintly. "And I'm sure, that after that /lovely/ incident earlier, I'm not letting any /one/ of you people near my pants." Heck no! /No/. He squirms a bit on the cot then, and just looks at one of the guards, frowning. "Come on now. I just need /one/ hand. One of you can watch."

A'di shakes his head, "And what happened to locking yourself up in your weyr, eh?" A'di asks, arching a brow and pursing his lips. "Shards, you're going to make me get into trouble with Taira if I have to start coming over here daily just to check up on you." A finger reaches out to jab at A'dar's ribs. He grins suddenly though, leaning forward, "We're going dancing too. I got talked into dancing it…was fun. We should dance sometime." It doesn't really seem like A'dar has a choice, for the bluerider is positively beaming. "You should listen to Dalasith, he's head over heels that he got to see me dance!" He snickers, clearly amused at the whole thing.

Shorynia glances at Veski, then at the guards, "The last thing I want ruining my lunch is the sight of his urinary tool." She waves her hand, "Certainly you 6 can keep him from running off long enough to pee in an actual toilet."

"Bedpans are a pain." says Chaton, his eys still closed. He peels one eye open, though, as a thought strikes him. "Wait just a bloody second. /Why/ am I still in here, anyway?" he shakes his head, which causes him to wince, but he sits up, using one hand on the side of the cot to help him up. "Where's Merc, and my shirt. In reverse order."

A'dar seems amused, and listens to A'di with a small smile on his face. Not enough to disturb his bandage, of course. He jerks a little at the poke, but not too much. "Dance? Shells, I can barely walk without tripping. Somebody would end up with flat toes from my stepping on them." He can't help but give a chuckle. "I'm glad you had fun though," he replies, that small smile remaining.

Veski lifts a brow slowly, and then just snorts. "I hardly need /six/ people accompanying me to the bathroom. Sounds like more fun time than I feel up to right now." Though the guards do get a look. "Maybe later though. One should be plenty…"

A'di rolls his eyes and leans in to grin at A'dar, "If I had to dance, then you're going to dance! If I'm going to look like a flailing idiot, then you are too! So there! We're going dancing." he nods his head to himself, looking quite proud of himself. "So how long are you stuck in this place before I can drag you over to visit me again? It's been quiet without you."

Shorynia jumps when Chaton speaks, then glares at him as she processes his words, "You're still here because we're all still here. You can't be cleared to return to duty until another journeyman comes from the hall." She prods his broken collarbone, "And because they haven't finished dealing with either of our collarbones yet." She glances up at Veski's guards, "No less than 3." It's an order, not a request. *Then* she glances up to the shared foot of their cots where a ball of blue, brown, and green is curled up, "He's down there with Tipsy, Queen, and Mud."

A'dar chuckles again. "Actually…I don't know," he replies. "Hopefully not too long…being stuck here is a pain in the ass," he states flatly. "I'd make the usual complaints people coming in here have, but I'm sure most of it's the fact that I can't leave just yet. I'm sure it won't be too long, just as long as I promise the Healers I won't immediately jump back into things with both feet."

Chaton yelps at the poke, and frowns. "That hurt." he mumbles. "Hey, wait, what? Why on Pern do we need another Journeyman here? I have this place organized and such. Some other guy is going to come here and put everything in weird places. Like the gause next to the redwort, and numbweed clear across the room next to the sutures and needles." he hurmphs, as if that's like… a cardnial sin or something. "And I'm fine. I can walk, and I'm a healer. I know how to treat… uh…" he pauses for a moment, thinking… "clavicles! That's it. Clavicles."

Veski might not like having an escort, but he does perk up when he's un-cuffed from the cot. He's able to move his arms! At least for a short time. He hisses slightly as he's urged to his feet though, wincing as the stitching in his side pulls uncomfortably. And then? It's off to the bathroom! Huzzah!

A'di pouts slightly and nods, sighing quietly as he leans up against the bed. "Well, I'll try to stop in when I can to keep you company." He looks over his shoulder at the other people, "I still wish you'd come back to Western with me. It's hard sneaking off to come visit you." He leans forward, wrapping his arms on the cot. "You'll at least come visit me more? You don't stop by too much lately. What have you been up to aside from getting yourself attacked by renegades?"

Shorynia watches the guards lead Veski off, "One of you have a hand on him at all times." She smiles ever-so-sweetly at Chaton, "That was the point, my love. Also, you know as well as I do that another healer has to clear you for duty. Once you are you'll still be in charge, but it may be a day or two since we just sent out the request." She squeezes his hand gently, "It's just for a few more days. And Faranth knows you'll still be here once you're cleared anyway, working as hard as always, so I might as well stay."

A'dar nods. "I know. I'm sorry. I do miss you. Really," he replies, closing his eyes. "But you know why I can't go back to Western." He does not however, expand on this reason. He turns his head slightly int he direction of the departing Renegade. "We saw Veski at Ista's auction, and patrols had been stepped up for a while." He gives a bit of a smile. "I'm sorry I haven't been able to get out there often. I'll visit more, I promise."

Veski is gone for a few minutes. Some nice, long, renegade-free minutes. And then he's coming back with his lovely guard entourage, although one at least seems decent enough to help the injured man back onto the cot again. Once again, however, he's chained there.

A'di pushes himself to his feet, "Well, I'll try and visit you when I can, I don't know how often that'll be. I have duties of my own. Just…don't go off killing yourself when I'm not around to keep an eye on you, all right?" He frowns, looking over his shoulder and sighing quietly, "I should go before Taira notices I'm gone for too long."

Chaton frowns. "Yeah, but… but…" he frowns harder. "I can still be here, only over there at that desk, with those files, and that one woman who keeps compulsivly trying to bite her toenails." he nods. "She's going to move on to her little toe and break her back or something." he shakes his head. "And… and… I have clincial trials going on! And… papers! and… other important stuff that I can't remember right now." he snorts, and lays his hand agains hers, and sighs. "I hate being on the wrong side of the cot."

Shorynia chuckles quietly, carefully watching Veski's return to his cot, squeezing Chaton's hand, "You could ask your apprentices to bring you your work here," she points to the stack of papers on her lap, "I did. Just wait, it'll be over in no time and at least we're together."

Veski flops back onto his back, and just sighs. Maybe he's tired! Or something like that.

A'dar nods. "I'll try to be out of here as soon as I can," he promises. "While I'm recovering, I should have some off-time…so I'll head out to Western, if that's all right." He reaches for A'di's hand, hoping to give it a little squeeze before the other man leaves. "I…have a feeling I'll need the vacation…." His words are soft. But he doesn't elaborate. He nods as A'di mentions his need to go. "I understand. I'll try to get out of here as soon as I can." He gives a small smile. "Thank you…for coming to check up on me. It makes me feel a lot better."

Chaton bahs. "It's going to stay over there. I have the desk locked and the key hidden in a secret pouch in Mercury's hat where the apprintices, or anyone else for that matter, wont find it." he nods. "I'll chalk this up to a vacation." he nods again. "A vacation with you." He smiles, and winks. He'd have Merc hide those papers in a cupboard somewhere later.

A'di moves to takes A'dar's hand in his, "I'd kiss you, but I think it'd hurt." he laughs quietly, "So, I'll just have to save it for later." He pauses, looking at the others, his fingers squeezing at A'dar's hand, "I'll try and visit often as I can, promise. And of course it's all right. I'd drag you over there and stick you in our infirmary so you wouldn't be able to leave if I could. But, since I can't, I'll have to put up with just coming and visiting." He smiles, "It makes me feel a lot better too. I'll see you later A'dar." There's a small smile and A'di pulls his hand away to sneak out of the room.

Shorynia glances up at Veski and shakes her head, that man was a menace, but a necessary one. She leans in against Chaton, "You worry too much. If you trusted the apprentices more they'd learn more from you… though vacations are always good."

Veski turns his head slightly, and just watches as A'di leaves. And then his gaze shifts slowly back to A'dar again. "So you get visitors, mm? That's very good for you." No, the silence wasn't about to last for too long.

A'dar looks to Veski for a brief moment, and then looks back to whatever was in front of him. It doesn't look like he's going to answer the Renegade. But finally he answers. Sort of. "…Hm." It's a small answer, but then…he doesn't really have a lot to say right at that moment.

Chaton sighs, and wistles, and three apprintices pop seemingly out of nowhere. He fishes under Mercury's cap and throws a key at one of them. "You, take the paperwork in the big drawer. There are notes in the notebooks on top. The usual." he points at the second. "You, take the files ontop of the desk. The usual group of patients." he points at the third and quirks a grin. "You, take the lady who chews her toenails off. It should be the usual case of OCD." He looks at all of them. "Well, go!" he says, watching all three of them scurry off. He grins. "They're all going to wet themselves with excitement."

Veski lifts a brow just slightly, but sighs at the lack of answer. Well…lack of completely verbal answer anyway. Still, the renegade does shake his head somewhat. "You did very well. That's all." Praise where it's due, apparently. Or something like that.

Shorynia smiles, watching Chaton help others learn from him, then squeezes his hand, "I hope not, that'll desanitize the infirmary." She glances at A'dar and sighs softly before leaning in and whispering something to Chaton with a gentle smile, then she glances at Veski and just shakes her head. He was a good person… for his own definition of good, but he was still delusional.

She whispers "I think A'dar may need to talk to you about what happened… he… he killed a man." to Chaton.

Chaton ahs, and nods, sitting up. "No, thanks, I dont want any soup, but I think I'll have a chat with the cook later." he nods, and squeezes her hand. "In the meantime, the apprintices will hang out around here and have fun. Perhaps it's time I have them rule the roost more often…"

Shorynia nods slowly, "It'll be good for them, love." She smiles softly at him, "How's your arm feeling? That was a nasty break."

Chaton snorts. "I dunno. I can't feel it. I've been covering it in numbweed. I'm terrible when it comes to pain." he nods. "But my shoulder hurts like nobody's business."

Shorynia chuckles, "Well give me the numbweed, silly."

Chaton digs in his bag and chucks it at her lightly, along with the redwort. "All yours." he says, grinning.

Shorynia carefully removes the old, ineffective numbweed from the wound, almost certainly causing him some pain in the process, checks it gently with her fingers and nose, then applies a thin layer of redwort and then a thick slathering of numbweed. She wipes the rest of the numbweed off her fingers before leaning in against him in a tight hug, "Doesn't smell infected, you're all good."

Chaton winces and bites his lower lip hard enough to leave marks, but he sighs as the numbweed deadens it. "Thanks beautiful." he murmurs to her, leaning against her. "Did you know that different infections have different smells? There's one that smells like grape jelly."

Shorynia smiles, cocking an eyebrow, "Jelly? Really? I just mostly check for a non-blood smell." She strokes his side gently, "Being injured sucks, yanno?"

Chaton nods. "It does. That's why I try to avoid it, but I'll be if I havent been injured more since I've been at Ista than anywhere else. Hey, at least I was able to get a raving lunatic out of the jungle."

Shorynia smiles softly, "I hope you don't regret it…" She trails off, then, with a big yawn, "We're not going to be able to have sex for a while, are we?"

Chaton snorts. "I dont regret it. It's been lots of fun." he nods, and starts a little with that commet. "Ah… conventional wisedom says no on that one, love, but I mean… you know… sex isnt everything.

Shorynia snorts back, "I know, doesn't mean I can't miss it." She squeezes him once more, "Just being here with you is good. I could probably leave, but then I'd have to go to bed alone every night until you're better."

Chaton laughs lightly, and holds her hand. "I'm glad you're here with me. I'd be lonely." he chuckles and kisses her. "I really am glad you're here."

Shorynia leans up a little, kissing him back, "I'd probably be here either way, just glad I could save your life to get you to this point. You'd've bled to death on that battle field if I'd stayed here."

Chaton nods slowly. "I'm grateful for that Shory. I really am, but I would have gladly given my life for the future safety of Pern. That's why I'm a healer. To save the lives of others."

Shorynia growls softly, "To save lives, yes, not to risk your own. Neither of us should have been on that battlefield. There were plenty of riders and guards willing to do the deed." She squeezes him again, "In some ways I'm glad you got hurt. It kept you from doing something you'd really regret."

Chaton frowns. "If you hadnt noticed, I was running away from that battle field as fast as my runner could carry my coward ass untill some lunatic lasooed me off of my runner. Not that I can remember any of this, but it's what you told me." he frowns, his eyebrows knitted together. "Regret? Like what? Trying to save my ass?"

Shorynia stares at him, "like having to damage someone else's. You're not a fighter, love, and I'd hate for you to lose yourself to something like that."

Chaton shoots a look over to the rider who *did* have to do something like that, and shakes his head "True. Well, I appreciate your saving me, yet again." he sighs, and sits back.

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