The Final Confrontation... Maybe...

Ista Weyr - Infirmary

Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the proceedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

The day is drawing to an end as the healers make their rounds, checking dressings and delivering bowls of simple soup. Sometime during the day, the guards getting very tired of his whining, Veski's torso and legs were tied down to the bed so that one arm could be released to eat without them having to force-feed him, always under the careful watch of his guards. Shorynia still sits on her chosen cot beside Chaton even though she's been cleared to return to her normal quarters. Today, well today is inventory and papers are strewn everywhere across her cot as she cross-references dates and locations.

Having an arm free or not, being strapped flat and horizontal doesn't make for easy eating. "Swear you people are trying to find subtle ways of starving me." It's to the guard next to him that he speaks, of course. Tiredly, he just drops his arm after a while, staring up at the ceiling.

Shorynia chuckles, taking a long draught of her own soup. "You know… if you actually made even the slightest effort to be anything other than a whiney, untrustworthy prisoner you might get a tidge more freedom… possibly even the ability to walk." She smiles ever-so-sweetly, though she tries not to look directly at him. Like many of the men around her she couldn't deny he was somewhat attractive. Unlike them, there was no way she'd stoop so low, especially not with Chaton snoozing beside her and him under armed guard… no, even if he wasn't under armed guard she wouldn't stoop that low.

Veski shifts just a little, trying to get comfortable. It's not exactly easy, being so immobilized though. Shorynia's words cause an eyeroll, however, tongue briefly drifting out to lick over his lips. "Yet again, you go on talking about things that make…no sense at all. Odd girl." Whiny? Untrustworthy? Not in /his/ view of things.

Shorynia grimaces slightly when he calls her odd, "The obnoxiously long name my late mother gave me is Shorynia. Learn to use it." Her eyes are still firmly on her papers, "You're an interesting fellow, doesn't mean you're not downright irritating. Nothing we do is good enough for you. Can't deny that we could give you all your nutrients and fluids intravenously. Just remember that. Heck, we can attach a bag to your pisser and make it so you don't even get to get up to use the bathroom."

Veski sighs faintly. "Yes, yes. You want to get your hands on it. Really now. People who live in Weyrs really /are/ insatiable, going after people who are all tied up and helpless." There's a soft tsk under his breath then. "Perhaps I don't /feel/ like using the absurd name you were given. Is there a difference, either way?"

Shorynia cackles, "First, I was insatiable before my hold collapsed in the earthquakes. Second, most likely the temporary Journeyman arriving this afternoon would do it as it's invasive. I'm told he's quite comely." She makes a few more marks on her papers, then moves one stack off to the side, "That's the name I prefer. At least until I know you better, which isn't likely."

Veski hms quietly, and then just grins to himself. "Shory then. It's simple enough." And most certainly not a full name. "Oh, do trust me, my dear, nobody is going to be sticking anything inside of me." Not tubes, not..catheters.. Nothing! Hmph.

Shorynia chuckles, "Not if you behave, certainly. No need, after all… Though I suppose depending on your… hmmm… interests you might have desires for some things being stuck inside of you." Another stack of inventory is signed off on and set aside, an evil grin on Shory's lips.

Veski lowers his lashes just a little bit at that. "Hardly in the mood for any of your kind." He shakes his head then, and shifts, grunting a bit as he tries to sit up, before the restraints keep him down. "It depends on nothing. Sadly, little Shosho, I know how the Weyr's hierarchy works. And your opinion on what should, or should not be done to me, means absolutely nothing."

Shorynia chuckles, "My desire to see you brought to trial? That's something for Ysa and I to discuss away from prying ears… possibly on the other end of Pern. But why would we put a catheter or an IV in you unless we had to? I mean, really. Why put so much effort into someone half of Pern, not to mention the entire Ista region, doesn't like?"

Veski laughs lowly, and just smirks at the ceiling. "I don't know. The same reason you're stitching him up, and keeping him healthy, I'd imagine. Ysa seems to have /other/ plans in mind for me, if she can have her way, of course. Unlikely, but it doesn't mean she won't try. Going to have to try a /bit/ harder though."

Shorynia chuckles, "Stitching you up keeps you alive and potentially useful. Putting you on an IV and catheter keeps your cot clean. Little bit of a difference."

Veski snorts quietly. He disagrees!

Shorynia chuckles quietly to herself as she finishes her soup and sets the bowl aside. Another pile of offending paperwork is dealt with and set aside. She stretches, then leans over, gently checking Chaton for fever before moving on to the next pile. With all the damage he'd sustained an infection could very well kill him if it got too far along.

Veski swings his free arm. It's loose, he might as well /do/ something with it, since he can't move otherwise. Swing..swing..thud. Oh, there's a guard there.

The guard gives a startled yelp, then turns on Veski, slapping him hard across the face before the other guards can restrain them both. Veski's hand soon finds itself restrained along with the rest of him as Shory glances up and sighs, "See… it's things like that that keep you tied down to the bed instead of just tied to it." She glances at the guard he'd hit who still seems more than a tad irritated, "Take the next hour off. Send a replacement." The guard grumbles, but does as he's told and it's only a few moments before the next is there.

Well. There's a bit of a surprise. A careless sweep of an arm bumps against a guard, and he gets a /smack/ for it? Veski's eyes light up with fury, and he abruptly jerks against his restraints, growling angrily. "What the /HELL/? I didn't do anythin' to you, ya scum-suckin' wherry fuckin' bastard!" And his other arm is down now? Well that doesn't bode well at all for Ski's comfort, and he continues to writhe, straining. "/I/ did nothing, you stupid little bitch!"

Shorynia has to take a minute to fight down the bile that rises in her throat, but she manages it. It takes another for her to force a smile onto her face, a cloyingly sweet one aimed equally at the guards and Veski, "Now boys, we're all more than a little tired and strung out, but that's no reason we can't be civil to eachother." She indicates one of the guards, "Please release his other arm. He needs to exercise all his appendages every couple of days or he could get a clot and die, and that would make Ysa very put out." The threat in her tone is clear even as the guard moves to do as she asks. Then she turns her attention back to Veski, "Watch what you call me, renegade. You struck a soldier who's convinced you're going to kill us all in our beds, accident or no, I find their reactions unsurprising."

Veski doesn't really seem inclined to calm down at all. Not when he's immobile, not when he feels threatened, and certainly not when he's being talked down to by a little girl. "I'll call you whatever I like, you conceited little /child/." Sixteen? Child. As soon as his arm is freed it flails right out, lashing out in an attempt to strike the guard closest to him. See? /That/ is a strike. "Let /GO/ of me! LET GO!"

Oh it's on, now. It's not long before all the guards are grasping for Veski, trying to pin him down and re-restrain his flailing arm. Shory stands and approaches Veski's cot as the guards pull back, the man now restrained again, "I have been the only one even trying to get you some fair treatment, Renegade, and all you've done is repay me with contempt and hatred." She glares down at him from her full height, "I'm young only in years and I've faced more than enough death in my time even before this farce of a battle. You don't want us to presume about your relationship with Valkin, well don't presume that young age makes one stupid."

Veski doesn't…stop writhing. It actually gets worse when his arm is finally forced down again, and the renegade tries vainly to get free. His good eye stares quite wildly at the ceiling for a moment, the straining movements causing stitches to tear faintly. "Nothing you do..nothing.."

Shorynia simply glowers down at him even as she motions for a healer to deal with the damage Veski's doing to his stitches. One tries to force fellis on him to calm him, certainly spilling it all over, the question is how much might have actually gotten in his mouth. Shory sighs, her eyes hard, "I am not weyrfolk. I'm a displaced holder with no hold to return to. Like most Istans I've seen the results of the exploits of your people first hand."

Veski refuses the fellis. No, he's not about to swallow that, and certainly not while he's trying to thrash. Shorynia's talking? Well, he doesn't really seem to notice it. He's busy trying to fight off healers and guards. Not that it's /hard/ keeping him down, what with already being strapped down in the first place. But he's not making things easy.

Shorynia turns and walks sedately back to her shared cot, allowing the healers to continue their work. If he wanted to try to kill himself, so be it. The healers try to go for the 'eventually he'll have to breath' approach, trying to pinch his nose to force him to open his mouth, but as suddenly as the apprentices appeared, they're gone, cowed before the imposing form of the interim journeyman. This journeyman is easily in his 30s and glares down at Veski, "I don't know who you are or why you're lashed to the bed, but if you continue as you are you'll tear out your stitches, which will hurt quite a bit, I think."

Veski does have to breathe! Thankfully, those apprentices are in fact running away. Not that it seems to help very much. The renegade pants, sweating. Clammy? He's that too. The journeyman gets a vaguely registering look, but he doesn't really seem to wholly care at this point. He tugs, despite the fact that he's worn himself out quite a bit.

The journeyman points at a guard, "Fetch some water. Now." Then he turns back to Veski, calmly checking the man's wounds to determine the extent of the damage before nodding, "You'll be fine this time, but I can't make any promises if you continue to struggle." The guard returns with the water and the journeyman makes a solid attempt at supporting Veski's head to allow the water to slowly trickle in.

Veski isn't getting /drowned/. That's a good start. But Veski does drink, panting now and then as he tries to catch his breath. "..Undo them." Order, plea, it's a bit difficult to tell, really. But he tugs on his restraints again, twitching slightly.

The journeyman chuckles, "Now now, I know enough of your position to know that I can't let you go. I suppose you could be returned to the shakles, but listed as a dangerous and unruly patient I can't just leave you unrestrained." His smile is pleasant enough, even as he casts a darker look at Shorynia, almost as if daring her to speak. She clamps her mouth shut, content for the moment to watch.

Veski almost growls. He squirms again, shaking his head just a little bit. "Undo /anything/." No, his pants are /not/ included in that request.

The journeyman flicks his wrist and a guard quickly appears with the key to the manacles. Both are unlocked before the first of Veski's hands is released. Shockingly enough, it isn't immediately placed in the manacles, instead the man waits, watching for Veski's action.

Veski is tense. Rather tense as he's approached again. However, once his hands are released, the renegade calms significantly, relaxing himself with a faint rush of air from his lungs. Eyes close briefly, and he brings one of his free hands up to rub at his face, before peering again at the journeyman, lifting a brow. "You're sweet."

Shorynia makes a gagging sound as the journeyman chuckles, "I don't swing that way, sir. So long as you remain well-behaved your arms can be unrestrained. It's better for you that way, anyway. I can't control what they'll do if you act out, though."

Veski lowers his lashes just a little bit, and then simply snorts. "I did nothing to warrant it anyway." He shifts a bit, and, glancing warily around him, works on the strap keeping his torso pinned down. "I'm sitting up."

Shorynia shakes her head at the guards, clearly telling them not to attack him again, but what she says is probably little comfort to the renegade, "If he's to be unrestrained, at least chain his feet to the bed so we know if he's up to something. The foot shakles should be long enough to allow him to sit and stretch, but not reach his neighbors." The journeyman nods, leaning in to help Veski with the buckle even as the guards act on their own orders. Shory might be tired of trying to control him, but she couldn't just let him go, either.

Veski glowers at the guards for a moment, but doesn't seem too perturbed. His feet being shackled is certainly better than not being able to move his hands. He shakes his head just a bit though, and simply sits up, actually able to /move/. Moving is good.

Shorynia sighs, glad that at least the man has stopped slinging insults as the journeyman stands and moves to the main desk, beginning to inspect patient files. It isn't long before Veski finds himself with a fresh bowl of soup to make up for how little he's eaten since his tenure in the infirmary began.

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