Weyr Sale Pt. 1

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns
Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

The living caverns has transformed from a usual dining/main hubbub of the Weyr to a marketplace. There is an area strictly with tables laden of things that had been recuperated from the collapsed Holds, mainly Redtide, and cleaned up for their owners to find. There are more people /at/ the Weyr than ever before, with riders still coming in from :between: laden with passengers being dropped off in the bowl. In fact, the rest of the supplies being sold is so extensive that small tents back been pitched outside, tables dragged just outside the entrance, and filled with knickknacks here and there. It is organized rather well, sorted with kids, crafts, necessities, decor… Ysa's zigzagging her way between patrons and guests, making sure things were going well, though it's really the assistants doing all the work. and food? Well, they had a lot of cheap wine, fresh fruit drinks, and tasty finger foods all laid out on one long table near the kitchens.

K'nan seems just a little overwhelmed at all the people that are now in the area. She thought it was bad before, but now. There's almost a touch of panic as she's jostled around here and there as she makes her way through the masses. Or well at least she tries. Anyone out near the beach can likely hear the happy bugles of one hyper little blue who's splashing in the water with several children.

Shorynia looks well-rested from her nap and is currently near the kids section helping a particularly distraught foster parent select toys for the crying child they were now responsible for.

There's a wince from K'nan at the crying and a pained look flickers across her face. She can't help but wander over that way and look at the table and then there's a soft sigh as she picks up a simple stuffed runner. It's a soft suede fabric in a dusky brown. It's only two pieces of fabric cut in profile of the critter. K'nan holds it a moment and a single tear drops from her eye which she doesn't seem to notice as she sets the runner back down and then she looks over at the child and she can't help but smile at 'em as she holds out a soft light blue ribbon "Such a special dear needs a special ribbon. Yes?"

The child goes quiet, staring at K'nan, then nods, taking the ribbon before tugging on 'mom's skirt and pointing at the stuffed runner. Shory pulls out another, very similar one and the woman smiles, passing her a few quartermarks for the toy. The woman and her charge wander off and Shory sighs, then glances at K'nan, "Thanks. I didn't think he was ever going to stop crying."

K'nan gives a little nod as she watches them walk off. "Little like ribbons." she murmurs softly and shrugs alittle "Others like ribbons too. I once had critters like that." she murmurs softly "Very old. Got them for Danny and then…" she frowns a little "And then I guess I lost them somewhere." she notes softly.

Shorynia smiles sadly at K'nan, though her eyes continue to watch the comings and goings behind the woman, "You've lost a lot, haven't you?

Ysa seems to be having some argument about a crate near the kitchens, waving a hand out towards a section that is neither items for sale or items to be recuperated by their true owners. The drudges near it look angry, but finally pick up the crack (a tinker of bottles in it) and finally take it to the proper section and away from the serving area. The Weyrwoman straightens and sighs and then heads back into the crowd, aiming for Shorynia and K'nan. "Looking good so far, isn't it? Nothing broken… yet." Her green eyes sweep the caverns once then rest on K'nan. "And how have ya been, bluerider?"

K'nan is silent for a long time, or either that she's just looking over the stuff. But she does answer after a bit though she doesn't look at Shory "I guess. Over time. Thinks just slip through your fingers. Sometimes. Sometimes you can't take it with." she trails off a moment and then there's Ysa and her whole demeaner changes and she seems to forget any sadness "Been good. Good. Phaili's real happy right now." she remarks with a grin "Lotsa lotsa people. Too many." She notes as she eyes the crowd again "So crowded."

Shorynia nods, "I can't help but agree with K'nan. I can't wait until things are back down to their usual state of over-crowded. This," She gestures to the room, her gaze lingering on a cadre of harpers digging through a crate of home furnishings, "this is just crazy."

X'hil slips in behind a pair of greenriders, scanning the caverns idly. There aren't too many familiar faces around for the man yet, he's still settling in, but he recognises a few people. Ysa, obviously, but also K'nan, from his visit to the cells. He heads towards these familiar faces, hesitating as he passes a table with clothes, actually pausing to look closely at a jacket, before moving on. He offers a wave to K'nan and Shorynia, but continues on towards Ysa. "Nice turnout." he notes, with a slight grimace. It's good to see, but it is a tad crowded. It's no wonder the man's been avoiding it.

Ysa seems to notice the sadness that possessed K'nan for a moment, frowning at her before she quickly sticks a smile on her face instead. "Good to hear that. And… well, hopefully after today a few of them will move on to other homes now that they are together. Though I guess some would stick 'round some more with the family that they find and— Faranth, ya don't think this was a mistake, do ya?" She turns her eyes towards Shorynia in question, but they turn up with a look of relief at X'hil's entrance, lifting her hand to their temporary Weyrleader. "A little too nice, right?" Even she's not that fond of the crowd.

K'nan nods a little "Hopefully." she murmurs and then there's a smile for X'hil. "g'day." she notes and then looks around again. "Make 'em work. They'll go home soons enough. Feed and clothe and let them sit. They'll stay." she notes after a moment and then there's a smile "Wonder if they've any little string lights?"

Shorynia smiles and shakes her head, "I think it was a great idea, Ysa… doesn't mean I can't find the spectacular results a tad crowded." She nods to K'dan and points to home furnishings, "They'd be over there if there are any. I think I remember a miscellaneous lighting crate." She starts slightly when X'hil approaches, recognizing the knot, but not the man, she nods formally, "Weyrleader?"

X'hil shakes his head slowly. "Well, things should calm down, after this." he suggests, his tone rather more hopeful than sure. K'nan's suggestion does make him smile, though. "Now /there's/ an idea. Sure we could find work that needs doing about the Weyr." It's been a little while now, they can't just sit around forever. It takes X'hil a moment to realise Shorynia's formal address was actually directed to him, and when he does realise it he looks rather sheepish. "Er, ah, yes. Weyrleader. That's me." he manages, with a wry twist of the lips. "Or X'hil. X'hil is good. Call me X'hil. Please?" X'hil is his name, after all.

Chaton steps into the Living Caverns, fingers stained a delightful shade of rust from the infirmary's supply of redwort. He spies Shorynia and the Weyrwoman, and, anticipating a long involved discussion he'd rather not listen to, makes the long trip around the edge of the caverns to get food, well avoiding that table.

Ysa makes a little face. "I still feel bad giving them all work to do after that ordeal they went through. Though I suppose… it's about time." Her eyes slide towards Shorynia afterall, who took up some very useful duties. "Did ya find any empty weyrs to use, K'nan?" she questions curiously, tilting her head towards the bluerider with a faint smile. "Everything looks well coming from your end, X'hil?" she then asks the Weyrleader, seeing she should sound like she's doing some work. She moves over towards the table they were standing by, fixing some of the toys on it. Chaton, for now, is unnoticed thankfully for him. The place is crowded enough.

K'nan shakes her head a little at Ysa and smiles almost tolerantly "They's people. People are lazy. Let them be lazy, they'll be lazy. Put them to work, they thrive. Like a young dragon. They don't like doin' they're wing excercises sometime, but they need to do 'em cause it strengthen's 'em. Remind 'em that it's more empowerin' to do for yerself then to not do fer yerself." she notes as she wanders over a box of lights and then hmms a little and gets into discussion and then there's a nod and K'nan wanders back over, looking pleased with herself. "A weyr? Oh no. We be happy enough on the beach or in the forest." she notes "Phaili's got good wings fer blockin' rain."

Shorynia chuckles, then nods, "The earthquakes were horrifying, but it's been a month. People need to start doing for themselves or they'll never get back to the world at all." She nods to X'hil, "X'hil… right… I knew I'd heard yoru name before…" She runs her fingers through her hair, glancing around the room. She spots motion and perks up, then slumps and sighs. It wasn't Chaton… just some healer apprentice with a similar build.

X'hil tilts his head at Ysa, "They have been through a lot… But I think it'd help if they had something to /do/, something to make them feel useful." Keep them distracted, keep their minds off of their recent ordeals. Of course, he's no mindhealer, nor does he realise there's actually one in the room. He tilts his head at Shorynia. "All good things, I hope?" That she's heard about him, that is. "Er, excuse me, terrible mind for names," plus, he sees so many in the course of his work, "you are..?"

Chaton fills a plate up with some nice, quality roasted wherry and some meatrolls, nix the veggies this time around, and goes to find a table to sit at.

"Well, the offer to help has always been there," says Ysa, rather like she's grasping excuses as she looks around at the assortment of people milling around. The table with Hold possessions is the busiest of all, since finding their own things were the first on their mind. "But you're all right. It'll help out tremendously if we can get even half of them into something." She looks from Weyrleader to the teen girl and then makes some proper introductions for the two of them, "This is Shorynia, quite a big help lately being my assistant in helping to get all this orgnized. And I think I spotted someone important now," she quickly adds, her eyes looking beyond them to a table and, yes, to a certain Mindhealer. With an "'cuse me" she starts to meander her way through people to him.

K'nan tsks a little "That'll only show ya the ones you might wanna keep." she notes with a sage nod "Thems the one that like to keeps busy and can be useful. Yes." she then places a finger alongside her lips "But the others. No, you's

Chaton looks up at the weyrwoman and grins. "Hey Ysa. I didn't see you. Is there room wherever you're sitting? Kind of cramped over here…"

Shorynia turns, her eyes following Ysa's progress, then blushes and turns back to the others, trying really hard not to listen in on their conversation. She turns back to X'hil, smiling, "As Ysa said, I'm Shorynia. It's a pleasure to meet you, X'hil. And I've only heard your name, not your reputation, so I'm a blank slate for you."

K'nan tsks a little "That'll only show ya the ones you might wanna keep." she notes with a sage nod "Thems the one that like to keeps busy and can be useful. Yes." she then places a finger alongside her lips "But the others. No, you's gotta tell them, not wait on 'em. Some's will milk it all it's worth." she notes and then frowns a little balefully "Like some weyrlings I've known." she mutters something about goldriders favoring paramours. then there's a blink and a sheepish look "No respect meant." she notes to Ysa and then she's frowning and eyeing the outside "Pardons. I think I need to go see Phaili."

X'hil nods slightly at Ysa. "We can't really afford to keep them around forever, much as we'd like to." Well, the overcrowding is a bit rough, but they could hardly turn anyone away. X'hil certainly never would. At Ysa's introduction, he tilts his head at Shorynia. "Ah, the pleasure is mine." he says, ever so polite. Must make a good first impression, and all. "You helped with all of this? That's quite something!" Had to have been a fair amount of work to get this set up.

Ysa gives a little frown. Putting people to work? Not really her most favorite thing in the world. Handing stuff off to people, sure, but those were generally other juniors and had no choice like her. "Alright, I'll have to do that then. I'll talk to Channa about sorting people into chores." And, frowning, she moves to focus on her new target. Her, favoring someone? Naaah. Though she obviously shows her favorites easily enough. She stops by Chaton, hands on her hips, brows raised. "Well, we're sort of standing over there. Not much room if ya like to sit and eat, though it's easy to do jus' that standing." Pause. "And Shorynia's over there. See?" She jerks her chin back the way she came and then sighs as she turns back to the Healer. "'Cept she came to me a little earlier, and I've asked to cut back your hours some. Hers, too, after this fiasco's over. Give the two of ya time with each other, don't ya say?"

Shorynia waves as K'nan exits, "I hope Phaili's okay," her gaze passing over Chaton again as it swings back to X'hil, blushing slightly, "Yeah… I did a lot of the sorting and planned the room out… I… uh… it was nothing special…"

Chaton nods. "I agree, wholeheartedly." as long as it means he doesnt have to listen to more nagging. :) "Also, there's the matter of, well, Shorynia wanted me to ask, after everything gets cleaned up, if there might be an extra room… ah, that isn't a dorm?" it's apparent he doesn't like asking for things. "If not, that's fine. I wouldn't want to put someone else out, especially after the tradgety…"

X'hil gives Ysa a brief nod as she agrees to do that, but she moves away before he can really respond, so he turns back to Shorynia instead. "Well, there's a lot of stuff here, to have to be sorted through, and there's a good crowd." Well, a /big/ crowd, anyway. "We need more people around here like that." Aren't holders supposed to have a strong work ethic? Maybe that's just the holders /he/ grew up with. And these holders /have/ been through an awful lot, it'd be a shock to anyone.

Ysa looks a little surprised by the request. "Ya haven't been put in a room yet? I thought I made it clear to keep a /few/ available, afterall, but maybe they were being used for storage." She shakes her head quickly as if to dissuade any comments until she finishes. "But seeing that we got all that junk out now that shouldn't be a problem at all. So long as ya make me a deal that ya won't make me or Shorynia worry we might lose ya?" But then she's quickly trying to encourage him to get up. "Come on now, no use hanging out here with people ya don't know even if ya did find a spot at a table." And while she was trying to get him to join the others, she's also trying to catch a drudge's attention, making some kind of hand signal for wine.

Chaton snorts, as if waving off the very notion. "Like you could get rid of the likes of me that easily." he says, carrying along the plate. He follows Ysa back to the table, and stands beside everyone else, expertly balancing a plate in the palm of one hand, and managing to work the fork with the other, and walk all at the same time. He slips in beside Shorynia, and waves his fork in greeting to… ah! "Hello, Weyrleader. Lovely day for people-watching, no?"

Shorynia blushes even more deeply, "Really… the people were harder to organize than the materials…" She might've said more, she might not have, but suddenly Chaton was there at her elbow. Deftly, she slipped her arm around his waist, favoring Ysa with a smile for the conversation she was sure had just occurred.

X'hil nods slowly at Shorynia, grimacing at the mention of organising people. "Ah, yeah, I know what you mean. People can be difficult, sometimes." He rubs at the back of his head absently. Seems like there's a story to that, but he's not exactly sharing it. As Ysa and Chaton move back over, he actually smiles, a little. "Certainly plenty of people /to/ watch." he has to note, glancing around at the crowded caverns.

"Wouldn't even dream of it, Mindhealer," Ysa says with a friendly grin and then moves with him back to the group, though her eyes are watching out for that drudge. It's only shortly after that they get to them that someone comes over to shove a glass of wine into the Weyrwoman's hand, who takes it with a grateful sigh before her attention returns to the current topic. "I rather much like watching the marks passing from pouch to our hands. Looks like a heated bargain happening over there." And indeed, there's actually a bargain happening nearby over some box of supplies.

Chaton watches the bargin for a moment, and shoves a forkful of meat into his mouth. "mmm, you know," he swallows, and slides his arm around Shory's waist at the same time, "it's actually very interesting to see how far someone will go in bartering. How low a price the seller will stop at, how vicous the buyer is. That sort of thing…" he pauses, and wonders vaugely if merely supervising the infirmary would constitute work…

Shorynia nods, "It was fun, though and it's good to see so ma-" she stops, her gaze following that of Ysa to the pair of people Ysa indicates. An older man and a young boy. There's a muted trill from the blue that seems to live in her pocket, but she says nothing, just staring at them and clutching Chaton to her side.

Kadan comes in carrying another large box. This one is heavy is seems. He's working his way in with as rapid as the steps can be. The box leans back against his chest. "Got a place for this box…quick?"

X'hil glances over at the nearby bargaining, though his gaze slips to that jacket he'd eyed earlier, and then he mutters. "Have something I need to take care of…" he mutters, then glances to Ysa. "I'll be out of the Weyr for a little while, if anyone needs me, pass the message on to Kinseth." he says, before just turning and leaving. Little rude to just /leave/ like that, without even saying goodbye. Must be important.

"We're practically giving the stuff away for free. I don't see how they can still sharding /bargain/ that kind of price," says Ysa in regards to Chaton's comment, shaking her head just a little. She doesn't notice Shorynia's look just yet, catching sight of the Kadan with a bright grin. "Over here! Well, not really. What is in it? We have children's things over here, furtniture by the entrance, and the more expensive auction items over there…" She's point each place out as she says it, turning to glance back towards the arguing pair in case she needed to call reinforcements. Or well, for anyone currently in the caverns really. She's got guards stationed close. Her eyes do swivel back to those around her, brows arching at X'hil's abrupt departure. "Absolutely, X'hil," she calls after him, waving more at his back and frowning thoughtfully.

Chaton spies the look on his lover's face and presses his lips to her ear. "What's wrong?" he whispers. Then, Kadan catches his attentions. "Need any help?" he shrugs at Ysa. "It's human nature I suppose. Barter, beg, bargain. Just a continuance of our instincts into intelectual society."

Kadan says "Yes! This is heavy!"

Shorynia continues to stare at the possible father and son pairing for a moment, waving a very distracted goodbye to X'hil. Leaning into Chaton, she asks, "Can you… can you see if those two look like me?"

"I guess I shouldn't talk. I've done it myself before," Ysa says in regards to the bartering. Though she doesn't look happy that it's happening to things that would be giving them the marks. "Careful, Harper Kadan," she says quickly, reaching a hand out to help steady but her other hand is occupied with wine. As she steps closer, she picks up something from Shorynia, glancing over with a raised brow but doesn't comment.

Kadan says "This is all crockery, mixing bowls and jars and such. So it's breakable. You sure the Holds closer to the epicenter don't need them?"

Chaton nods at Shory, and he's off a bit. He walks past the father-son pair and bumps into the older gentleman, shoulder first. "Oh, sorry there." he appologises profusely, the rest of his words lost over the sound of the crowd. He makes apologetic motions with his hands, and walks on, doing a small circuit around the living caverns, grabs two glasses of wine, and comes back. He pushes one into Shory's hands. "So, ah, who are they?"

Shorynia watches Chaton's display then, taking a deep drink of her wine, asks in a quiet voice, "Did they look like me?"

Kadan starts taking things out of the box as carefully as he can, trying to notice if anything is cracked while he does so.

Chaton nods, slowly. "Mhm. Now, who are they again?" he looks disdainfully down at the wine in his hand, and tries to subtly pass it off to Ysa.

Shorynia takes another deep draught, emptying the glass before passing it to Chaton, "I guess I"m about to find out." She looks determined, but also terrified as she strides over to the pair.

Ysa leans down closer towards the items that Kadan have brought. "Well, those holds won't be holds for quite awhile. If it doesn't belong to anyway, I say lay it with the rest of the stuff and see what price it'll all fetch." She takes a big gulp of her wine and then turns to look at Chaton's display, opening her mouth as if to scold him. Instead, she snaps it shut and then waves a hand further down the tables. "I'm going to go check on Channa," she mentions to those near her softly before heading down.

Chaton nudges Ysa. "Hey Ysa, how much for the hat?" he asks, pointing at what is most definatly a sky blue woman's bonnett

Kyldar pauses by the serving table and gets some spiderclaws and some of the redfruit bubbly pie, and a mug of klah, and picks her way through the crowd to find a place to settle with her meal.

Ysa eventually makes her rounds around the living caverns again, watching as some of the tables are cleared after items found their homes. She winds up near the table that Chaton is looking through, stopping at the nudge and glancing back over to him and then the hat. "That one? 'm not… Shells, I suppose a sixteenth of a mark will really be 'nough for that." And she looks up to the person tending that table for confirmation, but the young woman looks shocked by the price. The Weyrwoman shrugs and gives her a sheepish grin.

Chaton holds up 1/16 of a mark and spins it between his fingers before handing it over. He plops the hat on his head, and grins. "I rather like it, what do you think, Ysa?" he laughs. "Oh! If you find any ribbons," he says to the woman at the table, "Do save them for me, would you?"

From the general region of where Shory disappeared into the crowd there's an unpleasant screech, then the sound of a slap. Then the sound of a young boy crying mixes with the shouts of Shorynia and an unnamed adult. Finally her words come clear over the chatter of the crowd, "You weren't fit to raise your own children, let alone my brother!" The man's voice snipes right back, "Like you'd know! You barely even talked to your cousins!" Shory's voice raises in pitch, nearly screeching, "How could I have? All of your sons were dead of firehead before I was 8!" They go on like this for a good few minutes, the hall almost deathly quiet around them. Somewhere along the way the boy stops crying. When the insults seem to have reached a deafening roar Shory fails to retort verbally, instead landing another, harder slap on the man's face, "I'd rather leave him to the Weyr nannies than with you. He'll be apprenticed within a turn anyway!" The sound of two pairs of stomping feet echo through the chamber, and shortly Shory re-appears with a 10 or 11 turn old in tow. For the first time since Chaton's… experience, Shory looks positively livid. The man hurls a parting shot before one rider or another drags him from the room, "You keep him here and he'll become another pansy just like all the boys from Weyrs. Poor Nornon clings to Shory's side as she pants, catching her breath and trying to calm herself. After a moment he asks, "Could I ride a dragon if I stayed here instead of at uncle Mornosk's?"

Kyldar settles into a seat somewhere near Chaton and Ysa, and settles her food (spiderclaws and redfruit bubbly, and a mug of klah) on the table, and casts a glance at Shorynia and the ruckus she's raising elsewhere in the area. "Hell's shells what was /that/ all about?"

Chaton is frozen, floppy hat making him look rediculous. He looks sheepish as she returns. Wether or not it's for not going over to help, or if he's just startled by the particular shade of red his love has turned, we'll most likely never know. "Um… can I get you… wine? Bourbon? Fellis juice and sleeping draught?" Okay, the last might have been a joke. He snorts at the boy beside her, and crouches down to his level. "I'll tell you what. I'll personally make sure you get to ride a dragon. Say… do you like dominoes?"

The living caverns is a bustle of activity. Tables laden with stuff to sell, people milling about everywhere, and Shorynia shouting at some old man and taking a young boy away with her over younder. Ysa is about to answer Chaton's question, probably something witty too, when the shouting makes her grin fall off her face and her head swivel over towards the commotion. Well, most eyes turn towards the shouting. It isn't until near the end that Ysa actually calls on the guards just to make sure, since they were standing there looking dumb. "Well? Do your duties!" And they help escort the man out as the Weyrwoman stomps on over towards Shorynia. "Who the shards was that?" her anger, though, isn't directed at the young woman but tosses a glare over her shoulder and then turns back, trying to smile warmly down at the boy. And failing a bit.

Shorynia takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly forcing herself to calm down some, "*That* was my moron uncle who doesn't even know how to put numbweed on a wound. This," more love enters her tone, "is my youngest brother, Nornon. I hope the Weyr nannies could handle another… just for a turn or so until he can apprentice at the beastcraft hall." Nornon is staring at Chaton, eyes wide, "I'd like that… who are you and what are dom'noes?"

Zsadis strolls into the living caverns, making a beeline toward the trestle tables. He stretches and yawns as he does so, therefore it's easy to conclude that he's either been working heavily all the day long or he's just awoken from his third-odd nap of the day. What's that you say? He must have been napping? Ah, you're biased anyway. But I digress; The dark-haired manboy pushes his way through the masses about the tables near the kitchen, saying something cocky and sweet to the nearest thing of the fairer sex. He runs a hand through his hair and leans toward her, even as she turns and walks toward a group of men on the other side of the caverns, all who seem to be laughing in his direction. But surely they're laughing at that man with the silly floppy hat? Yes, that must be it. So he resumes his upright posture, gathering meatrolls and bubbly pies and a whole pitcher of klah to himself, all on a serving platter clearly not meant for individual use. He, of course, /happens/ to sit near the group with the Senior Weyrwoman, and edges nearer. He notes her heavily gravid belly and flashes her his best "I'm beautiful, you're beautiful, we should be in this scene together" smile. However, mid-smile, she charges away to yell at… someone. He shrugs and resumes his meal, noting the other characters around him, particularly that odd man with a floppy hat. Odd /boy./

Chaton looks up at his hat, and down at the boy. "Well, I'm the domino king, of course." he reaches behind the boy's ear and pulls out a domino. He hands it to the boy. "This, of course, is a domino. If you have a lot of them, you can line them um and knock them over." he pulls a small bag of them out of his pocket and hands them to the boy. "You may play with them, but only if you'll give them to your sister after you're done."

Zsadis grins hugely with the received wink, scratching the back of his head leisurely. Oh, but there's food! He digs in, listening in some obscure of his brain to the conversation going on in the vicinity. He stops mid-bite with his meatroll and wheels in his seat - quite gracefully, actually - to give the odd boy a good staring-down. "Domino king? I beg to differ, /son./" Inwardly, he chuckles at his own cleverness in the use of his vocabulary in demeaning the boy. Must show these whippets who's alpha male. Wow. Is he really that arrogant?

Shorynia nods, her face hard, but sincere, "Never liked him, never will. And if I have my way he'll never have responsibility for anyone's safety again, but certainly not Nornon's." She slides into a chair herself and Nornon sits beside her, still staring at Chaton like he was some sort of madman, though he does giggle when the dominoe appears as if by magic, "Thank you, sir. I'll try not to break them." Shory smiles at Chaton, but suddenly finds herself glaring at Zsadis, "You can't be that much older than him yourself, bucko."

Hallac is a one-man hurricane, a boy on a mission, and nothing can get in his way! Except, you know, a crowded cavern. Sigh. "Excuse me, pardon me, I just need to get over there!," the brunette groans as he contorts his way around people clogging the rest of the distance between him and the food table. "Seriously, there's plenty of space over there!" Why yes, he would like some cheese with that whine. Eventually, the Seacrafter makes it to the tables near to Zsadis, canting his head over one shoulder to listen most impolitely. "I beg to differ, too. Met an old sailor at Telgar once, beat the pants off more people than you could shake a stick at." Blue eyes flick around to encompass the cavern indicitavely - there were a lot of people to shake at here.

Chaton bristles at the sarcastic little punk. He takes off his bonnett and hands it to Shory. "Hold this please?" he rounds on Zsadis. "And who, my good sir, might you be?" he asks with such politeness that it *has* to be an insult. The sickly-sweet kind of voices that people use when they're pissed off and are using every shred of willpower not to rip your head from your torso. "Could I interest everyone present in a glass of wine? Don't want to get off on the wrong foot, now, you know, politeness and such." if the *boy* was a big of a pig as he seemed to be, surely he'd jump on the offer.

"Ya know… I wonder if I can do that for you, Shorynia," muses Ysa, probably cackling evily in her head for possibly finding something useful to do with her Weyrwoman's knot. Besides saving the best wine for herself. But seeing that the man was long gone, she sighs and slumps her shoulders a little. "I suppose it was a good idea to station guards around at least before things got nasty. And if your brother needs anything, ya know I'll be happy to oblige," she says, turning to Shorynia with a smile and directing it to her and not the boy this time, her attention quickly being diverted to that complimenting young man. "Son? Shells, ya certainly do age well for your age, old man. Ya really did have me fooled." She lays a hand to her chest and smirks at him. To Chaton she stands straighter and lifts her hand. "Another glass for me, my dear Mindhealer."

Kyldar narrows her eyes at Zsadis' arrogance, and sighs in consternation as she nibbles on her spiderclaws. "Some wine might be a good thing, actually," she says to Chaton. "We need to relax a little around here. The whole atmosphere is getting a bit uptight."

Zsadis is unphased - whatever that means. Ignoring the boy, he turns to the newcomer and, I daresay, chuckles at the man. "And how many people /can/ one shake a stick at?" Then, that sticky-sweet voice invades Zsa's space. He turns a bit, barely acknowledging the younger boy's presence, and sighs. "No, sadly I do not drink, or I'd surely take you up on your generous offer." It's true, he doesn't drink. Convenient for him. A look at the Weyrwoman, and his gaze is -quite purposely, I assure you- riveted. "Oh no, let me." And he stands with straight spine to trot over to the tables laden with food like a loving canine pup - albeit one with dignity. He comes walking back laden with an entire pitcher of wine, juggling -and managing, somehow, damn him- a few empty cups.

Shorynia sets her hand gently on Chaton's hip, causing Nornon to give her quite on odd look, not used to his sister showing affection for someone. Shory nods to Ysa, "Thank you, Ysa. It means a lot to me." She can't help the glare she shoots Zsadis as he saunters off… when *had* she gotten this protective of Chaton? - "Please, try not to kill him, love."

Chaton rolls his eyes as he walks off. He slides his hand into his pocket, and sits down where the boy was sitting. He picks up the pitcher of klah by the rim, and peers into it, as if looking for something, and sits it back down, his fingers uncurled. The more preceptive amongst them might hear a small *plop* , but seeing as how it's loud, most likely not. "Well, that pot of klah looks fresh. Shame that a whole pitcher is being taken by one person." as he relinquishes the seat and takes his place beside Shory, he shrugs. "I try not to kill anyone before I've thoroughly tortured them." he grins. "More fun that way." he moves her hand back to his hip and winks at her. (had to get this in before we became too far removed from the wine scene)

Hallac, for one, looks amused by the question Zsadis directs at him. "I don't know. What's the difference between a redfruit? Do you pack your lunch or walk to class? Is it closer to Ierne by firelizard?" This is all said as the holder boy fills a plate, and his attention is certainly more focused on the food. "All are asinine questions, if you as me. Let's just say I can shake it at a lot, hm?" Smiling pleasantly, Hallac tops his dinner off with a piece of fruit, and turns around into a rather tense scene. Hm. Maybe coming to the weyr wasn't the hottest idea. "You must be Ysa," the boy finally comments as he eyes her knot, shaking his head politely at Chaton's offer of wine even as Zsadis takes it. "Greetings and best from Ista Hold." He's not sure if that's the proper way to go about things, but it'll do. He's just a kid, yet.

Zsadis returns to the group just in time to notice two things; a tense hush, and the mention of Ysa's name. His spine turns itself into a steel pole and he walks a bit more stiffly as he offers her a cup while pouring the wine. He definitely just hit on the Weyrwoman. He does remember noting that earlier… but how quickly can one forget things? Then, the offer of wine to the other, the one eating spiderclaws. Is his hand a bit shaky as he pours it? Oh, rue the day of humbling! Finished with his promised task, he sits before his meal once again and hides his shame by burrowing into the meal between great gulps of klah straight from the pitcher. Oh, what a man.

"Anytime, Shorynia. So long as we're talking about you continuing assisting us here at the Weyr? Under Channa, the Headwoman, maybe?" She sounds very hopeful, too, and perhaps somewhere in the caverns the Headwoman is looking on as well, ears tuned for that kind of conversation. "Shells, man, you're trying to get me drunk!" she says with a laugh to Zsadis, grateful for the wine but waits on him to pour it. "Anyone else here wanted a glass? Looks like the old man's very talented here." She doesn't keep her eyes on him though, glancing to Hallac curiously. "Ah, yes, that'll be me. Did you come here looking for your family?" she asks in a very polite tone right back, soothing. Almost practiced.

Shorynia watches the proceedings carefully, giving Chaton a slight flick in the hip when he returns to her side for… whatever he dumped in the klah. Somehow, watching Zsadis' strut makes her wonder if he swallowed a bug, but then Ysa was talking to her, "Uh…. Yeah, I'd be glad to help however you need. The smoother this place runs the calmer both you and Chaton are." She nods to the hold-boy, not saying anything just yet. Meanwhile, Nornon has begun to carefully stack the dominoes into a series of little huts.

Kyldar says, "Well, where are my manners? Greetings and salutations to all from Harpercraft. Craftmaster Moyrel, humbly at your service." To Ysa: "Yes, I asked for some, please and thank you." She pokes at her spiderclaws and nibbles a little, apparently not as hungry as she thought she was.

Hallac tries to keep his grin amiable, head shaking in refusal of Ysa's question, but it falters once. "No ma'am, and thank Faranth for that. They're all whole and accounted for. Just here with my dah to bring stragglers and their stuff in by boat. I don't look that roughed up, do I?" He's joking, but self-consciously pats a hand against his flyaway hair anyways. Vain little boy. At least he notices Shorynia's nod, and returns it with a meek wave. "You got quiet all'a sudden," the Seacrafter notes towards Zsadis, head tilting vaguely to one side. "Can I impose upon your uh… plateau of solitude?" He indicates towards the man's table with a flick of his free hand.

Zsadis opts to ignore most of the interaction - it's not toward him, anyway, and why bother? - but responds to Hallac, smiling, "Of course I don't mind. Would you like a bite? Perhaps a sip of klah?" He says, offering the pitcher to the boy. Hm… so he has a nicer side. How freakish. But then he's turning away to look down at the young, young boy, Nornon. Not a rival. He gives the boy a grin that goes unnoticed, and says to him, "You know, you could build a Weyr out of those. Wouldn't that be bubbly? Put domino dragons in it and everything…" He sighs and goes all misty-eyed.

Chaton bumps hips against Shory, affirming that he knew the flick was for what he put in the klah. He puts his arm gently aroun her middle, and watches the boy for a moment. He takes back his bonnett and places it on his head. "Yes, I do seem to get more sleep when I'm not loosing it worried if Ysa is working herself into another coma." he grins, and tries to catch Hallac's eyes and shakes his head to warn him off the klah. He leans down to Shory's ear. "I think I'm going to need something to settle my stomach after listening to this kid." he says, nodding to Zsadis.

Ysa raises her brows high at Zsadis's sudden change as well, but she doesn't make any comment at all about it. For now. She takes a tentative sip of her drink and then smiles at Hallac, definitely more relaxed. "Ah, that's definitely good to know. That is, glad to hear they are all fine, and thanks for your help. Had to call in /everyone/ for this task." And she waves a hand towards the crowd, happy to keep to her corner for now. Though she does help keep an eye on things, murmuring towards a passing assistant and nodding her head down to a table further along where someone was looking at some of the more valuable items suspiciously. "Glad to have ya on board, Shorynia," she says, complete honesty. To Chaton with a wide grin: "I'll make sure not to get sick for your sake, Mindhealer." Help! She finally takes a break to sit down at the table, right by Zsadis, and eyes him up a moment. "Was it something I said?" she finally has to ask.

Suddenly, Nornon shakes the table and cries, "Earthquake!" watching the little domino buildings fall apart. Then he looks up at Zsadis, "Nuh-uh… the Weyr doesn' fall down." Shory gives him a shocked look, then Chaton, "Uh… maybe I should get you two both to bed…"

Kyldar stands up, and picks up her gitar case. "Well, I hate to be so short, folks," she says, and dips a curtsey, "but I'm a bit more worn out than I thought I was. You all have a good evening."

Hal's lips twist up in a sideways grin for Ysa, head bobbing energetically as he sits. "Yeah, you're telling me. It's not a problem, though. More'n our pleasure to be able to help the poor folks out." Blue eyes follow her wave out into the swarm of people, and he nods. "So I see. Still, nice to see people in a cheerier mood, rather than a dreary one. Was getting a bit daunting there for a while, I hafta admit." Again he sobers, eyes catching on Chaton's warning glance, brows knitting puzzledly. "Ah, er, sure. Klah would be great, thanks." Hallac doesn't seem to get whatever the Mindhealer is saying and extends his cup towards Zsadis with a wide grin, whisking a hand to refuse the food. "Got my own plate though, thanks. I'm Hallac." A hand extends in an offer to shake, even as his eyes dance over towards the tinkle of falling dominoes. "Oops!"

Zsadis sniffs at the child, but can't help but indulge himself in a small round of chuckling before… Mmm, woman. He can tell that scent a mile away, and there it is. He turns his dark head toward Ysa, parting his lips in a coy smile. "No, my lady Weyrwoman. If I'd known I was trying to seduce a woman of such high esteem…" he allows the sentence to linger, and then drift off into that space where unfinished sentences go. May it rest in peace. For a moment, he is distracted by this boy… no, let's call him a man. He's nice enough. Jauntily, his smile turns to the boy - fack! man - and lifts the pitcher to share his klah. Upon setting it down, he takes the offered hand and gives it a good firm one-two shake. "Zsadis, my man, but if you'll give me a moment, this beautiful woman is netting my attention," turning back to Ysa, his grin broadens, "But I can see you're simply unavoidable, and not unfortunately so for me, my lovely."

Chaton laughs at the little boy's earthquake, and gives Shory a little nudge. "Come on now, he's just playing. Let him alone. I once had a hold built out of scrap wood and it got hit by a tidal wave when it met the beach. Poor holders didn't know how to swim. Little stick-people on shell-rafts had to come in and save them." he sighs, shaking his head. "It was quite a sight." He looks at Hal. "Hey, why don't I get you a fresh cup, instead of something from the same pot that he's been gulping out of. Does the Healer in me have to go into how germs spread disease? Even human germs. Actually, worse so. Human bites are infected moreso than canine bites…" does he *have* to go into the gory details?

"Was it as bad at the Hold as it has been at the Weyr?" questions Ysa with a deep frown as she turns on Hallac. "Lord Trolessi does not seem to inform me of everything unless it's necessary. Probably been talking with the other Holders." She rolls her eyes at that but is soon distracted by Zsadis's words. She leans her elbow on the table and then leans ever so casually towards the young man, looking at him from under her lashes. "My dear old man," she starts in almost a purr. "If that was seducing, ya still have a loong way to go. But please, don't quit with the compliments." She might preen a bit if she didn't turn to Nornon's cry, face going a bit pale as she looks on, mortified. "A… hahah… I think that is abit too soon, kid," she says with a strained smile. Weyrbrats… "Chaton, we all generally drink from the same pitcher, all the time," she tells the Mindhealer, clearing her throat after passing the boy a few side-looks. The Weyrwoman was innocent to his plot.

Chaton tosses in a counter to the woman. "But do we all put our mouths on the rim of the picher and group-drink from where everyone elses spit has backwashed into the klah?"

Nornon makes a very cute sad face and starts gathering up the dominoes as Shory stands, resting a hand on Chaton's shoulder, "It's still a bit soon is all, Chaton." She eyes the klah pitcher and decides that if the decoction was dangerous Chaton wouldn't have used it. She hoped. She gives Chaton a gentle peck on the cheek, "I'm going to take Nornon to the nursery and head to bed. Join me whenever you're ready." She yawns, then turns, leading Nornon from the rapidly depleteing room.

Hallac gets the briefly terrified look of one that doesn't want to step into issues normally handled by Lord Holders, but he lets his shoulders rise and fall anyways. "I don't know, ma'am. I haven't been here enough to tell, but I'd guess it's about the same with any other tragedy? People just get… sad," he finishes lamely, staring down at his newly filled cup for a moment before peeking curiously up at Zsadis. What a strange man… But hey, he was friendly, and that's enough for a kid like Hal. "Nice to meet you. Take your time, I can entertain myself," the Seacrafter smirks a bit before eyeing Chaton. "I… uhm. Thanks, but I don't think I'll die." The cup is eyed with ample scruitiny, but he sips from it anyways, and perhaps a little defiantly. He's a sailor, dammit! He can handle a little cough! "He doesn't look sick, anyways." Cue point at Zsadis, attention only briefly diverted towards the exiting Shorynia.

Zsadis gives Hallac a glance and a grin before turning back to his current center of attention. He likes the man, he really does, but can any /real/ man deny the charms of a woman for the company of another man? Well yes, some can, but they're not of Zsadis's particular persuasion. Very particular, mind you. He purrs into Ysa's ear, lowering his voice to match the intimacy, ahem, intimated in hers, "Mm, well, I wouldn't mind going that bit further." He nods in agreement with Ysa's comment before his stomach begins to rumble. Loudly. He turns toward Hallac, "Well, hm, maybe you can scratch that. My stomach doesn't seem to be agreeing with your comments on my well-being." But of course, being the man that he is, he grins and bears it.

Ysa waves after the departing sister and brother, watching them both until they get lost in the ground milling around. Sipping long from her wine she turns back to those around her. "Sad is a good way of putting everything," she agrees with Hallac, all serious, looking quite exhausted all of a sudden. Even Zsadis's tone doesn't seem to perk her up too much. She merely smiles at him sadly and lifts a hand to try and get a pat in on his cheek before he moves away, if he lets her. "Maybe when you're older, learn a little more of the art." Chaton's remark makes her smile drop for a moment and she sighs. "That… is disgusting. There are too many people today to be playing at that game." His stomach is given an eye before she downs the rest of her glass. Wine, thankfully.

Chaton nods. "Exactly my point, Ysa. Entirely too many people." but he's given up Hal for lost. Perhaps the two men will keep each other company in the restrooms tonight. He looks Ysa over. "You look exausted. Perhaps you should leave the goings-on in the very capable hands of those Shorynia put in charge to run this, and take a load off. I don't think the Weyr will burn down while you nap." he grins. "But if you pass out on the floor, I can't say that I wont dump water on you to make sure you're not comatose."

"Yeah… But you know, I'm kinda optimistic," Hallac prattles a bit, seeing Ysa's change in attitude and suddenly feeling the need to drive it the other way. Poor kid. "Know why? 'Cause more 'n more I see people helping each other instead of themselves." He seems rather prideful of his astute observation, chin lifting as he continues, "Who knows. Might see a change in the way people act, wouldn't that be nice?" Ah, the optimism of youth. As to Zsadis's persuasions or what-have-you, Hallac could care less. He just didn't feel like sitting off by himself somewhere. Chin resting in the cup of one hand, the Seacrafter stares out at the various wares being offered, almost tempted to go inspect them… "Oh. Really?" Hal's nose abruptly wrinkles, and one finger pushes at his mug to push it as far away from his person as humanly possible. "In that case, I'll stick to juice." He eyes Zsadis up and down warily, as if the man was going to sprout big purple welts or antennae.

K'nan wanders her way out of the kitchens where she's been helping with things and for once it's been less chaotic there than out in the caverns. She's covered head to toe almost in flour, but there's streaks on her face where sweat as dripped through it, and then smeared by hands. In said hands is a platter of cookies that are still steaming and small bowl of whipped cream. She looks quite pleased with herself as she makes her way through the people to the tables and then there's a Ysa and she grins even more "Have a cookie?" she asks as she offers the Weyrwoman some of the cookies. She seems to not even notice the others as she finds a place to seat.

Zsadis looks back at Ysa with true concern, putting his hand over hers on his cheek, letting the gesture linger for only the blink of an eye before removing both her hand from his cheek and his hand from hers. He smiles sadly to himself and to Hallac, but then laughs outright at the man's reaction. "No, I don't think it's that ba-" the word is cut off, making him sound like a staccato ovine, before he jumps up from his seat, bowing to the lady with what graciousness he can muster, a grimace-like smile to Hallac, and absolutely no farewell at all to the other before he manages to somehow walk away. I say "manages" of course, because it just doesn't seem possible that he should be able to walk with a spine that straight, buttocks that clenched, and his stride so stiff. He nearly bumps into K'nan on his way out, but doesn't bother to mutter even a small apology.

Chaton has turned a beautiful shade of red, holding in a sharp laugh as Zsadis exits. He tsks. "See? Told you that it was bad to just chug out of the pot like that." he snickers. Hey, it's also bad to get on the wrong side of Healers. Mindhealers doubly so.

Ysa laughs at Chaton's suggestion and waves a hand around the crowded room. "'m pretty much taking a break right now, dear Mindhealer. And I'd much rather spend it with ya than napping. At least 'till 'm tipsy 'nough to feel sleepy." Because she's waving down another drudge to help her with a new drink. She baps a hand on the table and grins to Hallac. "Ya know, you're right. All of them here are helping each other, everything getting better already…" She eyes the drinks. "What ya need is something to make ya feel better too. Wine? Ah, K'nan. Been busy I take it?" She waves, catching sight of the bluerider. But when Zsadis jumps, so does she, right to her feet as if there was an attack. Paranoid much? "What the shells?" she questions, staring after the man and then promptly bursts out laughing. "What in the name of Faranth happened with /him/?"

Chaton bends over to Ysa, and whispers in her ear. "I happened to him."

Hallac beams, nodding vigorously, encouraged by the bump of the weyrwoman's fist. "Exactly! Even the other weyrs and crafts comin' in to help out. It's like everyone becomes family with everyone else. Kinda weird, but… fun, too." The boy scratches the back of his neck, eyes a bit distant as he thinks, perhaps remembering a certain instance or two. Zsadis's abrupt departure, coupled with Ysa's leap to her feet, startles him out of his reverie. "I dunno what, but I'd better not catch whatever bug he's got," comes a whine, eyes growing piteously round, lower lip pouting. Maybe germs don't spread too quickly - he only had a sip! "Cookies?" This happily distracts the lad, blue eyes a quick blur as they shift over to K'nan. So riveted is he that he doesn't quite catch the fact that Chaton's whispering something to Ysa. Otherwise, he might be veeeery suspicious indeed. "Did you make them, ma'am?," he asks instead, oozing polite, if not reigned, interest.

K'nan blinks a little at Zsadis and then turns to watch him walk out. "Wow." she notes as she tilts her head a little "Wonder if Nathan had a brother." she murmurs quietly. "He his butt is black then he must be related." she notes and then settles herself in and picks up a cookie and dips it into her whipped cream and grins at YSa "Oh yes, very busy. Dishes washed, dried, put away pulled out and rinse and repeat." she notes and then smiles at the plate "And I get a lovely dinner for it all.' Yes, she's happy and then she's peeking curiously at Chaton "Whatcha do to him? Try ta get in his head? Might be hard to do that. Not sure there be much room there. No, Nathan had room. He was jsut a little nuts. I think the dyes hurt his head and then she's blinking at Hallac "My cookies." she notes to his ooziness. "But you can have one." she then offers and grins "Oh now, not me. You'ld die and then I'd be away from Phaili again. That wouldn't be good."

"Absolutely," says Ysa cheerfully to Hallac before… well, before she's got to slowly settle back down into her seat after her chuckles wear off. "'m very glad to hear that, K'nan. Looks like ya definitely have been useful there. I bet all the cooks and staff in the kicthens love ya." So long as she's not cooking, right? She leans into Chaton at his whispering and she tries very hard not to start laughing again, aiming for a stern look at the Healer and failing. "Hopefully only to him?" she finally says, a snicker escaping but glancing towards Hallac with a little worried look. What a nice Weyrwoman. "And I'd still like a cookie if you're still offering, K'dan," she says, leaning for it even as the drudge comes around to refill her glass and sporting a second one as well, whether it was for the young Seacrafter like originally planned or the bluerider.

Chaton nods. "Only him, so long as no-one else drinks the klah." he grins. "Well, I must take my leave now. K'nan, Ysa, Hallac." he gives the group a bow, grabs his medic bag, and exits while Shory is stil being patient with his not-yet-in-bed-ness

For a brief second, Hallac looks confused, eyebrow perking up to flirt with his hair line. Nathan? Who was Nathan, and why was he dying his hair? K'nan is eyed a little more closely this time, for her, rather than her cookies, but… she seemed kind enough. And was offering to share. "Can I?" If he had a tail, it would be wagging furiously. "Thanks! And ha, oh, no, I have a stomach of steel for that sort of stuff, trust me. My own cooking results in black matter," he admits sheepishly, eyes averting right to Chaton. Hal's face drains under all of that tan. "The… klah?" Maybe it's him being a hypochondriac, but his tummy does feel a little funny. Slowly, thoughtfully, he rises from the table, glancing warily at the glass of wine. "Better not. Something tells me it will just go to waste. You drink it," he points at K'nan, "And thanks, but you'd better enjoy your cookies. They sound hard-earned. Weyrwoman, ma'am." He bows hastily to each of them in turn and then practically flees for the exit. Best introduction to Ista Weyr ever.

K'nan blinks at the wine a little and then frowns somewhat and then smiles "That's okay. Wine and cookies and cream not always good." she states as she dips another cookie into the whipped cream and savors it. She does wave to Hallac though as he heads out and she looks thoughful and then she frowns and sniffs her armpit and then she wrinkles her nose. "Maybe I really need a good bath." she murmurs thoughtfully.

Ysa tends to just put aside K'nan's strange rambling into the back of her head. Or smile and nod, since that always seemed to work with everyone else. "Aw, shells," she says though, when the young teen seems to have gotten the 'illness' too. She shakes her head but still there's some muffled snickers. "I wonder if he'll ever want to accompany a trip to the Weyr again. Poor kid. Well, this wine won't go to waste in this crowd but… I better take this klah away before we have the whole Weyr suffering. Can't have those latrines suffering…" She stuffs the one cookie into her mouth and gets up to grab the pitcher in one hand and her glass in the other, bobbing her head down to K'nan. "Ya look good, bluerider K'nan. And always a pleasure. I'll catch ya 'round 'm sure." For now she must dispose of the Mindhealer's evidence.

K'nan eyes the klah a little suspiciously "Poisoning?" she asks after a moment and frowns at it. "Not a good thing. Can't have you poisoned either." she notes and then she smiles "You look tired." she notes quite happily and grins. "Should sleep. Don't wanna get sick." she notes "Member, put 'em to work. Best for you. Best for them. Best for all."

"Exactly. Or anyone else." Ysa winks down to the bluerider as she stands. "Thanks, K'nan. I might do just that. Promise I won't get sick, for now," she hastily tacks on those last two words before chuckling. "I will put your words to action. Ya definitely have quite a bit more experience than me." And, with a final bow of her head, she turns away to take the stuff to the kitchens. Shortly after she's seen again wandering the caverns, dealing with some annoyed Holders that could not find some precious jewelry.

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