Breaking Down Barriers

Ista Weyr - Resident Dorms

This dorm area is wide open without seeming overly large. The room itself isn't very remarkable at all, until you realise it holds individual alcoves with curtains across the doorway of each alcove, providing a measure of privacy. Each alcove has a small electric light that lights up the samll area that holds a bed with a trunk at the foot, a desk and a clothing press. The walls of each alcove are sturdy enough to allow for individual tastes, the white-washed walls gleaming where the alcoves are empty as well as multitudes of hues where the residents have added their own touches. Those alcoves that are not in use have the curtains open while most of those being used have the curtains drawn shut to keep people from getting nosy about anyone else. The middle of the dorm as a sitting area where people that live in the dorm can gather, a few comfortable chairs settled on soft rugs and a couch or two, giving it a homey feel without being overwhelming.

Chaton patiently waited for Shory to fall to sleep before moving over to the desk and picking back up on work. By morning, files were scattered all over the desktop, K'nan's on top. Also, descriptions of work to be done, inventory for the infirmary, order forms, a blueprint for a building project, a book of notes, and who knows what else. Morning also found Chaton curled up in the fetal position on the chair, drenched in a layer of sweat and hyperventilating, eyes wide and frightful.

Shorynia yawns, then stretches, her hand reaching to where Chaton should be… only to find him not there. Her eyes pop open, followed closely by Queen's soft churr of concern from where the green sits atop the files, staring at the comatose mindhealer. Not caring about those still trying to sleep, Shory would have screamed his name if she'd had the power in her. Instead, it comes out as a terrified whisper as she finds herself frozen to the spot. Unable to do even so much as rush to his side.

Chaton between ragged breath and fluttering heartbeats, he looks up at Queen, perched on the files. He stares at the little lizard for a few seconds, as though she wasn't real, and his terror-filled green eyes plead for her for a second. "Queen…." he gasps in another breath. "Healer. Go." he didn't even know if the little lizard would listen to him.

As Shory finds her feet, Queen looks at her and, receiving an assenting nod, pops /between/. She was just a green. Hopefully she'd be able to concentrate long enough to get someone back. Shory herself manages to move to his side, trembling as well, and set one light, twitching finger on his forehead, whispering, "Chaton… what were you thinking?"

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl

Compared to that of other weyrs, Ista's bowl is small, and incomplete - northwards, one wall was blown clear away several millenia ago, leaving the view clear towards the plateau, the jungles, and the ocean beyond that. Somewhat elliptical, the breadth of the bowl seems to run Northwest to Southeast, the bustling epicentre of the weyr being here, towards the southwest. Several large entrances have been dug into the great bowl walls here - north east are the hatching grounds, south the Living Caverns, these being the two largest caverns in the weyr.
To the east, a small entrance leads in to the ground weyrs - the ledges of these line the bowl wall above, often filled with dragons of gold or bronze; westwards is another ledge, but with a staircase built into the wall, allowing access to the Sable Sands. The infirmary is located towards the southwest.

Queen appears and begins chittering madly at T'burk, though the cause of her distress is unclear in her confused, unfocused state.

T'burk looks up at the chittering firelizard. "What that, girl? Timmy fell down the well, you say?"

T'burk hears the firelizard and can see that there's something upsetting her and that it is probably more than just a canid barking at her and trying to steal her food away. "Well, what is it, pretty one?" he asks. He holds up his arm for her to land.

Queen latches her claws into T'burk's shirt, pulling him towards the caverns. Even in her panic, the image finally comes through of Chaton curled up in the fetal position at a desk.

Resident Dorms

Chaton reaches out a clammy, shaky hand and pushes a few files out of the way untill a notebook is unearthed. It's titled "A Study of the Stream of Conciousness under High Stress and Sleep Deprivation". Inside is several dozen pages of notes with timetables showing his daily activities, and extensive notes on his thoughts. In the beginning, it's written in neat script, but that falls off into sloppy childlike handwriting towards the back of the notebook. Luckily, it would seem that after the first 12 hours he stopped seeing patients in the infirmary. At least he's responsible. By now, though, his shirt is soaked through and he's trembling with fright and cold.

Shorynia flips through the notebook, her eyes becoming more horrified each moment. She eyes him, somewhere between fear and anger, "What possessed you to do this to yourself!?!"

Chaton points out rather planitivly, "This isn't part of that plan. There were only… ah… twenty-four more hours to go…" he takes a deep ragged breath and shakes his head. "P-plus sleep deprivation is one of the most common mental disorders… we know the physiological symptoms…. but not so much the way the mind works…" his speech is very rapid, and only puncuated by gasps.

Shorynia moves back to his side, unsure of whether or not it's safe to move him, so she just glares at him, hurt and love behind her eyes, "Why'd you do it to yourself? Why didn't you stop when it got out of had?" Tears begin to well up in her eyes, "Why didn't you wake me when you first fell."

Chaton frowns at her. "It didn't get out of hand. The plan was five days." he gasps, and a errant drip of sweat falls off of the tip of his nose. "B-besides. This is important research…"

T'burk comes in right after the firelizard wings in. "What the…..Chaton! Are you all right?" He's seen this young man before with an anxiety attack. he looks for signs to see if it's the same or different. He reaches out to take Chaton's hand to feel his pulls if he can. "Chaton, lad, speak to mee. What happened? What did you do?" He tires to talk more calmingly that alarmed. He keeps that tucked away inside. He reaches into his pocket to pull out one of several clean handkerchiefs and daugs at Chaton's forehead. "Just what have you been up to, eh?"

Chaton spies T'burk, which makes him groan. Great, now he won't even be allowed to leave his room for the next week. He inhales raggedly, and motions vaugely. "Scientific experimet… this isn't part of the plan.." he shows the same patterns. Fast breathing, rapid, fluttering tachacardic pulse, pale, sweaty, and terrified looking.

Queen trills her success, if a bit muted by her bonded's concern, then promptly wraps herself around Shorynia's neck and doesn't move. Shory gives T'burk a look of sheer relief, moving to give him easier access to Chaton without actually leaving his side, "He's been running himself ragged, just to see what would happen." She's furious as she shoves the observation notebook at T'burk, "Just look at this."

T'burk knits his brows together and gives a worried but almost frustrated look at Shorynia. "Kids!" he says. "Chaton, dear lad, do you know that you need spotters if you are going to experiment on yourself? THis isn't very controlled, you know. Did you take anything? Ingest anything?"

Chaton frowns his distaste at having third party opinions clouding his results. "Well. I'm usually around several dozen people a day, and Shory is usually on hand. I didnt see the need…" he nods. "I had a lot of klah. Um… and some bovine and vegtables…" he says 'vegtables' with distaste.

Shorynia shakes her head, "The same bovine and vegetables I had. Either it was the klah or his body telling him what an idiot he's been." The tears are flowing freely now, but she's managing to speak evenly none-the-less, "Why didn't you at least tell me so I could have queen make sure you were okay?"

T'burk says "Chaton, do you have any allergies that you know of?" He raises up to say softly and quickly to Shorynia, "Could be another anxiety attack." Then he leans over Chaton with a hand on the young man's back. "C'mon, man, you gotta talk to me so we know what's happening. THis is a result and we have to know what's going on."

Chaton nods. "I'm allergic to molds and mushrooms." He looks sort of spacey at this point. Probably from the lack of sleep and hyperventilation. You know, that overoxygenated high that little kids do on playgrounds everywhere? "This is an outlier, not a result." he counters. He nods at the notebook. "List of all of my activities, what I've eaten, drank, what I've done, every hour. As well as notes on what I was thinking and how I was feeling."

T'burk keeps a hand on Chaton's back while trying to read Chaton's notes. He flips through it. "How many hours of sleep each night, Chaton?"

Shorynia nods to T'burk, then glares again at Chaton, one hand resting on his shoulder, "Calm down, Chaton… try to take a deep breath and hold it in. If you keep breathing like this you're going to faint."

Chaton thinks. "NonREM. Deep sleep only, probably about four hours." he eyes Shory, and holds one of his ragged breaths for a few seconds and releases it in several weak pants.

T'burk is ready to bat the kid along side his head. "You know that you need about seven hours of sleep a night just so short term memories can be transferred to long term memories. And NonREM sleep? There's your problem right there. This is your brain telling you that you are not taking care of your body. This is your body telling to to treat it with more respect! Miss, has he said anything to you about the point of this experiment?" He gently rubs Chaton's back, tring to get him to relax.

Chaton rolls his eyes. "That… is the point."

Shorynia's worried eyes are still all for the damaged mind-healer, "Now take another and another. Try to hold them a little longer each time." She glances towards T'burk, but doesn't face him as she speaks, "When I first found him he said something about it helping understand disorders in others. Something about sleep deprivation being common. Oh you moron, why didn't you tell me when we ate yesterday." She seems torn between continuing to cry and beating him profusely.

Chaton looks a little irate. "I was eating, and you were talking about your dreams. I was interested, and didnt want to interupt." He catches another breath and holds it, longer. He gives her a pained look. He isnt a moron. ._.

T'burk says "Well, I think you just found out. You do any more brain damage to yourself and you won't be fit to be a MindHealer. Research has already been done on this….If you want to learn how to be a surgeon do you cut yourself open first just so you know how to stitch up someone else, eh? Shards, its a good think that you didn't go into obstetrics." He tries to get Chaton to get up out of the chair. "Come on, lets get you into bed."

Shorynia pats Chaton's shoulder gently, helping T'burk move him if it's possible, "Just… just warn me next time… I'll try to find you another subject… just… " She sniffles, wiping tears from her eyes, "You can't break yourself or you won't be fit for anything." Her eyes plead with him, "Please…"

Chaton stands up and walks the half-foot over to his bed and flops down in it. "I dont need another subject, it's fine." the breathing trick seems to work nicely, and he appears to be calming down slowly. Chaton points out: "Actually, when I was learning how to stitch, after I mastered stitching up fruit, I got a nice gash and stitched it myself…"

T'burk says "Lie down and shut your mouth and your eyes, Chaton. Get some sleep."

Shorynia lowers herself to the cot beside Chaton, her whole body slumping now that the immediate emergency was over. She just shakes her head at him, out of energy to do much else, then looks to T'burk, "What can I do for him right now?"

T'burk gives a little shrug. "Tie him up?"

Chaton gives T'burk a 'look'

T'burk glares right back. "Well? What did you expect, eh? Your experiment was really very foolish. And harmful to yourself. Didn't clear it with a Master first, did you?"

Shorynia rests a hand gently on the mindhealer's shoulder and gives T'burk a very serious look, "Should I make him eat or not eat? Drink or not drink? I'm…" she slumps further, "I'm completely lost in this."

Chaton stifles a yawn, and mumbles something about just needing sleep, and to relax.

T'burk says "No food. He just needs sleep. If anything, he's been eating properly but food alone does not sustain good health."

Shorynia nods mutely, stroking Chaton's hair out of his face as she watches him slip into something that resembles a real sleep. She just stares at him for a moment, then turns back to T'burk, determination showing in her eyes for the first time since he arrived, "Can… can I call you if he starts getting himself like this again. If this is his second, I don't think he could survive a third…"

T'burk says "There's better not be another time. Do you know how long it has been since he's slept?"

Shorynia sighs softly, shaking her head, "I thought he'd gone to sleep with me last night… he must've just been faking it, then gotten back up. I'd say at least 2 days, maybe three…" She fights the urge to beat Chaton, it wouldn't do him any good just now. She mentally pencils it in for next week.

T'burk makes a slight hissing sound as he lets out his breath. "If he were smart he'd have read up on anything he'd was interested in researching to make sure he knew if it had even been before or not."

Shorynia nods, "He's… stubborn… but doing it alone was just…" her tiny fists clench, "So stupid! What could poss-" she stops, lowering her voice to let him sleep, "possibly possess him to do something like that? I'm sure the hall taught him better than that."

T'burk says "They do. They work very hard at the Hall to give people as much information as they can so things like this don't happen. But people are free to act on their own. I just hope he hasn;t done any lasting damage."

Shorynia nods slowly, her quiet "me too…" almost lost in the early dawn. Her emotions were jumbled as she stared at the mind-healer's sweat-stained face. All she knew was that she had no idea how she'd come to care this much for him.

Shorynia nods slowly, her quiet "me too…" almost lost in the early dawn. Her emotions were jumbled as she stared at the mind-healer's sweat-stained face. All she knew was that she had no idea how she'd come to care this much for him. <re>

T'burk slumps down on a chair to take a breath and start collecting Chaton's papers. "I have no idea what order these are in. All I was going to do was come here and visit my grandkids and see how they're doing."

Shorynia's back hasn't straightened even a mite, but she manages to pull herself away from Chaton long enough to help T'burk slide forms into folders, "I'm so sorry to keep you from that… Queen probably saw you and dragged you in here without so much as a hello." She wipes her eyes, "Thank you. You may very well be a life-saver"

T'burk says "That's quite all right, miss. I can appreciate his brand of idiocy to a certain extent."

Shorynia sighs, glancing back at Chaton for a lingering moment, then to T'burk, "I don't suppose there's any way I could stop him from doing this to himself again…"

T'burk sits back and thinks for a moment. "Whack him on the head with a skillet?"

Shorynia giggles fitfully, a slight grin crossing her face, "If I wanted his brain broken I'd just let him keep breaking himself. I'd prefer him functional."

T'burk says "Oh! Oh, all right! In that case…tie him up!"

Shorynia giggles again, T'burk's mirth catching, "I don't want to keep him from his actual job…"

T'burk says "He can talk to people and examine them tied to a chair or cot just as easily as he can running free and pumping into things. Might keep his mind more on what he's actually supposed to be doing…Why in the heck does he do this to himself!?" T'burk has gone from a moment of causual silliness to suddenly one of deep distraught concern for the young man. "Scorch him! Whatever was /he/ thinking?""

Shorynia sniffles, the tears entering her eyes again, "By Faranth I don't know." This is followed by a gusty sigh, "I'll have to beat some sense into him."

T'burk looks over at the sleping young man, a thoughful look on his face.

Shorynia follows T'burk's gaze, her eyes sad and angry at the same time. After a moment, she speaks firmly, "I'm going to talk to Ysa about requiring him to take days off. I know she'll do it."

T'burk says "And I'm going to have a talk with Healer Hall."

Shorynia turns wide eyes back on T'burk, "What? Please don't get him in trouble. I don't know what he'd do if he lost his knot."

T'burk says "But I do want him to be safe."

Shorynia nods, "So do I…" she sighs again, "I just… have them send an over-seer or a reprimand, but please don't get him deknotted…"

T'burk shakes his head. "Naw, I wouldn't want to do that. I just hope he doesn't try anything like this again. It is not healthy."

Shorynia nods, "I'll do my best not to let him, come fall, fire, or fog. I can't stand the thought of him actually being broken."

T'burk nods. "It would be a real waste of talent. But I do wonder what gots on inside that head of his."

Shorynia nods as well, turning her attention back to the comatose Chaton, "I'm not sure I want to know… then I'd understand why he did such a fool thing."

T'burk says "Be afraid when you understand it and agree with it!"

Shorynia nods, "At least now I know the warning signs." Finally, she settles into a nearby chair, slumped and drained. She mutters quietly to herself, "He does this again adn *I*'ll kill him."

T'burk raises a finger to point into the air and give a few wags to. "See, this is what he is not taking into account, how his actions are affecting those around him. I bet he never thought of that."

Shorynia nods, sighing, "I don't think he's had anyone to worry about before now… never had to after Ch'en left him."

T'burk says "Just what is his connectin with Ch'en?"

Shorynia chuckles, "You're the one who brought them back together, T'burk. They're brothers."

Chaton snores, and rolls over so his face is flat against the pillow.

T'burk looks over at Chaton, gets up and turns the young man's head so he doesn't suffocate himself. "Maybe Ch'en could come spend more time with Chaton.

Shorynia speaks softly, "Thanks… I just don't have the energy right now." She sighs, then shrugs, "I don't know if that would help or not. Chaton certainly wants to *see* Ch'en… but I'm not sure it'd make him any saner." She sighs again, "Ch'en just had to go and ruin dragons for him…"

T'burksits down and looks over at Shorynia again. "What has he told you about it?"

Shorynia looks T'burk in the eyes, then decides she can tell him, "I don't want this getting around… it would hurt him if everyone knew, I think. He hadn't started his studies at the hall long before Ch'en was searched. When Ch'en impressed he just stopped talking to Chaton… broke his heart as only family can…"

T'burk nods. "Just that?"

Shorynia shrugs, "It's what he's told me… I'm sure there's more to it, but that's why he doesn't like dragons… he feels like they took his only family away from him." She casts a sad glance towards Chaton, almost as if she was making sure he was still asleep.

T'burk sighs. "Well, until you becone a rider, especially when you are a weyrling, you can't really fathom what it is like. First off, when dragons are young, they are like children. You almost have to grow up all over again to be with them. They feel everything you feel and know what you're thinking so it takes time and careful training, and separation from everything else to learn how to deal with it. It can be difficult. You even have to learn how to tell yourself from your dragon. You have to set up the proper boundaries that are workable for the both of you. When you are in a Weyr, you are sequestered from all the other riders and dragons so your emotions don't spill out all over them and they don't overwhelm you with their more adult appetites. Particularly when it comes to sex. People who haven't been around dragons don't understand this because they simply can't feel it. And until you can feel it, I don't think people really understand.

Shorynia nods, sighing again, "I've been told Weyrlinghood is hard, but not even a letter? For *turns*? I don't blame Chaton for being mad at him… even if he places too much blame on the wrong source."

Sixteen hours later…. Chaton blinks awake slowly, and yawns.

Shorynia looks up from Chaton's papers what she'd been carefully trying to reorganize. T'burk had left to see his family like any normal person would. A smile crosses her face, seeing him awake, then a frown, "Don't you ever do that to me again!" she shouts, putting all her pent up anger and stress into it and causing a few shouts of "shut up!" from down the hall. Then she smiles and moves to his side, embracing him tightly, "How are you feeling?"

Chaton blinks, completely confused by the yelling from half a second ago, and the tight hugging now. "Um, fine? It wasn't a dangerous test." he hugs her tightly back, smiling a little. "Err… how are you feeling?

Shorynia pulls back a little so she can look him straight in the face, "Outside of worrying that you're going to get yourself killed, I'm fine. And I really don't care what you think. If it leaves you catatonic, it's dangerous."

Chaton blinks. "Ahh, but love, half of science is repeating other's experiments to check that the results are exhaustive and conclusive…"

Shorynia points at him, square in the chest, "Science or no, you send yourself /between/ one more time and I'll tie you to that bed." It's an idle threat, but she has to say it, "And really… *please* tell me next time… now that I know the warning signs I can help you not do it again."

Chaton chuckles lightly. "I might have to do it again just so you will tie me to the bed." he teases, and pulls her onto his lap. "If you don't want me to do something, love, I wont. Anything that you ask of me is yours."

Shorynia oofs as she's pulled over, then sighs, looking somewhat downcast, "I… I don't want to ask you to not do your work. It's important to you… just… don't… don't do anything like that without telling me again." She hugs him tight again, tears returning to her eyes, "You scared me so much."

Chaton holds her tight to him, and wipes her tears away. "Shh, don't cry now beautiful. I'll tell you, okay? I don't want to scare you. Shhh, please? I love you, and I wouldnt do anything to hurt you."

Shorynia's been holding these tears in all day. Even the kidlets noticed something was wrong. So as much as she wants to stop them, she can't. Rocking gently in his arms she cries for her near-loss of him. Her loss of her parents. For everything she's kept in these past few months.

Chaton holds her close and lets her get a good cry in on his shoulder. He rocks her back and forth, gently, holding her and rubbing her back. "It's okay, I've got you. It's okay beautiful." he murmurs, holding her closely.

After a few moments the sobs slow until finally they stop, leaving her poor shuddering form enclosed by his arms. It's a few moments later before she can speak, her request is simple enough, "I've lost enough… please… don't leave me?"

Chaton takes her by the arms and holds her back a little, so he can look into her eyes. He kisses her slowly, and nods. "I wont leave you, alright? I'll be here long after we're both old and leathery. I'll always be around. Okay?" he pulls her back in for another hug, and holds her against his chest.

Shorynia is easily manipulated, her body having gone fairly limp. She nods mutely, but when pulled in again whispers in his ear, "Thank you."

Chaton nods. "You're welcome." he murmurs. "I guess that means you wont mind if I stay here, then." he says slyly.

Shorynia shakes her head, "I don't… but shouldn't a journeyman have his own room?"

Chaton looks around the dorms. "Hm. True enough. I'll have to talk to someone about that.

Shorynia giggles, shifting so that she's no longer sitting directly atop him, "Perhaps you should."

Chaton winks at her. "I'll speak to Ysa as soon as I can find her. But for now, I'm starving. Do you want me to bring you back something? We can both eat in here, there's no need for us to both make a trip to the caverns."

Shorynia nods, "Yes please… I haven't eaten very well today." She waves as he leaves, glad to not be alone anymore.

As Chaton exits, Xhaine enters. Or at least, it's one of the two Harper twins recently come to Ista. For once, the Harper is without his gitar, although he does hold a strange contraption under his arm. It seems to be an oblong board with four wheels attached, one on each arm, and the bottom of it is beautifully painted with dragons breathing fire.

Shorynia blinks, surprised to see someone else up and about so late. Then she recognizes the harper and realizes that a mere week or two before she would have been quite vicious to him. Instead, she shrugs, and nods to his 'contraption', "What's that, harper-man?

Oooh, vicious females. Those kinds are ALWAYS fun! "It's just something I found in the endless memory banks of the computers in Landing." Xhaine replies airily with a dazzling smile sent Shorynia's way. "Apparently, to use one of these took great skill and earned the respect of millions if you were good enough. People by the thousands would come just to watch. And it's a great way to exercise. It's called a 'skateboard'. Cost me a pretty mark to have it made."

Shorynia giggles, "A skateboard? What a weird name. Are you any good with it?" She surprised to discover that his smile doesn't have nearly the pull it did at the party. Maybe she's changed, maybe she's just too tired for such things.

"Well I broke my arm when I first started using it, but since then I haven't gotten more than a few bruises. I'm the best on Pern, in no small part to the fact that as of right now I'm the only one." Xhaine winks at her. "Undisputed master of it. My brother's too much of a wherry to want to try, probably because I'm better at physical feats than he is."

Shorynia giggles again, at least the odd harper was cheering her up, "I'm sure someone will compete someday. After all, the board does look quite vicious."

"You like it? A friend of mine at the Harper Hall is pretty talented with his paints, and I asked a plastics journeyman to coat it with a thin layer so it wouldn't be messed up." Xhaine flips over the skateboard to show the picture. It's a wing of Harper-blue dragons breathing fire in the shape of music notes, outlined against a starry sky with the two moons in the background.

Shorynia chuckles, smiling, "It's gorgeous… it seems to suit you quite well."

Xhaine smiles faintly, tucking it back under his arm. "Why thank you." he replies without a single shred of modesty. "Though to find beauty, one need just to enter the room." he's deliberately being blatant with his flattery.

Shorynia smiles, actually blushing a tad this time 'round, "You think so? I thought the room was rather drab, myself."

"No room can be drab with you in it." Xhaine states with confidence, satisfied at getting a reaction from her finally.

Shorynia giggles, her blush deepening… Chaton had said she could… "Why thank you, fine sir."

"So does such an exquisite representation of beauty come with an equally beautiful name?" Xhaine asks suddenly. He doesn't believe they've formally met previously, and he tends to pride himself on his Harper memory.

Shorynia giggles more, smiling quite prettily for him, "Shorynia… I think it's too long…"

"It could be worse, it could be Shorynialindara." Xhaine jokes, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "There's a few names out there I've heard of that are much, much worse. Some of them are the names of dragons, and are nearly impossible to say mentally, let alone out loud."

Shorynia chuckles, "It's true, some dragon names are quite complicated. But I definitely wouldn't mind shortening mine too many 'eeeeee's" She shakes her head, "I may or may not remember your name, harper."

"Xhaine, and if that's easy to remember, you'll also need to know Khaine. Although I could be Khaine, and my brother could be Xhaine. we switch sometimes if it's to our mutual benefit." Gotta love the identical twins.

Shorynia cocks an eyebrow, "Switch? If you're not careful I'll dye your hair in your sleep. Just to make sure I know which is which."

Xhaine chuckles. "Well there's easier ways of telling us apart if you know the secret behind it." he tells her cheerfully. "But I'm not going to make it easy for you by just /telling/ you."

Shorynia eyes him carefully, almost appraisingly, "Those differences wouldn't happen to be below the waist, would they?"

Xhaine laughs. "That you'll have to find out yourself if you're brave enough. You wouldn't be the first girl to find out by comparing us."

Shorynia chuckles, eyeing him carefully again, but with a bit more interest, "I can't deny, identical twins would be an interesting experience…" And there's that smile again. And perhaps a wink. Clearly, her earlier behavior must have been the tired.

"Well if your curiosity ever needs fulfilling, you know where to find us." setting the skateboard on the ground, he starts rolling it back and forth with his foot. "So when you're not dazzling everyone around you with your looks, what sort of things do you do around here?"

Shorynia shrugs, still blushing some, "Whatever they need. Lately I've been helping Ysa with inventory. The poor woman's so overworked she's nearly made out of paperwork."

Xhaine nods. "I've been doing that as well. I think that's the main reason she invited my brother and I to Ista… a harper's work is never done." cue exaggerated sigh. "Paperwork abounds.

Shorynia chuckles, "It's not so bad… only took me 5 or 6 days to get all of the excess sorted out and laid out in the living caverns."

"Sounds pretty tame compared to an airing-out of the Harper Hall archives. Those could take a month or longer to tidy up. Every so often we take them all out and dust, because no matter how much you dust when they're on the shelves, some still gets in, and that could ruin them. And even if all of them are now in the computer banks doesn't mean we don't still value the handwritten."

Shorynia nods, indicating the stack of papers not in folders on her and Chaton's desk, "I was mostly dealing with the over-abundance of relief goods. Now that the worst is over we certainly don't need the 50 cases of gauze we still have, for one."

"Eh, with stuff like that you can never have too much." Xhaine remarks. "I've had to work with healers in the past, and you wouldn't believe all the injuries made better by gauze. Burn victims, surgery patients, even broken bones to some extent. Better to have too much than too little."

Shorynia nods, "Oh, I know. I kept 10 cases to add to our existing stores and put the rest up for the sale. There's only so much space in the caverns and the Weyr could use the money to help house and feed all the refugees more than it needs 40 cases of gauze." You'd almost think she wasn't a refugee anymore…

"Well it's just a good thing Ista Weyr didn't become active again after all these years. That would've been a disaster beyond anything that did happen. After all, most of the Weyrs were extinct volcanoes." Xhaine shrugs at Shorynia.

Chaton returns! Plates in tow! Well, two plates. He looks around the sitting area, and smiles at Xhaine, handin g a plate to Shory as he sits.

Shorynia takes the plate, smiling to Chaton and blushing slightly, "The Weyr's a volcano? That really would be the worst thing that could've happened." She pecks Chaton lightly on the cheek, "Thanks love."

Xhaine raises an eyebrow and looks from Shorynia to Chaton, and smirks faintly. Aha. "Yep. All the Weyrs on the Northern continent are, although Telgar is more in a cave system than a volcano's crater."

Chaton grins, and shrugs. "It was nothing." to the mention of volcanoes. "Igen is a volcano. Igen has never erupted, so I don't think that there's any issues with them reactivating. The ancients were brilliant." he puncuates the word brilliant with a spear motion with his fork into a piece of bovine.

Shorynia giggles, then takes a bite of the food Chaton had brought her, "I never knew that. 'Swhat I get for growing up in such a small hold." She eyes Chaton's plate for a moment then, "There'd better be vegetables under that meat."

"Brilliant enough to have three volcanoes erupt on top of them and bury their home down at Landing?" Xhaine points out dryly. "That's why they came up here."

Chaton grumbles and lifts the meat up to reveal a plait of vegtables underneath it. He looks over at Xhaine. "Brilliant, not perfect."

Shorynia giggles and nudges Chaton lightly, "You'll live." She nods to Xhaine as well, "Even with all of our advances we could never match the ancients for knowledge and technology, but yeah… the volcano thing not so smart…"

"We weren't meant to match them. We've found ways to survive without needing a bunch of junk around to do our jobs for us." Xhaine grins at both of them. "We've made do without, and have done just fine so far."

Chaton nods. "Here's to not needing junk." he mumbles, holding up his glass of water as if it were filled with water.

Shorynia raises her glass as well, "To not needing junk!"

Xhaine lifts his empty hand and just smirks at the two, then tosses back the invisible glass. "Refill please." he jokes.

Chaton laughs, and sits back down. "So, who are you?"

Shorynia chuckles, handind Xhaine a glass of water from her stash, then turns to Chaton, "This is Xhaine. He's a harper."

Chaton ahs. "A Harper. Useful things, you lot."

"Ah, forgive me. I am Xhaine, Journeyman harper. Nice to meet you." Xhaine flourishes a bow towards Chaton, then accepts the glass. "And who do I owe the honor?"

Shorynia giggles, giving Chaton a glare, "*Someone* decided to have a breakdown this morning."

Chaton smiles. "You owe the honour to Journeyman Mindhealer Chaton." he grins. "Well met Journeyman Harper Xhaine."

"A breakdown? Do tell. My harper's curiosity demands it. And Mindhealer, huh? I'd better stay away from you, or you'll be able to convince me that I'm a girl and I'll go around wearing dresses." Xhaine jokes.

Shorynia giggles fitfully, almost failing to regain the ability to speak. Finally she sputters, "Now I want to see you in a dress."

Chaton eyes the harper. "Are you sure you're not a girl? I mistook you for one immediately. I was for certian that your femininity could only be genuine…" he laughs, directing things away from silly talk of breakdowns. "I'm sure Shory can lend you one…"

"Sure. I've worn worse over the turns, thanks in part to my brother." Xhaine snickers as he shakes his head ruefully. "He knows my dirty little secret and has taken advantage of it." at Chaton's words, the Harper sidles up to him and bats his eyelashes towards the poor guy. "No, but for you, I could be." and he winks at the healer.

Shorynia blushes, doing her best to hide her smirk behind her food as she takes too more big bites

Chaton snorts laughing, and puts his now empty plate on Xhaine's lap. "Wonderous. You do fit the bill of a drudge well. You can start by removing my plate, and doing my laundry." he teases.

"What, female equals drudge? Shameful." Xhaine attempts to balance the plate on Chaton's head, although if it falls, the Harper is quick enough to catch it before it breaks.

Shorynia continues to giggle, staying firmly out of this conversation, but finding it hilarious

Chaton shakes his head. "Not at all. Shorynia isn't a drudge. In fact, they wont even let her near the kitchens. " he ticks his tongue.

"They don't let me or my brother anywhere near the kitchen for entirely different reasons, I don't doubt." Xhaine smiles at both of them, then grabs his skateboard. "On that subject, time to go perform a taste test on a cake I smelled them making earlier."

Chaton Grins. "Have fun."

Shorynia grins, giving Chaton a light swat, then smiles, waving at Xhaine, "I hope it's good." She yawns. Loud. Then rolls, curling up against Chaton, waiting for him to join her, finished with his veggies or no.

Chaton isn't going to deny that request. He retires to bed with his love for the night.

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