Setting the Boundaries

Ista Weyr - Resident Dorms
This dorm area is wide open without seeming overly large. The room itself isn't very remarkable at all, until you realise it holds individual alcoves with curtains across the doorway of each alcove, providing a measure of privacy. Each alcove has a small electric light that lights up the samll area that holds a bed with a trunk at the foot, a desk and a clothing press. The walls of each alcove are sturdy enough to allow for individual tastes, the white-washed walls gleaming where the alcoves are empty as well as multitudes of hues where the residents have added their own touches. Those alcoves that are not in use have the curtains open while most of those being used have the curtains drawn shut to keep people from getting nosy about anyone else. The middle of the dorm as a sitting area where people that live in the dorm can gather, a few comfortable chairs settled on soft rugs and a couch or two, giving it a homey feel without being overwhelming.

Shorynia sits at her desk, but she's not working. Instead, she's sleeping. After putting Chaton back to bed she'd sat down to finish her paperwork, just five minutes she'd said. Instead, she feel asleep and now she drools upon that paperwork, her flits draped around her.

Chaton rolls out of bed, one of the blankets on hand. He drapes it over her shoulders quietly, and starts to get dressed for the day.

Shorynia snores loudly, shifting slightly to pull the blanket around her.

Chaton chuckles lightly at his love's sleeping habbits, and grabs his bag. He darts out to grab breakfast, and soon returns with fruit, sauceage, toasted bread, and citrus juice for both. He places the plate gently in front of her face, and sits down on the bed to eat his own.

Shorynia's nose twitches. Queen begins to stir, then turns her head to Chaton with a tiny cheep. Shory tries to change position, running her hand into the fruit and causing her to bolt awake, "Hu-buh what?"

Chaton snickers, and shakes his head. "Not Hu-buh what? Fruit." he laughs, and looks at Queen. "I didn't forget about y ou silly." he says, pulling an extra sauceage off of his plate and tearing a hunk off to offer to Queen.

Queen gives a happy chitter, flitting to Chaton and daintily accepting the treat. Shory yawns and stretches, shedding the blanket she hadn't even noticed she was wearing and grabbign a redfruit, "Thanks, love. How'd you sleep?"

Chaton grins. "Better than you did, most likely." he says, partially amused as he hands up another treat to Queen, before taking a rather large bite from his own sauceage. "How about you beautiful? Plesant dreams of paperwork?"

Shorynia giggles, taking another big bite of fruit, "Well enough except for that crick in my back. How did I fall asleep? I only had two more forms to finish…" She blushes slightly, "I didn't dream of paperwork, no."

Chaton sits aside his plate and moves over to Shory. He gently pops her back with his thumbs, and massages her shoulders. "I'm glad you slept well, anyway. What are you planning on doing today?"

Shorynia makes a soft 'unh' sound when he pops her back, then smiles, "Finishing this last form…" She stares at it for a moment… "After it dries, then relaxing until the sale tonight. Ysa asked me to help make sure people get where they need to get since I sorted the stuff, but it's all that's on my docket today."

Chaton nods. "Relaxing sounds lovely. Too bad I can't pull that off." he kisses her neck lightly, and nods. "What are you gals selling?"

Shorynia lowers a glare on Chaton, "I'm still going to talk to Ysa about that. There are plenty of other healers to handle the more minor stuff." She finishes off her red fruit before continuing, "Just extra supplies and property that no longer has an owner. Help pay for the Weyr to house so many refugees."

Chaton pointedly ignores the first topic of conversation in lieu of the second. "That's actually a good idea. Raise money for the weyr, help feed refugees. Sounds great." he grins. "See? Smart girl.

Shorynia shrugs, "It was Ysa's idea, I just helped organize the inventory and make it happen. I wonder if they found any runners, I'd kind of like to get one."

Chaton looks over Shory a moment. "What would you do with a runner?" he asks, his eyebrows raised. "But even if it was Ysa's idea, it took you to work it out."

Shorynia chuckles, "I'd take care of it, silly. I grew up in a runner hold… it's all I have left." She smiles, blushing again, "True… but she got it started."

Chaton shrugs. "She got it started, but it wouldn't have been finished without you." he winks at her. "Runners are useful, I suppose. Where would you keep it though? You're not tieing it to my bed, that's for sure."

Shorynia giggles, "There's a stable, silly." She taps his nose gently, "You worry too much about flattering me. Merely being here for more than one day is flattery enough."

Chaton laughs, and hugs her as she sits. "I just want you to know how special you are to me." he says, kissing her on the tip of her nose. "Well, you can stay here as long as you wish, as far as I'm concerned."

Shorynia giggles, hugging the strange mind-healer, "That's good to know. I wonder if once the holds are re-built we could get our own room?"

Chaton hms. "That would be nice. We wouldn't have to hijack a guest room every so often that way. We could leave them open for… you know… guest type peoples."

Shorynia nods, "Yeah," she leans into his side, "And a place to keep our stuff without having to worry about someone wanting to keep it for themselves.

Chaton nods with her, and looks down at her form. He pushes it away and sits on the desk. "I wouldn't mind keeping some things for myself." he says, looking over her.

Shorynia giggles, blushing slightly, "Some things can't be forcefully kept. But they can be coerced to stay."

Chaton grins, and flushes a little. "What can I do to coerce you to stay, my love?"

Shorynia ponders for a moment, her face still flushed. This was a hard question. After a few moments she smiles, "Don't try to make me stay, don't try to kill yourself again, and don't get mad if I occasionally seek the physical comforts of another. I think I love you, but variety in the physical is still something I'm used to."

Chaton grins. "I'll admit that I rather enjoy someone else warming my sheets with me, but I wouldn't make you do anything. And I could never get mad at you." he smiles. "And as I've said before, I don't mind if you seek variety. That's your choice to make, and I wouldn't ask you to do something you didn't feel comfortable doing."

Shorynia hugs him tight, "Thank you." She kisses him gently, "Thank you."

Chaton holds her closely, and kisses her gently back. "Anything at all for you."

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