Risque Ribbons

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns
Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

K'nan gives a little nod as she ties of the thread and then snaps it. She looks at the clip with it's plaited ribbon braid and smiles at how it looks. She then looks over at Chaton "Not been to Western in a long, long time. Danny was just a little 'un." she notes softly as she smiles "He's all grown up now." she says proudly "And much better at dressin' himself then his daddy ever was." she can't help but grin at that. She then tilts her head "Been at Eastern, left Eastern too. Not like I left Western. Then it was just time to move. Eastern. Eastern it was time too. Different reasons. Not good reasons." she notes softly "Been everywhere and nowhere."

Chaton nods. "I've wandered around too. I grew up at Igen, then went to Healer Hall, then to Xanadu, and then here. Here is where I plan to stay for a while yet." he nods. "Perhaps you could tell me soemthing about Eastern. Is it a nice place? Why was it time to leave?"

K'nan frowns a little as she then starts carefully putting ribbons into the box. "Problems. Too many problems." she notes softly "And too many likeing to think they had power and such." she adds. "I was a good with the Weyrlings. He held a grudge, cause I told him I didn't care if his mate was a goldrider. No visitors that weren't approved. Gldrider or not, she was a bad influence on the weyrlings. I then ended up not guidin' the weyrlings after that. They made sure of it." she grumbles a bit "Lied and everything, besmirching my name. Hil would make right, but I was done. Didn't wanna be there no more. Stayed a bit, worked with me runners, then sold 'em and left. Bad blood in him."

Shorynia enters, chatting quietly with Channa and going over some papers she holds. As she and Channa split she glances around the room and her eyes light up with a smile for Chaton and K'nan as she approaches, "Hi. Find any nice ribbons?" She eyes the table, "Guess so. Any socks?" She slides in next to Chaton, rubbing her shoulder gently against him.

Chaton nods. "I understand how that goes. Remind me to well avoid Eastern, then. Then again, I suppose it does take all sorts to make Pern turn." he nods, and grins as Shory plops down. He his shoulder teasingly against hers, and sits upright again. "She's made a nice hair-clip with some ribbons, there."

K'nan gives a little nod "Phaili's always gettin' socks. He's been givin 'em and he's being made some." she notes and then rolls her eyes and grins "I dunno why people cater to him so much. Always have, always will I'm sure." she notes "Good to be out in no where. No new socks."

Shorynia chuckles, nodding to K'nan, "I'd bet it's because it's such a unique trait in a dragon. People like to do things that are fun and different." She eyes the indicated hair clip, then smiles again, "That's very pretty, K'nan."

Chaton nods. "Does he wear them?" okay, silly question, yes, but valid!

K'nan gives a nod "They do like to do that." she notes and smiles "Thank you. Tis for a little, she's got such pretty blonde hair." she notes and then can't help but laugh at the question "No, they's too little, though he's had 'em on a claw sometimes. Mainly he'll wear ribbons and all on his harness. He likes to give socks to those who don't wanna play but he likes to keep 'em too."

Shorynia chuckles, watching the interplay between mindhealer and patient for a moment before asking, "Anyone I know?" She pauses, "Getting the hair clip." She flips a few more pieces of paper, then sighs, "I should introduce you to Nornon, K'nan, I think you two would get along well."

Chaton stands, and gives K'nan a light bow. "Well, K'nan, I appreciate you letting me talk to you, but I do have to go. I have prior arrangements at another weyr, so I have to catch a rider while they are still about." he nods. "I'll see what I can do on that leather, as well. And you should let Phaili know that there is a pair of wooly knit-socks in his future."

K'nan gives a nod to Chaton "Take care and thank you and I'll let him know. He'll be happy about that." she notes and then glances back at Shory and hmms "Maybe? I dunno. She's a little, dunno her name. But she liked what I was doing and then she had to go. Her new mamma was getting her fitted for clothes."

Shorynia chuckles, waving to Chaton, "It's good that she has a new mama, at least. That's a very nice combination of colors, how'd you pick it?"

K'nan looks at the colors of the ribbons "I like the sea, and her eyes are like the sea, a kind of blue and a green and real pretty, and such pretty blonde hair. I wanted to match it." she notes softly "Reminds me of Western sometimes."

Shorynia smiles, "Like putting a little piece of sea on the beach." She glances up, "Western? Did you like it there?"

K'nan hmms a little bit and then nods "I loved it there." she says quietly "Very enjoyable. I was glad to have come upon there. Liked it, stayed. Impressed." she notes fondly.

Shorynia hmms as well, "If you liked it so much, why didn't you stay there?"

K'nan shrugs a little "Time to move on." she notes softly "I was restless." she hehs a bit "I was young too." she notes softly "Many memories as well. Haunted by dreams even after the dreams went away."

Shorynia's face opens a little, "Dreams? What sorts of dreams?"

K'nan shudders a little "They made it so you couldn't sleep, but then you would sleep. And It was with you. It was there. So scary so frightening. Waiting to devour you. You couldn't run from it." she whimpers just a little at the memory and then goes silent and her eyes shut and a small smile crosses her face. "Phaili can keep it away now, he couldn't then. It's not around anymore, so it's just as well."

Shorynia smiles softly, "That sounds terrible…" She shuffles her papers again, "Have… have you ever thought of going back?"

K'nan nods a little "From time to time. But it scares me. What if it returns?" she asks after a moment "I dunno if I could take that. It's been so long, it might not. So many new people and will the others still remember me?"

Shorynia chuckles, that same odd smile lingering on her face, "Have you tried? You could go back for just a day or two and see if it comes back."

K'nan shakes her head and looks a little sheepish actually "I've not." she murmurs softly "Been too afraid. You don't know what it's like." she notes quietly. "I even thought my best friend was trying to kill me." she says quietly "Accused him of trying to kill the Weyrwoman as well. In public."

Shorynia blushes slightly, "I'm so sorry, K'nan… I couldn't possibly know what that might be like… but if there's anything I can do to help you find a place to call home, just let me know."

K'nan shakes her head a little "No home. Best to be where we go." she notes softly "Thinks happen when you stay too long in a place. You get to like it, get to enjoy and then…" she trails off a bit "Best to not make a weyr. You just lose it."

Shorynia shakes her head slowly, "It's so sad that you feel that way, K'nan. Though with your life you may be right."

K'nan is silent for a bit and then she tilts her head and completely changes the subject "You like him? The healer?" she asks curiously.

Shorynia blushes lightly and nods, "I do… he's very kind to me."

K'nan can't help but grin at the blushing "He is very nice. Brings me ribbons and all. Glad he's kind to you." she then tips her head a bit to one side, her eyes twinkling. "Is he any good in bed?" she asks, a glimpse of the old K'nan peeking through.

Shorynia blushes more deeply, chuckling, "He is very nice. Both in terms of ribbons and in bed. Very creative."

K'nan chuckles a little and then looks wistful "Been so long since I've had a creative partner." she notes softly "Some aren't just very adventurous." she notes "Just too stodgy." she grins a bit "Been some adventuous guys, more likely to see it women it seems though." She hmms thoughtfully at that.

Shorynia chuckles, becoming slightly more comfortable with this line of conversation since the room was pretty much empty, "He's my first truly creative and not merely good at what he does. It can get quite boring when they want to do the same thing over and over again." She cocks an eyebrow at K'nan, "You're telling me you haven't in how long?"

K'nan giggles "Oh I have. Phaili can still catch from time to time." she notes "But not always the same as a steady. Not had one of those in turns, long before." there's a blink and a shake of her head as she seems to just loose her train of thought there and then she goes on "Not since before I started trainin' weyrlings."

Shorynia smiles, "Oh… that makes sense. If you have your eye on someone, you'll have to let me know." She brushes a stray piece of hair out of her face, "I like having him steady with me… but I like shopping around a bit too. Don't want to get bored."

K'nan hmms a little and then shakes her head "No eye on anyone." she notes and then looks a little sad "Don't think anyone here wants someone whos' been locked up and been called crazy." she looks over at Shory. "Do you think I'm crazy? I don't feel crazy. Confused some days, but not crazy."

Shorynia sighs, but manages to continue to smile as she contemplates her response to that particular question, "Sometimes yes, sometimes no… I think you've been through a lot mentally and it's made it so you view the world a little different so most people can't understand you as well. Some days you're pretty normal, some days you're not."

K'nan mulls over that response for a bit and then she nods a little. But she doesn't remark on it, just seems to file it away and then shifts again off the topic of herself "Ever have more than one at a time?" she asks after a moment?

Shorynia chuckles, initialling a piece of paperwork and setting it aside, "Once… my next goal is twins. There are a couple of harpers down in the dormitory that quite intrigue me."

K'nan chuckles a little and then tilts her head "Why twins?" she asks thoughtfully "One at a time is trouble enough." there's a paused and a thoughful look "Course, suppose if you count Phaili in. I've had faternals? He's so much work himself sometimes. THough when the little gets old enough he can help keep 'em occupied."

Shorynia chuckles again, "Just seems interesting. Met the harper and he said his brother was transferring here, too. The thought of enjoying the ministrations of identical twins just once is quite interesting. And I do enjoy trying most everything."

K'nan hmms a little bit at that and then shakes her head somewhat "Suppose it could have it's perks and all, but kinda creepy and such, I mean I'd hate to be in the same room with me brother, providing he lived and all, with someone."

Shorynia shrugs, "Xhaine didn't seem unwilling. I guess it's different when you and your sibling are the same gender."

K'nan hmms a little at that "I suppose." she murmurs and then she grins "Well, iffen you manage it. You must let me know if it's better than just two different ones at once. Maybe I'll give it a try someday."

Shorynia chuckles, smiling broadly, "I'll be sure to let you know. Certainly if it's a great experience everyone should try it."

K'nan tilts her head a little "That is a thought." Then there's a pause "Ever try it with another woman?" she asks with a sweet smile.

Shorynia chuckles, rolling her eyes a little, "Once… wasn't the same… sure, it was pleasurable, but… yeah… not my first choice."

K'nan grins "No, not the same, different, not bad though." she notes and then grins "Can be very, very good." There's a tilt of her head "Ahh, but I do like a nice well rounded man."

Shorynia nods, "Any experienced partner can be pleasurable. There's just… something not quite as fulfilling with a woman for me. I prefer male attentions." She shrugs, "Nothin' against it if the girl's attractive enough, though."

K'nan grins and then finishes cleaning up the ribbons and needle and pins and thread and tucks it all into the box, which she looks at and hmms "Suppose it'll stay safe enough in Phaili's packs." she murmurs after a bit. "Should be getting back to the kitchens."

Shorynia nods, still smiling, "I hope things go well for you, K'nan."

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