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Ierne Weyrhold - Guest Hall
You are standing inside the guest hall of Ierne Weyrhold. It is a long building, its long axis running east west, with a common area on the east end. This common area has a small hearth for the klah and teapot, and an icebox set into the floor for the temporary storage of small amounts of edibles. The chairs are fashioned of padded wicker and there are colorful woven rugs spread out on the floor to cushion bare feet. The windows are open with their inner latice screens slid closed, admitting air and light in a stippled pattern. A hallway stretches away towards the far end of the building, the door on the other end leading to the public baths, and doors on either side of the hallway open into individual guest rooms. Each room is furnished with a comfortable bed, bedstand, bookshelf, small writing desk, soft rug, extra chair, and wonderfully cushy pillows. Two windows above the plaza and bath doors create a breezeway and the walls of the guest rooms do not reach all the way up, so that cool air can circulate easily into every space.

Travanna, the mother of the clutch in Ierne's guest hall, has not been watching over the small clutch she laid. However, believe it or not, there is a brown that has been! Sure enough. R'ik's Snips has been nudging the eggs all day, while R'ik has been going to and fro, looking for someone to sell them to. Hey…he's a trader; that's what he doesn't best! But this time Snips seems fixated on the basket of sand. R'ik pauses in passing the basket. "…Snips?" he ventures. "What's the matter?" Snip's reply? He starts humming. Travanna, sitting on R'ik's shoulder, flies down to the basket and joins in the chorus. R'ik sighs, and then mutters, "…Oh shards…."

Shorynia is preceeded by her own two, both humming. Unlike many, she's cursing them as she comes, "Sharding flits. I'm just here for a wall tapestry, not another one of you lot!" Neither Queen nor tipsy seem to care at all about their bonded's complaints.

Odisyn is visiting Ierne as well, entering with a laptop under his arm. Then Vulcan, his bronze firelizard appears near him and begins to hum. Apollo follows, as does Aries. "Oh, firelizard hatching. Well, I don't mind if I do." He walks over to the eggs to watch them hatch. "You like them Vulcan?" The firelizard chirps.

Chaton follows close on Shorynia's heels. "Wall tapestry? I thought we were here for a rug." he frowns, then shakes it off. Women. "Say, where're your flits going there, Shory?"

B'ky is back in Ierne, though he doesn't look as if he's on vacation anymore. The man is dressed in crimson and indigo riding leathers, with a new Xanadu knot stuck on his shoulder. He seems to be off on some errand, with a parcel under one arm, though the humming firelizards catch his attention, and he offers a polite smile to those nearby and soft greeting to R'ik, "Hello," as he pauses to examine the eggs curiously for a moment.

Ch'en hurries in hailing his brother. "Hey Mop!" he calls, jogging up to Chaton. "Mop and Shortynia, right?" he grins playfully. "How are you two doing?" he shoots an annoied look at the humming 'lizards.

Zsadis runs a hand worriedly through his hair when passing through the Guest area of the Weyrhold. Just back from visiting an aging Auntie shacked up with a Dragonrider in the area, he definitely needs a rest. But then there's that obnoxious humming. He turns to scold the offending firelizard /and/ its owner, but then he notices the source and its reason for humming. Weariness forgotten, he closes in out of 'pure curiosity' - or so he tells himself. Oh, it's a lonely world, being this beautiful and superior. But of course, he tells himself, he's not that superior. Just beautiful and naturally socially inclined. He chuckles to himself, diverted for only a moment before he rivets his attention again on the basket of sand. He throws the basket's seeming owner an easy smile, not showing his nerves at all. Zsa almost shoots the other gatherers a glare, but holds back. Better to show a better side of Zsadis The Great, for now. He smiles instead, his best beaming smile. But then there's Chaton… and Zsadis only gives him a nervous glance out of the corner of his eye, one hand going all unwilling to his stomach.

R'ik looks up at the people entering. "Well, since they're hatching, might as well…" he mutters. Then he sits down, returning the smile from Zsadis with a nods and a large grin. He plops down near the basket. B'ky's greeting is returned, "Hello there. Seems these things are hatching…." Then to the room at large, he asks, "Can someone run and get some meat scraps for these things? They'll be hungry when they hatch."

Chaton sighs, and turns. "I'll grab some meat scraps for these folks." Ie: he doesnt want to be around when Ch'en gets jumped. "I'll be right back in a second." he hurries off at a jog to the kitchen.

Shorynia lowers a glare on Ch'en, fleetingly aware of her partner's retreating form, "Don't call him that. Or me for that matter. You're brothers. Twins no less. Sharding grow up already, you've damaged him enough as it is." Queen stops humming long enough to point a dark hiss at Ch'en as Shory turns to finish approaching the clutch, calling after Chaton, "Hurry back!"

Ch'en snorts, and waves the little girl off. "Please. Chaton is made of tougher stuff than that. I've not damaged him. Scratched him a few times, yes. Damaged him? Nah." he laughs. "Though there was that time we were wrestling and I almost broke one of his ribs…" he waves that off too, and walks over to the hatching. "Hey, the eggs look nice." he comments to R'ik.

Chaton jogs back in with a large bowl of bloody meatscraps. He sits it down next to the basket of sand. "Will this do?" it's obvious he has no idea about firelizards and such.

B'ky tilts his head to watch the little flit eggs - from a distance. The bluerider leans back against the wall, parcel still tucked under one arm, murmuring under his breath, "Similar, yes," while his eyes unfocus briefly. The soft smile turns into a chuckle, and then nodding in agreement with the 'eggs look nice' comment from Chaton, B'ky murmurs, "They are lovely. Who is the lovely lady that laid them?" He glances at the female firelizards in sight.

R'ik nods when Chaton goes for meat scraps, but then blinks at the sudden exchange of words between the newly-entering people. "…This is going to be interesting…" he mutters under his breath. However, he gives a smile anyway. "Come one, come all, the eggs are about to hatch!" He grins. To Ch'en's remark — and to B'ky's question — he points to Travanna, the green. "Thank her; she laid them," he jokes, with a chuckle. "Little Travanna, there."

Zsadis doesn't bother to get up. Let someone else do the running for meat. And then goes Chaton, just as it should be. He chortles inwardly. He looks over the eggs and comments, "These certainly look /interesting./" He peers over at Travanna. "And she's lovely." He'd flirt with her, if she were human, himself. Bad boy.

Shorynia smiles at Chaton, and motions for him to crouch down next to her near the eggs, grabbing a handful of meat as she does so. She can't help casting a glance between Ch'en and zsadis and wondering if Chaton would make it through the day without killing one of them…

Odisyn grins. "Firelizards are so cute when they're babies." Odisyn grins. Vulcan simply maintains a vigil, but Apollo croons eagerly to Travenna, Odisyn's trio goes looking for a perch somewhere, and finds a chair to land on.

Ch'en pulls himself away from the eggs, and moves to stand back beside B'ky. "I sure don't need any flits. Things are a nuisance in my opinion." he nods. "Ch'en, Blue Mobeth's rider. You are…?"

Chaton kneels beside the eggs, mimicking her. He takes a handful of meat globs, and watches them. Hey, someone has to feed them, right? As long as it doesn't try and follow him home… He turns to see who else is going to feed the 'lizards. He inwardly hopes that one will part Zsadis with a few of his fingers, so that he might stitch them up and forget to use numbweed… he shakes his head and turns back to the eggs, curious.

Travanna stands up upon the edge of the basket, and stretches her wings when the attention is paid to her, and chirrups happily. R'ik chuckles a bit, and then his attention — and Travanna's — is caught by the Steamin' Mad! Egg. It jumps slightly in the basket, then shimmies. Then it jumps and shimmies again. It's a very regular movement, first back, then forth. "Looks like the first one's about to hatch," he comments. He's not keeping the food in his hands, nope.

Shorynia leans forward, watching the egg carefully, her non-bloody hand resting on Chaton's leg, "Oh, it's so pretty." She watches mesmerized as it shimmies and wobbles

Odisyn grins, adding just in case they care. "Oh, I'm Odisyn. Nobody's rider, just a computercraft apprentice." He adds. "And my firelizards are Vulcan, Apollo and Aries." He introduces the trio humming away on a chair.

B'ky gives Travanna a warm smile, saying to the firelizard, "They're lovely," though he might seem a little silly repeating it to the flit. The man then inclines his head toward Ch'en, "B'ky, Blue Avideth's rider," and B'ky chuckles softly, adding, "They can be useful, but I don't think Avi would forgive me if I returned with one." Hence why he's still leaning back against the wall instead of going for the meat. He turns to watch as the first egg begins wobbling.

Zsadis shoots Chaton a wary glance as though reading his thoughts, but settles down fairly near him, grabbing a few globs of meat for himself. He looks down at the Steamin' Mad! Egg and grimaces. Ugly-ish looking thing. Not as icky as that other one, though, but he gives Travanna a convincing smile nonetheless. "They're beauties."

The firelizard hatchling inside the Steamin' Mad! Egg is really annoyed with this shell! RRRGH! With a final shove, a brown head pops out through the shell; within a moment more, the firelizard is freed from his confinement.

Stick in the Mud Brown Hatchling
Overall this brown seems like he's not eating enough, looking almost skinny enough to see his ribs. But upon a closer look, it becomes clear that these patterns are muscles and markings, not skin stretched tightly over bones. Once one realizes this, one sees better that his body is streamlined and sleek, ideal for speed. His body is an almost uniform shade of muddy brown. However, where most firelizards have their darker halves above, and their lighter halves below, this one is just the opposite. His underbelly is a single shade of dark, silty brown, while at his sides the color blends into a dusty pinkish russet, shot through with lines of yellowish brown. The brown's tail begins to darken from this pinkish russet, to a darker auburn color at its forked tips. Wings are large for his size, with great golden-brown sails stretched over sable brown spars. His head looks a little bit too big for him, actually, and his headknobs and eye ridges are sharp. The effect is that of an old man glaring at the world around him.

Shorynia smiles offering a few gobbets of meat to the tiny brown, "He's so cute." She's positively beaming. Queen and Tipsy seem to consult for a moment before nodding in agreement and crooning a welcome to the little brown.

Ch'en nods. "Well-met." he watches the hatchling pop out. "Awesome." he says. "YEah, Mobeth wouldnt let me sleep if I carried one back." he shakes his head.

Chaton turns his head to the side, and looks over the little lizard. "Uh, yeah, cute…" he doesn't sound convinced. Looks kind of like a kidlet that just got done playing in a mud bath. "It's interesting. Should be named 'Mud'."

Stick in the Mud Brown hatchling flumps onto his belly as he exits his shell. Stupid shell clinging to him, stupid egg-goo dripping all over…PLEH! He creels shortly, raspily, and glares at the assembled crowd. He lifts his head. Is that food he smells? The scent of the meat finally gets him to move, and he stands, plodding grumpily toward the crowd. Out of sheer luck, it's Shorynia that he finds himself in front of. He looks up at the food in her hand and glares. Well?

Shorynia slips the tiny brown piece of meat after piece of meat until the brown finally crawls into her hands. She chuckles at Chaton as she continues to feed it, "Now I can't think of another name… I blame you." Her glare is totally fake as she looks down at the little brown again, another piece of meat going into his mouth… mud's mouth… his name was mud…

Chaton shrugs, looking sheepish. "Sorry there. He looks like Mud, though." he points out, helpfully.

Odisyn grins at the firelizard named Mud. "Its still cute. I mean come on, 'his name was Mud.' Its classic, and funny." He adds.

B'ky watches the little brown hatchling with curiosity, saying, "I've always wondered how they choose; they're so small," and he shakes his head slightly, "Even with dragons, it's…" but he trails off, either talking to himself, or perhaps his dragon, from he half-distracted expression on his face. But the man chuckles again and nods to Ch'en, "I would probably be left to swim back to Xanadu," though his voice is light, and a slightly amused expression plays over his features.

<missing snip>

Bolt from the Blue Hatchling
Electric blue-white dances along his headknobs, and along his eye and neck ridges. His bright, cobalt blue hide seems alive with frantic electricity, dancing down his sides in blue-white streaks. This little blue is long and lean, deceptively fragile-looking. Headknobs and ridges are all smoothed and create elegant, sleek lines along his body. Clearly, he's got some speed in him. His forked tail fades from the electric cobalt color to a bright, almost irridescent cyan color at the tips, which seem to constantly twitch. At his sides, colors mix as the cobalt begins to fade into a more tame, more rich royal color downward at his underbelly. But upon his chest, a single small swatch of that electric blue zig-zags down his chest, light a bold of lightning. The blue's wings seem almost small in proportion as far as the spread of his sails, but the actual limbs themselves are quite long. As on the tail, the limbs and spars of his wings are colored in the same bright cyan. But his sails are almost neon green, and dusted with dark cobalt at the edges of the sails. His tiny claws are actually a bright, bright yellow, and look very sharp.

B'ky seems about to reply to Ch'en when the egg hatches, and the man chuckles softly, saying, "I would have bet on blue." And then he chuckles again, the gentle smile quirking slightly as he nods in agreement with Odisyn and murmurs softly, "I agree. Lovely color on him."

Ch'en 's eyes go slightly unfocused, and he nods. "Mhm, like you." he responds. He grins at B'ky. "Aye, it's easy betting when the hatchling is already out of the egg." he chuckles, though he does agree "It is a handsome blue."

Zsadis looks toward Ch'en and nods toward the hatchling. "You would've lost that bet." He turns toward Odisyn, unable to help himself from responding. "He's hardly cute. He's a downright bold beauty." He fixes his posture and preens a bit, as though comparing the flit to himself.

Bolt From the Blue Hatchling chirrups happily, loudly, in greeting to the world. If he were a dragon, he'd have bugled. Quite a flamboyant one is he, stretching his wings and displaying his beautiful hide for all the world to see. And a bit of a showoff, too. He seems to be saying 'yes, yes…it's me! Applause is welcomed!' as he shakes the egg-goo off himself. Without a moment's hesitation, he starts walking over to the assembled crowd, chirruping happily.

Shorynia chuckles, watching the little blue saunter around, even as she feeds Mud she can't help comparing the sleep preening blue to her own chubby, lazy one

Odisyn chuckles at the blue hatchling. "Awww, he's so adorable." grins Odisyn. "I mean look at him, he's a showoff." Says the computercrafter apprentice.

Zsadis applauds the little blue's display, grinning at him. "Oh, you little one, you!" He laughs eagerly at the flit's antics and offers him a slice of meat. "You deserve a reward just for being beautiful." As do I… he seems to say, as he runs another hand over his "beautiful" hair. He resists the urge to shoot Odisyn a nasty look. He told you silly, NOT adorable.

Chaton rolls his eyes. He nudges Shorynia. "I'd be happy if that blue tested his teeth on our friend over there." he whispers quietly, then straightens back up. "Yes, he does have quite the personality. I think that Harper Hall will envy that flit."

Ch'en nudges. "Another 1/32nd of a mark says that the blue one impresses the flamboyant one." he nods at the boy who keeps preening like a giggly airheaded girl.
nudges B'ky

Bolt From the Blue Hatchling looks about at the assembled people. Zsadis's offering presents itself first…and the little blue is pleased with the man's reaction to his display. Once more, he crows, this time standing up on his hind legs…just for a moment, mind you…since he falls upon his little tush because of it! Then the Bolt From the Blue Hatchling creels, looking to Zsadis. Forget showing off for now…the food is more important!

B'ky can't help but smile at the hatchling's antics, murmuring, "He certainly is something," and then a pause, the man blinking and stifling a chuckle. "Not that I'd want one, even a blue," who is he talking to? But at the nudge, he chuckles softly and says to Ch'en, "I'd have to agree with you there." Well, so much for betting, because he misses who the little blue impresses to while he's talking.

Shorynia leans over to Chaton, "The blue may not take his fingers, but it'll probably steal that spotlight he carries around with him." Three more chunks of meat pop into Mud's mouth in quick succession

Odisyn giggles. "looks like thats a bet you won." Odisyn grins to Ch'en. "I could totally see that match coming. Totally. It was an obvious bet."

X'hil wanders in, muttering to himself. He's just been to the marketplace, looking for something in particular, but all he's actually managed to find is lunch. Now he's just kind of walking and talking, to himself, or to his lifemate, but either way, he's not really paying much attention to where he's going. At the blue's impression creel, he snaps out of his daze, and looks around. "Okay…"

You paged Zsadis with 'Shorynia leans over to Chaton, "The blue may not take his fingers, but it'll probably steal that spotlight he carries around with him." Three more chunks of meat pop into Mud's mouth in quick succession'.

Ch'en laughs. "I think a wherry could have seen that one comming."

Chaton laughs at Shorynia. "Perhaps it's a good thing. Maby he'll calm down if he doesnt have an audience." he can still hope on the finger thing, right?

Zsadis shoots a good, long glare at Ch'en. The boy could at least make an attempt to mask his words! He struggles to keep his mouth shut… and fails. He looks the boy up and down, from his unorderly red hair to his unkempt fingernails. "At least I have the good grace to take care of myself and my appearance, unlike some with ugly red hair." He snorts and folds his arms over his chest, looking away as though this /must/ be the final word. Oh, go you, big man. Yeah, who da man? Not you. But then, there's a little thing at his feet, and it makes quite an ungraceful display. Fairly cooing to the poor thing with sympathy, he scoops it up and feeds it the piece of meat as though it were a miniature bunch of grapes. "Oh, little one, don't worry. I'm here to teach you the better way of things."

R'ik grins. "Ah, congratulations!" he offers. "Enjoy your new blue firelizard." Salesman to the end. Even if…well, he's not actually SELLING anything. "And now there's one egg left," he notes. "Who'll be the lucky one, I wonder?" Either salesman or gameshow host, with how he's carrying on. Though at that, the Multitasker! Egg begins to move, to rock gently. Back and forth, back and forth. And then it speeds up. More and more, 'till it almost seems to be moving so fast it's buzzing. "What a hyperactive hatchling," R'ik notes, and peers at the oddly-oscillating egg.

Ch'en pops his knuckles and pushes himself away from the wall he's leaning against. Somewhere outside, a certian blue dragon bugles his dislike of *that* particular remark. Perhaps R'ik will get that fight after all. "Oh yeah little girl?" he sneers. "Well, if you're such a tough thing, how about you drag your little airheaded self out here and we'll see if the old adage about people with red hair is true." You know the one. Temper.

Odisyn grins. "aren't /all/ hatchlings hyperactive?" Asks Odisyn with a chuckle. "I think Vulcan was the only firelizard hatchling I've ever seen who was completely quiet." He adds. "But Vulcan is like, really really quiet in general."

Shorynia nudges Chaton as Mud finally burps and falls asleep in her arms, then motions to the egg with a raised eyebrow. She turns slightly and waves to X'hil, but doesn't pester the poor Weyrleader at the moment, instead focusing on encouraging Chaton to ignore Ch'en and focus on the egg. He *had* complained about not being able to impress one, after all.

Chaton ignores Ch'en and company, mostly because he's gotten good at ignoring stupid remarks over the years, and looks at the egg spinning wildly. "Shoot. Crazy little thing. Wonder if it's getting dizzy doing that."

B'ky also laughs, but smiling at Zsadis nonentheless, despite the man's words, and commenting offhandedly, "A good match." Now that the bluerider sees who the flit impressed to, he just shakes his head, but the entrance of another rider has his attention, B'ky inclining his head politely toward X'hil, with a soft, "Hello," in greeting. But then the last egg is wobbling, and the bluerider turns back to watch it, though Ch'en's knuckle-popping earns a frown from the older man, B'ky quietly saying, "A hatching is no place for threats." His words aren't particularly forceful, simply stated, though he looks directly at the other bluerider when he speaks.

Ch'en gives Zsadis a good hard look. "You'd do well to watch how and to whom you speak." he offers, advice in place of a thumping. He nods at B'ky, perhaps in thanks for offering a bit of sanity, and turns to walk out into the plaza.

Zsadis waves his hand at Ch'en, a dismissal of sorts as he stuffs the little flit's face, enamoured. Until now, he thought the only one he could love was… himself! And perhaps because this little one may as well mirror Zsa - well, you see where this is getting. Zsadis doesn't even register the meaning of the boy's words; only that they're directed toward him. He looks up for a moment to say, "Can't you tell that I'm busy?" But then he's gone, and Zsa shrugs his shoulders and goes back to gushing like a little boy over a new canine pup… only this one's more reptilian.

The Multitasker! egg is oscilating at an oddly fast speed. Hard to believe the hatchling in here can really be moving that fast. The egg falls still for a brief moment, and then a constant, rhythmic hammering noise sounds from the inside of the shell. Little holes begin to appear in the shell. And then the hatchling makes its appearance into the world…posterior first, as its blue rear and hindquarters break through one of those weak spots. The hatchling shakes its upper body, throwing the shell off after a moment.

Once in a Blue Moon Blue Hatchling
This firelizard is painted in a palate of a pale blues. His upper side, along his back, and down his tail is all a soft, shimmering sky blue color. Silver dances along his neck ridges like the reflection of Terra's silvery moon on water. His face is sharply defined with that same silver on all his raised features. It gives the appearance of ice crystals growing upon his delicate-boned features. His head is actually narrow and long, giving him a constant narrow-eyed appearance…as if he's plotting. The blue's headknobs almost seem long as well…and sharp, looking almost like horns; here too, that silvery color dances across these knobs. The sky blue does not fade down his sides, but as it meets his underbelly it abruptly changes to a pale, silvery-blue that runs from under his jaw to the underside of his forked tail. A very few splotches of dark grey mottle his pure white wingsails, stretched between blue-lavender spars. These wings are huge for his size, contrasting with the sleek and smooth lines of his body. He moves like liquid silver.

X'hil shakes his head slowly, clearing the fogginess out of it, and slips closer to the eggs, tilting his head briefly at Shorynia, with a brief smile for the Istan, and nodding to B'ky. "Hello." He glances at the lone egg, and idly notes, "Ah, good, I've missed most of it, then." He already has plenty of firelizards, thanks. Clingy brown, evil little blue, ditzy green. He doesn't need another… But… He peers at the blue, and at his plate of wherry meat, and then at the blue. "Aw, why not?" he murmurs, sliding a slice of meat off of the plate and waving it in the general direction of the blue. Not particularly vigorously mind, he's rather a latecomer here, and he /has/ firelizards.

Queen gives an odd chirp towards the newly emerged blue and Shory, after rolling her eyes at Zsadis'… display… nudges Chaton, "He's gorgeous and Queen likes him. You should feed him"

Chaton looks around, and since nobody standing closeby is holding any meat, he offers it to the flit. "You must be hungry, there." He sits it down in front of the blue, quite neatly, at Shory's encouragement, but scooches aside to let the Weyrleader have a go. Seniority and all.

B'ky returns Ch'en's nod, watching the other bluerider go with a sigh, and returning his attenton to the eggs. He murmurs a pleased, "Another blue," with a soft smile. "Beautiful," the man adds after a moment, and then chuckles softly as he spots X'hil nabbing some meat. B'ky remains where he is, still leaning back against the wall, well away from the firelizards.

Once in a Blue moon Hatchling actually seems rather even-tempered. He sits quietly for a moment atop the shards of his broken eggshell, looking around at the assembled crowd. He seems to be surveying the situation for the moment. He hasn't made much noise, but that's soon to change, as he begins approaching the crowd. The scent of raw meat draws a short, tiny chirp from him.

Shorynia nudges Chaton again, draping the sleeping brown over her shoulder, "Think welcoming thoughts."

X'hil tilts his head at the blue curiously, and pops the first offered slice of meat in his own mouth instead. The blue doesn't seem quite near enough to attract just yet, so he sneaks a little closer. "Aren't you a striking fellow? Much nicer looking than twisted old Wraith." His blue. His very evil and somewhat stretched out looking blue.

Once in a Blue moon Hatchling looks between the two that are offering food. Hmm…X'hil's halfhearted dangling of meat doesn't look that welcoming. Or perhaps Chaton's welcoming thoughts are indeed helping him attract the little blue, as the firelizard is ambling in that direction. He walks toward Chaton without much fanfare, plopping himself down in front of the boy and peeps. Feed me.

Shorynia claps happily as Queen gives a happy trill, "Feed him, Chaton. Feed him."

Chaton looks mostly unawares that anything has happened. "Right, hungry." he says dutifully, plopping another bit of meat into the peeping mouth.

Zsadis's little blue has fallen asleep, and Zsadis looks over at Chaton's new blue. He chuckles, and says quietly, as though holding a sleeping baby, "Who would've thought that we'd walk away with brother blues." He shakes his head in the odd wonder of the world. "Mine's still better-looking." His grin peeks through his lips in a display of not-quite perfect teeth, and he's clearly in good spirits after this bit.

X'hil chuckles softly at Chaton's reaction, then pops another slice of his half-heartedly offered wherry meat into his own mouth. All for him, none for firelizards, huzzah! The mindhealer looks a tad busy now, so the bronzerider peers over at Shorynia. "You guys need a lift back home?" he offers. Since he's /here/, anyway.

Chaton still manages to ignore stupid comments from people around him, and plops more food into the little lizards mouth, completely enthralled. "Up you get." he says, holding his palm flat for the little lizard to step up into.

Shorynia smiles, nodding as Chaton actually does most everything right. Then X'hil catches her attention and she glances up at him, "Perhaps… I have a blue rider I need to tell off first, though." She looks at the little blue, "You should call him Mercury."

Chaton nods absently at Shory, his eyes watching as the little pit just *eats*. "Mhm." he says, concentrating. On what? Probably welcoming thoughts still.

R'ik grins. "Whew…that's that taken care of, anyway," he notes as the last of the hatchlings is away. "All hatchlings went to — hopefully — good homes." Travanna takes that opportunity to fly back up, to his shoulder. R'ik notices X'hil then, and stands. "Oh! Hello there," he offers.

Zsadis smiles at R'ik, ready to thank him, but sees him engage in a conversation with someone else. Instead, Zsa stands himself, and takes his leave, carefully holding the little flit and murmuring to it, "We'll have to get you a sling, yes we will…"

X'hil tips his head to R'ik, then pauses. "Trrransport, right?" The r is drawn out with hesitation, as the man tries to recall just what wing R'ik is assigned to. "Quite an Istan crowd out here." he notices, with a bemused shake of his head. Well, they're not /all/ Istans.

B'ky watches the hatchling blue, softly smiling and murmuring an amused, "Adorable," when the little creature peeps for food. The bluerider pushes off from the wall, now that it's safe to do so and no baby firelizards are wandering about. He taps the parcel under his arm and looks around with a thoughtful 'hrmm' as he heads to the plaza, stopping to give R'ik a nod in farewell and saying, "I don't suppose you know anyone in the area named M'cav?" But a quick glance at X'hil and the Xanadu bluerider is quickly moving toward the exit with another wave, and a distracted look on his face.

Shorynia stands slowly, being careful not to upset her brood, and sighs softly as Zsadis exits. Her life would be easier that way.

Shorynia holds a hand out to Chaton, offering to help him up with his tiny blue parcel.

Chaton feeds Mercury untill the little thing finally falls alseep in his arms. He stands up with Shory's help, and bows at X'hil. "Hello Weyrleader. What's brought you out this-a-ways?

X'hil frowns a little at B'ky's glance, eyes automatically travelling to the bluerider's knot. The bluerider's /Xanadu/ knot. It's rather distracting to the man evidently, as Chaton's question takes him completely by surprise. "Oh, uh, looking for a new jacket, misplaced my old one." And, what, he can't get a good jacket at Ista? Apparently he can't get one here, either. Maybe he's just fussy. When he looks up, B'ky is gone, so he turns back to Chaton, curiously. "Er, and you?" he asks, hoping that he gets an answer, and not more questions.

Shorynia smiles, "Shopping for furnishings that weren't at the weyrsale. Maybe some comfy chairs…" And she's off in her own little world, muttering about furniture options and the affect of rolley waves on furniture stability. Don't ask how she knows that term…

Chaton errs and shakes his head. "Sorry. I just got a room at Ista, and… well… it needs furnature, I suppose." he shrugs. "I hear that you can get good jackets at Western. If you're looking to get a new one, you could try there." he offers. "So, how is our esteemed Weyrleader doing?"

X'hil grimaces slightly, and shakes his head. "I just want my /old/ jacket back." he mutters, with feeling. Man, he was really attached to that thing. But his shoulders slump, and he notes, "Western, thanks, I'll check over there." As for furniture, he grimaces slightly. "Need to get some of that myself, my weyr's still just a bed. Didn't really have much furniture up at… before. But my weyr, looks so /empty/ now."

Shorynia nods slowly, "Have you tried going back to… uh… before… and seeing if they found your jacket?" She knows full well where he transferred from having begun her forray into Weyr paperwork, but he seems uncomfortable with it, so… she lets it rest.

Chaton looks him over, and shrugs. "Well, I'm sure you'll find it." he nods. He has no clue, but he knows when not to press an issue. He busies himself trying to find a place to store his companion while he sleeps.

X'hil's fingers go to his knot, on his shoulder, attached to his shirt… Presumably he wore one on his jacket, as well. "Might've turned up there. It wasn't where I lost it." So he didn't lose it at Xanadu, then? "Suppose I should… look." Groan. He knows that, if it made it back there, he'd be in for trouble. But that's really all he has left, if he ever wants to see it again.

Shorynia smiles gently, "I'm sure it'll turn up, X'hil." She spots Chaton's difficulty with Mercury and giggles, helping him slip the tiny blue into a breast pocket.

Chaton ahs, finding that the little thing fits nicely. "Are you sure he's not going to smother or something?" he says, sounding concerned.

X'hil nods slowly, and glances around. "Well, it's not going to turn up here… I suppose I ought to go looking." he says, plucking one final slice of wherry from the plate, before setting it down. Someone else, or some firelizard, will find it. And off he goes. Wait, didn't he offer Shorynia and Chaton a lift?

Shorynia chuckles when Tipsy pokes his head out of her own pocket and squeeks, as if saying, 'I didn't'. She waves, watching X'hil depart before turning on Chaton, "Where did that brother of yours get to?"

Chaton shrugs. "He seems preocupied. We can get a ride from Ch'en." he says, watching his pocket.

Ierne Weyrhold - Central Plaza
The main plaza of Ierne Weyrhold is abustle with activity, as people of various occupation move to and fro through the area. The plaza itself is cobbled stone, much like the roads leading from it, and extends to the east, where it is abutted by a couple of large buildings.
The main administrative complex for the Weyrhold borders the plaza here, to the west; within, the dining facilities of the weyrhold, and the offices of the weyrhold's staff, are located. A single-story building just to the north of it serves as the guest hall, separated from the hall by a courtyard garden and reflecting pool. Roads lead northward, toward the main harbor, crafthalls, cotholds, and recreational areas, and to the south, toward the river docks and the 'rider residences.

Shorynia paces into the plaza, her eyes scanning for Ch'en's haughty form. She spots his dragon, but where is he?

Ch'en is laying down against his dragon, on the other side. He;s giving him a firm scritching on his big blue side. "You like that, eh?" he asks, working the oil into his gleaming hide. "Left?" Mobeth makes a pleased noise.

Shorynia makes a little 'ah' sound and storms right up to Ch'en, "Who in Faranth's name do you think you are? You walk out of your only family's life for turns and then claim you didn't damage him? Well I'm here to tell you otherwise, bucko!" She takes a deep breath, seeming poised to go on for a good while longer.

Chaton coos at Mercury. Even if he's sleeping.

Ch'en murmurs pleasedly at Mobeth, even as the great head swings around to take a look at the petit little thing yelling at his rider. Ch'en pokes his head around. "Oi! Hey, what are you going on about?

Shorynia lowers an icy glare on the blue rider and points back towards where the firelizard hatching had been, "In there. You claimed you hadn't damaged you brother. You drop out of his life for turns, then turn up out of the blue acting like nothing happened. You can't do that to people and expect them to come out unharmed." One of her fingers is planted firmly in the blue rider's chest. If looks could kill.

Chaton walks quietly away from the two. He doesn't like to hear conflict. He hums to himself quietly.

Ch'en blinks at Shorynia. "Nah, he's fine. Look at him!" he points. "Noticed he's got his own firelizard and everything. If he's broken, why's he doing so well for himself?" Mobeth lays his head down and turns away from the two. "Some help you are." Ch'en mutters..

Shorynia leaves her finger planted firmly in his chest, "He's doing well despite you. You owe him a hekuvah lot more than hurled insults and disdain. Either act like a twin and not a twit or stay away from him. That tiny blue may do more to help heal his psyche than you ever did." She jabs him in the chest again, as if to punctuate her words, "If I ever hear you call him mop again I will personally find a way to use you as one."

Ch'en stammers. "Ah, but… he's always been Mop. Ever since he was tiny…"

Shorynia's glare stays the same, hard look, "I don't care. It bothers him. Not nearly so much as you walking out on him does, but it's something I can try to change. I can't change the past." Queen hisses, punctuating her bonded's strong emotions.

Chaton humms louder, still carrying some of the meat along with him. He looks… lost.. as his little friend pokes his head out of the pocket, and he feeds him again.

Ch'en blinks more. "Um… but.. he doesn't mind…" he blinks more. "Who are you to… just walk in on our family and order us around?"

Shorynia maintains her level glare, "What us? Shards! What family? You only walked back into his life a few weeks ago. Talked once, irritated him, and left. I'm there every day. I'm the one who has to pick up the pieces. The one that sees the pain he holds in his heart. It's time for you to grow up." She blinks, then sighs, realizing that her confronting Ch'en isn't helping Chaton either. She turns her glare back on the blue rider, "We'll talk about this again." She takes a deep breath, forcing calm back into her system, before she begins to make her way back to Chaton.

Ch'en blinks, and looks at Mobeth. "What was that about?"

Chaton has moved out a good ways away, wandering, lost looking. He's absently feeing the rest of the meat to the firelizard and humming softly.

Shorynia falls in step with Chaton, much calmer now. Gently, she twines an arm around his shoulders, "So… how do you like your new friend? He is a gorgeous darling."

Chaton looks up, absent for a moment before he properly realizes that Shorynia is holding him. "Oh. Yes, ah… I do. I like him. He's… pretty." he says, holding him up for her to get a good look at him. "Isn't he?" he stands. "Um… should we… ah… go home?"

Shorynia nods, "He's very pretty. Very unique shading and he seems to suit you." She nods again, more slowly this time with only a quick look over her shoulder, "Yes, I do believe we should go home."

Chaton nods, getting up from his sitting position slowly. "Home." he says again.

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