Zsadis Returns... Sort of...

The evening light is fading outside, for all it can't be seen in the room. Shorynia had had a long last few days and she is currently curled up under the blanket on the bed, her flits curled up against her. She shifts fitfully in her sleep, rolling first one way, then another. She clutches at the pillow, whimpering slightly.

Chaton comes back in from working at the infirmary, and leans over. He nudges her lightly. "Darling, you're going to squish your flits if you keep rolling around like that. What's wrong?"

Shorynia whimpers again, her flits being smart enough to relocate to the headboard. He flips and flops again, her hand landing on his and squeezing tightly with another whimper.

Chaton squeezes her hand back, watching her. He sits on the bed, and gently reaches over and pinches her nose shut. "Wake up." he whispers in her ear.

Shorynia starts, jumping up suddenly and ramming her head into his. She mutters a soft "ow…" as she rubs her ear and temple, "Heads are hard…"

Chaton owss, and holds his own head. "Yeah, they are." he rubs the pain away and looks down at her. "Bad dreams?"

Shorynia nods slowly, "Very bad," she rubs her head again, "H- How was your shift?"

Chaton turns his head to the other side, and looks at her. "Fine. What sort of dreams?"

Shorynia reaches up, touching his face gently with her finger tips, "The earthquake, mostly…" she looks away, "And if you were there…"

Chaton shhhs, and puts a finger to her lips. "The earthquake is over, and I wasn't there. I'm fine, you're fine. OKay?"

Shorynia nods quietly, "It is… but my dreams don't seem to care…"

Chaton hugs Shory close and kisses her neck lighly. "I understand." he holds her and cuddles her. "It's alright now, though. You're awake."

Shorynia leans in and sighs softly, "I'm alright… just a bad dream…"

Chaton nods and smoothes her hair down. "You've been working hard lately. We all have. I think we should all relax and take a break, or we'll all start having nighmares."

Shorynia chuckles and nods, "Well, the worst is over now… just normal stuff left. Most of the refugees are back at their own holds or halls now." She sighs, "I'm glad you stayed."

Chaton smiles. "I'm glad I did too." he kisses her nose lightly, winking. "So, are you going to stay here, or are you going to go back to your hold now?"

Shorynia frowns a little, "No hold for me to go back to. The ground swallowed it up and with just me and Nornon it was never rebuilt. We're here for the long run."

Chaton tries not to look completely thrilled by this news. "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but you and Nornon are always welcome both at Ista and in my room."

Shorynia chuckles, "I'm happier with Nornon with the nannies. I love him dearly, but having him here would be awkward."

Chaton laughs. "I was teasing my love. Teasing. But again, you two are most welcome at Ista, as Ysa has said." he streches a little. "I hear the whole Weyr is quieter with the refugees gone…"

Shorynia nods, "It was today… just with getting the whole living caverns re-organized today was harder than I thought it would be yesterday…"

Chaton snuggles her a little. "I'm sure you did a good job. You know, you can have the drudges do some stuff. They've brains, some of them."

Shorynia snuggles in as well, "Some do… at least brains enough to stack chairs… organizing is harder than doing, love."

Chaton wrinkles his nose in laughter. "Well, I wouldn't know." he motions to his cluttered desk.

Shorynia giggles, motioning to her own desk, "At least you only supervise people who actually *want* to help."

Chaton shrugs a little. "I dunno. Some of the apprintaces, I have to wonder. They stitch like they're sewing together boots instead of wounds. I think they do it on purpous just so I'll have to remove them and restitch."

Shorynia chuckles, "Just like an apprentice to 'forget' to curry a runner. They're just young and testing you. Make them re-do it or they'll learn that you'll just fix any mistakes they make."

Chaton frowns. "Yeah, but these are people. If they're not stitched right, it'll get infected, then if the infection's not caught, the whole limb may die, or the infection could spread causing sepsis and death, but if just the limb dies it has to be removed… then *that* has to be stitched, and if that gets infected… well… you see how it works." he shakes his head. "People are too valuable to make simplistic mistakes on."

Shorynia chuckles, "As I said, they're using you. You're the journeyman, observe them and make them re-do it as many times as it takes… your patients won't notice a few more holes if they're well fellised."

Chaton hmms. "I should make them stitch fruit like I had to do, untill I got it perfect." he forwns.

Shorynia chuckles, tickling him lightly, "That'd work too. For better or for worse, when you're the journeyman on duty you're responsible for anything they screw up… are there any other healer journeymen here?"

Chaton shrugs. "Not that I've seen. And do you know how much time it takes from my studies to go back and lord over kidlet apprintaces? Too much! I'm never going to get anything done." he rolls his eyes.

Shorynia chuckles and pokes him in the side, "Beastcraft conferrs rank partially on ones ability to teach others. Don't the healers as well?"

Chaton sticks out his tongue. "I didn't say I couldn't teach. I just don't happen to like to teach the same things five times to the same people."

Shorynia taps his tongue lightly, "So don't… make 'em fear your wrath should they fail. Shouldn't be anyone posted here what doesn't know basic first aid, anyway."

Chaton nods. "They know the basics, it's the hard stuff, like that fun stitch I used on our brownrider friend the other night that doesn't scarr as bad, that's the issue."

Shorynia shrugs, "Is that Journeyman level work?"

Chaton shrugs. "I learned it as a senior Apprentiance. It's not impossible, and it's rather fun, so I don't see why they can't learn it."

Shorynia taps him gently on the nose, "Some people are better at things than others." She sighs, "I really wish I had a craft, I'd know what I was doin' then."

Chaton hms. "Go out for one then, if you want one. I think the Harpers are still accepting pretty women." he winks;.

Shorynia giggles and blushes, "Perhaps, but if I were to go now, I'd be the oldest first year there… and they'd probably want me to go there instead of staying here."

Chaton nods. "Probably. That, and from what I hear it's intensely dull. You have to learn math all over again, as if you're some idoit who can't add."

Shorynia chuckles, "I think they'd let me test out of stuff I knew, but still. I don't want to leave here." Whether she's referring to the whole Weyr or just his room is unclear.

Chaton shrugs. "Still. If you want, you could inquire wether or not the Healer Hall would let you study here, since your Ysa's assistant…" he shrugs. "Because I don't want you to leave here either."

Shorynia smiles coyly, "Who said I wanted to be a healer?" Mud gives an irritated chirp from the headboard, could he go back to sleep now?

Chaton shrugs. "Nobody. But if you did, I could teach you to stich redfruit. You know, in case any are injured in a kitcen accident…"

Shorynia dissolves into a fit of giggles, "Now that'd be a useful skill."

Chaton nods. "I hear that the kitchen is a haven of redfruit-based torture and cruelity."

Shorynia nods sagely, "Yes, those horrid cooks insist upon cutting them up." She takes on a vocalization of pure shock, "And when they make pies, they *boil* them. The horror!"

Chaton looks shocked. "Scandelous!"

Shorynia dissolves into a fit of giggles, managing to choke out, "And they drown them in" giggle, giggle, snerk, "In orangefruit juice to keep the corpses fresh!" giggle giggle, snerk giggle - deeeeeeeeeeeep breath.

Chaton laughs so hard he can barely breathe. He gasps, and drowns in another fit of laughter. Someone down the hall hollers "Shut up would you! Twits!" Chaton sucks another breath and shakes his head. "Lets go picket the kitchens."

Shorynia finally manages to catch her breath, happy laugh tears pouring down her face, "Yes… let's… but… can I have a redfruit bubbly first?" And there she goes, dissolving into another fit of giggles.

Chaton says "Only if I get one too."

Shorynia smiles, "I'm sure they'll be glad to oblige us both."

Chaton nods. "With their Redfruit Bubblies of Death!"

Shorynia smiles, "The redfruit may be abused, but I just can't resist a good bubbly."

Chaton nods. "Me either. Redfruit can continue to die, so long as bubblies live on."

Shorynia giggles, "Yes! Bubblies for life!" Her flits give a series of irritated chirps, and Tipsy and Mud re-settle on the bed as Queen flies to her shoulder. The green was rarely far from her side, after all.

Chaton grins, and nods. "I want to train Mercury to retreive gauze, or sutures, or something useful like that."

Shorynia smiles, "Mine aren't very well trained, but I think a lot of it has to do with really wanting it."

Chaton hmns. "Perhaps. Maby I can train him to retreive bubblies…"

Shorynia chuckles, "It's certainly worth a try."

Chaton gives Mercury a good look. "Alright Mercury. Go get a bubbily." he says, picturing a bubbily in his mind. Mercury gives him a look, then takes off.

Chaton hmms. "Wonder if he'll come back with a bubbily…"

Shorynia chuckles, "He'll certainly try… he might be too small to carry it, though."

Mercury darts back in carying… ta-daaaa! A half a bubbily! The half someone didn't finish eating! He's got some of it on his snout, too!

Mercury drops it on the desk and stands beside it. Praise me!

Shorynia dissolves into a fit of giggles, "I hope no one comes looking for that…"

Chaton scoops up Mercury and pats him. "Good boy." he says, scooping the little bit off of his snout and licking it. "MMm. Not bad. Berry."

Shorynia crinkles her nose, "I don't know whether to hope that's from a plate or the trash… either one could end poorly."

Chaton shrugs and tosses the bubbily in the garbage. "Nah. It came from Mercury's snout. Cant do that much damage."

Shorynia's face crinkles up, "Aaaawwww… I still want a bubbly…"

Chaton takes her hand. "Well, lets go to the Living Caverns and get you a proper bubbily.

Shorynia slides her hand into his, smiling hugely, "Mmmmmmmmm…. bubblies…."

Chaton leads them to the LC then!

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns

Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

The caverns are remarkably spotless compared to their state for the last sevenday. Smiling happily Shory practically prances across teh room to get a bubbly.

Shorynia picks a redfruit bubbly from the selection avaliable, resting at the end of the table. Thick red juice can be seen through a few splits in the pastry's surface. The smell arising from it is tangebly sweet.

Chaton follows his lover, and looks over the bubbily selections like a food critic.

Chaton picks a citrus bubbly from the selection avaliable, resting at the end of the table. A bit of sweetner has been sprinkled over the tops of these, and a criss cross pattern pressed onto it's surface with perhaps a fork.

Shorynia smiles, dragging Chaton across the room to a comfortable seating area she'd set up with the remaining furniture where queen alights on the back of a particularly plush chair. She grins big, "Whadda ya think of the new layout?

Chaton allows himself to be pulled about, and falls into a cush chair, the one Queen is sitting on. "Oooh, it's soft and comfy. Reserved for us?" he teases]

Shorynia chuckles, "Not just us, but I thought a comfy space would be a nice addition." Queen chirrups at Chaton, then decides she doesn't mind sharing her chair and curls up, going back to sleep.

Chaton nods. "Yeah, it is." Mercury lands next to Queen and curls up beside her. Hey pretty thing!

Shorynia chuckles, sliding her foot across the gap to tap his, "Good… I didn't exactly clear it with Ysa first." She grins sheepishly. Queen turns, sniffing and examining Mercury, then seems to decide that he's tolerable and curls back up for more sleep.

Chaton taps her foot back! Footsies! Chaton grins, and looks at the two lizards. "AWWW adorable!"

Shorynia giggles and twiddles her toes against his foot, "They are cute. Even if that hat is…" she bites back 'silly', "Uh… unique… knowing our luck some bronze'll show up and catch her instead."

Chaton gives her a hurt look. "What, you don't like the hat?"

Shorynia smiles, "It's cute… it just looks a little silly… though I suppose you'll never lose him in the crowd."

Chaton grins. "That is exactly the idea."

Shorynia grins, "Then I guess you succeeded."

Chaton perks up. "Don't I always. Aren't I amazing?" He preens like a certian airhead they both know,

Shorynia bursts into a fit of giggles, spraying him with flakes of bubbly crust. All she manages to get out around the giggles is, "Oh you!"

Chaton ahhhs. Bubbily shower! "Golly Gee, you ruined my perfect sun-kissed locks!" he fans his hair out.

Shorynia chortles, high and fluting, setting to bubbly aside to avoid ruining it as she clutches at her sides, "Oh… shells… bwuhahahahaaha!"

Chaton snorts at her laughing fit. "Your laugh… is so hilarious…" he chuckles.

Shorynia holds her sides harder, "bwahaha… I can't… bwaha giggle snort… can't stop."

Chaton laughs a little more and clears his throat. "Ahhha…ah.hmm. Would you like me to slap you or something?" he says, jokingly.

Shorynia giggles incessently, "N-no… just… do it again!"

Chaton holds a disdainful looking Mercury up and rubs snout to nose. "Arent you a darling little thing? Like me! Oh me me me. How darling am I? Just as darling as you! Would you like to get a room, make out perhaps, and worship the Lord that is I?"

Chaton looks regal. "Lord Holders do battle for the right to be graced by my presence!"

Shorynia's eyes stream with tears, "oh… Faranth…" She's laughing so hard that Queen, already disturbed by the removal of her blue pillow gives an odd cheep at the two.

Chaton starts to prance around. "Halt, fiend, or I shall sit upon thee!"

Shorynia's eyes follow his motions, still laughing at the top of her lungs. "D- don't forget th- that th- the wh-whole of pern r-revolves around you!"

Chaton looks at her, incredulous. "Nay, pesant, not the whole of Pern, even her moons and her sun revolves thusly around my inflated ego!"

Bwahahahahahah! "Oh Faranth…" Shory's nearly comatose with laughter, tears streaming down her face, "R- Rukbat'd damage y- your g- golden locks!" bwahaahaahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Chaton collapses neatly on the ground, curled up with laughter. "S-stop!"

Shorynia manages to stay in her chair, laughing, "I- I can't st- stop laughing!"

Chaton laughs for a few moments longer, then settles, breathing. "Shhew. Alright, enough of that." he says, calming.

Shorynia takes a few more deep breaths, her laughter resolving itself into a fit of giggles and eventually stopping, "We h- have to do that again!"

Chaton shrugs. "Perhaps we can put on a play on his heroics that helped us capture a small boy."

Shorynia chuckles, straightening her back and shoulders, "Look at me, I'm so great, I tripped a 12 turn old!"

Chaton adds, "And then sat on him!"

The giggles return, splitting Shory's face into another broad smile.

Chaton grins. "Has anyone ever told you that your smile is beautiful?"

Shorynia smiles broadly at him "Yes, but you I believe." giggle-snort

Chaton winks. "You can always beleive me. I rarely find myself involved in campaings of misinformation."

Shorynia giggles again, "You're silly. I love it. Now eat your," snicker snicker, giggle, "bubbly…" She grabs her own, taking a huge bite to stifle her giggles.

Chaton sinks his teeth into his bubbily. Mercury flies back down to Queen and nudges himself up under her head.

Queen gives a happy chirp and shifts to make Mercury a more effective pillow. Shory takes another big bite, waiting to see what her funny man would say next.

Chaton mms. "Delicious. Though not as delicious as my weyrleader-like toned bod." he flexes. Oh yea.

Shorynia guffaws loudly again, then another bite to hide both her giggles and the blush she grows from his flexing.

Chaton settles back down to eat the tart bubbily. "Mm. He could be an entire Harper Legend."

Shorynia ponders that for a moment, "'S a wonder he's *not* a harper… ego like that."

Chaton shrugs. "Maby he will be some day."

Shorynia chuckles, "Maybe we should suggest that to Moyrel." Her grin is pure evil.

Chaton hmms. "Perhaps. Maby she would be willing to take him off of our hands. Are we really so evil as to torture the poor MasterHarper?

Shorynia ponders, "It's worth asking, isn't it?"

Chaton nods. "I'll ask if I see her."

Shorynia stands, wiping the last of teh bubbly-crumbs from her hands and dress, "We really should go to bed… more work to be had in the morning and all that…"

Chaton nods. "LEad the way."

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