A Vexing Valkin Visitation

Ista Weyr - Valkin's Holding Room

The small room the renegade lad had been assigned is simply decorated. A bed in one corner and a table. As is usual, no outside windows let into this room.

The 'renegade kid' had been moved to his own private room, though a guard was placed outside of it to make sure he didn't try to escape. The room was nice, with a cozy bed and clean clothes. The guard allowed him to use baths and a more private latrine… The Weyrwoman still had a lot of duties to do around the Weyr, but that didn't mean she finally was able to get some time off to meet with the lad. Not quite the proper thing to do, being more of a Weyrleader or Guard Captain task, but Ysa was determined to have a chat with him, and had called in her paperwork assistant Shorynia to join her. She gives the door a good solid knock, waits a moment, and then walks in whether she's got permission or not.

Shorynia enters behind Ysa, toting a clipboard and a soft smile for the lad. She was glad Ysa'd finally found the time to meet with Valkin, she felt kind of like they shouldn't be holding him, but he was too valuable to just let go, too. She taps her pencil nervously against the clipboard.

When the Weyrwoman comes into the private room, she'd find the 'renegade kid' in a corner of the room, being rather attentive to a blue firelizard. Playing with the firelizard, or rather taunting the little beasty with his fingers, the kid has created some sort of 'catch my finger if you can' game with Lume. Both sets of eyes cran toward the door when it does open to omit the Weyrwoman, the firelizard doing a bit of flapping before leaping into Valkin's arms. In response to the entry of two women who look rather authoritive, Valkin seems to crouch further into the corner if he can, cautiously regarding them with a nervousness scurried on his features. Scruffy hair looks not to have been combed, despite the luxuries of the room, but he's at least taken to the clean clothes since his first pair had gotten mighty soiled during his brief stint in the cellars of Ista.

Ysa's eyes go immediately to the bed, as if expecting the boy to be there first before giving him a double take on the floor. "Shells, kid," she murmurs, shaking her head. There's a disgusted look sent to the firelizard, but she doesn't make a comment on it at all. "It's getting cooler here in Ista. Don't want to get a cold here… it's not too comfortable, trust me." She grabs hold of a chair and pulls it to her, waving her hand to the bed and then to another chair for Shorynia. Make yourself comfortable, is the obvious gesture she's doing, and tries for her best motherly looking smile. "Valkin? I hope ya don't mind that we talk, do ya?"

Shorynia nods to Valkin, taking a note on her paperwork before smiling at him. Queen gives an authoritative chirp at Lume when she spots him, but Shory's other two flits remain absent. Shory taps the green gently, then asks, "You've been getting fed, right Valkin? And water?"

Valkin pops Lume up onto his shoulder, rubbing and scritching the blue firelizard to distract him momentarily so that he doesn't have to look at Ysa when she obviously disapproves of his choice of seating. The kid goes on to rub his cheek against the firelizard's head, the blue butting up against the gesture. Slowly, Valkin returns his gaze on the pair set about to question him. His eyes waver between the two, settling on Shorynia with a hint of recognition showing up in his gaze. Surprisingly, he answers her question and ignores Ysa's, "Yes 'em…" a beat as he takes a moment to ensure that Ysa wasn't going to do anything - sort of how a wild canine would size up strangers. To Shorynia though, he murmurs, "Can I get more of those… bread things with the meat in them? Those are good."

Chaton walks into the dungeon… err.. prision carrying a covered serving platter. All manner of yummy scents waft forth from it. He pauses, and grins. "Weyrwoman Ysa, Shory. Hello." he pokes his head from around the platter, and smiles warmly at Valking. "Hello there. You must be… Valking right?" he gives a bow, being careful with the platter. "My name is Chaton, and I'm a journeyman healer from the Hall. I'm just here to talk to you, if that would be alright

Ysa frowns a little disapprovingly of being ignored, but she does look relieved that he's at least talking to them. "Ya ask the guard for anything ya want to eat, Valkin," she says in what she hopes is a reassuring voice. "And if he doesn't do it, ya can say the Weyrwoman said so." She sits, looking relaxed around the young boy, and just overall pretending to look non-threatening. Just ignore the big fancy knot… "Mindhealer," she greets as he comes in, waving for him to find a seat as well. "I just asked our guest here that same question. Give him something to put meat on his bones and we can have a nice chat, all together." Oh happy days.

Shorynia chuckles at the boy, "We can probably work some more meatrolls into your rations, kiddo." She makes a few more notes on her papers, then Chaton enters and, though she makes eye-contact and smiles, she doesn't move to his side as she often would. She is working. She can't help chuckling when Chaton mis-pronounces the boy's name, "Valkin, Chaton, not Viking." When the Weyrwoman mentions a long talk she pokes her head back out the door and returns a few moments later with some stiff-but-comfortable chairs carried by one of the guards who sets them down, then leaves again with a nod.

"A Weyrwoman? She-" a finger pointed at Shorynia "-called someone Ysa the Weyrwoman… when you took me—" accusing eye given to them, "what's it mean?" First clue that the boy is and has been sheltered. Still, he doesn't appear to be moving from his corner, taking comfort in the blue firelizard that now bobs his head around. As Chaton comes in with a tray of goodies, it seems like it takes all the effort in the world for the boy to remain where he's at, eyes glued to the tray. His title doesn't sound as pleasing as 'Weyrwoman' though when Ysa greets him, his brow flicking upward, some strain of fear showing through, "Is he your questioner? I don't see any knives…"

Chaton winces when the Weyrwoman uses his *full* title, and again when he's corrected by Shorynia on the patient's name. He sighs. "Valkin, right. Please forgive me, the apprintices who do my paperwork have horrid handwriting." he grins wryly. "The Weyrwoman is the leader of Ista Weyr. I, however, am not a questioner and I have no knives. I do however have some toys, and a nasty bruise from a chef who was handy with a spatula when I lifted the best foods from the kitchen." he grins and sits down the platter in front of the boy. and whisks away the lid. There's two cups, a picher of redfruit juice, and piles of what looks like three or four of everything on the table, including the everloved bubblies. One of every flavour. He pulls two forks out of his pocket, and hands one to Valkin. "Here you are. ANd a cup of juice, too." he says, filling a cup and passing it to him.

The boy's ignorance is just starting to dawn on Ysa, and she stares at him for a long moment. "Oh… Faranth," she breaths out softly. "My apologies, Valkin," she says calm once again. "'m Weyrwoman Ysa, and whatever you've heard of me isn't true." Look at her pretty smile again. Even her eyes go to the platter that Chaton brings with a hungry look, but she holds back for the boy. "We're not going to hurt ya at all, Valkin," she says, turning back to him seriously. "We're here to help and to ask ya questions, to make sure that you're alright. And if ya can help us in any way… but not through torture, not with knives, and not by threatening ya. Ya are a free man here to do whatever ya like. We're only keep ya here for your safety."

Shorynia smiles for the lad, sliding into one of the chairs before motioning for him to sit up off the floor, then indicates Chaton, "Does *he* look like someone who could wield a knife to hurt someone? He's practically a bunny rabbit." With lots of stamina, but now wasn't the time to mention that…

Valkin looks to Chaton who places the tray of food directly in front of him, causing the kid to scoot away from his corner of safety and closer to the tray. Bribing is good! "Why would you get the best food for me?" He does question as he prods at a few things on the tray, curiously picking out a flavoured blubbly pie, sniffing it for good measure, before ripping off a piece with his teeth. No point in letting the food go to waste. He even makes a 'mmm' sound as he smiles a bit to the three of them. Gulping down his first bite he ohs at the mention of no knives or no threats, "That's how Veski does it. It works…" So why wouldn't someone resort to that method? Still he shrugs, crossing his legs and enjoying the rest of his bubbly that he took from the tray - giving some of the meaty foods over to Lume every second bite. His eyes flash over to Ysa finally, more so when she mentions that he's free, "Then can I go?" Maybe it would be that easy to leave, "If you're the leader, can I go back where I belong? I'm needed."

Chaton does his best to look bunnyish. Mercury, the rediculously be-hatted firelizard coos from his shoulder and dives into the child's lap, nuzzling against him. Chaton looks passive. "But Valkin, if you were to go, who would finish all of this food?" he indicates the food before him. "And I got it for you simply because I only give the very best to my patients, and you're sort of my patient." he nods. "As a healer, I have to make sure you're completely OK before you run off, too. It's my job. So, tell me, do you hurt anywhere? Any bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, anything I can make better?"

Ysa bobs her head at Shornyia, grinning at her and the comparison of the Healer before turning her eyes back on the tray of food and the renegade kid. "Well, we're not Veski, we'll have to tell you that… We're a Weyr, not the renegades, and the way we do things is look out for those that need it and talk like decent adults." Yes, she's saying that renegades weren't decent, with their knives and all that. She wasn't too fond of trying to speak nicely of them. "All in good time, Valkin," she assures him, tilting her head and smiling. "Like the good Healer says, we only want the best of ya and to make sure you're all healthy and good before anything. And we could always drop ya off there. Dragons are fast, ya know, if ya need a lift. Just point us right where to take ya…" Hey, it's worth a try.

Shorynia smiles when the boy asks if he can go, but the thought of Veski using knives to extract information gives her a slight shudder even as she takes another note on the fact before asking, "What… information has Veski been trying to get when he's used his knives?"

Lume flares his wings and hisses protectively at Mercury, the blue firelizard about ready to pounce on the other, the attack only prevented by Valkin grabbing Lume's tail and back legs. Bubbly pie needless to say goes flopping onto the floor in Valkin's attempt to keep Lume from doing anything nasty. He looks sheepishly at the three adults, "Sorry… He's not mine, but he's very protective of me…" he announces as he has to shoo Mercury away with a kind nudge and pat, to settle Lume. This is when Valkin looks back to his pie and picks it up again, about ready to eat where he left off, regardless that it fell on the floor. He pauses though at Chaton's terminology, "Alright—" is all that Valkin says to acknowledge the answer. For Chaton's last question, Valkin merely shakes his head to answer, chowing down on the bubbly. "They look out for me…" the kid suddenly retorts to Ysa, frowning a little at her, "Veski just doesn't like you Weyrfolk. I don't blame him, the way you all had chased him off like that. It's my first time to a Weyr and we were just watching the auction. He was going to get me something. Then you all had to chase him away. For nothing." Putting the pie down, he takes some of the salty stuff, hrming, "I don't think he likes dragons too much. I don't want to upset him. I'd rather just go by myself. I know the way." Then Shorynia asks him something about Veski and Valkin merely shrugs, "Names, trade routes, you know, important stuff… othertimes he does it for practice." Or pleasure.

Chaton gives covert dirty looks at Shory and Ysa. Oh, wow, could you put the words "We're trying to get Veski, Help Us Please" in neon and parade it around the boy's nose? He has his work cut out for him. Would he order them out to go do something constructive? Probably not. Oh well, have to make due with what you have. He watches Lume and Mercury, and smiles lightly when Mercury alights back on his shoulder. He nods. "Well, Valkin, I'm not a part of the Weyr. I'm a resident of the Healer Hall. I go places to make sure people are ok, and to make sick people better. I'm a netural third party. I belong to no weyr, I own no dragon. I can go pratically anywhere without anyone getting mad, because they know I'm only aloud to help, and I'm not allowed to tell anyone else anything anyone tells me." he nods. "It's my job to make sure you're okay, and you look healthy to me, so there's no reason you can't go after you eat. But it's also part of my job to make sure you stay safe untill you're reunited with those who care for you. I could take you back to Veski, and he wouldn't be angry because I'm a healer." he nods. Perfectly logical. "ANd I wouldnt say anything to anyone about anything you tell me, or he tells me, or anything like that. The Hall won't let me." he nods.

Ysa pretends she doesn't see Chaton's look at all. She knew she was being obvious anyway. She frowns at the firelizards again, but again tries to put them out of her mind. No use getting angry at the flitterthings. "Ya do have to understand, Valkin, that… well, you're a nice lad. But it isn't a normal thing to go about using knives on people. It's wrong. We're also here to take care of ya. If ya want to live at the Weyr, we're not all bad… " She bites her lips, trying to figure out what to say about chasing the renegade leader out of the Weyr. "Renegades aren't… well liked, no. Watching could have turned out to stealing, and I'm here to protect my people and the most people that I possibly can. You understand that, right?" But then she's nodding, waving a hand to Chaton. "Well, we can't keep ya here forever Valkin if ya don't want to stay. We're kind people, really, and you're free to call Ista Weyr home. But if ya want to return there, we can't stop you. "

Shorynia smiles at Valkin, trying not to look too concerned by the 'practice' comment even as she notes it again on her papers, "You know, Valkin, I haven't been here very long, either. Only a few months. Only since the earthquake."

Valkin listens casually to Chaton as he devours another savoury bite of food, a piece of roast beef on a bun which he shares with Lume. Maybe Lume was merely protective over the food. After listening to Chaton he smirks at the man, "Ok. I just remembered I don't have any marks to get on board a ship. So you can come." And buy their passage. He pats Lume's head as he idly murmurs, "But Veski might question you, if you come with me all the way." His eyes draw up to Chaton, an odd sort of naivety there, but not really. It's as if he knows what will happen to Chaton but he doesn't have the maliciousness to go with. "It'd probably be safer for me to go with an adult too. Some of those ship-people look like they'd throw you overboard if you stared at them wrong. Veski called 'em cut-throats…" Wonder what sort of ship he was on? Pirate one, perhaps? Again Ysa attracts his attention and attracts the frown, "It's necessary to finding out the truth," is his comment to Ysa's claims that using knives is wrong. But he shrugs, "I can't live at the Weyr. I /belong/ to Veski. I have to go back." A pause as he listens. Then the kid does nod about protecting her people, "So you're basically like him. He tries to protect his people and you try to protect yours. But you both do not like one another. So he was in your territory and you chased him out. I guess that's fair." Hey, the renegades chase out anyone that enters their territory, though they might just kill instead of chase. Eyes skim to Shorynia, brow lifting, "Where did you come from?"

Chaton nods at Shorynia. "She came from a Beastcraft hold. And yes, Weyrwomen and Veski are simmilar." he grins, and stands. "Well, I beleive it's best to get you home, and I would love to accompany you. I would like you to stay here and finish this food, while I go have a word with Shorynia and Weyrwoman Ysa outside. Then I'll be back and I'll take you home."

Ysa just stares at Valkin for a long moment, listening to him talk bluntly that way. She doesn't comment, but does frown on occasion. "There're other ways to finding out the truth," she finally says and then dismisses it with a wave of her hand. "That is very much what I'm trying to say. Protecting the Weyr is important to me, and I will do /everything/ necessary." She opens her mouth to continue but then decides against it. Her brows furrowed as she watches Valkin, she finally turns that frown onto Chaton. "I think the two of ya need a little bit more time to /prepare/. Would ya mind staying here another few days, Valkin? Plenty of food, and we'll make sure ya get back with a bit more meat on your bones and healthy as a herdbeast."

Shorynia smiles at Valkin, taking another note on her papers, "As MindHealer Chaton said, I came form a small beast hold several days straight flight from here. All of my family but my brother died in the earthquake or are missing." She taps her chin gently with her pencil, "come to think of it, you're probably about Nornon's age. If you're here a few more days I might be able to send him up to play with you if you'd like." She smiles nicely, nodding to Chaton, "A few more days to make sure he didn't catch anything would be good…" Then her brain catches up with the conversation that doesn't apply directly to her, "Wait… you *belong* to Veski? How?"

Valkin lifts his eyes at the mention of a beastcraft hold, about to ask something in regards to that until Chaton carries on. So Valkin stills his question, nodding instead to the mention of going home. "I'll finish what I can. It's a lot…" he tilts his head to the side as he picks another piece of food off the tray and nibbles on it. He points at the bubblies, "I like these. My mother made them but I hardly ever got one to myself!" Excitement as he goes about gnawing on another one. At Ysa's mention of preparing and staying for a few days longer, the kid merely shrugs, "If I don't have to be cooped up in this room for the whole time? I would like to see a dragon. Ma always talked of them like there weren't many of them. There's lots here, I seen them when we were coming in. But Veski didn't want me to get close to any of them." He knows how to bargin, it seems. "Oh, that must be hard. I haven't seen my family for a while.. but I ran away from them" he looks ashamed at that, "they were going to marry me off to some trader's daughter to ensure that our hold got good supplies from the trains for Turns to come." He sighs at that, frowning and nodding absently to the mention of playing with Nornon. Still, her last has him give her a long stare, "He bought me." Simple and easy, as if there couldn't be any easier explanation than that one.

Chaton stands up and nods. "Well, Valkin, you let me know when you are ready to return home. I'll personally make sure you get back to Veski safe and sound, okay? And I will, of course, see to it that no seacrafters throw you overboard." he grins. "But for now, I have to go, okay? If you neeed me for any reason, have someone send for me. I am at your service day and night." he bows to the boy, and then turns to Ysa and Shory. "If I may talk to you two about supplies and preparations for me and Veski on our travel, I would be greatful."

"Oh, our bakers are back to making lots of delicious sweets. Always got a fresh supply of bubblies everyday," Ysa says with a wide grin at the boy's sweet tooth. "And ya can definitely have more while you're here." She hesitates, just briefly, at his question before smiling and nodding quickly. "I'll make sure that no one stops ya from wanting to explore the Weyr. Feel free to get out, eat in the caverns, or go meet your very own dragons. There're /always/ plenty of friendly ones sitting out in the bowl. I know my Ellamariseth would love to meet ya, especially if ya got a good story to tell her. She loves making new friends." And then she's looking back at him with concern. "I ran away too, from home. I speak to my family now again, though." Bond with the kid, right? "And Valkin… every person only owns themselves. You're a free boy." It might be a hopeless case right now, but she looks deeply troubled by that comment.

After a long moment Ysa turns to Chaton, bobbing her head. "Absolutely, Chaton. We'll definitely have to talk about what the two of ya need to take to get there as quick as possible." She smiles warmly to the Healer, but there's something in her eyes.

Shorynia gives the boy a sad look, taking another note on her sheet, "No one owns you but you. And yes, I miss them terribly." Her tone is somewhat flatter than it was before, her mind preoccupied. She nods to him, but turns her attention back to Chaton and Ysa, "We should definitely put together some travelling supplies for them. Where would you like to talk?"

Valkin nods to Chaton and pulls the tray up into his lap as he slides back into the corner, using the walls for back supports. Apparently a lot more comfortable on the floor than he would be on a chair or on a comfy bed. He also smiles at Ysa, for a moment inbetween chewing when she mentions being able to explore the Weyr. But the food seems to caught his interests at the time, leaning his head up against the wall as he decides between fruits or salty potatoe crisps. Her mention of running away does spike his interest, yet it draws a more sullen expression into his eyes - turning his face back down to the food as if avoiding talk about it. He even fails to look up at she mentions each person only owns themselves, mumbling something to the firelizard perched on his shoulder.

Chaton smiles. "Living Caverns." he says, stepping outside.

Ysa turns her face away from Chaton, still seating, as she watches Valkin. She's almost looking for something, studying his expressions, smiling in return, and then after realizing there was nothing she finally gets up. "Alright, caverns. I can get a word in with the guards about letting him out." And she follows him out.

Shorynia smiles one last time at Valkin before following the other two, taking one last note on her paper.

Chaton has something in his eyes too. Excitement, annoyance, and a migrane, most likely. He steps outside, and waits for the other two before he walks quickly towards the living caverns. "The boy is suffering, most likely, from stockholms syndrome. It's a defense mechanism of the brain. He has a bond with Veski, and no matter how much logic you give to him, no matter if it's right or wrong, he's not going to accept the negative things you say about Veski. Think of it like this. If I were to tell Ellamariseth that you're truly a horrible person, Ysa, and tried using the best logic I could to convince her that you were horribly evil, would she accept that?" he pauses, to let it sink in. "Your talking bad about Veski only turns him off and pushes him away, no matter how good your intentions, and that is counterproductive when it comes to convincing someone to give you information they don't want, or are too afraid, to give you." he pauses. "But no matter, because he's going to allow me to take him home. Healers are like Harpers. We have the backing of our hall, and we have diplomatic immunity to travel almost anywhere in the name of the Hall." he pauses. "But I'm only 60 sure that Veski will honour the traditional immunity of the Hall." he leads them into the Living Caverns, and fills a glass full of wine from a wineskin. He drains it in one go, and fills another one. "But, as I said, I'll need rations in the form of good food for me and the kid, lots of bubblies for him too, he seems to like them, and travel gear. I don't want to be followed, either. If Veski thinks we've been trailed, he'll not ask questions and just run me through on the spot, and I don't fancy dying. So, my proposition is to let me deliver the boy with no foul play, and I'll send Mercury back with a message on where to find Valkin as soon as I'm safely far enough away. Then you can do whatever. I'm a healer, not a fighter."

Shorynia nods slowly, taking a few more notes on her paperwork, concentrating on it as hard as she can, then a tear rolls down her face, lingering on her chin before plopping to the floor, then another rolls down her other cheek and follows its brother to the stone floor with a gentle plink sound. She looks up at Chaton, more tears welling in her eyes, "You… you can't take Mercury with you either. Veski said something about not trusting flits at the auction and anyone who has his own would know that Mercury could possibly take that information back with him. But I can send him to you every night so we at least know the steps of the way." Her whole body is shaking, then she moves forward, letting her clipboard fall to the side, and embraces him tightly, "And you'd better come back to me, Journeyman Chaton. Or I'll never forgive you." She steps back, wiping the tears from her eyes and retrieving her paperwork, then takes a few more notes as if that personal interlude hadn't happened at all, "We'll need to find out how many days to their camp so we can pack appropriate supplies. And as dangerous as technology is, a personal two-way radio would probably be good as well, in case you need a quick extraction."

Chaton hugs Shorynia tight and wipes her tears away. "Mer will stay with you then, love. And don't worry, I'll come back safe and sound. Okay my love? Don't cry."

Ysa listens to Chaton with increasing annoyance, though it's not being aimed at him. Her eyes are glancing elsewhere. "Shells, I /know/. But it sounds like he's… brainwashed instead. Or just never /learned/ anything else except what that sharding renegade told him. I just can't sit 'round listening to that and keep my mouth shut, even if it's ruining our chances." But she does wave it off even as he's changing the subject. "Doesn't matter, you're right." Her green eyes suddenly snap to him incredulously. "No," she says in a hard and authorative voice. "Shells no," she repeats, in case he missed it the first time. "Listen to me, Chaton. You're not going anywhere near Veski hoping that he honors something because you're a crafter. I don't give a tunnelsnake's ass whether it might work. You're to go with the lad and then tell him, when he can manage on his own, to manage the rest of the way. He can take care of himself. I /will/ tail you with the best of my trackers, with the best of our abilities, and we'll all follow him the rest of the way. But there is no sharding way I'm putting you in that kind of danger, anywhere within dragonlengths of it and no backup. There're likely to shoot first and ask questions later." And her green eyes stare at him and Shorynia both, jaw set hard.

Chaton ahs, and grins. "Your best trackers you say? What, so they can look like fools when a simple healer and a boy vanishes under their very noses? You forget, I'm a mindhealer. I know how to use their own minds against them. I can make them question what their eyes see, and what their ears hear. I represent my Craft, and the wellfare of my patients, for better or for worse. I'll see the boy to his home, and then your best trackers are free to find Valkin with my help."

Shorynia sniffles gently, "Chaton… please… let her at least send a dragonrider to tail you. They won't have to stay close or even in easy sight, but it's a safety net in case you need it. Please. For me if not for yourself."

Ysa lifts her brows up at the Mindhealer. "You're more than a simple Healer if ya pull that stunt off, Chaton. Which I hope ya wouldn't. I'm not asking ya to put your patient in danger, but trust me on this: You're not going alone." And her voice sounds final, her eyes turning to nod at Shornyia. "We'll find Valkin, we'll find the camp, but I'm not sending out one man, unarmed, against who knows how many renegades." Her eyes look back to him, pleading. "Don't fight me on this, Healer. We'll all work together, not alone."

Chaton sighs and relents. "If they know I'm being tailed by dragonmen, they'll kill me first." he looks at Ysa. "I hope that they have enough sense not to let themselves be discovered."

Shorynia smiles, "Thank you, Chaton. If they get you killed I'll find a way to make them pay for it." It is the first time she's ever threatened a rider, but her voice shows her certainty. "Mercury will alert me if you're in danger."

"I never said dragonmen," says Ysa with a growing grin. "But there might be some of those, too. Further away… I won't let ya get close 'nough to get killed. If we know the way from a decent spot, we'll take the chance. But I think we're guessing too much now, and we should finalize our plans over the days before ya leave." She glances back in the direction of the lower caverns and boy's room. "And while he's out and about, I'll have people keeping a close watch. In case he decides to up and leave then, too." So it'll be tracking him without Chaton.

Chaton nods, and drinks what's left of the wine. "I'm going to bed." he bows to Ysa. "Goodnight, Weyrwoman. Sleep well." he looks over Shorynia. "When you're ready, come home." he says, and turns to go back to his bedchambers.

Shorynia smiles to Ysa, then yawns hugely, "Whatever you can do to get him home safely, Ysa, I'll support in any way I can. I'll have these papers on your desk in the morning… once they dry… but knowing that he's leaving, well, I…" she stares after Chaton's retreating form, "I think you know what I mean…" She salutes as is appropriate, then turns and, so long as Ysa doesn't call her back, follows her lover to their bed.

Ysa nods after Chaton, waving a hand. "Sleep well, Mindhealer," she calls after him as he goes to bed. Her eyes remain where he head left even as she answers Shorynia. "Thanks for taking those. I'll look them over tomorrow with X'hil when I tell him the plans, see what he thinks, as well as the rest of the staff." Her green eyes finally turn back to the young woman and she nods sadly. "Oh, I know. Have a good night." And she's off, turning out towards the bowl.

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