K'nan and Renegades?

Ista Weyr - Living Caverns

Large enough to house the entirity of the weyr's population at one time, the cavern set aside to house the very heart of the weyr's life is a grandoise, somewhat circular affair, filled with rows of long tables. Bustling and busy, it is a rare moment indeed when there is not someone at work or leisure in here; the long trestle table by the kitchens is perpetually filled with plates and trays of food, a pot of something always bubbling upon the mahogany hearth, ready to fill the belly of any hungry resident or rider. Although a high table is set aside for seating respected dignitaries on formal occasions, most of the tables here are not designated to any particular group— rather, all levels of Ista's population eat together, intermingled across the broad cavern.
Great tapestries have been flung down the walls, orange and black borders remarking upon Ista's heritage, the age-faded hangings depicting scenes of importance to the Weyr— the erruption of the volcano; the first clutch; the view from the star stones, over forest, dark beach, and glistening waves of blue. Propellor-like fans have been affixed to the ceiling in more modern times, cooling the cavern on the hottest of days. Passageways lead up the stairs to the kitchens, down a second flight of stairs to the lower caverns, and out into the expanse of the broad weyr bowl.

Chaton is holding the letter from T'burk, and is sitting at a table, a wine glass in hand. He's sipping at it, and apparently waiting on someone.

Shorynia is sipping from her own glass of wine and processing her own paperwork. she makes a few final notes and signs off on one of the many sheets covering their detainment of Valkin before moving on to the next. She doesn't know why Chaton decided to work up here instead of in their room, but here she sits, rarely leaving his side before his upcomming expedition.

T'burk comes striding in…as much as a man of not much stature can strut or stride. But he manages. "Good afternoon!" he calls out and gives a bow to the lady in the room and holds out a warm, friendly hand to Chaton. "Western's duty to you both!" He smiles broadly.

Chaton stands up and tiredly waves the letter. "Got your letter." he says, handing it to Shorynia. "Thank you for the information. I'm afraid I haven't had much time lately to talk to K'nan. Not as much time as I would like." he shakes his friend's hand, and motions. "Have a seat. There's much to be told."

T'burk has a seat. "What did you find out from her when she was here?

Shorynia takes gleeful advantage of not having to fill out anymore paperwork wiht the word 'slave' or 'torture' for a few moments, instead scanning the letter, a single eyebrow raising as she hits the end of it, "Her treasure's a kid? She told me it was soft, once, but I never would have guessed."

Chaton sighs. "Not much, I was mostly instructed to focus on wether or not she was a threat to Ista and such. However, part of my comming here to Ista was to further treat her." he nods. "Perhaps if we find the child, she will start to get better…" he shakes his head, and drinks. "But that's not why I asked you here. Did you hear what happened at the Auction here?"

T'burk shakes his head. "No, I haven't. What happened?"

Shorynia mutters one dark word before returning to her papers, "Renegades."

T'burk groans and drops his head in his hands. "I hate those people!" he says and draws in a breath with a hiss. "Who all was injured?"

Chaton shakes his head. "No-one. But, we captured a boy. I checked him, he's fine physically. Mentally… well, that's debateable. But, the child has agreed to let me accompany him back to the renegade's camp…"

Shorynia grumbles softly, "The *child* thinks stickign people with knives is an appropriate method of gaining information…"

T'burk stands and braces himself with his fists on the table and shakes his head in the negative. "No! No! Bad idea, Chaton. They'd never let you out."

Chaton drains the glass of wine. "I know." he says offhandedly. "But think about it. What if I could hand over the entire renegade camp into the hands of Dragonmen. Ista Weyr."

"That's what I've been saying, T'burk," Shroy grumbles again as she checks a few more boxes on the form in front of her.

T'burk says "You…one man. If they can sneak a few of their people into a whole Weyr, think on how much of a chance….." He pauses for a moment. "He knows…where the Rengades are." He sinks down in his seat again. "We need more than just the two or three of us to figure this one out. We need a conclave of WeyrLeaders. But…there is an idea there."

Chaton stares hard at T'burk "You're not suggesting that we terrorize a small child to find out where renegades are."

T'burk scrunches up his face in disgust. "No, shards, no! But if he can lead us there, without realizing it, maybe we could sneak someone in. Just a thought. Another thought…how many people are they holding there as prosoners? Can the child be used for ransom? Does he really want to go back there? What all did he tell you?"

Shorynia sighs, setting her paperwork aside for the moment, "He claims Veski *owns* him and he has to go back. However, Veski did just leave him behind when they were discovered… with his blue flit…"

Chaton sighs. "The boy wants to go back. The current tenative plan is for me to follow the boy back with trackers following. When the boy is close enough to camp, I break off and whoever raids the camp as soon as I'm out of the way."

Now the old rider really gets angry. "If I find that scum, I'll kill him." He says in a low, threatening voice. "I've got good enough reason to."

Shorynia's eyes go a little wide at T'burk's conviction for all she can't blame him, her voice sounds a little shocked, "T'burk?"

Chaton sighs, and rests his head on the desk. "Everyones emotions get a little high when talking of renegades." he says, shaking his head.

T'burk's eyes flick over to Shorynia. "Probably with good reason. You can't imagine what they did to my family."

Shorynia looks T'burk right back in the eyes, "No. I can't. But I know killing him instead of bringing him before the proper authorities is little better."

T'burk says "Argh! No, we don't do anything to the kid. He's a /kid/! But Veski…that one I want to see hung."

Chaton nods. "No, right, the man deserves to die, but not at the hands of Healers. This is weyrfolk business. "

Shorynia shudders, "The renegades don't solely target the Weyrs, Chaton. This is Pern business, as is their punishment."

T'burk says "My son nearly lost his life trying to rescue a trader family who had attacked them. His weyrmate was nearly killed by Veski himself. We need to catch them and put and end to them."

Chaton says "If we catch them."

T'burk says "Personally, sending the kid back to the Renegades is a bad idea. Anything he's learned they will all know. No one will be safe."

Shorynia nods slowly, muttering a soft, "Oh… Kadan told me about that and I'm very sorry for what has happened. I agree that they should be brought to the full might of Pern's council's justice. I was merely concerned that you were going to do something yourself, T'burk."

T'burk says "Not without a few full Wings to back me up. These people are nasty, devious, murderous, they have no respect for anything or anybody and you can't trust them."

Chaton nods. "I agree, but they will have their day, even if it's not soon, or by my hand, or the hand of Ista Weyr."

Shorynia reaches over, resting her hand on Chaton's, "If I have my way no one will intentionally die by your hand. That…" she glances away, "It changes a person…"

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