A Search in the Caverns

Well it's sometime after the auction and people are still talking about it. The fact that a renegade or two managed to get past all the security, or lack there of. And people are talking about that as well. Whispers come from the deepest caverns of the weyr; somebody will screw it up. Anyway, it's somewhere near dusk and people begin to filter in for meals, gossip, news and what ever else they can find while passing through the busy cavern.
Mean while, Tellus of the minecraft is sitting down glancing over some records and occasionally she glances in no particular direction then sets back and takes a moment to reflect.

Shorynia wanders in, her three flits accompanying her for the first time in several days. She looks over the room, then sighs and gathers some food before glancing around again. She barely recognized Tellus… had she seen him during the quake? For the moment she stands, hoping to spot someone she knows at least a little bit better.

Chaton pops into the Weyr, looking rather cheerful. He grins, and waves at people he knows as well as people he doesn't. He slides up behind shory and tickles her sides. "Whatcha lookin for?"

Kyldar makes her way through the crowd with her usual, a plate of fish and some veggies, blueberry bubbly pie and klah. She nods in greeting to those whom she knows, her hands being too full for a wave as she picks her way through to look for a place where she can settle.

Kadan follows Kyldar soon, looking for food. Songs later, music later…food now! "Save a seat for me!" he calls out to his cousin. He looks for food…meat, smashed tubors and gravy, steamed vegetables. His stomach growls.

Kyldar nods to her cousin. "Sure thing," she says as she takes a seat, setting her food on a table and her gitar case under the seat. She sits down and forks up some fish. "So how's everyone?" she says before taking her first bite.

Izarra slinks in, looking around. She inches along the walls, away from the people congrigating for their meals, and slides into a lone seat.

Shorynia eeps, jumping when Chaton tickles her and nearly spilling her redfruit grave (aka bubbly pie). She turns on him, "Don't do that when I'm holding the most precious food on pern, silly."

Tellus glances over at the sudden outcry, "Huh? Oh." She, not he, smiles thoughtfully then gets to her feet and wanders over to fetch something to drink.

Chaton laughs gently and smiles. "The most precious food on Pern eh? Are you planning on sharing any of that with a certian special someone?" Him, of course.

There's someone else edging furtively into the cover of the living caverns. Ae'gus looks remarkably out of place, not only because of his red hair and short stature, but also because of his Western knot which seems allt he more glaringly obvious next to all the Istan ones. From the windblown look of his hair, which is standing partly on end from the wind, as well as the official looking leather message envelope clutched in his other hand, it would seem he's here on business of some sort or another. "I don't thinkt hey'll notice me takin' some food before I leave, Hal," he hisses at the open doorway, "Don't want me to starve on the way back, do you?" There's an exasperated rumble from the Bowl, but the stocky man tries his best to blend in as he mingles and heads over to the serving tables, nodding and smiling nonchalantly to those he passes.

Shorynia gives Chaton a side-long glance, "You can get your own redfruit massacre, MindHealer Chaton. This one's mine." She glances up when Ae'gas enters and smiles, squeezing Chaton's shoulder gently to show the lack of hard feelings, "Ista's greetings to Western and her Queens. What can I help you with today?"

Kadan hears the word "Western" and looks up for his Grandfather. Is he back?

Chaton sighs. "Oh, the cruelity that is me having to go get my own redfruit massacre." he sigs, and gives her side a light squeeze before going off to fetch his own. Oh, the cruelity!

Izarra spots Kadan and waves, before pulling her hand back down and blushing. Well, that's not a good way to maintain a low profie.

Ae'gus gives a little start and clutches the envelope to his chest at the sudden mention of his home wear, stopping in his tracks and looking almost guilty for having strayed into the caverns. It takes him a moment to notice that it was Shorynia who spoke and he seems to relax slightly, offering her a bright grin, "Ah .. yeah. Greetings to Ista and her Queens. Duties and all that." He drums his fingers lightly against the leather edges of his envelope and casts another furtive glance at the food before looking back, "I was just going to grab a little snack, y'know. Long trip, yeah. Don't want to be passing out when I deliver this." He waves the envelope as per explaination and continues his way to the serving tables, but he soon stops, realizing something, "Oh .. yeah. I'm Ae'gus, rider of bronze Halinith. Nice t'meet you." And then the food draws him in like a magnet and he starts to fill a tray up with a little more than a snack, much to the further exasperations of the dragon outside, which gives another amused rumble.

Tellus just so happens to spot a rather shady looking character. A harper. An apprentice harper at that. Suspicious. She gets to her feet and casually walks over to Izarra and gently says, "Hi, I don't think I've seen you around before. Is there something I can do to assist you, Harper?"

Kyldar perks and gives a quick look toward Shorynia. "Someone from Western is here?" Then, spotting the Westerner in question, she gives a wave to Ae'gus.Hello," she greets. "No time at all to relax?"

Kadan catches the wave in his direction. He smiles and waves back, half rising from his seat to make sure she ses him. "Hey! Grab some victuals and come join us, Izarra!" he calls with a clear voice. "Oh, Kyldar…I saw Grandfather today. Briefly. But he left me with some ineresting information." There's a slight emphasis on the next to last word.

Chaton steps back up with a redfruit bubbily next to Shorynia. He spies Izarra, and gives her a certian look, and a nod in Shorynia's direction. He mouths 'That's Her'. quite noticably and grins. He leans against Shorynia. "Whose your friend?"

Izarra jumps, as the woman speaks to her, her heart going all a-flitter in her chest. She blushes brightly. "A-assist me? N-no, t-thanks…" She nods at Kadan and stands up to join, but she sees Chaton's little display and she nods, knowingly. Then, without another thought to the woman questioning her, she walks up to Kadan. "I'm not very hungry, thanks, but I'll join you if you want."

Kyldar lofts an eyebrow at Kadan. "Oh?" she ohs quizzically. "New developments afoot, then?"

Shorynia quirks an eyebrow at teh odd harper, she had, after all, been speaking to ae'gus, but the girl was… interesting… she would have to talk to her once what might be official business was dealt with. She gave Chaton a smile, then approached Ae'gus, "Can I help you find anyone, bronzerider? Where is that envelope heading?"

Kadan pulls out a seat for Izarra. "He came by earlier today. It seems we have another member of the family."

Kyldar leans over to give Kadan a quick squeeze across the shoulders and a kiss on the cheek. "Oh? I'll definitely have to catch up with him sometime then." To Izarra she says: "You're a harper? I don't think I've seen you around the hall. I'm Kyldar."

Ae'gus soon turns away from the serving tables, balancing a tray and his envelope in one hand, as well as a half-eaten meatroll in the other. Munching steadily on the food, he weaves his way in and out of the milling crowds and pauses, hovering on the edge of the tables as though debating on where to sit. It takes him only a moment. Soon he finds himself face to face with Shorynia and he takes an involuntary step back, blinking once at the sudden inquiry, "Ah, well. Y'know. This person or another. Just have to find someoen in the administration to give it to, actually. Shouldn't take long. Can't hurt to have a bit of something to eat …" he trails off, eyeing his food forlornly before peering past the woman at the tables. "Any place comfortable to sit around here? Bit of a hard choice, y'know." His eyes linger slightly on each empty seat, though never remain on any single one.

Tellus's smile fades like thick syrup dribbling off a plate. Without further nonsense the woman turns about and heads out of the cavern. Afterall, it looks like she's finished with what ever it was she was doing. Leaving her work. Forgotten. Or so it seems, a bronze firelizard cheerfully emerges from between to gather up the miner's things then is gone quickly.

Chaton ahs, bronzrider. "No, please, feel free to eat your fill of whatever the Weyr has to offer." he grins. "I do."

Izarra sits where a chair is offered, and smiles sheepishly atKyldar. "I… am. I'm Izzy, and I… am usually outside painting."

Shorynia smiles again, "I'm Ysa's personal assistant… I think…" she shrugs, "Either way I can get anything to her that needs to be gotten." she glances around the crowded room, then shrugs, deciding to join th bronzerider now before she drops her bubbly for good.

Kyldar nods to Izzy. "Well, then you might run into cousin Kadan here from time to time." She pauses to eat a mouthful of fish, and chases it with a swig of klah. "He's always out in the courtyard with his art supplies. Right, Cuz?"

Kadan gives a single bark of a lugh. "Hah! When I'm not teaching or painting new walls/ Not the interesting painting that Izarra's doing though." He smiles at the painter. "Oh, yes…family. It seems that /Auntie/ Toraya has been busy out on a journey trip of her own."

Ae'gus alights on an empty chair right in the thick of the general group, plopping down into it without really asking about it and settling his tray in front of him. He squints up at Shorynia for a moment, looking thoughtfully at her and then at the envelope in his hand, "How do I know you're not jes some message stealer that'll jes get me in trouble for not delivering it straight to the source?" It's not hard to tell thta the man is joking, atleast by the jovial tone in his voice, but by the sight grin that plays about his lips as he says it. "Well, perhaps you can have it once I have something to eat." Popping the last of the meatroll in his hand into his mouth, he sets about letting his hand hover over the large pile of food on his tray, attempting to figure what to eat next. He looks just about to grab something when there's another rumble from outside and the man scowls, "Ah, c'mon Halinith. I'm eating." He ignores the bronze in favor of another meatroll and munches on it, "So .. this is Ista, eh?" He gives a look aroun the caverns and eyes the people in it in turn, knitting his thick busy eyebrows together in concentration.

Izarra smiles at the cousins. "Well, I, um, need to go for a little bit… ah… I have w-what I came here for." she says, turning to slide out of the Caverns.

Kadan says "See you soon, Izarra?"

Kyldar nods to Kadan. "Yeah, you're always busy with this or that, a million tasks to get done. Sometimes I think you take after granddad—which is a good thing." To Ae'gus: "Yes, this is the newly rebuilt, restored, renovated, reetcetera'd Ista. A fine place, or it will be ag

Chaton sits down beside Shorynia, and takes a bite out of his own bubbily, amusedly watching Izarra leaving. He leans lightly on Shory, and grins. All according to plan. Muhaha? He shakes it off. "Nah, nobody around here's going to steal your messages. Just sit back and relax at sunny Ista Weyr, where the breezes are cool, and the sand is hot."

Izarra has disconnected.

Kyldar nods to Kadan. "Yeah, you're always busy with this or that, a million tasks to get done. Sometimes I think you take after granddad—which is a good thing." To Ae'gus: "Yes, this is the newly rebuilt, restored, renovated, reetcetera'd Ista. A fine place, or it will be again soon. Not my home, but a fine place all the same."

Shorynia nods, "Yup, this is sunny, sandy Ista." She eyes the bronzerider oddly, then takes a huge bite out of her bubbly pie before asking, "What's so special about it that you can't hand it to me while you eat?" She gives Chaton a gentle squeeze, but at the moment she's all business.

Kadan says "I'll vouch for her, Rider Ae'gus."

Ae'gus eyes the ceiling for a moment, looking for all the world like he's inspecting it for some unknown quality before dropping his gaze back to his food which he munches on steadily throughout. "Mmf. This n' that, y'know. Important Weyr busimess," he manages around a mouthful of half-chewed meatroll. He brushes away some crumbs from his front before taking another large bite of the food, letting out a litle exhale of air in happiness, "This food is just as good as the stuff at Western .. though." He eyes the meatroll pensively for a moment, "Western might be better on the bread part." He lifts the meatroll to his mouth for another bite when another, more insistent rumble, echoes from the bowl and the bronzerider scowls even deeper, "What? What do you mean? How am I to know? There're sharding a lot of them in here. which one?" He knits his brows together again and scans the gathered people again and, not seemingto find what he's looking for, goes back to taking another bite of meatroll. "Not your home, then?" this is offered to Kyldar before he eyes Kadan, "You sure? How can I vouch for you?" He gives a slight grin at this.

Kadan says "I'm T'burk's Grandson and a Harper."

Shorynia smiles ever-so-sweetly at Ae'gus, not even shuddering when his bronze bellows, "If you tell me whom you're looking for I can direct them to you so it doesn't interfere with you repast."

Ae'gus pops the last of his meatroll into his mouth and brushes his hands together, sending a shower of crumbs onto the tabletop. The remainder of the food is eyed as he responds to Kadan, "Ah! I know T'burk. Nice guy, that'un. I know his daughter a bit, too." It takes him a few moments but he soon alights on a likely bit of bubbly pie on his tray, but halfway towards it he's once again cut off by a deep rumble from the bowl. The previously happy look on his face at the sight of food has soon turned to exasperation again. "Alright .. alright," he lets out a gusty sigh and drops his hand into his lap, scrutinizing the crowd once more. "Alriht .. you're quite specific. 'The female one with the black hair' .. honestly." He eyes Shorynia for a moment, lifting a brow in her direction, "Do you know anyone who fits that ah .. description ..?" Then his eyes fall on Kyldar and there's a confirming rumble from the bowl, causing his brows to knit once more, "You .. what was your name again? You." He points past someone at his own table to point directly at Kyldar, "You there, do you think you could go stand in front of the opening to the bowl for me?" An odd request, but he seems quite serious about it.

Shorynia hmmms, tapping her Chin, "Ysa's hair appears black most of the time…"

Kyldar perks abruptly at Ae'gus. "Um, I?" she says after swallowing a mouthful of fish and veggies. "Outside? Um." She holds her klah mug nervously in both hands. "Um, why?" she says, standing up. "What's up here?"

Ae'gus idly drums his fingers against the leather envelope, eyeing it thoughtfully for a moment before giving his head a shake at Shorynia, "Nah, not the one we came to give the message to. Someone else. Someone …" His eyes stray once more to Kyldar and he looks her up and down critically before quirking a grin. "Not completely outside, no. Just go stand in the doorway for a bit." He waves a hand off towards the appropriate direction, but makes no move to stand up himself. He seems intent either to guard his food or the message, or perhaps both. When his request doesn't get immediate action, he lifts his bushy eyebrows in a look of incredulity, "Ah, nothin' is goign to eat you if'n you go to the doorway, I assure you. Trust me." And he puts on his most winning smile behind his bushy moustache, which is quite wide and toothy and genuinely innocent.

Chaton gives Ae'gus a look and rolls his eyes, nudging Shorynia. "Perhaps we should just let the gentleman eat."

Shorynia chuckles, "With an address like that it could take his entire meal to figure out who it's aimed at…"

Kyldar gives Ae'gis a quizzical look. "I don't know," she says. She takes a quick swig of her klah and sets the mug down, and picks up her gitar case. "Riders. Go figure," she adds, and, shaking her head, makes her way out.

Kyldar stands in the doorway, waving as if humoring someone.

Ae'gus lets his hand wander towards his tray as this goes on, managing to let it land on a bubbly pie as Kyldar finally obeys his wishes. Lifting the warm treat to his lips, he takes a large bite and nonchalantly munches on it, seemingly oblivious to whatever is going on in the doorway for the moment. It's only when the giant faceted eye appears in the open space outside the bowl that the actual reason behind the question becomes clear. The hulk of the bronze outside the opening completely block all the light for a brief moment as the whirling eye examines the girl closely and then gives a deep rumble before disappearing again. Ae'gus is caught offguard with half a bubbly pie in his mouth still and nearly chokes as he attempts to speak, "I .. I.." He coughs once, swallows and then clears his throat, though his eyes are still watering, "Ah. I wonder, if you'd like to stand as a candidate for Sevaruth's clutch at Western? Hal quite thinks you'd do the trick. Though he was very vague. I s'pose you count as a woman thing with black hair." he eyes Kyldar again, waiting for her response.

Kyldar does not fear the dragon; in fact she seems to convey awe if anything, even as the enormous eye is all that is seen in the doorway. She leans out to look at the big bronze, and then takes one step out, and curtseys and salutes. Then, coming back in she curtseys again, this time to Ae'gis. "Really?" she says, surprised. "I. Um. Stand? Um. As a candidate? Erm, yes, I'd be honored," she says, sounding thrilled, as she makes her way back to the dining table.

Shorynia's eyes widen a bit and she looks at Chaton, then at Kyldar, doing her best to smile for the youngster, "C- Congratulations… Kadan's… cousin?" She turns to Chaton, then to Ae'gus, then back to Chaton, "I… I need to go… I left some paperwork in the room…" She pecks Chaton lightly on the cheek, leaving a slight dampness there beyond just that of her lips, then turns, darting from the room.

Chaton gives Shorynia a look and frowns. "You okay?" he calls out after her, but she's already gone. He turns to Kyldar and grnis. "Congradulations!"

Kyldar nods. "Yeah, Kadan's cousin, that's me." Then: "Good night." She takes her seat again, setting the gitar case back down and picking up her fork. She dabbles at her food, seeming to have lost her appetite. "Thanks."

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