Weyrling Barracks

Each bed in the Weyrling barracks is neighbored by a dragon couch of varying size.

Senior Weyrlings

Name Color Dragon Clutch
B'lin Blue Aath Ista Summer 2008

Junior Weyrlings

Name Color Dragon Clutch
C'doc Bronze Riketh Ista Fall 2009
Elle Gold Bennuth Ista Fall 2009
Kari Green Lintath Fort Winter 2008
L'yan Brown Torth Fort Winter 2008
Mitai Green Lotuth Ista Fall 2009
P'for Bronze Clonth Fort Winter 2008
R'cor Brown Jefferth Ista Fall 2009
Serah Gold Iliath Fort Winter 2008
T'reln Brown Noreth High Reaches Winter 2008
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