Boulder: Queens Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
Tolira Gold Ronalth Sr. Weyrwoman
Lawna Gold Ioreth Jr. Weyrwoman
Halyn Gold Kiarith Jr. Weyrwoman
Serah Gold Iliath Jr. Weyrwoman

Gravel: Weyrleader's Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
V'din Bronze Murth Weyrleader
S'vel Bronze Pomth Wingsecond
T'boll Brown Alshith Wingsecond
L'wen Bronze Marth Wingrider
Ca'dis Blue Durpth Wingrider
Asilinn Green Iath Wingrider
D'nal Green Foeth Wingrider

Sand: Search & Rescue Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
F'har Bronze Brimneth Wingleader
D'lan Bronze Seventh Wingsecond
S'ron Bronze Dalth Wingsecond
F'rel Bronze Zimarth Wingrider
T'len Brown Vorth Wingrider
A'den Blue Stjeth Wingrider
Alline Green Pareth Wingrider
Rani Green Dureth Wingrider

Soil: Transport & Delivery Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
L'sli Bronze Fifth Wingleader
Dr'nan Bronze Balth Wingsecond
R'lon Bronze Seminth Wingsecond
B'jour Blue Rogeth Wingrider
V'lit Blue Farrath Wingrider
D'nic Green Ryth Wingrider
Sh'yan Green Poeth Wingrider

Dust: Exploration & Discovery Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
P'val Bronze Mithnath Wingleader
R'han Bronze Sabieth Wingsecond
B'tran Brown Gernath Wingsecond
A'nit Brown Zarth Wingrider
T'kel Blue Borth Wingrider
Faelen Green Silmeth Wingrider
Keahi Green Aronth Wingrider
Marsali Green Bainth Wingrider

Loess: Weyrling Wing

Rider Dragon Rank
Cr'lan Brown Braxith Weyrling Master
L'ren Green Jackth Candidate Master
Melody Green Hielth AWLM
Or'tan Brown Fopth ACM
B'lin Blue Aath Sr. Weyrling
Elle Gold Bennuth Jr. Weyrling
C'doc Bronze Riketh Jr. Weyrling
P'for Bronze Clonth Jr. Weyrling
L'yan Brown Torth Jr. Weyrling
R'cor Brown Jefferth Jr. Weyrling
T'reln Brown Noreth Jr. Weyrling
Kari Green Lintath Jr. Weyrling
Mitai Green Lotuth Jr. Weyrling


Name Former Position
Karyn Apprentice Weaver
Lanelli weyrbrat
Nelsa Full-Blood daughter of Keroon
Quintal Nanny
Veldt Apprentice Smith


Name Position
Autumn Fosterling
Emalyna Weyrbrat
Horlintal Master Weyrhealer
Nida Journeywoman Weyrhealer

Assignment to wings is the duty of the Weyrleader. Choice of wingseconds is the choice of the wingleader. These wings subject to change. If you are a wingleade changing wing-statuses, please PM the affected players so that they can act accordingly.

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