Ista Weyr

Welcome to Ista, the fifth Weyr and recently re-populated dragonhome. Feel free to take a look around and see what's what.


Leadership of Ista

Name Rank Player
Tolira Sr. Weyrwoman Sees-the-Truth
V'din Weyrleader jacdobe
Lawna Jr. Weyrwoman bluecrowlaughing
Halyn Jr. Weyrwoman Danelle
Serah Jr. WeyrWoman Aleandril
P'val Weyrsecond [[[player:theAlexBeast
Cr'lan Weyrling Master firelizardkimi
Melody Assistant Weyrling Master kitty94
L'ren Candidate Master aelus_vindictus
Or'tan Assistant Candidate Master Sees-the-Truth
Horlintal Weyrhealer theAlexBeast
Faelen Weyrsinger Aleandril
Elle Gold Jr. Weyrling Onihime

Hatching Grounds
Candidates Barracks
Weyrling Barracks
Wing Structure

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