Sunset Beach Weyr: Bowl

Daerth circled slowly as his great bronze wings brought him closer and closer to the bowl below. He was hardly impressed by his new surroundings, but he didn't think to mention it to his rider. The bronze figured that the rider was quite interested in the newness of the place, although he could feel a similar feeling coming from the man.

"S'okay," M'ksha said with a shrug as he slid down his dragon's side and landed with a satisfied plop on the ground. "S'okay, indeed. Any of the dragons asking who you are? Announcing me to all who arrive?"

You are not as important as you think you are, Daerth replied wryly. Not becoming. Let us make good impressions.

M'ksha looked back at his dragon with a smug expression settling across his face. "Do not fear. I am terrific at making first impressions. C'mon. You know it."

I see a patch of sun over there. Come back for me before you do something stupid.

"I love your faith in me."

Go find a sock.

The greenrider had finally been able to leave the weyr now that G'tor was feeling better. Warith had urged her rider to get out and get some fresh air. Talime glanced up at the sky and shaded her eyes from the bright sun. It was good to get out again. A long staff was in her hand. A weapon that she was quite proficient in…well most of them she was anyway. Slowly did she spin it in her hands absently.

Before her morning practices could start up a bronze dragon appeared. He looked familiar, but she couldn't remember from where. THe bronze landed and the rider was deposited. Immediately her eyes narrowed and hands turned white as her grip tightened around the wood staff. That man! The gall of that man! Talime walked over to where he was and glared. Nothing was said. All she did was glare.

M'ksha froze when he crossed into her shadow, his eyes flashing from his dragon to her, the smug expression quickly veiling into something far more calculating. He brought a hand up to shade his eyes as he nodded to her in a reserved greeting.

"Talime," he drawled, a smile threatening to take hold on his face, but he was managing to keep his entire look mostly neutral. "It is nice to see you again, though, please contain your joy to see me again. Really, it is overwhelming me."

Daerth swung his head to scrutinize Talime, and all he could do was rumble in amusement.

Really, mine, the bronze mentioned quietly, Surely you remember the shiner she gave you last time?

Daerth had an exceptional memory for a dragon, either that or he was adept at getting memories from his rider. No matter, he always managed to bring up the correct reminders to M'ksha at all the wrong times.

For at that moment, the memory of the angry Talime socking him in the face caused M'ksha to lose his composure and start to chuckle.

G'tor had come out to the ledge of his weyr with Nyth to watch Talime and Warith's flight and practice as well as to stretch. He wasn't anywhere near up to his full strength yet, but that didn't mean he was going to laze around like a wherry.

He was halfway through a particularly complicated routine when the new bronze appeared, which probably wouldn't've startled him, but at his appearance Nyth made a low, threatening noise in his throat that, though it wouldn't carry beyond the ledge, caught G'tor completely off guard. He caught himself on Nyth's quickly outstretch nose before he could fall then looked at his bonded partner, "What's wrong?"

I do not like that new bronze. I do not know why.

G'tor shrugged, then stooped to watch as Talime approached the newcomer, the bile now rising slightly in his own throat as well. "Well, she certainly doesn't seem happy that he's here, shou-"

Nyth interrupted him sharply, No! Don't interfere unless she asks or cannot ask. She is capable.

G'tor contemplated Nyth's statement as he watched the ensuing events.

Her gray eyes were storming with past anger that all of a sudden was stirred back up. Slightly the staff was lifted as if just twitching to beat him over the head. His behavior was far to laid back for the situation. M’ksha knew how much she hated him for his actions, and now here he was acting this way. “M’ksha…” she growled. Talime’s eyes shifted over at Daerth who was apparently laughing at her. Warith was perched nearby on a sunning rock with her own anger added to her rider’s. She growled at the bronze for not helping the situation.

“You really have the sharding audacity to talk that way to me? I haven’t forgiven you for what you did, and here you are with that moronic smile on your face.” She sneered at him knowing that at any moment she would be able to kick the crap out of him. “Want me to remind you of how this sort of discussion went last time?” The staff crossed over her chest in a threatening manner. Just with seeing him she forgot her dragonrider manners, and was back to her soldier mentality.

Warith turned her head to see Nyth and G’tor. The green knew that now was a good time to try to relax her rider, but it didn’t seem to be working. She wasn’t exactly sure what was going on with Talime, why she was angry, or why she couldn’t feel a great portion of her bond’s mind now. The woman was blocking the dragon as if to protect her.

“Talime, Talime, Talime,” M’ksha replied, keeping that insolent smile as he made a move as though to pat her on the head or shoulder. Of course, he did not actually touch her or attempt to; instead he deliberately made the exaggeration of touching her. While hard to describe, the end result was condescending. “When do I not have the ‘sharding audacity to talk that way to’ you? Really, darling, think about that.”

He rocked back on one heel, looking at her with a mocking grin. “Now, really, lovely.” Oh, boy. He was laying it on thick today, complete with the grin that morphed into a pout. “I think it’s time for you to forgive that moronic smile of mine. You really should forgive me for what I did to you… You do love your dragon, don’t you? And your new life? Developing a bit of a pouch there, I see that. Got a nice life here, not protecting anyone and…” He paused, his expression turning shrewd. “Don’t think I can’t see lover boy up there, glaring daggers at me. Oh! Goodness, Talime! Are you preggers? You do look like you’re glowing! See? Aren’t I an amazing person? C’mon, admit it. Just say it. ‘Oh, M’ksha…’ You’re not saying it, and don’t threaten me with that stick of yours.” He had the nerve to chuckle. “Now, repeat after me. ‘M’ksha. Thank you for taking me to the Weyr…’ How did you make a good soldier? You can’t take an order? Thank the first egg I brought you to the Weyr.

“Oh, just do it, Talime. For old time’s sake?” He raised an eyebrow before waving a hand at G’tor up on the ledge. “And mind calling him off? If looks could kill, well. I suppose you would have killed me about five minutes ago. Though, you have to admit it. I think you missed me. You did. Aww, I feel so loved.”

G'tor's fists were clenched at his sides, he couldn't really here what the bronze rider was saying, but he could tell that neither Talime nor Nyth was liking it all that much.

Mine, you need to calm down.

I want to do something I know I shouldn't.

Last time you did that, you ended up with a broken arm. Wait until she is attacked to defend her. She is strong and Warith is with her.

G'tor was visibly shaking as he glare down on the disturbing tableau. One way or another, he would make that bronzerider pay.

Just with the way he kept repeating her name it angered her. The rider licked her lips to keep from letting words flow from her mouth. When he moved closer to her Talime just stood there for a moment. She did not want to let him know that he got under her skin. “Don’t call me darling,” she hissed angrily. For how long could she hold her anger under a cap? With the way Talime was reacting she knew that satisfaction was being given to him. That fact only made her angrier.

“Are you finished yet? Are you finished blabbering on like a moron? The end results have nothing to do with you. How dare you question if I love my dragon? It wasn’t the fact that you Searched me, M’ksha. It was that fact that you basically kidnapped me. You made me come under false pretenses.” Talime glanced over her shoulder to see G’tor glaring down at the bronzerider. It helped her to know that her weyrmate was being protective of her.

When he brought up the soldier thing her eyes flashed with intense fury. This led her to taking a step forward while throwing down the staff. For what she had planned for him would not need a weapon. She wanted her own two hands to wring his neck. “You dare insult my previous occupation… but you keep it silent.” Talime had not let anyone besides G’tor know that she had been a soldier before Impressing. It had not been the most beloved of positions, which had made her rather unpopular at her previous Weyr… well along with her soldier mentality.

Now, M’ksha was, of habit, quite accomplished at controlling his expressions. However, today was an anomaly, and the way his eyebrows raised and mouth twitched told her quite blatantly that he saw victory. “Darling, really, you need to learn to control yourself. Shall we do some breathing exercises? Close your eyes and… Okay. Keep them open, whatever floats your boat. One, two, three, four, oh, you know what? You just fail at this and at everything. I am quite disgusted, if I may say so myself.

“So, no. I am not finished and I will continue to blabber on like a moron, although it does pain me to hear you speak of me so. Really. I am of the mood to cry now. Can’t you see my eyes welling with tears? No? Oh, alas. I must still be cried out from our last encounter. Really. Quite painful. Why do you hurt me so, lovely?” He tried to wipe the victory off his face, but was failing quite miserably at it. So his look of forlorn misery was lost to the amusement.

“But, dearie, please. The end result has everything to do with me. Had Daerth not seen the amazing potential in you, and had I not… well, kidnap is a harsh way to put it. Had I not looked out for your best interests (interests of which you were not yet aware of) you would not have been in place to Impress her. That is a good way to put it. You make it sound like I’m some horrific beast, stealing girls away from their wonderful lives in the dead of night. Did I do that? No. Did I make your life better? Yes. Now, I’m not asking you to fall to your knees and praise me for what I did. A simple, ‘Thank you, M’ksha,” would suffice. Alas, I know you have too much stubborn pride to do that. Stubborn pride. That’s all it is. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn Talime.”

He paused, and then added, “I have every right to question your love for your dragon. Because you are angry at me for doing what led you to Impress her. Do you not realize how it sounds? You are still angry for me taking you away? So you still wish you had never gone to the Weyr? So you wish you had never Impressed that fine green? Be careful, beautiful. Be very, very careful. Though, I suppose when you were in that profession of which you want me to speak naught of, you would do the hating first the talking second. Time to learn speech. You’re a big girl now.

“Now, this is what we’re going to do. You are going to not strangle me, because don’t think I can’t see your intent in your eyes. Learn to control yourself! Really, Talime, you leave yourself far too open to a nice bout of mocking. Please, come back when you offer some sort of a challenge, okay? You have not been that fun, with all your anger and out of control-ness. I feel like I have had the upper hand the entire time, and well, that’s boring for me. Okay? Work on that, will you? I would appreciate it ever so much.”

He then flat out and grinned, shrugging as though to dismiss her. “Now, run back to lover boy, and I’ll go find myself your Weyrleader or Weyrwoman, or whoever handles transfers. Isn’t this exciting? They asked my Weyr for a bronze, and well… I never really got along with my Weyrleader. I guess I was just too amazing for him, you know, with my mocking and wit. So I’m here to stay! Oh, Talime, you’ll be seeing me around. Plenty of time for you to study and learn the way of self-control.”

G'tor started to reach for Nyth, to climb aboard, but Nyth scooted away, No. I will ask before we do.

Nyth hummed softly in his throat and sent his message to his green beauty, Do you or yours need us? Who is this rider?

G'tor wanted to slug the smug look off the bronze rider's face, but he knew Nyth was right. That he shouldn't get involved.

Her breath was inhaled sharply, but she said nothing about his ‘endearing’ titles that he was throwing about. Oh how he loved to torture her. Talime didn’t want to give him the benefit of knowing how he bothered her. Punching him or worse would definitely show how much she detested him. M’ksha continued his talking like a moronic fool. She wasn’t even listening now for there was no reason for her to. Talime, instead of closing her eyes rolled them at the bronzerider. “Do not patronize me,” she muttered. She had such hatred for him, but there was little she could do to change him.

Talime didn’t say anything further for there was no way for her to keep him from talking. No matter what she said he would have some wise ass thing to say in response. So there she stood just listening to him rant on and on. Her patience was wearing thin. If she had been among her soldiers then she would have flattened him by now and had him tied up deep within the Hold by that time. The temptation was there to do it to him here. Why not? It was save their Weyrleaders the trouble of dealing with him. “You don’t look the least bit distressed,” she mused. Talime leaned down to pick up her staff.

“You did steal me away. You gave me no choice. There is always choice M’ksha and you gave me none. My life is the way it is because I made it that way. Warith chose me because I was meant to be chosen by her, not because of you. Don’t take credit for something that you don’t deserve. We put in the work, not you. My life as a soldier is nothing to sneer at. My men were great and their respect for me was high. My Lord thought highly of me. There was nothing left wanted by me.” She laughed at his idiocy. He obviously had little brain, which always made him wonder how he had Impressed a bronze dragon. “So you will be getting no thanks from me.”

Warith hissed gently at the man for he was upsetting her rider. The words he uttered were all said in attempts to distress her. The green was being blocked by her rider because of this situation. She was displeased with the bronzerider. Her attention turned to the bronze dragon Daerth. Why do you let yours torture Mine? she growled.

“My weyrmate is ten times the man you are. If you want to talk to the Weyrleaders than you are out of luck. None of them are here at the moment as far as I know. The only person you could talk to is L’van, and he gave up his position as Jr. Weyrleader. Why don’t you just leave?” She waved her hand at him to go away. “Besides you are a nuisance.” Talime turned away from him and looked up at G’tor. He seemed ready to take on a whole army. “And trust me I have plenty of self control. I haven’t beaten you to a pulp yet. That is evidence enough.” This rider is a man that is upsetting Talime. I do not like him, Nyth. She tells me not why they do not get along. She blocks that information from me. Warith was full of concern as she spoke to her brown.

M’ksha frowned as though he was looking down at a small child. “No, no. Your life is the way it is because I altered the chain of events. Your life wouldn’t be this way had I not, oh, as you say it, stolen you away. Warith chose you because she was meant to have chosen you, but had you not been there… Think about that Talime before you continue with your passionate hating of me. I will maintain my position on this altercation, and I am quite stubborn. So, alas. You seem impossibly stubborn as well, so set in your idea of hating me. Hate, hate, hate. And why, my lovely, can’t we be friends? Because you’re a jerk, that’s why. Can’t admit that you would still be a you-know-what had I not been rash and taken you away. Can’t admit that had you not been standing on those sands, you wouldn’t have the nice life you have right now. (And Warith! Oh, imagine what would have happened to her!) So, I do not need your thanks, I know what I have done and that is enough for me.”

M’ksha grinned up at Warith, shrugging his hands in the play of being innocent and clueless. He mouthed the words, ‘I don’t know’ to her, while Daerth calmly tried to soothe the younger dragon.

Truly, it is a game they play. She is angry with him for… The bronze stopped, understanding that the green did not know what the humans were fighting about… And Daerth did not want to be the one to inform her that her rider was angry for being taken to the Weyr. Really, Daerth thought it was just the woman’s pride. She is angry with him for taking her away from her home. We believed it was for her best interest. We still believe that. She is merely being stubborn, and it is not worth getting worked up over. She has tortured him far worse before.

“Your weyrmate… I have not met him, but I have no doubt that you speak the truth. Yes. I bet he doesn’t argue with you, or taunt you, or make your life a living Hell. I bet that’s awfully boring, but, again, it’s whatever floats your boat. See, maybe you like peace, so in your mind that does make him the better man. I like challenge, strife, a constant battle of wits. So, in your eyes, I wouldn’t be the better man. I can’t keep peace, and well, I’m frank about that now. Whatever… Though, I wouldn’t stand up on a ledge and watch while my weyrmate is obviously harassed by some strange man. Most likely, I would have come and socked myself by now. But, that’s just me.”

“As for your self-control? Different types of self-control. You are angry with me, I can see that quite obviously. No, you are not beating me to a pulp, but that should never have been an option for you. We are dragonriders, and it is not acceptable that you start beating me. That would just cause a lot more trouble for you than it is worth. If you are proud of yourself for not beating me, then, well, you obviously have very low standards of self-control. So there. Come back when you are able to hold a civil conversation with me without all of your passions. Quite tiring, in fact, I dare say I could be done with you. Do you have anything else to hate me for right now? really should go find whoever is in charge. You say L’van is around? Well, I’ll just have to go find him, even if he’s not officially Jr. Weyrleader anymore.”

Nyth had been somewhat listening in via Warith since her response to him, simply glad that G'tor was mostly managing to control his temper. When M'ksha mentioned the Jr. Weyrleader, he sent Warith a mental chuckle, Yours could always point out to him that mine used to be Junior Weyrleader as well.

G'tor had placed his hand on Nyth's shoulder to gain support, no longer intending to go down there either until the other rider left or actively made physical threat to his weyrmate. He knew that he'd just get in her way. He was calmer now, perhaps in a dangerous way.

Talime was so tired with M’ksha that she was going to fall asleep with him still talking. That option was still open, but she would have to manage being on her feet. Would she fall over while trying to doze there? Hmm… had Warith been properly washed yesterday? Talime went over her checklist of what she had done. The green had fed well so her appetite was back. That was a good thing. A mental nudge was given to the woman, which brought her back to the continuing ranting bronzerider. She rolled her eyes. Was he really still going? Didn’t the man ever run out of hot air? Now her anger was gone though he kept trying to push her buttons. M’ksha was also trying to get the green dragon to be angry with her rider.

The green listened to the bronze dragon. He didn’t seem to be a bad dragon. Mine does not like being told what to do, that is true. She is stubborn, but if she feels that she was treated unfairly… I am not pleased with him. Warith shifted her weight and looked up at Nyth.

“I would have socked you by now if it wasn’t for my better judgment. You are lucky I have my self under control. Don’t try to tell me that I need to get a different kind. Because if I had a different kind I would have beaten you by now for saying that about G’tor.” Talime leaned forward a little bit with a serious look on her face. “Keep this up and I won’t control myself anymore, no matter what the consequences.” She smiled innocently and turned away from him towards Warith. Slamming the staff into the ground deeply so it stuck straight up. The rider gently scratched her dragon’s eye ridge making Warith hum a little. “I’ll get Warith to call L’van for you. G’tor use to the junior Weyrleader as well. Would you like to talk to him?” Nyth, could you have G’tor come to speak to this rider? He needs to talk to a leader figure.

G'tor took a deep breath and sighed as Nyth relayed the request. As much as he'd been hoping for it, he'd also been hoping against it. He took another deep breath and hoisted himself up onto Nyth's back. The only good thing about his diminished mass was that it meant that his diminished strength was still enough to get him on his dragon.

Nyth rumbled an agreement to his bonded's mood, and made a smoothe glide from the ledge to where Warith stood, landing lightly only a foot to her left.

G'tor slid nimbly from Nyth's neck, his knees buckling a tad more than he'd've liked as he hit the ground, but not so much as to be obviously odd to someone who didn't know him. He strode strongly to Talime's side an gave her a soft peck on the cheek and and whispered, "I love you and you're stronger than I could have been."

Nyth cautioned quietly in his head, Just don't break yourself this time.

G'tor chuckled a bit at Nyth's comment, smiled at Talime again, then turned a hard stare onto M'ksha, "I'm told that you need someone to look over your papers. I haven't been Junior Weyrleader for a while, but I can make sure everything is in order."

"Yes, yes, I would like to talk to him," M'ksha replied as Nyth brought the brown rider to him.

He paused, looking at the G'tor and squinting his eyes as he made his quick, first-hand judgments. Finally he spoke, appearing, at first, to be completely oblivious to what G'tor had said.

"I am M'ksha, bronze rider of Daerth, it is nice to meet you," he said quite calmly, extending his hand in the politest of manners. "There are no current Weyrleaders around?" M'ksha frowned to show how irregular that was that all leadership would be absent. "Well…" He frowned. "Even though your looking to fix to run me out of the Weyr. Sir, I don't believe my actions are warranted that look. Are you sure you a willing to handle my papers? I could wait."

G'tor chuckled again, "Oh, have no fear, I have no intention of running you out of the Weyr, I'll leave that to D'lan. I'll most likely request that you be placed in L'van's wing and not my own, otherwise I'll leave it to others to make you want to leave. I can keep personal grudges out of official work."

He held out his hand for the paperwork, "The sooner I look it over, the sooner you can grab a weyr until Wen or D'lan get back."

Talime kept her back to M'ksha as she watched Nyth bring G'tor. Her breath was held as the pair landed. Barely did he stumble, but the woman saw it. No outward acknowledgment was made because it would ruin what he was trying to cover up. Talime watched him move over to her. A faint smile was on her lips. His gentle kiss on her cheek made her smile more brightly. "The only reason I was, was because of you. Take it easy. Be careful, he is crafty." She kissed him back quickly and turned around to watch them. A serene expression was on her face as they spoke.

M'ksha was trying to shake G'tor, but it didn't seem to work. Maybe it would be a good idea to call L'van as well.

“You do have a poor opinion of me,” M’ksha replied as he furrowed his brows with obvious annoyance. “However, I will trust that you will properly handle my papers. But, sir, dragonrider to another, it is imprudent to jump to conclusions when you have it only at face value. While I take no offense at your obvious distaste, others might not be so… Oh, what word to use… Lackadaisical about it. Yes, lackadaisical works.”

But then he lost his serious demeanor, and his lips twisted up in a smile. “Now, sir. You are yet to give me your name. I have given you mine, and I already know Talime’s, so your acquaintance is the one I must still make. So…? I am M’ksha, as I have already told you. Give me your name, and I’ll go and lay low, far away from your disapproving glare.”

A smile played on the corner of G'tor's mouth, "G'tor, rider of brown Nyth. I am only disapproving due to your concerted attempts to disconcert my weyrmate, I'm sure that D'lan would understand this."

His hand was still outstretched, "You have, however, not handed me your paperwork, bronzerider"

"Oh, goodness. I apologize for my oversight," M'ksha replied as he dug into his satchel and gave it to the brown rider. "I hope you can forgive me for my failure to give you my paperwork first hand. I was too distracted with anticipation for learning your name. Now, sir. I go to find myself a weyr? Could you point me to an empty one, or someone who could? I would be terribly embarrassed to poke my head in on someone, you know?"

G'tor ignored M'ksha for a moment as he skimmed his paperwork, which was, unfortunately, all in the proper order. He looked up at M'ksha and handed him back his paperwork and pointed to a bank of weyrs he was pretty sure were empty and knew didn't have an interior bath, "Those ones there are free, I'll have the Weyrleader contact you to finalize your transfer."

The message he sent to Nyth was kept quiet, just enough for Nyth to 'hear' him, Nyth, ask Dokith to tell D'lan that a new bronzerider has transferred and needs his paperwork finalized, though it appears to be in order. Also request he be placed in L'van's wing due to apparant friction between this new rider and Talime. It is not good to have a wing that cannot trust eachother.

Nyth passed on the message to Dokith, glad that his rider had regained his calm before dealing with the infuriating man.

Dokith thanked the brown dragon before relaying the message to D'lan, who was already fixing to do something productive.

"Send him up," D'lan first told Dokith before changing his mind. No, he needed to move, desperately. So the bronze changed his dictate to the new bronze, and arranged for M'ksha to meet D'lan about halfway between the two men.

"Well, then," M'ksha said as he returned his paperwork to his satchel. "I'll go meet this Weyrleader… So he's here? That's interesting, saying you told me none of the Weyrleadership was here today." He frowned at G'tor as he started to walk away, saying over his shoulder, "Not good when dragonrider is so happy to deceive another."

G'tor smiled, "It is also not good when a Rider is so intent upon unnerving another that he forgets who told him what. I never said whether or not D'lan and Wen were here, I wouldn't've known since they've both been in and out a lot lately."

G'tor turned back to Talime, no sign of his earier joviality playing on his face, "Are you okay?"

She remained quiet while the transactions occured between the two. Her gray eyes remained soft now. With G'tor there the woman did not worry about the bronzerider. She had to remember that he was a mere annoyance. Things had grown since then. M'ksha didn't care that she had been shunned by many of the other riders at the previous Weyr. More than once had she been referred to as the one with the heart of ice.

Talime rolled her eyes as the other man made it seem like he purposely decieved. "M'ksha, they were both out. Don't blame G'tor for telling you that they were, it was me. Anyway, you can go talk to D'lan then," she said in her own innocent tone. If he wanted to play that game, fine she would play.

Her legs carried her to G'tor and she hugged him around the waist. "I'm fine," she said sweetly. Gray eyes looked quickly over at M'ksha with almost an evil hint. "Let's get back to the weyr and clean up."

G'tor held Talime tight for what was probably a tad too long, but he didn't care. When he let go he only stepped back a little and looked into her eyes, sweeping a stray strand of her hair out of her face, "Yes, let's."

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