Sunste Beach Weyr: G'tor and Talime's Weyr

This log ends with vaguely sexual and adult discussion. You have been warned.

Like every morning Talime walked quietly through the corridors. It was barely morning and a tray was in hand covered in fruits. Her face seemed dead in a way. The rider skirted around a drudge how smiled merrily at her. Using great willpower she returned the smile. It was like this every morning.

Talime took a deep inhale as she finally reached her destination. Moving inside she could see the occupants were still asleep. Maybe G'tor would be feeling better this day? It was wishful thinking, but it was the only thing that kept her going. Setting down the tray she moved over to the bed. Talime sat on the edge of the bed closest to the sleeping man. A cool hand was placed on his forehead to check for any temperature. She sighed again and curled her legs beneath her; all Talime could do was sit there and watch him sleep quietly.

G'tor stirred as Serenity cheeped from the mantel. His eyes opened slightly and he coughed before turning to Talime. His throat was so dry that his voice cracked when he spoke, but he spoke none-the-less, "Talime?"

Serenity and Gail trilled happily from the mantle and even Nyth stirred his bulk to turn his head in and check on his rider.

Three flits were perched obediently on a chair. Bronze, blue and green leaned on one another as they snoozed quietly. Talime was grateful that they understood that their good behavior was needed. A cough emanated from the man in bed. She turned with concern as she softly brushed his cheek with her finger. "G'tor? You're awake?" Talime felt such relief wash over her. Leaning down she placed a kiss on his forehead.

"Yeah, I'm here. How are you feeling?"

Warith shifted on the ledge as she saw that Nyth was stirring. He had lost much of his color, and the green had constantly been by his side. How are you?

G'tor coughed again, "Like someone wrapped a brick in thread and hit me upside the head with it, but I think I'll live."

Nyth rumbled a little, absently itching a small patch of his hide near the shoulder, Now that he's fine, I will be too.

The woman smiled slightly as she moved to get something for him to drink. In all honesty she didn't know how to act towards him. For a long time he had been ill, and now it seemed like he was getting better. Talime's leg had finally healed, but there was still a slight limp. Pouring a cup of fruitjuice she returned and helped him sit up a little. "Drink this," she said softly. The greenrider watched him carefully all the while.

Warith lowered her gaze a little, but then reached out with her nose to itch the small patch. Mine has been caring for you while you were not well. She was worried as was I.

Nyth mindspoke with a definite certainty, //We will all be fine, now\
G'tor took the juice and gulped at it thirstily, emptying the entire glass almost more quickly that would be considered safe for a healthy individual.

He coughed again, but it didn't sound nearly so bad this time, then pushed himself up into a sitting position and smiled at his weyrmate before asking, "What day is it?" He knew the seasons had changed, he could feel the difference in the air, but he wanted to know exactly how long he'd been sick.

The green merely fluttered her glance down at the floor. Still she wasn't completely sure, but if he said it would be… than maybe it would be. Warith sighed as she continued to scratch her beloved's shoulder.

Talime was quite pleased to see G'tor drinking heartily. At least he would be hydrated. "Don't be too fast. You'll hurt yourself." She took the cup from him and set it aside on the nightstand. Her gray eyes were gentle and full of love. The woman was just glad to see him feeling better. "Honestly I couldn't tell you exactly what day it is. Things have been hectic as of late," she admitted. Talime reached forward and brushed some of his hair. "I need to give you a hair cut," she laughed.

G'tor smiled, running his hands through his over-grown hair and be-stubbled beard, "You're right about one thing, love, I really need to get cleaned up…"

He paused for a moment, in thought, "I didn't sleep through Warith rising, did I?"

Nyth petulantly messaged G'tor, Once you're cleaned up can I have a bath?

Talime smiled at seeing him act more like himself. His patterns of speech were returning. "Well, I'll help you clean up. Thankfully we have a bath here in the weyr," she said. Her eyes were shining with hope and love. That was all she could handle at the moment. The next thing he said made her inhale sharply, but then she smiled lovingly. "No, you didn't. She refused to rise without Nyth there to catch her. We were too worried to even think about it." Talime smiled softly, but there were circles beneath her gray eyes. There was little sleep for those that cared for deathly ill weyrmates. The rider rarely had left his side, for fear of missing some change in his health.

G'tor smiled, "Well, so long as Nyth isn't mad at me for making him miss her, I think we'll survive. Why don't you and I both get cleaned up and then scare the rest of the wing by walking into the dining cavern together?"

"Sure," she answered with her own smile. Standing up the woman held out her hand to help him up. Talime was happy to see him in better health. The color was definately back in his cheeks.

G'tor took her hand, letting her help him up, he may have been feeling better, but the weakness caused by his protracted illness was very obvious, "Thanks, love." he glanced around for a moment, obviously confused, "Where's the bathing chamber, again?"

Talime bit her bottom lip in an attempt to not laugh. He had forgotten where the bathing chamber was. She had no idea that he was truly that out of it. "Umm…right over here, dearling." The woman carefully held him to walked G'tor through the opening. Hot water always streamed through the large basin. Talime helped him with his shirt, and tried to ease him into the water. Before getting him completely in, she removed her own clothing to get in. From there the rider could sort of catch him and be his steady point. "We'll just do this slow love. There is no rush. Your muscles will be extremely weak from not being used in so long."

G'tor smiled as Talime helped him remove his clothing and slide partway into the bathing pool. He let her help him the rest of the way in and hugged her as tight as he could, which wasn't nearly as tight as it used to be, "Thanks, love. It's good to be in hot water again, it'll be even better to be a-dragonback."

unbeknownst to them both, Serenity had started to stir in the main chamber, her wings fluttering a little and her eye-speed begining to increase.

The water was hot and felt great to the muscles. It had been so long since she could truly enjoy a bath. With all the worry that kept pulling down on her, Talime couldn't allow herself to relax. Both were in the water completely now, and G'tor held her close. Her arms wrapped around his waist as she rested her cheek on his shoulder. "Anytime, dear. I would do anything for you." She paused to lightly kiss his neck. "I think this will help you." Talime smiled as she pulled away slightly. "Let's get you washed up…" Her gray eyes were shining slightly.

In the room Kiba and Toboe were curled up with Sulie, but the boys awoke to watch Serenity. Something was definately up.

G'tor reached around until he managed to find the soapsand, then simply dumped it into the water and watched it froth, "I think that might be fun."

He pulled away from her a little bit and kissed her lightly on the cheek, "Would you care to do the honors?"

Serenity hissed at the male flits, her eyes whirling a fast orange-red. Suddenly, without any other warning, she trumpeted loudly and tore out of the room.

G'tor started as Serenity's bugle echoed through the bathing chamber, then chuckled, "Well, that would explain my mood…"

Talime half giggled as the soapsand was released into the water. She watched it froth about in the hot water. The woman smiled at G'tor and nodded. Taking the sand she moved behind him and began to scrub his back. At first the rider made sure to be careful, but then worked harder. Every once and a while Talime would lean forward to kiss him behind the ear.

Her attention shot to look out of the chamber and frowned. Then she felt Kiba and Toboe… their urges seemed to flair up her own. "Oh dear," she said. Talime closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against his back. "You just get well again…not even fully, and this happens."

G'tor enjoyed the scrubbing thuroughly and was about to say as much when Serenity took off.

When Talime expressed her concern, G'tor chuckled softly, "No need to worry, love. And besides, poor Serenity's probably been waiting the whole time I was sick. And now Kiba can see if he can keep up with his mother."

Her arms reached so that she could hold him around the waist. "What will happen? Is it like with dragon Flights? Will you seek out the winner's master?" Talime held him tightly. She would not hand her weyrmate over to anyone. The ex-soldier never had felt such feelings for a man before, and if this would cause problems… well she would be more than angry.

G'tor shook his head, "nope, not usually anyway. Not unless the two are already pretty close. Flits don't cause nearly the emotional rush that dragon matings do. Even if I were in close proximity to the winner and it wasn't you," he winked, implying his hope that it'd be her anyway, "physical reaction would probably be little more than a hug or quick kiss. Nothing… committal."

He didn't really understand why she was so worried about it, but he knew better than to ask. She'd tell him when she was ready.

She smiled and sighed a bit of relief. At least there was no worry to that. Talime didn't want to lose him to anyone else. The greenrider held him close as if to make sure he didn't disappear on her. Feeling his warm back helped ease the anxiety. She didn't know what a fireliard Flight felt like, and only once before had she dealt the with passions of a dragon Rising. Warith had been caught by a dragon who's rider was a bit cruel. G'tor was tender though. He would never hurt her. "As long as no one else can have you," she whispered into his back.

G'tor smiled softly, "No one but you, my sweet."

G'tor kissed Talime softly on the cheek as he felt the flight end, "Should we head to the dining cavern now, or…?"

She shuddered slightly as she felt Kiba win the Flight. It was an odd feeling. Nothing as extreme as when a dragon Flight, but it was still a little the same. Talime leaned her head down to rest it on G'tor's shoulder. The woman didn't want to move from that spot. "I don't want to go see anyone yet. I'm not ready to share you," she laughed softly. Her arms reached to wrap around his waist. Lifting her eyes they had a sort of sparkle in them. A coy smile came to her lips.

G'tor smiled down at her, a twinkle in his eye as well, "I think you're right, the Weyr can wait." Then he kissed her again.

She felt a shiver go through her entire body even though they were in hot bath water. Arms pulled him closer while slightly giggling. "Of course they can wait. I have been waiting much longer." Talime leaned into his kiss wanting to take in every bit of G'tor. She had missed him so much. Fear had riddled her thoughts for so long since Nyth was looking more and more tattered. Now that he was better she wouldn't let him go.

Lightly she pushed him up against the side of the bathtub so that he could rest aginst the side. She was still worried for his health.

G'tor kissed her back just as passionately, glad to have finally found a weyrmate he could hold. He 'oof'ed a little, caught by surprise, when she pushed him up against the side of the bathing pool, then smiled, "yes, you have been waiting forever, haven't you?"

She winced as she heard his little 'oof.' Her expression was full of apologies. "I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" Talime began kissing him gently on the cheek and neck. The woman was so worried over his health that she tried to push aside her own desires. "I have waited, but if it's not safe for you…"

G'tor chuckled and pulled her over atop him, kissing her fully, "No, it's okay, you just caught me by surprise is all."

He pulled her close, kissing her again, his fingers twining into her hair.

Her face heated up with embarassment, but soon forgot about that. She kissed him right back with just as much passion. How she had missed him. Day in and out Talime had sat beside him with the healers making sure that his lifespan would last at least one more day. Now he was better and back in her arms. G'tor's illness was the only thing in the world that was able to make her feel helpless.

Talime felt a shiver go done her spine while with him. He was the only one to ever make her feel like she was a woman instead of a soldier.

-> Fade To Black <-

the next day

G'tor yawned and stretched, then looked over at Talime's slieeping form. He wasn't precisely sure how they'd gotten to the bed, but he also wasn't going to complain. He stroked her hair gently, and smiled as their two flits were curled up similarly on the mantle. Yesterday had gone well.

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