Wouldnt It Be Nice To Be Nice

Marsali made her way to the front to collect her rank cords with the others from her win, her canine trailing at her heels obediently. She scanned the room apprehensively as she went up though, trying to locate B'tran so she could stay as far away from him as possible. Not that it would do much good since he was wingsecond of her wing. She sighed with aggravation.

Even though Bainth felt her rider's upset she was happy that the large brown was in her wing and sought to cheer Marsali up a bit. ” At least Zarth and his rider are in our wing too. It is not just Gernath's, though I do not know why his rider is so rude. He should be nice to you, like Gernath is to me.

As the young green rider took her knots, she bowed deeply to the Weyrwoman and gave V'din a rather cheeky grin as well as a bow of respect before she moved back to her seat to retake her place next to A'nit.

”Congratulations Marsali!, were finally going to get to do something besides fly patterns, it going to be fun visiting holds. I always had fun when I went with my father," A'nit smiles happily thinking of the important visits to other holds he had made with his father and older brother, there was always at least one official dinner with good food and some fine wines, and afterwords some unofficial celebrating if there was a pretty holder that caught his eye. It would only be more fun now that he had Zarth to show off.He could feel the brown continuing to grump about him not taking it seriously. lighten up Zarth, were to some fun it's just to bad that dusted idiot B'trans going to be there.

A'nit stands as the music strikes up and holds a hand out to Marsali while trying to look serious and failing ”may I have this first dance my lady?”

Marsali felt a surge of pleasure as A'nit asked her to dance. She smiled at him as she arose, taking his hand to accompany him to the cleared space for such activities. She responded inthe same teasing tone as he had used, I would be honored, my Lord.

Bainth felt her rider's happy emotion and divined the cause. She remarked to Gernath, so Marsali couldn't hear, Your rider should be nice to Marsi like Zarth's is, then she would be nice to him. It would be good to have ours nice to each other, wouldn't it?

Mine will be nice. Gernath's words echo with the faintest growl of displeasure at his. Mine, you must join the others, Zarth's is being nice to Bainth's, you must be nice too, you must be nicer Zarth cannot have Bainth

B'tran roused himself from a half doze, finally the talking was done That dim glow A'nit? I doubt he has any interest in any girl riding a green, but if it will make you feel better He had given up trying to persuade Gernath to go after someone a little more interesting until they caught a queen. The brown's mind seemed made up and he could indulge him in this to after all his dragon had appetites of his own. I'm going Gernath.

Bainth mine is coming he will be very nice.

B'tran straightened his clothing and headed headed for the party. He probably couldn't make Marsali like he but he could at least , as Gernath put it, be nice.He slipped through the kitchens and made for the wine, passing over a few bottles and sweet talking on of the women to get a very nice Brendon wine. he filled two glasses and tucked the bottle away for later, no use wasting such fine drink on most those dim glows when he could come back for it later, and headed to the dance floor to catch up with Marsali.

A'nit happily leads Marsali around the floor through a few dances ”and how does m'Lady fancy her new knot, it looks quiet fetching on her shoulder, and I'm sure will set off Bainth nicely”

A'nit spots B'tran and falter, he hadn't seen the brown rider all evening and didnt like that he was watching Marsali.

Marsali's cheeks were flushed a becoming pink with the exertions of dancing as she bantered with her partner and new wingmate. Her eyes sparkled with enjoyment as she smiled at A'nit, the dimple flashed in her right cheek transforming her normally plain face and casting her features into something approaching true beauty. The sight would be even more startling to those not expecting it since she was so often quiet spoken and retiring.

”Why thank you A'nit. It was a surprise, that's for sure. I didn't expect to be assigned to exploration. I hope we do…” Marsali trailed off as she noticed her dancing partner's eyes focused on something off to her side, a faint tinge of unease touching her spine. Just then Bainth's pleased tones gave substance to her concern. Gernath says his is coming and he will be very nice. Oh no Bainth, what did you do

Slowly, Marsali turned her head and her expression froze as she spotted B'tran coming towards her and A'nit, two glasses of wine in his hand.

B'tran did his best not to glare at A'nit as he walked up to Marsali, in this light se accually did look kind of attractive, mabye if he could get her in some better clothes. ”you look a bit parched he handed her one of the glasses”, he suddenly found himself at a lose for what to say. It would probably be easier if he'd been nicer to begin with but he hadn't realized Gernath had been so serious.

yes, it would have, now you have to be very very nice

Marsali opened her mouth to refuse and in a way sure to cause a scene but Bainth quickly interrupted, a pleading note to her mindvoice. // Please Marsi, Gernath says his will be nice, and I think it would be good if you are nice to him too. I really do like Gernath. He is quite nice you know//

The young woman closed her mouth with an audible snap and swallowed back the sharp words which sprang to mind. Instead she forced a smile, though it was obviously strained and did not reach her eyes, as she accepted the glass he handed her. She glanced at A'nit apologetically before taking a polite sip. T-thank you. This is quite good. She paused for another sip to steady her voice then gave the obligatory congratulations that were due, though the words almost choked her. Congratulations in your assignment to Wingsecond. I am sure Gernath is pleased.

Tolira finds herself some food then returns to the upper table. She smiles at V'dim and the Wingleaders and Masters who have joined her there as is their right. Keeping her focus on her young and inexperienced partner in command, she asks, "Do you have any preference for a second in command? I don't want to push you, but if you do let me know and I'll make arrangements."

Her mind, however, is somewhere else, Ronalth? Tell Gernath that I want to see B'tran in my office bright and early tomorrow morning and that he won't get his wing knot until I do. Ronalth grumbles, then passes the message to Gernath, not looking forward to the reply.

B'tran blinked dumbly " Wingsecond? " Gernath? when did we become wing second which wing? ask Bainth! he hide his rising panic, this was not going to be good if Tolria noticed he wasn't there.

mine will be there Ronalth he turned his attention to his rider I do not need to ask, all have new assignments, we are Dust wing. the brown sounded very pleased about the assignment Ronalth says you will see hers in her office in the morning, you will not get your knot until you see her

B'tran lost the distant look of a rider speaking intensely with his dragon, ah, yes we were busy and missed the assignments, Gernath is glad to be in the wing with your Bainth yes their dragons were a safe topic, he couldn't recall insulting Bainth, at least no recently…or out loud. I hear the Master tanner will be passing through this sevenday, are you looking for anything? he had some marks he could spare to get the girl something. all girls liked pretty things

V'din followed Tolira to the offering of food, taking some roast beast and tubers, as well as some meatrolls and bread, then returned to the high table with his meal, seating himself after holding the chair for the Weyrwoman. He almost choked on the bite of food when Tolira asked him his preference and quickly swallowed a sip of the now cold klah to clear his throat.

I haven't had time to think about it much yet, but I would welcome any of your suggestions. I think it should be someone fairly well experienced to offset my inexperience though. I think perhaps after watching wing practice I may get a better feel…" He trailed off a bit as he caught sight of B'tran walking towards Marsali but shook his head mentally. He couldn't rush to his friend's defense as he may have done before, and besides, what could the brown rider do during a feast?

Marsali's eyes narrowed suspiciously. The sound of B'tran's sneering voice calling Bainth scrawny the morning after her first mating flight was seared into her brain and she couldn't believe this about turn of his wasn't hiding some ulterior motive. She thought furiously and then the probable answer came to her. Bainth was due to rise again soon, probably in the next three or four sevendays.

Oh no, I'm not going to.. Bainth's voice interrupted, her tone implacable. Yes, you will if Gernath catches me. And I do like Gernath. I also like Zarth. And there are so many new dragons from the other Weyrs. Gernath is one of the biggest browns. The green's tone changed, becoming slightly wheedling, If Gernath wins, it would be much nicer for you if you at least could get along with his rider, wouldn't it? Please Marsi, just try. Bainth had a point. The dainty green definitely still held a preference for Gernath though of course Marsali hadn't been in B'tran's bed again. She spared a brief thought for how it would be with B'tran without a dragon involved then tamped that thought back down deep where it belonged.

She sighed and looked up again at B'tran, forcing yet another smile. Bainth too is happy to be in a wing with both Gernath and Zarth. She glanced over at the other brownrider with a true smile on her face. They are her favorite browns. She continued, I hadn't heard that news. I'm sure there will be all manner of things to purchase, but I haven't thought of anything I particularly need.

B'tran worked not to smirk, yes A'nit was in the wing I'm sure A'nit will do well under my command maybe it will keep him out of trouble at the holds, I sure the hold drudges would appreciate a tighter rein on him. he couldn't help taking a dig at the brown rider. He had after all had to clean up a few of his little indiscretions.

A'nit flushes "I…you…you have no right to..." he turns bright red and clenches his fists, he turns to Marsali "he's just twisting things again"

"Mine are you all right?" Zarth mantled on his ledge sensing his riders anger

"no! it that tunnel snake B'tran again"

Marsali shoved the wineglass back into B'tran's hand and frowned at the arrogant brownrider, disgust on her face before pointedly turning her back to him to face A'nit. She reached out to lay a hand on the other brownrider's shoulder. Don't worry about him. Just don't pay him any attention.

Bainth shifted uneasily on the ledge as Marsali's tentative efforts to be polite to B'tran disintegrated under the man's snide remarks to A'nit. Her whirling eyes took on a yellow tone as she looked over at Zarth in concern.

B'tran took the glass back with out looking still glaring at A'nit. The arrogant bastard was taking what was his again! We'll if he couldn't have her he'd be scored if A'nit would. "Are you going to leave her for her father to clean up the mess to? or just offer her a short hop between, I'm sure it will be much more convent for you at least." He squeeze the metal goblet so hard the stem bends and takes a threatening step towards the other brown rider "of coarse this time you cant just hie off back to hide behind your mothers skirts and hide."

Garnath claws clench on the stone and he swivels his head to hiss at Zarth mine

Marsali had just about had enough of this. Only two and a half turns before she would have dissolved into tears, or at the least humiliated silence and confusion but her time as Bainth's lifemate in the nurturing environment of the Weyr had changed her. Her time being accepted for who she was, and her own accomplishments had matured her and she had reached her limit.

She rounded on B'tran, her eyes flashing and her skin flushed with anger. Her tone was cold but there was no mistaking the anger in it. That is quite enough out of you. What A'nit did or didn't do in his previous life has absolutely *no* bearing on what happens here at the Weyr. He was young then and everyone makes mistakes when they are young. What you did before you came here also has no bearing on what happens here at the Weyr.

She took a deep breath to keep herself from stammering before continuing quickly, leaving no room for either of them to interrupt her. I will NOT be the excuse for you two to fight so both of you back off. You should be ashamed of how you are behaving. With Thread just on the horizon the Weyr needs to stick together, not get torn apart by such stupid fights. Especially from a Wingsecond.

Out on the heights, Bainth reacted to the anger in her rider, her own wings mantling with a low growl. She looked between Zarth and Gernath with eyes whirling red and orange then spoke aloud so they both could hear, her tone irritated by Gernath's possessiveness. There was a time and place for that, but the brown was taking her for granted! I was yours and will be yours again Gernath *if* you can catch me. But I am tired of Marsali being upset and I will allow myself to be caught by whatever dragon will make her happy too. This is your rider's fault, not my rider's and not Zarth's With that the dainty green arose from her spot and soared to her weyr ledge, away from both males.

A'nit is surprised when Marsali of all people steps in, he stands behind her and nodding and scowling at B'tran. He follows up her speech by pulling a face at B'tran.

R'han glanced over at the three quarreling dragonriders with concern. Two of them had gone up with his wing to get their knots and the third hadn't been present at all, so perhaps he was the missing B'tran who was the other wingsecond in his wing. If so, that certainly didn't bode well for discipline in the the wing.
Yes, those arguing are Marsali, Bainth's rider, A'nit, Zarth's rider and B'tran, Gernath's rider. Sabieth had a slightly disproving tone to his voice, but whether that was left over from his insult at being made wingsecond or at the arguing riders wasn't clear.

Gernath rumbles with anger as Bainth flies to her ledge and speaks to his rider "Zarth has taken what is mine "

Gernath's anger washes over B'tran "Your taking him over me? You can do much better then that! You'll be lucky if he's still in your bed in the morning and not finding something else to tumble while you were sleeping" he takes a step closer to Marsli leaning around her to glare at A'nit

R'lon can hear the argument from where he is sitting, as B'tran's angry shout seems to float across the room. He can't quite see it, but Seminth fills him in on some of the details.

Gernath and his are angry that Bainth and hers are choosing Zarth and his over them. There is a somewhat amused note to Seminth's voice.

R'lon shakes his head and sips his klah — he hadn't quite developed a taste for wine — responding mentally, Sharding idiot. referring to B'tran Now all of a sudden he cares? What changed?

Ohhh! You are such a sharding dimglow B'tran! If you had been even a tiny bit nice to me after Bainth's flight I would have probably re-evaluated my opinion of you and been satisfied with Bainth's choice, but you haven't been nice at all. Not even in private! You were only nice now because Bainth is due to rise again and Gernath was probably worried that she would choose someone else! I'm not stupid, I can figure that much out! With each sentence she jabbed a finger into B'tran's chest for emphasis, glaring at him the entire time.

Marsali shot the Wingsecond a final scornful glance then turned around, glaring at A'nit as well. And don't think I didn't see you making faces back there! What are you, a child or a man? Act like it!

The greenrider started to walk away, then paused and turned, shooting back on last comment. This is your fault B'tran, not A'nit's. If you want me to pick you, then you need to prove you're worth it. Right now if I have anything to say about it Bainth won't pick either of you! And with that, Marsali stormed out of the Lower Caverns, her head high and her body stiff with anger.

Marsali leaves to Marsali's Weyr

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