About Me

Hi, I'm Moriana. That's not my real name, of course, but it works for me. :) It's my general gaming name for Pern games.

I work a standard 40-hour week, but between my commute and school I have a fairly limited schedule of online time. I'm usually able to access the net from 6pm-10pm CT on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and have most of the weekend open. If there is a plotline you would like to expedite, please arrange with me to schedule some days when we can do some rapid-exchange posting and get things moving! I can be reached via email at moc.liamg|dlrownrep.anairom#moc.liamg|dlrownrep.anairom, or on PernWorld or PernRV via private messaging/@mail.

Who I Play

I play Mitai on Pern:RV, and will probably add more characters in the near future as I find time. I am also an avid MUSHer, and play on PernWorld MUSH at Xanadu Weyr as Moriana(Moria) and Bilana.

Pern Re-Visited Characters

Name Gender Age Rank Dragon Firelizards Home
Mitai Female 22 Weyr Archivist None None Ista Weyr
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