Rules and Regulations

All of Anne's rules also apply to this list.

1. This game covers Ista Weyr. Once we have enough active, dedicated players, we hope to expand to another Weyr or perhaps even a Hold. Eventually, we hope to encompass all of the major locations on Pern.

2. I sure as heck am not going to require people to play dragonriders. If you want to play a holder/crafter/lower-caverns person/etc feel free to ask. Lord Holderships and MasterCraftsmanships will be awarded on a merit basis and are initially all NPCs.

3. New players may join the game in either one of two ways. They may create a non-rider character, a crafter, or a candidate for an upcoming clutch or they may adopt one of the non metallic NPC characters. However, adoptions are contingent on much more stringent reviews of submission that non-adoptions due to your immediate status as a rider. A gold will never be available to adopt, this is a position that must be earned. Transfer or returning players with vouched records may be allowed to adopt a bronzerider if sufficient effort is given to explain them and create an in-depth character.

4. New characters that wish to be candidates should create a character that is either a holder, crafter, or weyrbrat and then fill out the Search Application and PM it to the GM-staff.

5. Because Anne has requested in the past that no one use Benden Weyr, Benden Hold, or Ruatha Hold due to their well-established history I request that no one claim to come from them unless given special permission by me. There may be gathers or meetings there at some point and you may come from smaller holds that look to them, but the principles are out unless you ask first and get approved.

6. All pets (inc. firelizards, felines, canines, runnerbeasts, etc.) may be had with GM permission, but must be role played. Firelizards can only be acquired through hatchings and/or gift eggs.

7. This is a free-form and I'm hoping to have enough people eventually that the game will pretty much run itself, but at this point there are 3 STs at Ista. Any ST has the right to reprimand you or edit/delete your posts if you break any of these rules. Most often we will contact you first and try to remedy the problem before simply deleting the post.

8. People who impress Golds, become Weyrleaders, Weyrling Masters, Candidate Masters, or Weyrsingers will be given the honor of becoming Moderators, who will have similar rights as the STs, but will be unable to add/delete characters without approaching the STs.

9. Dragon color requests are part of both the searc app and the candidate questionairre. If you go color only and do not impress it means that either we didn't have enough of that color for all of the good rpers to impress one or that you did not perform well enough to earn that color. This is moreso true for metallics than chromatics. If you don't impress and want to know why, feel free to contact the SearchCo memebers (listed on the search page and changing from hatching to hatching).

10. If you do impress, you will be responsible for playing your dragon as well just for simplicity's sake.

11. As in the books itallics will be used to indicate thoughts or think-conversations. They can be placed using the standart html tags for them (<i>what you want to italicize</i>) or by using the drop-down menu for text effects. Additionally, your dragon must speak in its color (blue or darkblue for blues, green or darkgreen for greens, brown for browns, orange for bronzes, and yellow for golds). Any of these colors can be used by characters as well, but we want to know what color of dragon is speaking no matter what.

12. Every real-time month will be approximately one season in Pernese time and I will not artificially advance or stop time unless it's necessary to bring all of Pern to the same time for a major event such as a hatching or gather. This may change in the short future as we finalize changes.

13. Queens and Greens must schedule their flights on the calendar page by using the edit option. Queens must also schedule their clutchings and hatchings. This will be done using tables to go month to month (the code is easy to replicate on the Wiki, just follow my lead). We should never be in a position where there are two queens rising within a RL week or that there are multiple clutches on the same hatching sands. Greens must request to rise together, otherwise they're free range. Please have any female dragon rise at least once a year.

14. Queen clutch size will be directly dependant upon the length of the flight and the rider will recieve a PM from the other searchCo telling them how many eggs and what colors. The clutch mother is intended to be on searchCo for their clutch.

15. The clutch mother and any members of SearchCo cannot have a candidate on the sands for that clutch.

16. Final impression decisions will be made by the searchCo, though the clutch-mother will have veto powers unless the egg in question is a gold.

17. Dragon names and descriptions will be put together by the searchCo based on the candidate questionairres of impressees.

18. Any limits placed on number of PC impressions will be set by the clutch-mother and will be announced before the hatching. Don't let limits discourage you, instead see them as a challenge to do your best rp and earn a dragon.

19. The last day or search will also be delimited by the clutch mother. It will not be any longer than 3 weeks before the hatching, nor any shorter than one day before except in special circumstances.

20. Green flights should be significantly shorter than Queen flights and will never produce eggs.

21. The rider of the female in flight has ultimate control over who catches her. If you wish to participate but not catch her send a PM to the rider and so that they won't catch against your will. If the female's rider wishes to be caught instead fo catch, she should PM the winner so that they may do the catching. Hopefully, I won't have to come up with a punishment for breaking this rule.

22. Male candidates may only impress bronze, brown, blue, and green dragons. Female candidates may only impress either gold or brown, blue, or green. However, the impression of girls to brown or blue dragons is incredibly rare and will require much rp of the traits necessary for cross-gender impression.

23. Only the main 5 colors exist. No mutants.

24. The rider of the bronze that catches the senior queen will immediately become Weyrleader. This means ST status and admin privledges on the wiki and an expectation of helping upkeep these areas and the work involved therein. Please bear this in mind. NPCs may not catch the senior queen.

25. Junior queens can be caught by NPCs.

26. The Weyrleader will pick a Weyrsecond from among the bronze riders of the Weyr. Most often this will be a rider whose bronze has flown a queen, but this is not required. The Weyrsecond will recieve moderator status on the boards.

I think that's it for now, but the rules may change or grow as the game progresses and I get a better feel for the players and the way it flows.
Further rules for character creation can be found in Character Creation

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